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CARRERO Quarterly Magazine Issue 1 / Oct-Dec 2018

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Emma Carrero reveals all about married life, kids and career.

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Welcome ...... This is the very first edition of our quarterly fan magazine for the Carrero series. I hope you enjoy this fab new publication as we hope to pack it with things that fans of The Carreros will love. L.T.Marshall contributes so much to her Carrero fan base and came up with this idea as a way to give better updates and more fun filled reading between books. We welcome input on additional features and we have a page dedicated to fan letters, so feel free to contact the team.

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Seasonal read recommendation.....

A Warm Winter Read

A Winter's Tale By Carrie Elks Kitty Shakespeare moved from London to LA to make it in the film business - but unfortunately talent isn't enough when interviews make you crumble. When she's finally offered a job as a nanny to a major producer's son, she snaps up the chance to at least make some contacts over the holiday. But she hadn't counted on getting drawn into the Hollywood mogul's messed up family, nor on his sexy-and-grumpy-as-hell brother, Adam. Adam Klein may be sexy, but he's also gruff, rude and completely impossible. Love at first sight this is not . . . but since when did the road to a Hollywood happy ending ever run smooth?

Ebook - £3.99 On Amazon

Rachel sent us a picture of her gifts as the winner of our author signing tickets. She attended the event and joined Team Carrero for a day

Picked by Leanne Leanne chose her favourite letter of the month. Jackie handcrafted these gorgeous Carrero themed pictures to celebrate little Carrero babies.


Sian sent us a picture of her prize paperback after entering the Goodreads Giveaway!

Fan Letters to L.T.

Jackie B made these adorable Carrero themed box frames

Meet Our Winner In March we did a giveaway for two tickets to the Manchester Author Event at the Radisson Hotel in August. Our lucky winner Rachel got to spend the day with our Team as an honorary member. This is how it went. Hi there Rachel, How did you enjoy your day with Team Carrero? * It was amazing. It's the first book signing I've ever been to and I will definitely attend more in the future. How did you win your prize? * There was a giveaway for tickets posted in the Fan group, and naturally, as a massive Carrero fan, I entered. If I remember rightly I had to like and share the post and tag a friend to come with me. What did you do all day? *Nothing ;0) Only kidding. I helped the team to sell The Carrero Effect (book 1), promote the rest of the books by telling people how amazing they are, give out lots of freebies and watch Leanne run around like Challenge Anneka doing live videos.  Oh and supply her with cups of tea all day.  What was the highlight of the time you spent there? *Well, I'm going to have to say meeting Leanne in person. After chatting on Facebook and messenger for months I finally got to meet the real live version.  Did you come home with souvenirs? *Yes, lots of Carrero goodies, swag from other authors and a few others that I won in a raffle whilst there. I almost couldn't fit it all in my suitcase. I was tempted to leave my clothes behind so I could get it all home, but I managed to squeeze it all in.   

Meet Our Winner What is L.T. like in person? *Pretty much like she is in her live videos on facebook. Constantly chatting, a bundle of energy with a witty and sarcastic sense of humour. She had me laughing practically the whole day with her stories and the way she tells them. On a serious note, she is very friendly and down to earth person and made me feel very welcome, as though I'd always been part of her team. I feel like I have made a lifelong friend. Did you travel far to the event? *Umm, quite far yes as I live on the Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain. It was a good excuse for a weekend holiday :0) Who else did you get to meet? *I also got to meet the lovely Jackie Bowen, Carrero's No. 1 fan. Suzie Cairney, Leanne's PA, and lots of other authors, some whose books I'd read and some new ones whose books I will read in the future. What did you think of Team Carrero? *The whole team are a friendly bunch who treated me like part of the family. Thank you so much for letting me spend the day with you. Same time and place next year???                        

Meet Our Winner Pictures from our day with Rachel, in Manchester.

Character Catch Up Interview with Emma Carrero Page 1

We asked the fans to pose some questions to Emma, and this was the result. Emma arrives dressed in a floral sundress to her knees and sandals, looking tanned and dewy from a recent family holiday to Italy. She still sports her trademark short blonde hair that falls in waves to her jawline and looks glowingly content today. Beaming at us with a huge smile and is shown to our seated interview area. L - Welcome back Emma, it's been a long time since we had a little one-on-one time.  E - It's nice to see you again.  I feel like it's been an age. L - What have you been doing these past few months? E - We have been very busy actually. Jake is having parts of the house re-modeled and the backyard is being landscaped to include an adventure park for the kids. We have had to take some family time in Italy to see the Carreros over there, just to get away from the chaos. We took a bit of a work sabbatical for a month, which I think Jake needed. L - Wow, that sounds hectic and very disruptive. Did you all enjoy the holiday?   E - It was amazing. The children love going to Sicily to see their relatives, and they are fast becoming fluent in Italian, much like their father. I feel like I need extra lessons. L - How do you juggle 3 kids and a career? E - I am lucky in that my husband has a bottomless bank account, and we have a lot of help. He's very supportive and hands-on when it comes to helping with the kids while leaving the mundane chores to staff. I also have Sylvana right next door, so between the three of us and our two nannies, we are more than covered. I honestly admire mothers who can do this without the extra help, as I don't think I could at all. I would be a fulltime stay at home just to tread water. L - Would you consider having more children, or is 3 enough? E - I don't know. Honestly. I love the baby stage, but I do not love pregnancy or birth. My three are little handfuls but Jake is already pining over a tiny tot to croon over. I will say, never say never. He is very persuasive when he gets hit by the broody fever.


