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Issue #2 Year 1

the art of styling

our team editor in chief Leah McCullough creative director & layout Leah McCullough fashion editor Leah McCullough assistant Desireme Fallen designer liason Ai Hienrichs writers Desireme Fallen Wicca Merlin photographers Ai Hienrichs Angellina Freschi Beatrice Serendipity blackLiquid Tokyoska Hikaru Enimo Leah McCullough Lovelymiwako7399 Mena

our modes & stylists ASYMETRIQUE Supermodels blackLiquid Tokyoska, Honey Bender, Jarl Soderstrom, Jax Aster, Leah McCullough, Liam Netizen, Mavi Beck, Mimmi Boa, Rhonda Pennell, Veronica Krasner, Vixie Rayna, Wicca Merlin ASYMETRIQUE Models Absinthe, Ai Hienrichs, AnnaG Pfeffer, Arialee Miles, Carley Benazzi, Hikaru Enimo, Imani Enzo, Linnda Scofield, Rehana Seljan, Skylei Craproni, Taylor Wassep GUEST Models Desireme Fallen, Dream Love Resident, Marijana Aries, Tracy Lyric




hings can get in the way when we least expect it, making every project you had to be put on hold. That’s why HAUTE #2 is coming out now. Last months of 2012 and beginning of 2013 were hectic both in RL and in SL. I would like to thank everybody who believes in this project and in me, and all those who supported HAUTE through ups and downs. There are some BIG changes coming to HAUTE starting on the next number, so stay tuned for more exciting information! I would like to invite you to visit our new website where you can see all the news, HAUTE past issues, featured designers and also apply to the open positions to work with us. Have fun looking at all the beautiful pictures our fantastic photographers took, and all the stunning styles our models and supermodels put together.

Leah McCullough

/ editor in chief /

skirt RICIELLI / top VERO MODERO & RICIELLI / jacket RICIELLI / necklace DONNA FLORA / hair TRUTH / skin BELLEZA

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Photography, Modeling & Styling by ASMT Supermodel BLACKLIQUID TOKYOSKA LES PETITS DETAILS Theatre Stronger makeup / BLACKLIQUID MAKEUP lip line / BLACKLIQUID MAKEUP Morocco blush / PAPER COUTURE Parted Hair Base & bun Blonde / LARA HURLEY cold nude lips milky / GLAM AFFAIR Couture Eyeliner no.05 / MIAMAI NoAlpha Lashes N06 / BLACKLIQUID skin Yoko cream


GLAM AFFAIR Mouse Studded Headpiece in Black

VERO MODERO Neptuno’s horns & Neptuno’s necklace

SHI Harness / NEARLY TACTILE Pierced nipple studs femme pale v2

VALENTINA E Scorpion Fascinator Night

PURPLE MOON Creatura Headpiece Halloween Special

SHOE LOVE... Modeling & Styling by ASMT model ANNAG PFEFFER Photography by LOVELYMIWAKO7399 MENA

GOS Desire Ankle Boots in Chocolate


SANTIGOLD Pump in black lace

KUNGLERS Ankle boots Patent leather in Black


LELUTKA Salome, LES PETITS DETAILS skin and makeup, ISON Kimono sleeve mesh cardigan, OOHLALA! Kitty Lingerie, WWI Army Girl Garters, GF Leg Warmer for heels, GF Square-toe Shoes Sophie, SHI Paintstone Mesh Necklace

CHICZAFARI Sra.Potts Hair, LES PETITS DETAILS Rose with white lips, COLDLOGIC Christie, THE SEA HOLE SailBetty Cardigan, ISON Carazon, SHI Bag Studded Mesh Tan Travel Tote, LAGYO Cherub, CHICZAFARI Glamazon

MON TISSU Gathered frill blouse, FASTER PUSSYCAT Bikergirl, SHAR’S GOWNS Layered chiffon skirt bellydancing dress, MAITREYA Scarf, hair and hat, KIK gacha gift, LES PETITS DETAILS Kate”

ISON “Cowl neck dress” in gray, HANDVERK Cheetah Arm Fur, MAITREYA Armwarmers Bistre, J’s Studded Long boots, MAITREYA Moxie OverKnee Socks, WWI Army Girl Garters Gray. LELUTKA Magdalene, PIDIDDLE Cervidae Steel/IvoryHorns, ILLUSIONS Herne Horns, LES PETITS DETAILS Kate skin.

