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The Sound of Silence Helps with Weight Loss Some lone rangers like to tackle their fitness workout solo, while others like the motivation of a workout partner when hitting the gym. And there’s no shame in that! But why do so many people find motivation in group exercise? Is there a science to selecting your fitness workout partner to maximize your performance? Let’s take a look:

Power in Numbers Why do so many people like to sweat it out in good company? Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology published a report showing that group exercise releases a rush of endorphin chemicals in the brain which block pain, producing a “mild opiate high” and sense of well-being. In studying Oxford’s famous rowing team, the researchers found that the rower’s tolerance for pain was twice as great after working out with teammates rather than alone, even though the workouts were equally intense. It’s no wonder people gravitate toward group exercise classes and workout partners.

The Best Partner is a Silent Partner The sound of a silent workout partner may be the ticket to enhancing your fitness workout. Brandon Irwin, assistant professor of Kinesiology at Kansas State University, found that “Keep it up, you can do it!” motivation boosters aren’t as effective as one might think. Irwin’s study shows that when people view their workout partner as more skilled and verbal encouragement is minimal, they are able to work out longer. So just how much “better than you” should your workout partner be? A whopping 40%, according to Irwin’s study. This gives the less skilled partner the motivation they need to exercise longer and harder in their fitness workout. The findings of the study were surprising to Irwin and his colleagues. “Initially, it made sense to us that encouragement [during a workout] would be motivating … However, we found almost the opposite to be true. When exercising with someone who is slightly better and who is not verbally encouraging, participants exercised longer than if conditions were the same but that person was verbally encouraging them.”

Apparently, when two people are tackling a fitness workout together, and one is constantly cheering on the next, it can be perceived as patronizing and de-motivating. Verbal motivation boosters, in this case, can do more damage than good. What offers more motivation then? Being the weak link can actually work to your advantage. Irwin explained that “being the ‘weak link’ is a big motivator in partner or group exercise … You don’t want to let your partner down.” So, to sum up the secret to maximizing motivation during a fitness workout: find someone stronger than you who will happily stay quiet while you both sweat it out. Let the Beat Drop Ironically, although a fitness workout partner who cheers you on may be less effective, a workout doesn’t have to mean you could hear a pin drop. Whether you’re at a track field, an aerobics studio or the gym, you’d be hard pressed to find people who aren’t plugged into their iPods. Is music a legitimate tool for motivation? Sports psychologists have conducted studies showing that music can have a tremendous positive impact on athletic performance. Dr. Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist at Brunel University, explains that when a person incorporates synchronous music with a clear, steady beat into their fitness routine, their performance is enhanced by 20%. Asynchronous music or “background music,” on the other hand, serves to calm athletes’ nerves. Dr. Karageorghis claims that there are four key effects of music on performance during a fitness workout: 1. 2. 3. 4.

It distracts the person working out from their fatigue It is a mood-altering catalyst It synchronizes one’s rhythm and movement It improves muscle memory

Alas, you can still hit the gym with a partner – ideally one more fit than you are – and be pleasantly antisocial by plugging into your favorite uplifting beats. A motivation booster like music can be energizing and keep you entertained when you’re working hard to keep up with your workout partner extraordinaire. Keywords : fitness workout, motivation, strength training, foods to lose weight, best way to lose weight, eat to lose weight, healthy nutrition, food labels, best exercise to lose weight, healthy meal ideas, lean living, 3 day diet, fitness products, lose weight, ways to lose weight, quick weight loss, motivation and exercise, Read More :

The sound of silence helps with weight loss  
The sound of silence helps with weight loss  

Some lone rangers like to tackle their fitness workout solo, while others like the motivation of a workout partner when hitting the gym. And...