Character Catch Up Interview with Emma Carrero Page 2

L - Do you miss working with Jake in the corporate world? E - Yes, and No. I miss working beside him and the intimacy of trips and alone time, but I do not miss the bossy overbearing ass he can be at work. I feel like our relationship really blossomed once that part of our lives was over, and he separated work stress from ‘us’ time. I wouldn't go back to that world. L - Do you enjoy working with the young kids who have been through similar pasts that you have overcome? E - I would say I find it fulfilling because I feel like I am making a difference. It is not always enjoyable as some of the kids have such awful stories and are so withdrawn and broken. It's hard. It's emotional and some days I come home crying for them. I would say it’s a calling, rather than a career. L - Who do you love more Mama or Papa Carrero? E - I honestly cannot choose. They are both favorites in their own way and my father-in-law is so much like me at times that we seem to be able to just get one another. Jake gets so frustrated with our little 'in' nods and looks sometimes. It's very amusing. Sylvana is the mom I always craved for, so I cannot fault her. L - How do you cope mentally with your past? E - Talking, sharing. I have learned the only way to let go of our demons is through sharing them with others and shining a light in their dark corners. Learning how to stop feeling guilt and shame and letting go of blame. L - What’s it like being married to an ex-male slut, does it bother you how much you know he’s been about? E - Haha. Yes and No. I guess Jake wouldn't be Jake if he hadn't been a Casanova in the sack before us. He has very many skills for which I am grateful. I do however still get very green-eyed when we run into old conquests at functions, but he is very good at making me feel better. His past doesn't matter. L - Sorry to ask, but the fans are dying to know ... What is Jake like in bed??? (Sorry but everyone wants her to answer that)  


Character Catch Up Interview with Emma Carrero Page 3

E - He is very good at something he spent time learning to perfect. I didn't think it was possible for him to improve on what seems a very natural talent, but now we have been married for a while I definitely think he is more in tune with me and I cannot want for a better lover. He has never lost his passion or his constant need to get down and dirty. I think the biggest change is that he encourages me to take the lead and be more assertive and confident in what I like, so sex is pretty much the best it has ever been. L - Before you met Jake, was he the type of man you would have seen yourself having children with? E - I didn't at all. I never imagined I would ever fall in love or trust any man to get close to me. So I guess he would have been the last type I ever imagined it with. L - Do you hear from your mother? Also, do you miss the fact that she is missing your children grow up? E - We had a postcard a year back from her, informing me of her marriage to a man I have never met, and that she had moved to Mexico to start a new life away from memories. She has nothing to do with us and there was no return address. Does it bother me? Not anymore. I cried a lot when my children were born, over her and what she was missing, but I have accepted it by watching how much love and devotion they have showered on them within the Carrero and Huntsberger families. They don't know her at all. L - Do your children ever ask about her, and if so what do you tell them? E - No, they don't. I will tell them when they are older but right now, they have no clue about her at all.  L - Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you and Jake hadn’t gotten together? E - Quiet LOL. Empty. I would probably be doing the same mundane PA job for some corporate businessman somewhere and living the same sterile and controlled life, afraid to let people in. I honestly cannot imagine life without him or our family. He changed my world. That's all for this interview. Thank you so much, Emma Carrero, for taking part. XXX


Just Rose by L.T.Marshall The unexpected death of Rose’s beloved aunt ends up being a driving force in her uneventful life. She gives up her lonely, unfulfilled big city existence for the country home and life from cherished childhood memories. But can it live up to them? All she wants is to find her place in the world; the happiness and independence she has been searching for. With her little dog Muffin by her side and a much needed new friend, it does seem possible - until an encounter with the handsome local Laird of the Munro Estate sends her spiralling from young professional woman to hormonal bundle of goo. Their chemistry is undeniable, but with him not seemingly on the market, this might not be the place for her after all. Thrust into the world of country living, will Rose ever find true love? In this roller coaster of emotions and a whole lot of country charm, one thing is for sure: Rose is certainly not going to be bored anymore!

n o e c n a m Ro n o z a Am

Carrero Keyhole Peek

Let's visit Jake and Emma Emma and Jake's stunning Hamptons home.