TRENDS Photography, Modeling & Styling by ASMT model HIKARU ENIMO

ELIKATIRA Early, ARMIDI Knitted Scarf, FATEWEAR Glove Dexter, KAUNA Herringbone, EPIC Skinny Jeans Bootcut, GOS Triumph Boots

ENTENTE Juan Hair, GUARDIAN FG Zephyr, MANDALA Stretched ears, CHEERNO Relaxed Mesh Hands, NYU Pastel Brushed Leather Bag, IRUCO High neck jumper, IRUCO mesh Loose pants, REDGRAVE Boots Walkers

BURLEY Sofian, KAL RAUSPORT Sunglasses, MANDALA Stretched ears, CHEERNO Relaxed Mesh Hands, FATEWEAR Derrick Tundra and Derrick Sweater Ocean, FATEWEAR Pants Roy, REDGRAVE Boots Walker

ONCE UPON A GOWN Modeling & Styling by ASMT supermodel VERONICA KRASNER Photography by AI HIENRICHS

Bird of Pray, CCD Long Nails + Ring - Sky, FINESMITH Lashes 02, FINESMITH swirl B&W Bracelet, EZURA XUE Mai eXtreme Ankle Boots, LELUTKA LOLA Bun HOUSE OF ELLIOT

Tyra dress, CCD Long Nails + Ring Elegance, JE SUIS Apparence Lashes No.001, FINESMITH Hermosa Espina Shena MVW earrings white, FINESMITH indonesia Ring Diamond, 24’S WOW! No. 32, EMO-TIONS SUNSHINE and Roses, WHITE WIDOW Face Tattoo Holly II Silver DESIR

VERO MODERO Siyahi Dress, JE SUIS Apparence Lashes No.001, FINESMITH Reign earrings, FINESMITH Designs Fearless Blossom Necklace, EZURA XUE Lace Ankle Boots Black, URBANLUTZ Hair Tiffany, NUUNA AstroGlam Red Makeup, GLAM AFFAIR Tattoo make up

BUBBLE’S DESIGNS Romantic female, JE SUIS Apparence Lashes No.001, VIRTUAL IMPRESSIONS Shirley, CCD Bracelet Anna, STILETTO MOODY Pinup, BAIASTICE Rosario hair attachment


Modeling & Styling by ASMT Supermodel WICCA MERLIN Photography by LOVELYMIWAKO7399 MENA

Uva, LEEZU WoolPulli, DELA Belinda, LEEZU LaLun Tights, STEINWERK Aviator, LELUTKA Tokyo, TEN 10 Megas, AD CREATIONS Punk Bag, NAI8LS Love Soul Spirit, DELA Neckwarmer Basic, DELA Armwarmer Basic, SILKEN MOON Wicca, DAMNED Tribal Makeup DELA

LELUTKA Minnutuary, LEEZ MEA CULPA Chaos Theory, LELUTKA Sunglasses, Minnutuary, BURLY Zia II, LE O YASUM Flower,Chaos YASUM Tra MEA CULPA The MOON Wicca sized Sunglasses, BURL dora Buckle, YASUM Flo er Bag, SILKEN MOON W

ZU Valerie Blouse, y, IZZIE’S Oversized EEZU Valerie Blouse, O&N Feodora Buckle, aveler IZZIE’S Bag, SILKEN eory, OverLY Zia II, O&N Feoower, YASUM Travel-


Madison Pants, LWL Volga Shrug, Xen’s Hats Danni, NV Corsetry Verne, DDX Atlas, KOOKIE Pomski Boots, MANDALA Milky Nails, MANDALA Milky Way, TRES BEAU Diana, SILKEN MOON Wicca LEEZU

LWL Aviary, LEEZU Burleske, RAD Demon Wings, CHOP ZUEY Miracle Buisness, GizzA Steampunk, FORMANAILS Madonna Skeleton, SILKEN MOON Wicca, NUUNA’S Makeup v3.7, BLACKLIQUID Lip Line, OH! Steampunk, DIRAM Micah

