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こんにちは Gothic Loita first originated in Harajuku, Japan, based on traditional european clothing, Lolita unique fashion is by adding gothic styles and original designs to this element. Lolita Fashion is now popularized in Japanese youth culture, this has now been recognised in Harajuka as it’s own unique label.

HELLO Victorian Fashion is the main inspiration for Lolita fashion. This originated in British culture in the 19th century. Victorian fashion simplified the induction of both home and boutique dress making, this has enabled a fashion for lavish application of trim that would have been made by hand or sewing machine. Victorian fashion is known for the narrow and sloping shoulder, low and pointed waist or bell-shaped gowns. Corsets or layers of flounced petticoats was worn underneath. The neckline would be lace or tatted collars.

Ciao Rococo is another inspiration for Lolita fashion, this originated in Italy at the 18th century. The Rococo era was known as florid, frivolous, merely modish and playful, known to where Art was created. Rococo is now widely recognized as a major period in the development of European art.


other countries.



Greetings from Harajuku  

Final Design for ZIne. For Graphics Work relating to my Fashion piece. This is relating to Lolita fashion which came from Harajuku. Also c...

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