It's been a few years since Jake and Emma moved out to the Hamptons in New York, and their beautiful modern home has undergone some minor transformations over the years. Jake has a keen eye for improvements and a passion for building his family the ultimate dream home as their children grow. Not too big for a family of five, yet spacious enough that they live comfortably with staff who assist in daily life. Jake's twin garages house the favourite of his cars while the rest are kept in storage at the rear of the vast property. Literally, a stone's throw away from Jake's childhood home, with a building that no longer looks identical, they are situated in the heart of the Carrero family. Jake had a new building erected behind their home to house both his cars and Emma's study and office upstairs, for seeing her patients as a child therapist. She spends her work life very close to her own children now.


Ask The Author L.T Answers your questions. We asked you to leave us some questions in the fan group and on the page and we had Miss L.T. Answer them for us ...... How do you think up the characters and how they behave? They just come to me in much the same way a plot does. I spent my life people watching and have a huge interest in patterns of behaviour and psychology, so I always try and make my humans have some realistic behaviours and mannerisms. Are they based on real people or books that you have read in the past to influence your characters? Some are based on people, some are many people and some are nobody I know. I have always liked personality types, so it's more that I create people with traits I like rather than base them on others. How do you get into the heads of your characters? I don't know. I guess knowing the full story and why they are the way they are helps me think as they do while scenes play out. I always have a full picture. Are the sex scenes based on anything you've experienced? I like to put in my life experiences in every way I can so yes, some, maybe not all are things I have experienced, but I am not saying which ones, LOL Are you a cheese wire kinda gal or granny pants? Both. Depends on the outfit and the day. Marmite - love it or hate it? Never tried it because I have a feeling I won't like it. What’s next after Alexi and Cam? I am taking a short Carrero break for one book to write a romantic comedy called 'The Hart of it!' which I already have planned out. After that, I have another Carrero Trilogy waiting. Have you ever considered writing a Psychological thriller? Or Romantic Suspense? I am asked this a lot, but I am not sure I would even know how to. It's not something I ever read or would know how to write, but I do think one day I may attempt something along those lines. I seem to have a knack for suspense. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Still doing this with hopefully a movie in the works. If you could cheat on your significant other without consequence, out of Jake, Arrick or Alexi, who would you sleep with?  Wow, that's harsh hahaha. If I am going to make it worth my while to do something like that, then all 3. May as well go big or go home.


Ask The Author L.T Answers your questions. If you had the chance to go back in time and start over what age would you go back to and why? I would go back to eight years ago and tell my brother not to go to work on the morning he died. For the obvious reason. How hard is it for you juggle being an author and wife and mother when you are trying to do a book in everyday life? It is pretty hard, especially when my son has needed constant care for several months and both my kids have been struggling with school. I find it really impacts my abilities. I have to have a routine and quiet time to be able to write and sometimes I have to grab it when I can. What drives you when you are thinking about writing the next book? The love of what I do. The incessant movies that play in my head and won't shift until I write them. LOL Are you a hoebag? I am assuming that means as in a sex lover, or just a loose woman? Ummm no comment, hahaha How do you spend quality time for yourself? I love art and crafts and spend time making things when I need to unwind. Hot baths, time by the sea or with nature, or I like to curl up with Ross and watch movies.

Book Book Song Song Choice Choice

We asked L.T. To pick one of the most memorable songs from the Jake and Emma trilogy and explain why she chose it. 'Say you love me'  by Jessie Ware The song from Jake and Emma's love confession scene and their engagement. Get the full book playlist - Why this song? I feel this song is the most poignant in all three books, and it holds so much meaning. Jake and Emma couldn't admit how they felt verbally, so this song was their method of communication, then later became the song he proposed to. Even now when this comes on the radio I am right back there with them. It's still a favourite of mine.


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Carrero Bonus! The First Kiss - Jake & Emma

The club is heaving, hot and muggy, and I am so drunk I can barely stand upright. My date is gyrating against me like a horny teen, and yet I cannot muster up any sort of interest. The music is loud and thumping, and she’s dancing like a stripper on a fever pitch, hot for me and hands roaming my body. I don’t know what the hell has been wrong with me lately. Women are not hitting the right spot anymore and nine times out of ten I can’t drum up the will to have sex with them. Even when they are half dressed, grinding firm asses into my groin and making all the right come-ons. This one is a sure thing, it’s why she is here, and yet I’m as turned on as a corpse. Nothing is igniting that flame. I wonder if I am passing my prime and this is some sort of chemical death of hormones. I swear to God it better not be. I don’t think I would know how to cope with life without a lot of hot sex in it. Maybe I need to see a doctor and figure this out before it turns into a major problem. Jake Carrero without his unwavering libido is like Batman without his cape. It’s plain weird. ‘Want to head off back to the hotel and really get the party started?’ She grinds into me again, head back against my chest and looks up at me seductively with a turned head. All blonde hair and too much makeup on a perfectly symmetrical face, this is normally my kind of attractive. This one is all tits and low-cut top and yet I just feel irritated internally. ‘I think I am going to head back alone. I don’t feel great. I’ve drunk too much and I’m not feeling this.’ There’s no point lying about it. I don’t want to fuck her, and it’s not like I haven’t before. I know what I am missing. She’s another bend over and takes it; while high pitch wailing like a dying porn star. Not really the type I want to take back when sharing a suite with Emma.


