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LEANDER FELIERS Master of Arts in Transportation Design Master of Science in Industrial Design





Junior Designer at MaximalDesign ( Internship at Maximaldesign (aug-sept 2011)


Furniture design and CAD at Visualisation and rendering of kitchens at Installing furniture and parquet floors at



Summerjob installing furniture and parquet floors at Visualisation and rendering of kitchens at


Summerjob interior painting at COLOR by Cherchye.


Summerjob at productionplant extrusion bottles at McBride.


Various summerjobs (catering)

Mother tongue (TOEFL certificate)

SKILLS/SOFTWARE Foam modelling Microsoft Office Adobe CS software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere. Sketchbook Pro: (WACOM) tablet sketching and rendering(Photoshop as well).

EDUCATION 2012-2013

Master after Master Transportation Design, Pforzheim University, Germany.


Master of Science, Product Development, Artesis Antwerp.


Integral Product Development course at Artesis Antwerp. Bachelor in Product Development.


Secundair schooling, Sciences.

CAD- and 3D software: Sketchup, Solidworks, Rhinocerus, Autodesk Alias, Autodesk Maya. Render software: Hypershot, Keyshot, Autodesk Maya, Flamingo.

Audi Escapement Ducati Monster BMW Gazelle VW Golf Trailer truck Flex Walker BOX Sketchbook HS Pforzheim 2nd semester

HS Pforzheim thesis project

HS Pforzheim 1st semester

Free time sketch project

Free time sketch project

Product design project

Master Thesis Product Design

Free time and project sketching

Audi Escapement

Pforzheim University 2nd semester project, sponsored by Audi

The task of this project was to design a four wheel vehicle starring in a science fiction movie. We had to come up with our own movie plot, so the Audi fitted in perfectly. Because it had to be a sci-fi film, the vehicle was designed as a future ‘car’, in the year 2200 to be exactly.

ESCAPEMENT Life is now extinct within the `Mega City`experimental prison designed 200 years ago to exterminate crime from society. 10 Million criminals were starved and left to die, including their innocent offspring. If only the Government knew, people are still living there ! Growing within,a new generation of humans continues the challenge of breaching the invincible and escaping to the unknown world beyond the prison walls. How can they escape total isolation with no transportation ?

The vehicle is designed to be in a far future environment, so I wanted to give the car some non-typical characteristics. With the assumption cars wil look different in the future, I searched for a new audi design language and a striking form, different from cars nowadays. The sketches represent the idea generation and evolution of the design language and overall form. The goal was to create a narrow, big terrain vehicle for escaping the city into the waste land.

For this project I did an impression for the interior as well. According to the brief of the project, the vehicle has four seats: one for the driver and three passengers. The driver is not looking through a classic windscreen, but to a 180 degrees display. the “window� on the outside is actually just a housing for scanning equipment. The three passengers are sitting sideways to fit comfably in the narrow space. As this is a survival vehicle, everything is designed with a minimal amount of material to save weight and space.

Exit air vents

As visible on this final renderings, the new Audi is able to tilt left and right according to the driving dynamics and terrain. The purpose of this tilting is to keep the balance and give the users te feeling of being horizontal at all time.

Hubless rear driven wheels

A shot in the heat of the moment: The Audi is racing through the rough land, having no problems with the sand, thanks to the advanced Quattro drive train. The vehicle is tilting to the inside of the corner to keep the ride stable and comfortable.

Re-evaluation of the Ducati Monster Pforzheim University 3rd semester thesis project

The result of this project is a new motorcycle, based on the popular Ducati Monster. The aim was not only to have a new design, but to combine form with new technologies, provided by owning company Audi. The vehicle is propelled by a hybrid power train. So an electric engine assists a combustion engine, with the possibility to drive fully electric when desired. The design process was split up in two main parts, also visible in the finished model: the underlaying structural and mechanical part and the bodywork and saddle, covering the underlaying components and giving the bike its final appearance. The design language used in these two modules is very different, resulting in a interesting but coherent entity. With this project I hoped to introduce new technologies and design to the - mostly conservative - motorcycle branche.

The body part has to cover the top of this frame, leaving a part of the components visible. It is still a naked bike, but in a different way. In this case the main goal for this body is to make the bike an emotional object, so functionality is less important. The design language used for this cover has to be different, if not opposite to the frame. It has to be more sculptural, can be asymmetric and in one piece. The body makes the connection with de rider, especially with a new way of steering integrated. Because this is a seperate part, and the steering is not mechanical, the body and saddle can be placed and adjusted, in a way that every user can find his most comfortable position.