Diva, ZIBSKA Arlette, GS Fantasy Chirzaka Wings, CHOP ZUEY Balsam for Maddness, LOULOU & CONEVERMORE bracelet and gloves FATAL

One item... Three different looks

STYLE UP! Photography, Modeling & Styling by ASMT Supermodel LEAH MCCULLOUGH

KYOOT Hollander leggings, NYTE’N’DAY Transpose II button up shirt, ARMIDI Classis Pinstripe Blazer, TRUTH Swift hair, JE SUIS... a jour necklace, J.H.C Lori pencil skirt, LETITUER Amerie glasses, MONS Diamond & Dore Bracelet, PIDIDDLE Parisian Summer scarf, CELOE Cairo Boot, LELUTKA Glen bag, TRINKET

Coffee to go

KYOOT Hollander Leggings, KYOOT Two Sugars Top, BB Leather Miniskirt, CELOE Cairo Boots, EXILE Beyond the Waves, BAIASTICE Queen Hobo, DRIFT Chic Collar, NYU Tiffany Coat, CREAMSHOP Vinyl umbrella

KYOOT Hollander Leggings, MON TISSU Joli Beaded Tunic, LEVEROCCI Range Boot, ZENITH Off shoulder long sweater, ZENITH Fur glove, TRUTH Ricci hair, GLOW STUDIO Albi-

no earring

supermodel focus



here are legends and icons within the Second Life Fashion Industry and I have had the rare pleasure of meeting and interviewing an icon who have shown why she is one..... her vivaciousness and zest for all things fashions blew me away.... I present to you the exquisite Veronica Jane Krasner!

Veronica, gosh, you are such an astonishing and incredible model! What peaked your interest in modeling and can you tell our readers how your modeling career started? Hello Desi, how are you? First of all, I feel very happy to be talking to you and to all the Haute readers! My adventure in Second Life started 6 years ago!! I joined Second Life on January 6th, 2007 and after having some months getting used to the basic skills in-world and having explored this virtual world in different ways and aspects, I wanted to try something different to do. In the real world when I was a teenager I loved the idea of being a model but since I am short in real life, that wasn’t much a possibility. I guess that idea came back to my mind since Second Life was, for me, a second chance to do things you can’t or couldn’t in your real life. I decided to give it a try and started looking at the classifieds searching to join any modeling agency looking for models. I was a cute little girl but of course I didn’t have a proper modeling shape and face. Anyways I think it was my willing to become a model and to do what I wished so much that convinced three CEOS of different agencies to hire me as a model! After a year modeling part-time, learning by myself, and with the help of the agency’s trainers, I decided it was time to acquire a formal training and to evolve in the profession. By that time the first modeling academies or modeling schools started to blossom in the industry. I first enrolled in InStyle ( later rebranded to UVogue) Modeling School in September, 2008, then my next course was at Avenue Models Academy in November, 2008 (which I attended along with my SL sister and RL best friend Rhonda Pennell) and lastly, I took a third course at Glance Model Academy in February, 2009. By that time, other agencies had hired me and I started officially modeling as my main profession in Second Life. Has there been anyone you looked to for support, such as a mentor or someone who has helped you throughout your career? Of course! I always remember with love my first CEOS that trusted me and gave me a chance in what I wanted to do: Sunshine Kit, from Fashlink Agency, Calamity Hathaway, from Calamity Haute Models, Katoria

Stevenson, from Dream Models Inc, Miguel Rotunno, from Miramar Modeling Agency and Linnda Scofield, from Model X Agency were the ones who helped me to kick off my modeling career, some of them are still around in this virtual world and some have left, but my gratitude and deep appreciation for each of them will be in my thoughts and my heart forever. I also look for opinion and support among my closest friends and SL family, they are my guidance and reason to keep logging in each day into this virtual world :) Veronica, you have an amazing career! Your career spans from 2008 to now with many achievements! Our readers are very interested in how you found your niche as a model and how you managed to stay there and be true to that and to yourself? I guess the clue was taking my time to do things little by little. I was not rushed in doing it at the fastest speed because I just preferred to do things slowly and steadily. I set my goals and objectives for the year or for some months and worked towards them. I saw many models reaching the top faster than I did. Some of them are still around and working in the industry. Others came and went. Really my aim was to be able to continue working over the years and being recognized over the time passing, and so far I can proudly say I achieved what I wanted....4 years fully working as a model and enjoying it as if it was the very first day! The key to staying there I guess, in my case, was being friendly, accessible, reliable, easy going, staying alert and open to new styling trends, and being someone with no drama. Very much appreciated qualities by agencies and management to work easily and successfully with. Life is like a roller coaster with its up and downs. How did you handle the low points in your modeling career and what or who gave you strength to continue? Interesting question... of course during my modeling career I had my disappointments and my moments in which I even thought of quitting this profession. Sometimes you work very hard in order to win a contest, at being picked as a finalist for something, being successful in a casting for a show, or to join an agency. When you don’t achieve what you wanted you start

