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Mozilla Firefox Firefox is a lean, mean, browsing machine. It has ranked #1 overall in almost every performance test imaginable. Its die-hard users have started somewhat of a cult following surrounding around the popular free browser. Its extensive list of useful add-ons and great tools for web developers doesn't leave you questioning why its the #1 used browser and so many people refuse to use anything but Firefox. Internet Explorer This browser is very widely used most likely because it comes as a default browser in all Windows operating systems. This of course does NOT mean its the best. Internet Explorer has been known to be a bit behind on the whole web standard which makes it difficult for designers that strive to create web pages that look uniform across all browsers. It also is one of the slowest browsers for processing scripts and a lot of viruses seem to target IE users. Google Chrome Google has gotten so big as a company its no wonder they have their very own web browser. Its great features allow you to access tons of other Google features quickly and easily on right on your browser. Google Chrome's interface is extremely streamlined, leaving almost the whole screen for your site viewing pleasure. However, Google tends to share quite a bit of information with their advertisers and Chrome is no exception. Your browsing statistics will easily be up for grabs to any advertiser that wants it. Safari Apple has its very own browser as well, but until recently was only available on Apple products. Its uses the same web standards as Chrome and as about the same viewing space as well. It has the obvious Apple feel to it but has poor browsing security and does not really contribute anything new to the playing field. Opera Opera has been around for a while but with only about 2% of the population using it, Opera hasn't managed to find a large group of followers yet which is a shame. Its a fairly nice browser and performs very well compared to more popular browsers. Opera 10 has an updated javascript handling engine which makes it the single fastest browser for viewing pages with a lot of javascript. Its an underdog browser that can't seem to catch a break.

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