The First Kiss - Jake & Emma Emma—now there’s a picture in my head that only strengthens my resolve to go back alone. She will be asleep, most likely. This past week it’s gotten weirder and weirder to me, to fuck women in the same suite as her. I don’t know why, it’s not like anything is going on there, and it never bothered me before, but yet, I am starting to get increasingly uncomfortable with bringing dates along as a third wheel when she is with me. She’s my friend, I care about her. It just seems sordid to expect her to put up with it anymore, and our relationship has been growing closer and stronger for weeks. She never says anything, but I get the impression she doesn’t like any of the women I show up with—it’s getting to me more than it should. Emma means a lot to me and I can do this shit on my own time back home, where she isn’t around to cast that little, raised brow at me and roll eyes when one of my ‘leggy boobs’, as she calls them, speaks. ‘Awww baby. I am so horny. I want to fuck you all night.’ She tries for a second grind, music around us dulling as it moves to a wind-down song and the dry fog from the smoke machine gets thick as the room is filled with it for a second. ‘Yeah, well, I am sure plenty of guys here will take you up on the offer.’ I push her butt out of my pelvis and shove her away from me gently. Ignoring the instant childish pouted lip and puppy dog eyes aimed my way as she spins on me. We have been here hours, getting drunk, dancing and hanging out with a few fellow lowkey celebs I recognized in here, and this is probably the most we have spoken all night. ‘I want to fuck YOU!’ She throws her tits forward, voice high and raspy in rage and stamps her foot at me like a spoiled brat with no concept of ‘NO’, and I am completely done for. I shake my head, irritation giving way to a circling anger like lava in my stomach and I just walk off, bristling with instant temper because I cannot stand being told what to do. Especially not by some meaningless hookup who gives the worst blow jobs I have ever had in my life. ‘See ya around,’ I call back, not even going to waste time on a fight and head out. I leave her standing to gawp at me like I am some sort of complete asshole, yet I don’t care. I’m done here, and I won’t have some stroppy Diva dictating to me how I am going to be spending the rest of my night, not where she is concerned anyway. I’m going back to the hotel to sleep this booze off and tomorrow I am vegetating with Ems. My blue-eyed, cute little PA who would never demand my company, or try to tell me what to fucking do in that manner. ***


The First Kiss - Jake & Emma It’s after four when I finally drag my swaying ass back up to our suite in the elevator after a monumental effort to get a cab back here. I’m drunker than I have been in a long time and regretting my crazy alcohol consumption tonight. I was letting off steam after weeks of grueling work, and now I know I am going to suffer tomorrow while Emma tries to get me to focus on shit we need to do. I can barely walk in a straight line, head spinning crazily as I zigzag and focus in and out of blurry surroundings, before almost face planting the suite door. Totally wasted. I have to wave my card about like an uncoordinated weirdo before I manage to slide it in the slot and open the damn thing. I sigh with relief when it clicks quietly, and grapple to push it open without waking the whole damn floor. The room isn’t pitch black as the kitchen has these under counter low lights that act as lamps, I turn and head left for the refrigerator as soon as I slide inside clumsily. It’s eerily still in here at this time of the morning. I need water, and a lot of it, to remove the fur rug from my tongue before I crash on my bed. “Emma?” I am startled as I spot her in the kitchen, my swimming eyesight lands on a sexy, curvy silhouette illuminated by the quick closing of the refrigerator door. I blink as she falls into immediate shadow, but I cannot forget what I have just seen by the dazzling bright lights of that open door. Emma is practically naked, in a scrap of lace and satin that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, and I almost get an instant boner. Shit! My stomach leaps into my mouth at the very provocative sight of her, then feel like a complete dog for my instant impulsive urge to look again. I have a physical reaction to seeing her in something designed to make men want to fuck women and yet it just feels all wrong. It works, I’ll give it that. She looks like my idea of a wet dream, with all those creamy curves on show in something so short and revealing, and that soft blonde hair is cascading around her delicately. But it’s Emma!! I have told myself a million times to get that kinda crap the hell out of my brain since the first month I knew her. I have busted like crazy to make sure I never stray to thinking about sex with her, not since those first few days of knowing her. Emma’s eyes are on me looking startled, and even in this dim light, I can tell she’s blushing and flustered at my sudden appearance. She always covers up, so I am not the only one suffering a major reaction to this weird intimate moment. It makes me nervy and antsy suddenly.