questioning yourself. At those very moments, I can say my closest SL friends and family gave me the strength, the support and the encouragement I needed to go on. I also implemented some “days off of SL” , as vacations from modeling and SL given to myself, only logging in to greet friends, read notices and logging out, That helped me to regain my willing to continue in SL and in my modeling career. I suppose each of us have a personal method to deal with these situations, but these were the ones that helped me in those cases :) What are you current projects/plans? Right now I am representing Bubble’s Designs brand for this coming year, as her Muse along with my SL sister Rhonda Pennell. I met Bubble Cyberstar during a fashion contest in which Rhonda and myself modeled her designs During that time the three of us have built up a strong friendship since then. I feel honored to be representing her and I aim to make her and her brand more known within the fashion industry. I also keep working as a runway model for several well established agencies in the industry. I work for MyANIMATION as a machinima model and also as a Store Model and Customer Service Representative for LeeZu, for over the last two years now! :D What are your future plans in modeling? Well, I plan to continue working in this industry, as I said before I love it and I feel honored by every single show I get casted for. I love doing print work and machinima. I didn’t have many opportunities of doing that type of work in the past because of time and lately I have the time where I finally can do more of those and I love them! I find them as charming as walking a catwalk! How do you view modeling today, as oppose to when you started and has it changed much? When I started modeling it wasn’t that competitive as it is today. There were only a few of us, but also there weren’t as many castings notices or openings for jobs as there are today. There weren’t groups exclusive to advertise castings and modeling jobs as there are today, so the work we got were from inside the agencies that had hired us.

Today there are many girls wanting to become an SL model. I take it as a challenge to us, the veteran models, to stay updated, aware of new trends, and to keep being competitive in this industry that we all love to be a part of. Everybody is talking more and more about networking, but sometimes it is done for the wrong reasons. What do you think about this and how important is it to a model? Well, networking is important to help you make the right connections that could help you as a starting model to become known and in establishing connections to help in developing your career. But I also think it has to be done in a measured way. Excesses are always bad and can affect you in a negative way, exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve. So just like everything else, it has to be performed in a properly timed and appropriate manner. What advice will you give to new and beginning models? I think to be a successful model there are many elements joining all together. A formal education to learn the modeling techniques and styling tips, then practice on your own as much as you can. There is also a luck factor that you can experience too, (some have it soon as they start their career, some have it later). I call it the “being at the right place at the right moment” and it has happened to me too, for castings mostly. The styling factor is also very important. Some people naturally have it and they can style flawlessly almost any look, some learn it with time and experience and some don’t have it at all... Styling to me is very personal. I can make a styling that I like very much and another person can see it and not find it appealing at all! I think it shows as a part of our inner personality and tastes that we display and develop as a model in this industry.... Also, I am not a “tech-girl” but you should have a good and reliable PC, with a powerful graphic card and enough RAM memory, to run heavy shows with lag as smooth as possible.