For the final design, the visible steering wheel is eliminated. The body has two ‘gaps’ to insert the hands, so the rider can steer and control the functions of the bike. With this feature the shape does not only looks more aerodynamic, but it also creates more connection between the rider and machine. The handles are designed as leather ‘gloves’ without pinching the hand too much. (Hand can be pulled out easily with or without glove.)

The leather gives a trusted feeling of wearing leather gloves and the stitches give a nice finish on the outside. The handles are connected with each other, so you still get feedback on both handles when moving them. The system works on a serie of sensors for steering, trottle, braking and adjusting the interface. The user can control these functions very intuitive.

The main materials used for the construction are carbon fiber composite and aluminium. Inside the frame the new hybrid power train is mounted. The electric engine is suspended on the lowest part of the frame and the other part of the drive train is enclosed in the frame. The suspension is asymmetrical on both sides, with two single swingarms. The fronts wheel has a hub steering mechanism, so a conventional tube fork was eliminated. Handlebars are not present, the steer by wire system is integrated in the body cover.

The interface is visually very minimal on the outside. Most of the handlings are happening intuitive. On the black strip running across the body, a gradation is visible from green to red. Depending on the settings and preferences of the user, this bars can display different variables: speed, tachometer, fuell level or battery level. The battery level will also be shown on the display when charging. Also the tail light and the front daylight LED’s are in line with this strip. For nightriding an extra high beam LED front light is placed just uder the body panel.

For the full thesis book, visit


BMW Gazelle

Pforzheim University 1st semester project, sponsorde by BMW

The task for the first semester project in Pforzheim was designing a van for BMW. The brief gave us a lot of freedom, so we could go for a commercial van or a family vehicle. The only restriction was the 1-series wheelbase. BMW Gazelle is a sporty commercial van for premium transport in style, or for expensive, very valuable goods.

How could this non existing model for BMW look like? This is a search for an iconic form, representing BMW’s values and design language. The only Facts known are the wheelbase and its function: premium commercial transport.

The BMW Gazelle as a commercial delivery van for Fedex. A company could use vehicles like this BMW for special or premium transport, where space is not the main issue. Style, quality and image are the main values.

VolksWagen Golf mk1 Free time sketch project

I love the iconic old VolksWagen Golf, especially when it features nice rims and a powerfull engine. I got the chance to draw one, for a friend who ownes this green little monster.

Maximize windscreen surface for visibility

Front daylights integrated in glass surface

Maximize glass surface for visibility

Integrate mirrors in windscreen

Trailer truck Free time sketch project

walking aid Adjustment for handles/expanding inner frame to sit

Adjustment for wheel base: long, short or collapsed

FLEX, your new walking partner. This walker is specifically aimed at people who go outdoors and have to deal with curbs and obstacles. The slim design hides a comfortable seat, storage space for groceries and a safe environment for the user. The wheelbase is adaptable: longer for more stability outdoors and shorter for more maneuverability indoors. Project in cooperation with Jeroen Depuydt

comfortable seat with inner frame down

Bigger front wheels for obstacles


Building Outdoor Xperience, Industrial Design Master Thesis

For this project, I designed an innovative camping vehicle, which gives a completely new meaning to traveling. The project is called BOX, which stands for Building Outdoor Xperience and that is exactly what the vehicle is made ​​for. The purpose of traveling is to relax, get away from work, and this can be realized with BOX. The vehicle combines the best travel experience with a pleasant stay, where the user has more contact with nature and environment thank to the new way of construction

These are doodles and quick design to come up with a new way to improve space in a camper vehicle. Also the outdoor experience had to be improved.

As this was a more technical project, the supporting frame was an important development. Including how the space would increase: I chose for a extending floor, with a rather simpel but clever mechanism: the two floor parts fold up against the inside of the doors when driving. This extra space gives the users the possibility to roll the kitchen and tabel to the outside and enjoy everything you would normally be doing inside the camper. The four electric driven wheels turn in all directions for extra maneuverability.

Different posibilities of configurations during travelling and holiday

These are some proposal sketches on how the exterior could look like. The camper vehicle can be smaller thanks to the extra space when stationnary.



Some interior sketches, for projects and for fun

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