The First Kiss - Jake & Emma I can picture her naked … I can’t stop my head from doing that. My eyes are taking a slow journey all by themselves up and down that delicious sight in front of me, and I have to mentally shake the shit out of it. Stop being a creep. This Is Emma … My Emma. God, what’s wrong with me? “Hey … Did you have a good night?” She sounds nervous, unsure, and seems to be trying to gauge how drunk I am with little glances. Her whole aura is that of someone that is slightly nervous and unsure. I could tell her I am so drunk I am thinking about fucking her, but she would only freak out. It’s wrong … Hell, even I know that. I want to make her feel at ease though because it’s her and that’s what I am always compelled to do around her. Make her feel safe with me. “You should have come, tiny.” I try for distraction of my own brain and will my eyes to stay on her face. Not the expanse of cleavage and curves that are calling out to me like a beacon. I have more control than this and I should be ashamed of myself. She just smiles lightly, not impressed with how out of it I obviously seem to be as I try to stand still, and yet everything keeps swaying around me. Emma sighs softly and then moves to walk past me, at the same time I try to move to let her out and take a step in the same direction, halting millimeters apart, and almost getting floored with how good she smells as I almost fall on top of her. No coordination at all. There’s an awkward pause as we almost bump full-frontal and we both laugh nervously. A flicker of static in the air surrounds us like thick smog come from nowhere. Okay, this is beyond weird. “I’ll leave you to it.” I smile, trying to get out of her face, knowing I need to be a gentleman and stop acting like a wolf on a kill, yet I end up somehow getting closer. The room is circling us, and I am talking so overly slowly and slurred, probably breathing raw whiskey into her airspace. Emma puts a hand up to help steady me as I sway at her again, palm flat on my chest, and her touch ignites something low down inside of me that stirs a need to reach out and touch her back. I’m a mess. “You’re really drunk, aren’t you?” Emma sounds breathless, so close our faces are almost touching. “I am!” I answer softly but make no effort to move away—intoxicated by her smell and touch and fighting my own willpower to stop being a schmuck.


The First Kiss - Jake & Emma I’m zoned in on that beautiful face and how seeing her this way softens everything about her. It’s the first time I have seen her so vulnerable physically, so under dressed and exposed. It changes everything in the atmosphere between us. I want to fuck her, so badly I can almost taste it. She does everything right for me like this, and that dying libido isn’t dying at all. I am so horny from just being this close to her that I think I just figured out my problem … I want to screw my PA. No one else is holding my interest anymore. She pulls her hand away and wraps them around herself protectively, like a small child, showing unease, or maybe she’s chilly, and I have the urge to make her feel better—Overwhelmingly so. Knowing I am being a sex-crazed jerk and not who she needs me to be. She seems to look down and see that crossing her arms has only made her bust pop up like an invitation to dive right in, and then drops her arms quickly. Sadly, but it’s another shake of my idiot brain that I am being vile. I know I should say something to distract her from her own unease and stop eye raping her. “You cold?” I gently place my hand on her small delicate shoulder, the urge to make her feel secure overpowering me, her skin is soft and warm under my touch and it’s not exactly my smoothest move. Emma flinches and backs off slightly and it’s like a sobering slap, hitting me low in the gut and moves me to back off. I’m making her uneasy, even while trying not to and failing at being her friend. “Sorry … I didn’t mean to …” I back off. “No, it’s okay … Sorry, I’m just …” She sounds completely detached and small. Nervous maybe and I don’t like it. It’s Emma; she should always feel safe with me. I would never hurt her. Even when my brain is stripping her naked and opening her thighs on the kitchen counter … Stop! “Just what?” I shake it out of my internal visuals and hate that I made her feel awkward, as though she can tell what I am thinking, and I frown at her apologetically, searching the prettiness of her face for hints of upset. I just need to make it right again. “Nothing, I’m half asleep … I’m going to bed.” She steps back and takes a wide arc around me and I just feel like a human piece of shit. I made her wary, and she never needs to be that way with me. My libido is not on her. “Emma?” I try for normal and just sound crazily intoxicated, head still swimming as I try to figure out the best way to relax her around me. Relax myself too. I am wound up tighter than hell and maybe a cold shower and self-release might help.


