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A “Reading Brain” at Work

Leap Learning Systems is in the business of creating “reading brains.” But in order to create reading brains, we must first help students to develop their language skills. An understanding of language helps students to better conceptualize and understand what they are reading. Our Language for Scholars programs and Vocabulary Improvement Programs help students to become more confident in their language skills, which in turn helps them to become more confident when they read. Through language stimulation, we strive to instill a desire in students to learn how to read independently, because here at Leap, we understand the concept that the more you read, the more you know. It is crucial that reading starts early in the home. Although some of our students do not receive adequate exposure to reading at an early age, our programs help to improve their skills. Your financial support helps us continue to bring the highest quality, language-based academic programs to thousands of teachers, support staff and students in high needs schools across the city.

Please make a donation to Leap Learning Systems. It is an investment in the community and the future. See how a gift of any amount can help:

$25 Underwrites materials and supplies for a LFS program

$50 Underwrites materials and supplies for an early childhood



Supports one session after school academic coaching

Helps to support eight weeks of an LTS preschool program

$1,000 Supports a full session of LFS

Donate on-line at or by mail to: Leap Learning Systems 8 South Michigan, Suite 812 Chicago, IL 60603 Thank You from the Board of Directors Josh Aldort, J.D. Catherine Gottfred, Ph.D. Lorraine Cole, Ph.D.

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Chris Hillcoat Pamela Daniels-Halisi Cynthia Elkins

Words Are Tools · Fall 2011

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The Reading Brain  

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