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Introducing an Immediate Public Opportunity (IPO) that allows you to

Take Stock in Your Community

scholarships, mentors & hope


best choice for impact Take Stock in Children remains Jacksonville’s in the social sector. The investors compelled by a return on investment and connect the emerging Take Stock in Children program is helping grow domain that combines field of impact investing. This is a newly defined philanthropy. For every traditional and profit-driven business models with tment is realized when dollar invested in the program a return on inves of the etable skill and become contributing members students graduate post-secondary with a mark community.

diate Underwood’s Jeweler’s to present the Imme Take Stock in Children is pleased to partner with Stock aign to introduce investors to the opportunities Take Public Opportunity (IPO). The IPO is a creative camp is making. as important to the economic impact Take Stock in Children provides Duval students and equally essed thousands of low-income students who poss Investors have allowed the program to serve uating ns in life foretold. Take Stock Scholars are grad the desire to be much more than their early statio Children that far exceed their peers. The Take Stock in from high school and enrolling in college at rates ndary high school dropout prevention to post-seco program has shifted the mission statement from the student sive services start in middle school and follow completion for low-income students. Our inten e skill and is attained when each student earns a marketabl throughout high school and college. Our goal ative education. breaks the cycle of poverty through transform 500 academic and personal enrichment needs of Heading into the 2013-14 academic year, the Stock. Our being met through active engagement in Take students in Duval middle and high school are Our longa mentor, scholarship, and a way into college. short-term impact is felt when we offer students the only option. their parent’s footsteps and college becomes term impact is felt when their children follow in of diate Public Opportunity to invest in the lives Please join Take Stock in Children in this Imme Jacksonville Youth. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

A real solution for improving graduation rates

Leah Lynch Director



scholarships, mentors & hope

about us Take Stock in Children (TSIC) was established in 1995 as a nonprofit organization that provides a unique opportunity for low income and at-risk students, many from minority families, to escape the cycle of poverty through successful education. We offer our students college scholarships, caring volunteer mentors, in-school support and hope for a better life. Our comprehensive services start in middle school, continue through high school and include the students’ transition into college. Mentors are truly the key to the success of Take Stock in Children. They provide the consistent presence of a caring adult in each student’s life. Mentors encourage

Take Stock changes lives through volunteers, mentors and education. students to make correct choices that will help them through high school and into college. In-school support through a Take Stock in Children Student Advocate ensures that students are staying on track academically and that the mentor-student relationship is going well. If a student is having an issue, the advocate can intervene and work with the mentor, school staff and family to implement a plan ensuring success. The advocate becomes an additional resource for the mentor, the student and the family. A pre-paid

scholarship changes the conversation from “if you go to college” to “when you go to college”. It holds the students accountable since it becomes their scholarship to lose. This potent combination makes this investment a sure thing.

Students are held accountable Each student signs a How TSIC works contract that commits to: • Maintain above a 2.0 GPA

• Maintain good behavior

• Remain drug and • Meet with mentor alcohol free regularly • Maintain good attendance

• Graduate from high school with a standard diploma

DESERVING LOW-INCOME STUDENT 7th - 9th Grade High Drop-Out Risk Academically Promising

scholarships, mentors & hope




return on investment High School Graduation


Overall graduation rate in Duval County


Graduation rate of low-income students


TSIC graduation rate


Statewide average college enrollment


TSIC college enrollment


of the 2010 class graduated with a two-year degree or certification

College Enrollment



Statewide lowincome college enrollment

Today’s TSIC Statistics


of the 2010 class are still in college or have graduated in three years


of the 2010 class have graduated and are transferred to a university within three years

Statewide Statistics


Florida public college graduation rate of full-time students with an associate’s degree graduating in two years

Florida public college % graduation rate of full-time students with an associate’s degree graduating in three years


Florida public college % graduation rate of full-time students with an associate’s degree graduating in four years