The First Kiss - Jake & Emma “Yes?” “I like this.” My fingertips skirt down the side of her stomach gently, meaning to compliment her, yet my impulsive need to touch that silk fabric pulls me to her as she inhales sharply. Her flinch and recoil are another kick to the stomach, and I know I am crossing the line; Being an asshole—abusing her trust. I don’t have the right to just touch her this way. I have no idea why I even did that to her. “I’m sorry … Emma. I’m going to bed … I’m drunk as fuck.” I feel like a complete shithead. “It’s okay. It’s fine. Go to bed.” She tries for normal but it’s all wrong. She is oozing panic, eyes wide, voice trembling and I physically hate myself. I just touched her inappropriately and it’s eating me up inside for violating the trust between us. I feel physically sick. I am not one of those guys you see pawing at women in clubs, this is not who I am. “Don’t say it like that.” I’m overcome with raw emotion, stomach churning at the way she is looking at me, and the need to make it all better consumes me. I slide a hand towards her to pull her close. Genuine affection for the girl I would move mountains for. “I would never do anything to you, Emma.” I sway forward, accidentally bumping noses with her because I am way too close and incapable of steadiness. I catch her shoulder with my palm as a support to right myself and lean back to give her breathing space, aware I am being way too touchy for her. All my own inhibitions have taken a jump off the roof and my fingers are aching to slide up that satin dress and feel out every line and curve of the body inside. STOP IT—IT’S EMMA! She’s so god damn beautiful. Has been a ten on my rating list since the first time I ever laid eyes on her, and this close, inhaling her, her gentle breath against my lips and every part of her body open and right in front of me this way, I move without thought. I lean in quickly, so quickly that I can’t counteract what I am fucking doing, and her lips meet mine, soft and sensual and completely mind-blowing. It’s like I have zero control and a force between us pulls me to kiss her. Automatically, my hand cups her face gently and I pull her in against my mouth. My brain isn’t dissecting what my instincts are doing and the second she is being kissed by me, my heart leaps out of my chest and every part of my body ignites in a way it has not done for a long time.


The First Kiss - Jake & Emma She’s addictive, even with a chaste kiss that is barely a touch. I need more. I want more. Sensually perfect in every way, her pouted lips meet and fit mine so deliciously I can’t take it. I tug her chin down to open her mouth, meeting no resistance from her body, or from what I am doing, and for a few seconds, an overwhelming euphoria hits me as I trace my tongue lightly over her soft moldable lips and slide it inside of hers. My insides explode with the aching desire she ignites in me and I swear I have never kissed anyone and felt like I wanted to consume them this way. Her mouth was made to touch mine. She tastes like heaven and I don’t know why I didn’t see this before—Emma is perfect for me. Emma shoves me away hard, a lot of aggression for such a tiny little waif but it’s a shock to my system, like a punch in the face as sense comes flooding back and I realize what I just did; Our bodies step apart quickly, both breathing heavily as we try to catch our breaths. I kissed Emma … barely, but enough to know it felt right, and she looks like she’s about to go running to the hills. “Shit. Emma … Shit.” I know I fucked up and completely crossed the line, and the sheer devastation in her face is like a knife in my ribs. She didn’t want it or enjoy it, and I am a major dumbass. I try to grab hold of her in my own hysteria, to stop her running away as I desperately try to find the right words. “I’m sorry … Emma. I’m sorry …” I manage to catch her wrist but she’s twisting and pulling away like I am the last person in the world she wants to touch her anymore. I violated her trust. I don’t deserve to touch her. “I … Need … To … Go.” Her voice is strangled; her eyes misty and I think she might cry. It has a sobering effect and I let go of her, not wanting her to be afraid of me. Emma moves back, puts a huge distance between us and then rounds away to get space and moves fast. She gets out of the kitchen area then breaks into a run and hightails it to her room, not looking back before slamming the door behind her and taking my heart with it. Everything in my drops like a lead weight to the floor and I just stare after her, stupefied that I could be so dumb. I hear the lock latch inside the closed door, gutted that she chose to lock it when only the two of us are here, and that alone tells me just how much I just royally screwed this up and crossed a major line. It’s not just about work. It’s about human decency and not being some dickhead sexual predator. Emma never initiated anything. That was all me. I just pushed myself on her, touched her and kissed her without her consent.


The First Kiss - Jake & Emma I am a complete piece of shit right now and my guilt pulls me away from her door to look at the sink instead. Knowing to stay back, even if my feet are itching to follow her and fix this. Impulse is screaming at me to go console her. If I go to her now I will only make this worse, make her more afraid. I’m drunk and being an idiot, and the only way I can show her remorse is sober; with a clear head and more in control of my faculties. I have to leave her alone for tonight and let it go. Tomorrow, I will grovel and prove to her all over again that she can trust me. This will never happen again, and drink is something I need to majorly cut back on. It was an error in judgment fueled by booze and way too many hormones on my part. If I can’t handle myself around her when wasted, then I won’t ever let myself drink that much around her again. She means more to me than a night of kicking back. I’m an asshole. I feel wretched about all of this, well, except for one little thing … kissing Emma felt like I was kissing the girl I have been waiting for my whole life. And that is mindblowing to me.

