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Leah Rachel Fischer A Professional Paralegal

Leah Rachel Fisher has an affinity for animals; a driving force behind the volunteer work she once performed at the Hop-A-Long animal rescue organization. From 2005-2007, and in 2011, Fischer generously donated a considerable portion of her time and energy to maintaining a clean, safe and caring environment where rescued pets could live a life free of cruelty and neglect. As a former rescue volunteer, Leah Rachel Fisher understands and appreciates how important the work of animal welfare volunteers really is. Such work is beneficial to animals and local communities in many ways, including: Keeping Rescue Operations Alive Animal rescues are nonprofit, and therefore rely on volunteers to fulfill their mission of protecting and promoting animal welfare. Preventing Animal Starvation Without the support of volunteers, many abandoned or neglected animals would suffer and die from starvation, thirst and general exposure to the elements.

Leah Rachel Fischer completed a brief internship at the Department of Justice Criminal Division in San Francisco.

Leah Rachel Fischer: Present Occupation Leah Rachel Fischer is presently offering case-by-case paralegal services to firms throughout the area. An independent, self-employed paralegal with years of experience in the legal services industry, Fischer provides comprehensive legal services to every client. She assists attorneys with a myriad of tasks, including trial preparation, e-filing, legal research, pleadings, online research, litigation, the creation of trial binders, the drafting of correspondence, reports creation and more. She has been serving in this role since July of 2017.

Leah Rachel Fischer has enjoyed playing and watching sports for much of her life.

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Leah rachel fischer a professional paralegal  
Leah rachel fischer a professional paralegal  

Leah Rachel Fischer has enjoyed the chance to work within several notable legal organizations throughout her career