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February 9th 2011

Sociology Technological Memoir My relationship with technology is very important to me. My cell phone most of all. I go to bed at night with my phone right next to me, there isn't a night that i don't. I always have the charger plugged in, right in front my bed, stretched out on the bed so that when i needed to charge my phone it would be more convenient for me. I always make sure the volume is all the way up so that i can hear if i got any type of message. And also so that when my alarm clock goes off in the morning for seven o'clock. My relationship with technology reminds me of Kord Campbell, "He goes to sleep with a laptop or iPhone on his chest and when he wake's, he goes online. This is from the New York Times article, Attached in Technology and Paying a Price by Matt Rachel. I believe that technology can be addicting but then again useful for people. In the morning, the alarm on my phone goes off and i grab it as fast as i can so that i won't have to hear it anymore. But sometimes i don't even need the alarm because my friend might text me or call me in the morning to tell me something. Throughout the time that I'm getting ready in the morning when I'm getting ready for school, I'm texting or calling a friend , and i take my phone every where with me, even in the bathroom. There's not a day that i don't hear my phone go off, from an email, text or call. Me and my friends make it routine to talk in the morning so that we can meet up with each other and get to school. Sometimes in the morning I also go on my dad and sister laptop to check my facebook or twitter to see who's messaged me or checkout something that i missed before. And sometimes there's competition for who gets to use the laptop in the morning between me and my brother, because sometime instead of the laptop being in the living room it would be in my brother he was using it late the night before. I can't go out without bringing my phone with me. Just in case somebody calls or text me, or if I need to tell somebody something. It feels weird for me to go out and not bring my phone, it's really rare for me to forget it. All day at school all i see is people sneaking under the table texting, or running in the bathroom to catch a phone call without the teacher seeing, or in the hall way during passing time, for our next class, a lot people have their phone out, but

makes sure to hide it when a teacher is walking by them. But that didn't work out for my friend, when in the tenth grade she got caught , and ended up with a phone call home. So her mom took her phone away from her and then decided to read through her text messages, she said she wanted to see what was so important in the phone that she needed to see to get her phone taken away by a teacher. This reminds me of "75 percent of U.S. recruiters and human resources professionals report that their companies require them to do online research about candidates ." This is from the New York Times, The Web means the End of Forgetting, by Jeffrey Rosen . It seems like people are slowly loosing their right to privacy. My relationship with technology is very important to me but i wouldn't like anyone invading my privacy, my phone is like my diary or temple, if anyone see's whats inside it, good or bad i don't know what i would do.

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Technological Memoir in the bathroom to catch a phone call without the teacher seeing, or in the hall Sociology way during passing time, for...

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