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Leana Ricchiuto Professor Macomber Communications October 17, 2013

When we were assigned this project I thought it was really weird. I never thought that I would have to meet with someone from my class that I didn’t know well, and hold a decent conversation for a half an hour. All in all it seemed like something that I didn’t have to worry about like a research paper or a test coming up at the end of the week. Initially before my first meeting with Kate Heffener I thought it was going to be super awkward as a dyadic couple, but when we started to talk it was as nearly awkward as I thought it would be. I was hoping that it would only develop over time from impersonal to interpersonal. We decided to meet outside the Cytech building on the upper deck this was a good place because it was quiet and not many people were around to distract us from having a good conversation. We both agreed that without people around we could be fully present and be able to have a two way conversation rather than one sender talking and the receiver having to deal with surrounding as a filter for the communication we learned about this in class through the Psychological Model of Communication without realizing it we were putting into consideration that we needed a good place to be focused for our project.. The first day Kate was late because she was coming from Maryland, so I decided to offer and earlier time so that we wouldn’t miss out on our full thirty minutes. Initially based on how Kate talked and how she presented herself she seemed like the complete opposite. I, being the girl I am, looked at her clothes and felt under dressed; I looked at her makeup and realized I didn’t have any on. I started to think about what she was thinking about me.

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Our first conversation was awkward as expected, to some degree. The first words out of our mouths were literally, “So what do you want to talk about?” So we just decided to introduce ourselves and talk about the reasons we were attending HACC York. I feel that the reason we did this was because we were complete strangers up until this point. When she would talk I would try and listen to her as best as I could. When she would share things with me her eyes tended to wander around and looked at different things. It made me uncomfortable only because I wasn’t sure if she was giving me the message of not to look at her or if she was uncomfortable with talk to me, which was understandable. She began to talk about how she is only here at HACC to figure out what she wants to do; I nodded my head in agreement to show that I was listening because I too had the same problem to some degree. When it was my turn to talk, I remember her doing a lot of verbal communication that she was listening. She said, “Right,” and “Me too,” a lot. Her communication was very different when she was the one receiving the communication rather than giving it. My only conclusion to this was she was probably worried about what I would think about her because I felt the same way. I began to think heavily about what I wanted to share with her and what I wanted to keep to myself. I could already feel myself wanting to put a better version of me out there so she wouldn’t judge me. The next time we met I wore better clothes and I put on makeup. I don’t recall the reason why was because of how I felt presented myself last time, but I think subconsciously it did. On the other hand I felt a little rushed because Kate was running a bit late, but this was because of traffic and lack of parking spaces. I found that the second time we mainly talked about school and all of our different classes. We talked about communications and the other projects that were due as well as what we were supposed to do with the web portfolio. I feel that the reason we

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talked about our classes was because we were trying to identify ourselves with commonality. She and I could both talk about school because not only did we go to the same school we had the same class together. Although, there were still a lot of Vocalizations with nervous laughter and Vocal Segregate, with the occasional ah, um, and like. I remember asking several times if we were supposed to write things down, and we joked that it was like a news reporter and we agreed that it took away from actually listening to each other. We both said that it would be better to write down what we talked about afterwards that way we wouldn’t forget later. She mentioned about getting a job at the White Rose Bar and Grill. She also talked about babysitting and how she had to drive all the way to Maryland. To me it felt like we were a little more comfortable talking about our personal lives now that we had talked once out of class and had the same class since we last met. Listening became easier when we had gone over the listening process in class. I found that attending and paying attention helped me to interpret and assign meaning to what Kate was saying. In return it helped me to evaluate and then respond to what she was sharing with me. With this being said I could tell that by the way Kate and I shared time talking we were both semi passive and assertive. It showed that we each wanted to talk, but we also wanted to hear what the other person had to say. Finally the last day, Kate had some car troubles and I was afraid that she wasn’t going to make it but we made it in time and we allowed plenty of time to talk before I was off to class at 11:00. One of the first things Kate asked me was about my trip. It made me feel like she cared about what I had happened to me. Also the body language that was displayed between the two of us showed that we were laid back enough that it was getting a little more comfortable to talk with each other. That or it was another thing to talk about. Of course since I had just got back from my trip, I felt like I had done most of the talking. But she was very good at staying focused and

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listing to what I had to say. It was nice to share about my trip with someone that seemed genuinely interested to hear about it. With the end of the conversation we verified and last minute information that we needed to tell each other that way we could finish the assignment, one of them being the correct spelling of each other’s name. In conclusion I thought that this project was a good way to tie in what we talked about in class it demonstrated things like verbal and non-verbal communication. As well as Johari’s Window and the listening process and many more ideas, theories and terms. I was a little disappointed that Kate and I only really talked to make plans to talk because we had to. I expected to have a little bit more of a connection with the person I talked with, but I am a very person friendly individual, and not everyone looks at group assignments as a way to make potential friends like it do. In reality Kate and I are very different people, and three times is not a great way to get to know someone really well. I don’t see a lot of promising results of a friendship afterwards, because we didn’t really talk in class. I never made the effort and neither did she. In all truthfulness I loved having someone to talk to outside of class during my break/homework time. It was something different and I thought that this project was very beneficial because it helped stay informed about school and staying focused on the projects for the class.

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