Florida Job Market


By 2020, jobs require a career certification or college degree

MENTORING Weekly Mentoring Encouragement Guidance


Florida adults who currently have an associate’s degree or higher

Academic Assistance and Behavioral Monitoring Individualized Intervention and Remediation




scholarships, mentors & hope


success stories Melkevia Morris Melkevia became a Take Stock in Children Scholar in the 5th grade. Being the youngest of 6 children and the only one to attend and graduate from college is an accomplishment that demonstrates the exceptional influence TSIC has had on her life. The requirements from the TSIC program, support from her dedicated mentor and family, and her faith in God have collectively aided Melkevia in the opportunity to participate in, and excel at an array of challenging experiences. This involvement has helped her to develop a unique skill set and a level of perseverance that has motivated her to overcome every obstacle. Melkevia graduated from Jean Ribault High School in 2005 with Honors, while juggling her responsibilities as the senior class president. She continued to further her education at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, where she obtained her Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting, Summa Cum Laude, but her hunger for education did not cease. She also earned a Master of Taxation Degree from the University of Central Florida in 2010. At the age of 25, Melkevia is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida and is currently employed as a Tax Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. She also freely gives back to her community by serving as a TSIC mentor. In the words of Melkevia, “I am forever grateful for such a prestigious organization that stood behind me 110% during the critical times when it mattered the most.”

Students and Parents/ Guardians Sign a Performance Contract Students Remain Alcohol, Crime and Drug Free Students Maintain a Minimum 2.0 GPA and Graduate from High School

Diane Ireland and Stephanie Sexton Diane Ireland in regards to Stephanie Sexton: When asked to take on a mentee who was a junior in high school, I thought it would be too late to forge a real relationship. However, when I heard that the young lady’s previous mentor had left her, I felt the need to step in. It was a great decision! I felt close to Stephanie the moment I met her. She was open and smiling. Throughout my two years with her I have watched Stephanie jump on opportunities most kids would have passed up, her resilience when she faced disappointment, and her tenacity when she felt she could improve her situations. As a mentor I feel my goal is to make sure my student understands what it takes to be successful. Take Stock kids all want to be successful, but they don’t always know how to stand out among the competition. With Stephanie this was an easy task. Stephanie Sexton in regards to Diane Ireland: I am moving to Gainesville to attend Santa Fe College. Mrs. Ireland has a lake house close by and has invited my mom and I to spend time there. We even plan to keep in touch via Skype. Mrs. Ireland was the best mentor I could have asked for. She made sure to be there every single week for two years. She was always dependable and helpful. Whenever I had struggles at home, I knew I could go to her for advice and wisdom. Each visit was during lunchtime and she would consistently go out of her way to make or buy me meals, which I greatly appreciated. On my birthday she even surprised me with a cake and told me an encouraging speech about college and the future, which made me cry. Thank you so much Mrs. Ireland and TSIC!

Support Until Graduation from College or Vocational School


EMPLOYMENT Take Stock in Children breaks the cycle of poverty through successful education scholarships, mentors & hope




the return on investment drawing Presented by Underwood’s Jewelers and Roberto Coin Underwood’s has been committed to the Jacksonville community since 1940 and has thrived in four distinctive stores in our city. With a steadfast dedication to provide quality services and merchandise to its customers, Underwood’s has been named “Best Jeweler in Jacksonville” for over 20 years. Making certain not to disappoint, Underwood’s is well aware of its high expectation to be the best and has no plans of changing its standards in the future. Since 1977, Venetian jewelry designer, Roberto Coin, has devoted his life to a passion for innovative design. His diverse collection is defined by a common thread – a thoughtful balance of elegance and creativity. Inspired by an ancient Egyptian legend each original piece is marked with the signature hidden ruby – Coin’s blessing for a long life, health and happiness. The Return on Investment Drawing presented by Underwood’s and Roberto Coin



scholarships, mentors & hope

allows shareholders in the Take Stock in Children 2013-2014 IPO to be entered in to a drawing for an original Roberto Coin piece of jewelry. For every $25 Charitable Stock purchased, the investor or business name will be entered into the drawing one time. The campaign will run from November 2013 through April of 2014. On May 1st, 2014 Underwood’s will host the Stock Holder’s Meeting at their Ponte Vedra location. All who have purchased stock can celebrate their wise investment in Jacksonville’s youth. The original Roberto Coin piece will be given to the shareholder whose name is selected. This is an exclusive opportunity for individual investors to make a small contribution that will pay huge dividends to Jacksonville as our scholars stay in school, achieve a post-secondary education and become productive, participating members of our community.

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Immediate Public Opportunity

To invest in the lives of Jacksonville students. Thank you for your support! I would like to purchase _________________ shares at $25 each. My check for ______________________ is enclosed. Name to be displayed on the share: _______________________________________________________________________ Mail my certificate to: Name: ______________________________________________________ Phone: ( ______ ) _________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: _____________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please make check to Take Stock in Children Duval Mail to: 601 West State Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 (904) 632-3315

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Take Stock in Children 601 West State Street Jacksonville, Florida 32202 (904) 632-3315 Visit our website at:

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