We hear models complaining about not getting jobs, not being picked for a casting, contest, etc. What are your views on this? Well I have been on both sides I can say! It was very hard in the beginning and it was discouraging not getting casted but I am a very stubborn girl and I kept trying over and over. I guess for upcoming models the more you keep doing them the more you have the chance to be seen and known. Once they trust you and your work, more job opportunities will appear for you. I guess, at least, thats how it was in my case. As far as contests are concerned... well I wasn’t a lucky girl regarding contests. I made it as a finalist in some of them, in some of them I never was picked and I only got a title of 1st runner up twice. Once in a joint modeling/designer contest and another one in March this year when I was 1st runner up in the Reina Hispana Second Life contest in which i was very proud to be representing my Latin roots. Also for contests it’s up to judges and designers what type of look or what type of model/stylist they want to represent their brand. They pick the ones they believe that more accurately fit the look they desire and can do the job the way they need and want. But I will say even not being picked, you get your name out there and you are seen by other potential people that might like your pictures or stylings, even if it’s not for the contest or casting you’re applying for. I can say that blogging, if you have enough time to do it, and having an updated picture gallery (such as Flickr) can really help you to get noticed and in the end, help you to become known in the industry, assisting you, possibly, with getting jobs in the future How important is schooling for a model? I think schooling is very important for a model wanting to start in this career! Having one of the various known academies in your Training section in your resume can be the difference of being hired or not. Many agencies look today for “certified models from a respected academy or school” and in the end those L$ invested in your modeling education pay off. I’ve attended three different schools and each of them taught me something different. Some of them focused more on runway techniques, some on general stuff and theo-

ry, some more on styling, but each of them were an enriching experience and helped me to enhance my modeling potential. So to any new model I encourage you to take classes in an academy of their choice that can fulfill their modeling expectations :) What is the most important attribute a SL model should have? I think she/he should reliable, punctual, well disposed, be open to the unexpected or last minutes changes, and mostly to not give up. You will find rejection sooner or later at any point of your career. It is ok to feel sad or even angry (I felt that way too), but get over it, pick up your pieces, and be ready for the next chance to try again. Also having a high self-esteem and being self-confident will help you in this industry, but remember, everything in its proper measure, don’t turn arrogant or become a diva, the SL Modeling Industry doesn’t like those kind of models. What makes you unique? I think I’ll say something that was said many times but it’s true… with L$ everyone can be stunning and wear the best skins and clothes, but I also think that part of your avatar reflects who you are behind the computer, your personality shines through it, so I think that is what sets me apart from the rest. I have always tried from day one to be the same person I am in RL, with the same strengths and weaknesses. I am proud of being responsible, friendly, a quick learner, attentive and a team work player. I believe that the success of any task is a collective result so I work towards it. I always tried to have my own look and shape, not a copy of any other SL model. I had two major makeovers on my avatar. One before I started working fully as a model and another one this past May. Then some minor touches here and there, but I always want to keep having that special something that makes me think I am still myself! That along with my experience in the modeling field and my willing to keep learning and updating myself daily plus my personality are what defines me as a model and makes me unique and recognizable from the rest!

Describe yourself in one word?

What do you do in your free time?

Responsible (hope that didn’t sound too serious, I can be funny as well) :P

In my free time I shop. I style things I like for myself. I “window shop” or visit new stores. I visit my SL family and friends and of course I log off from SL and spend my time with my RL family and friends as well :)

What languages do you speak? I speak native Spanish (I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina), and I also speak advanced English, I learned French in my school days but I lost it due to lack of practice. I guess also some basic French I if I happen to hear it or see it written :)

What’s the one item you can’t live without?

What is your favorite look/style?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I have two different styles/looks I like: one being the “ Princess girly girl in poofy gowns” which allows me to express my feminine side and the other would be “Gothic and avant garde”, which as I said allow me to express also a part of my inner dark side, both styles I find attractive and fun to style, they both allow my creativity to soar :)

I would say my eyelashes! When I undress completely my avatar to start a styling it is the first thing I put back on! LOL!

I would like to thank Leah and the Haute Magazine Staff for the honor of being chosen for this interview. It was a pleasure to talk to you all and hope that the readers got to know something more about me that they didn’t already know... I wish you much success for many years to come!

You have worked with some of the greatest designers and people in the fashion world, is there anyone you wish to work with that you have not? Mmhmm hard to say, I had the chance to do shows and walk for many brands in these past 4 years as a model, I guess the only one coming to my mind at the moment would be DIRAM. I love them and have not had the chance to model. So far, there has been like 4 or 5 shows booked for that brand that were done in the past that either I couldn’t commit to the show date or rehearsals, or that I casted for and wasn’t picked to walk :) As you are known to be a very beautiful model, do you have any beauty tricks you would like to share with us? *blushes* Thank you! Not sure what to say about this, as I said before I had two major makeovers since I was an SL model and I always stayed true to myself, not trying to resemble anyone else. Some new models would think that copying someone else is the easiest way to make it to the top, but believe me, sooner or later people will find out or relate that you’re copying somebody else’s look or shape... so my main advice would be to find your unique look and stick to it as much as you can...

