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February 9th 2011

Personal Narrative

Technology and I met way back in 2005 when I got my first Walkman. Begging my parents to buy me all the latest C.D’s that had just been released, I became the thing I did not want to; a “music junkie”. Because of my innate ability to persuade my parents to do the things I wanted to, they kept buying me all of the C.D’s I wanted. Technology and I soon became like siblings, me being the younger sibling. We would spend hours with each other after all of my important daily activities were done, we were inseparable. No matter how much my older sister (technology) would tell me to leave her alone and focus on homework, I just wouldn’t listen. I wanted to be with her so bad it was like I was slowly becoming obsessed with her because she was like an idol to me. My relationship with her soon became like a kid with lots of money, I loved to have her with me at all times, but once she was gone it was like I had lost a part of me. Getting a little older I realized that I didn’t need technology as much as I initially thought before. Getting my first cell phone in 2007 was scary for me; it was like performing in front of a crowd of people. My big sister cares for me, I thought at the time. I thought that my big sister was just looking out for me whenever she rang signaling that I had someone who wanted to speak with me. I didn’t know that my big sister was only out to get me in trouble. Friends calling my phone to do three way calls gossiping about other people, yes I did know it was wrong but my big sister kept telling me it was okay. “Gossip is no longer the resource of the idle and of the vicious but has become a trade” (The Web Means the End of Forgetting). I was exposed to a

whole new level of drama and gossip and my big sister kept dragging me into it more, because I wanted to so dearly be with her. The things that my big sister says to me sometimes on her screen hurt my feelings. She can tell me what all of my friends are doing, how they are feeling and what they need to say to me at the same time. Eventually me and my big sister went our separate ways, but not for good because she slowly came right back into my life. Because my sister and I need each other to communicate with people from the outside world, I always have her by my side, even when it isn’t necessary for her to be there. Having an older sibling that can do things faster than you can like add and subtract could be beneficial to me, but a lot of the times she distracts me from handling important business. Unfortunately, now that I am in high school my big sister makes me have to multitask while I’m working on important assignments at home. “Heavy multitaskers actually have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information, scientists say, and they experience more stress”. (Technology and Paying a Price). My big sister does make me feel stressed at times. There are times where I just want to get rid of her but then in reality I know that I need her, or I am forced to think I need her. I’m slowly going to leave my sister alone; well I am going to try. I am getting older and I only truly need her for important things. I’m tired of her making me angry and stressed when I need to be having fun like a teenager should. I honestly think technology is taking over the world and it is up to society to choose what we want to use it for. Technology could either make you, or break you and if it makes you, you aren’t truly who you want to be. My big sister used to be my role model, but now I have learned that sometimes role models could lead you in a direction that you won’t know how to get out of.

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was like an idol to me. My relationship with her soon became like a kid with lots of money, I wanted to, they kept buying me all of the C.D’...

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