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JFR Production

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What is JFR Production?

JFR Production was was found and created by Jean Francois Ronald in 2003. This art and crafts business sells products at its location in Santo, but receives orders from a French association named Ke-kontre. The business also is managing to exports their products to individuals in the United States due to Jean F. Ronald’s hard work securing contracts. The business is growing a little by each year, In 2010 having made $11,200, and $14,900 in 2011. In 2012, the total sale revenue increased to $17,900. This demonstrated that the shop’s ability to generate cash over time.

Social Impacts of the Loan Impact ● Increase employee’s income and create a better work environment. ● Create 2 more contract for part-time jobs expected. ● Increase his visibility in the community, to inspire youth to train with him. ● Help pay school tuition for one young girl.

Impact in Dollars ● The total impact in dollar is $1325.00 a year.

Invest with No Interest Rate

● Mr. Jean Ronald Francois is the owner of a craft shop in Santo 17, JFR Production, and is seeking for help from Zafen. ● He needs $1500 to buy, hardboards; 28 at $25, metal decoupe, 2 Electric saws, 5 dozen t-shirts. ● If you invest you would The timeframe of the project is 12 months ● He wants to make his business more profitable and create more employment opportunities.

Why should you invest in JFR? ● JFR Production is mostly about contributing to Haitian community and also to help a country develop its economy. ● You would be helping a young girl continue to receive her school tuition. ● Opportunity for workers to get paid handsomely and creating two more workers. ● Lastly helping the business expand.

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For Econ Class, we had to write a pitch for a Zafen project to convince people to invest in them.