Veronica, it has been such a treat to sit with you and talk. You are an icon! Thank you so much for taking the time, from your hectic schedule, to give our readers a glimpse into your world!

new talent:

SILKEN MOON SKINS by Malicia Python



guess it is an open secret what my favourite skin store is. My first years randomly wore whatever make up suited me best. I had a couple of skins that went for most looks I was going for. Then I got faithful: for almost a year I wore the Silken Moon Rookie and for the first time I felt my avi as a character, not a paper doll. Last year I wanted to reinvent myself, I experimented a lot and nothing really worked for me. Finally I found myself in my custom skin, Malicia Python and I developed together. Today I would like to share this best kept beauty secret in SL with you, so please enjoy my Interview with Malicia, the owner of Silken Moon

When I look around your shop, there are all kinds of skins, zombies, 20s girls, and skins in all colours next to quite “normal ones”. What makes you make a skin? I see SL as a dreamworld, you can be a vampire on day and the girl next door the other. Usually any of my skins is an idea first, and anything can be an idea. But I do strive to make things you don’t find at every corner. Yet I am obsessed with beauty and makeup – this is why I never thought of going into the fantasy lines only. When looking at the name I picked for my shop you see these poles Silken= Beauty; Moon = Fantasy. How did you start making skins? I stumbled over a set of templates on the Market Place, actually I just wanted to see how they were made at all. I played around some and the skin looked terrible. I played some more and it still sucked, then I got into it in earnest and I liked it. Later I changed my light settings and saw I made a whole bunch of Trannies :). So I bit my way into it and learned, learned, learned. In hindsight, these skins were terribly boring, but people buying them gave me the courage to try making stuff I have always dreamed of getting. So you developed your own style then. Gradually, yes. My natural skins began to evolve the way they look now and I did my first fantasy lines, like the Morbida you are wearing. A high quality skin in gray with quite specific makeups. One has a red dragon around one eye, the other a metal implant on the other , every skin a world so to say. And when you look at Desireme, the flappers cover a whole epoche, the makeup is inspired by the icons of the 20s. Thus both these lines offer something more, with the Morbida you get a nude skin with every makeup to make your own styles and with the Flappers you get a sepia version, which is really interesting for artistic photography.

Another thing I love to do is to have my natural skins in coloured versions, as you see on Leah. I keep those quite nude, so it can be styled any way you like. SL is changing fast and so are the possibilities, though I found my style I am still evolving. Can you define your style? Where is my PR assistant now? I guess, what I mean with style is that you recognise a skin as coming from a certain designer, a certain look. Like a friend – who is not even a fan of my work - showed me some piccie on Flickr the other day “hey that’s one of your skins, right” and it was. What is important to you as a designer? That’s simple: do the things you want to - and get away with it. But without joking, what I enjoy most is to make one of my ideas become real. It is nice when this idea becomes a success, and it even hurts when something you like does not sell at all. So success is sales? Definitely not. Sales are a meter for the acceptance or relevance of an idea. But I see success as the ability to put your idea into pixels and to have the freedom to do what you want and also to experiment. And what is a relevant idea? To me it is to make something that cant be seen everywhere and in a better case an idea which is realized as a “good idea” and in the best case as something that people think they need. And what are you working on now? As I said, SL is a fast changing dream world, I am just developing a concept that will offer a lot of new possibilities to the wearer. Plus I am confusing the genders and started working on my first male skins.

And looking at you, you are a ghost? Heheh at times I am, especially after a day or night in Photoshop. But I do love white skins (and hair, you hear me hairmakers? XD) Another thing I made because I wanted to have it, and they became one of my bestsellers and signature skins so sometimes sales and success are the same.


In the Asymetrique Future Models group we send one styling challenge per issue and we pick the best styles to be featured in this section. This issue challenge was NEUTRAL COLORS BOHO





the art of styling

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