You Can read the full scene in The Carrero Effect (book 1) from Emma's point of view.


Carrero Crossword

Carrero For Fun Across 4. Jake's best friend. 6. What is the name of Jake and Emma's middle child? 7. What is the name of Emma's roommate? 11. Where did Jake and Emma first have sex? 13. What is Jake's pet name for Emma? 14. What is the name of the young girl Emma saved? 15. What is Jake's brother's name? 16. What flavour water does Jake drink? Down 1. Emma's mum's name. 2. In which borough of NYC is Carrero House located? 3. What business plan does Jake have with the Huntsbergers? 5. Where is Emma originally from? 8. How old is Emma in The Carrero Effect? 9. Where is Jake's parent's house? 10. How long did it take Emma to become a PA? 12. What beverage does Emma hate in Book 1?

Colour Fun ....

Can you work it out??

Print off and play . Why not send us pictures too! 23

Book 1 Playlist The Carrero Series The Carrero Effect - The Promotion Carrero Playlists 1. Fontella Bass - Rescue Me ( 1965 ) 2. Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby 3. Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me 4. Bryan Adams - When You're Gone ft. Melanie C 5. Christina Aguilera - Fighter 6. Evanescence - Hello music video 7. Bon Jovi - Always 8. P!nk - Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess 9. James Arthur - Naked 10. OneRepublic - Apologize Original Version 11. Zara Larsson - Uncover 12. Paloma Faith - New York 13. Skylar Grey - I Know You 14. Zara Larsson - Weak Heart 15. Seether - Broken ft. Amy Lee 16. Sara Bareilles - Breathe Again with lyrics 17. Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side 18. Avril Lavigne - Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger

You can Access the playlist on our YouTube channel. Listening along with the books really enhances the experience of the emotions in the plot lines.


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L.T.Marshall 25

The Wise Bitches Agony Aunt time with Team Carrero! My partner and I are going through a really odd time. He seems so very distant and secretive and keeps hiding his phone when he is in the house. My gut is saying something is going on, but he's not the type to cheat, so I don't know what to think. I tried talking to him, but he only ever tells me it's in my head and he is just tired. I feel like we haven't talked, cuddled or been intimate in a very long time. We have been together five years and this has been slowly building since I had our daughter two years ago. I don't know what to do.

Now here's what the ladies chatted out S - Sounds like they need to find themselves as a couple instead of as parents. R - Maybe they need to start having a date night. Once a week get a babysitter and just go out on a date. Even if it’s just a picnic in the park, so they have time together as a couple, and not just as a mummy and daddy to a little person, and remind themselves why they fell in love in the first place. L - Hiding his phone though? S - Watching porn??? G - Okay so. How was the relationship before/after the baby ... people are saying it’s down to having the child, but if things were weird before that they could probably rule that out. Follow your gut. Mine wasn’t wrong. If you have questions for him and you think he is lying then you need to tell him why you think he is lying, and if he wants to prove to you that he isn’t that’s then building trust back up. Sucks losing trust but if he loves you he’ll just want to make sure you trust him and just want to make sure things are okay. How long is a long time for not being intimate? It obviously differs with different people. If he wants it lots and you don’t then to him you probably don’t want it enough. I know you say it’s been building since you had your daughter but it could be other things too. People do change after they’ve had a baby, and yes we can get into the parent and not partner mindset, so it would be a good idea to get out once a week together. 


The Wise Bitches Agony Aunt time with Team Carrero! Continued ...... G - No matter what you do (NOT THE CINEMA). Or even if you turn the tv off at night for an hour at least and just chat. Turn phones off and be genuinely interested in what you both have to say - no matter what it is. It sounds like you could have hope and things could get better. But be honest and start now. J - If it wasn't for the phone, I would say that he's been feeling neglected since the birth of your child. It is not uncommon for the father to feel 'left out', as the baby needs so much attention. However, hiding your phone is very suspicious. I would call him out over it, and ask for an explanation as to why he is being secretive. If he can't give you an explanation that you feel is adequate, he is probably cheating on you. Albeit 'cyber cheating'. Also, trust your gut, it is very rarely wrong, even when total logic seems to be against that feeling. I actually asked *** what he thought of this scenario, he said the bloke is cheating and she deserves better. He also agreed that 'cyber cheating' is no different to actually cheating in person. L - My bloke did too. L - So we are in agreement that his behaviour is dodgy, he could be cheating. He might be a habitual porn watcher ... Either way, communication needs to happen, along with following your gut. It's usually right. And also bear in mind this could be down to drifting apart as a couple and you may need some together time once more. Personally - I think his need to hide his phone is major alarm bells and this question says your gut is already questioning him. R - Look at his phone whilst he’s sleeping, if there’s anything on there that shouldn’t then chop his d*** off and ram it down his throat!


