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3 Easy Steps To Burn Fat. Fat Loss is more important than weight loss.

1 Easy Ways To Burn Fat Today, more than ever, weight loss is in the focus of everyone’s mind. However, what is really important, is FAT LOSS. You know that there is a huge difference between the two. You get plenty of information from the television, computers, newspapers, magazines and even on the box of the foods you purchase. However, you need the proper steps, in order to succeed and not suffering from yoyo. Years ago, the situation was completely different. Overweight or obese people were few and far between. Unfortunately, today individuals who are overweight or obese are on the rise. It was much easier to lose weight back then, add in manual labor or a brisk walk, change the way you eat to include much more veggies with your meat and reduce potatoes, rice tec. and you could see and feel the weight melt away fast. In these days, however, weight loss is quite different. Back then, the term “sick fat cells” did not even exist. We all were unaware that fat cells release important hormones which kept their shape in check. Now, due to our busy, hectic and lazy lifestyle, sitting for too many hours, and the easy access to unhealthy (but tasty) foods, we have now learned that our fat cells indeed can become sick, toxic even, which could be causing our ever growing waistlines. The good news is, that research shows small, simple steps you can implement NOW which could put you on the fast track to fat loss. Let speak about two hormones Adiponectin and leptin There are a number of different hormones which are released from your fat cells that may help stimulate fat loss. Two of the more important ones are adiponectin and leptin. If they work together, they could have the ability to stimulate fat loss.


Leptin, research shows, has the task to control your appetite, energy expenditure, and energy intake. It is secreted by your fat cells and communicates directly with your brain (in an area called hypothalamus) delivering the important message that you are full and at maximum capacity. However, when fat cells are not healthy, leptin is unable to communicate with your brain. The fat cells of overweight or obese people tend to produce even more leptin, however, their body is getting resistant to leptin. Research shows leptin resistance can increase your appetite, cortisol levels, and to other hormones that take part in controling metabolism. The hormone called adiponectin, is coming exclusively from your fat cells, and helps to regulate glucose and fatty acid breakdown (catabolism). In overweight or obese people, the secretion of adiponectin is abnormal (decreased) which could lead to the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Do not forget: INFLAMMATION IS THE MOTHER OF ILLNESS. Losing weight, on the other side, has been shown to increase adiponectin levels. This could potentially stimulate weight loss. When adiponectin and leptin work together, they can reduce insulin resistance and your weight. Now that you know what hormones take part in stimulating fat loss, you now are ready to understand the easy steps to increase the levels of these hormones. Here are 3 Easy Ways You Can Implement NOW to “Cure� Sick Fat Cells 1. Move, Move, Move Throughout The Day Research shows, that the more you move, the more your body stimulates your fat cells to release adiponectin. Increasing your physical activity could also increase your calorie burn, which could stimulate even more weight loss, therefore altering your adiponectin levels- for the better. In fact, losing weight could increase both leptin and adiponectin.


2. Anti-oxidants Are Important Anti-oxidants are very efficient fighters on chronic inflammation and can be found in many different fruits and veggies. Research suggests, you can also find anti-oxidants in wine, coffee, green tea and cocoa as well as in nuts. Anti-oxidants have the ability to scavenge free radicals, therefore rendering them useless. By reducing the impact of free radicals, you could reduce chronic inflammation levels, thus allowing your immune system to function the way it is supposed to (instead of always fighting multiple sites of inflammation). Research shows that anti-oxidants could potentially stimulate your body to become sensitive to leptin. Being overweight or obese can lead to leptin resistance. This could lead to the regulation of your appetite, cortisol and energy levels that become altered when there is resistance to leptin. 3. Get More Good Sleep Sleeping could be a good way to stimulate your fat loss and could start the process of turning your fat cells healthy again. In fact, many studies show that lack of sleep could be a reason to obesity. Good sleep includes no snoring. Without curing snoring there is no weight and fat loss. Additionally, snoring can increase the risk of stroke and diabetes. Further Steps Making small changes to your current lifestyle and stick to them can dramatically change your life. Including the steps mentioned above into your daily routine could help stimulate your weight loss into the next level, while you will automatically reducing your risk for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease –just to mention a few evils. You owe it to yourself to get leaner. If you need a super weight loss pill that really works and consists of natural ingredients only, you may want to try Metabolism. I can endorse the company behind this product (


because they are honest and dedicated to the health of their customers. You will be maybe surprised by the introductory video – they want you to take action and regain health. Another fantastic product you should read about on this website is krill oil supplement that may help with weight loss as well. Our family has fantastic experiences with omega3 fatty acids. One feature you are not hearing about every day is also scientifically proven: Krill oil and high-quality fish oil can reduce the frequency of AF (atrial fibrillation) episodes. That alone has the value of gold, if you know what AF can do‌

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Burn Fat Easily  

New information changes your knowledge about fat cells. Now you can drop the excess pounds easier.

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