The Wise Bitches Agony Aunt time with Team Carrero! Continued ...... G -My basic answer is: go with your gut and your instinct. You know you and your mind and what you know to be right. If you think something is wrong then challenge it with your OH, and if they don’t like it then challenge them even more. If they love you they’ll want you to be happy and if that means proving over the moon that they’re not doing anything wrong then that’s what they’ll do L - All in agreement? (Nods all around.)

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Carrero Cooking POTATO GNOCCHI INGREDIENTS: Per 4 servings 3 ½ oz all-purpose flour 1 lb potatoes 1 egg 1 ¼ oz butter 2 oz grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese salt to taste PREPARATION: Place potatoes in a pot and completely cover with cold salted water, stopping when the water is 1 inch in above the potatoes. Bring to a boil and simmer until tender (or when a knife entres easily), about 50 minutes. Let cool until they can be handled. Peel and put them through a ricer or food mill. Combine hot peeled potatoes with flour, egg and salt. Turn dough out onto a floured cutting board and cut into 3 portions. Gently roll each portion into a long log about 3/4 inch thick. Cut each log into 3/4-inch pieces with a floured knife. Press a piece of dough against tines of a floured fork, and push with a floured thumb in a forward motion toward end of tines, letting gnocchi fall from fork onto a floured kitchen towel. Repeat with remaining pieces of dough. The gnocchi should be cooked in salted water, well drained, then dressed with a generous helping of butter and Parmesan cheese. Add (to taste) tomato sauce or even better still, fresh cherry tomatoes browned in butter. CHEF'S TIPS Hand-made potato gnocchi cook very quickly: they should be boiled in salted water and removed just as soon as they rise to the top of the pot. Recipe source -


Carrero Choices Winter picks!!

Leila's Makeup choices This winter is all about glam or natural. With smoky eyes and berry colours being great for dress up, while nude and cold kissed is the day time go to. Leila's must have make up for this season are neutral palettes and berry shade lippy. Focus on good skincare to get your face in top condition and go easy on daily wear, replacing lip colour for balm.

Sophie's fashion pick Club Carrero Cocktail The Merry Alexi

Ingredients 1 oz bourbon 1 oz crème de cacao 1 oz half and half One egg white Dash of simple syrup Dash of salt

We have it on great authority from Sophie that the seasons must have this winter is a long, cosy cardigan to battle the colder days. Sophie has picked a favourite that is on trend for 2018. Woolens and denim will be the rage all winter. Cosy and comfy.

Instructions Combine ingredients in shaker, add ice, shake vigorously, strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with nutmeg, cranberries ,and a sprig of rosemary.

Mama Sylvana Makes This month why not create a little Jake Carrero Mini Doll and start a collection. You can find the full instructions here -

This one is $54 at and is perfect. Neutral colours, traditional patterns and long cuddly designs.


Jake & Emma Profiles Name : Jacob Antony Carrero Date of birth : Dec 1st 1988 Height : 6ft 2 Eye colour : Green Hair : Darkest brown, short and styled Build :Tall, well built. Muscular. Occupation :CEO of the family business. Star sign : Sagittarius Most noticeable feature: His cheeky smile. A little about Jake Jake is one of two sons to the infamous Giovanni Carrero, head of the Carrero Empire. The family are huge hotel and spa tycoons with wealth and influence. Jake was brought up very publicly, his family are always an interest to the media and he’s been the face of the Carrero male grooming line for years. His best friend is equally rich and good looking, playboy Daniel Hunter. He is from an Italian family, so, of course, he’s bilingual in both English and Italian. Brought up in New York city, he has a typical New york upper east accent. Name : Emma Jocelyn Anderson Date of birth : April 10th 1990 Height : 5ft 4 Eye colour : Soft blue Hair :Tawny, naturally wavy Build : Medium slender with curves. Occupation : Personal Assistant to CEO of The Carrero Corp Star sign : Aries Most noticeable feature: Her figure. A little about Emma Emma is an only child to her single mother Jocelyn. Raised in Sunnyside, Chicago. She came from a poor background, with a mother who worked for charities most of her youth, leaving her alone to fend for herself more often than not. She has a colourful and tragic past which follows her through life, leaving so many unresolved issues. Determination got her through school with a half decent education , she then moved to New York with her best friend and childhood sidekick, Sarah, to start a new life as a temp in the buildings owned by The Carrero Corp. Determination and attention to detail pushed her up the ranks securing the job of her dreams.


What's next? In Our Spring Issue A Sophie and Arrick based Magazine, with a bonus we have all been waiting for!! The Dance scene! Sneak peeks into their New York Pad! A fabulous giveaway !!! And an Author News Update from L.T.Herself! January to March 2018 - Issue 2.


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