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Protocol for Servicing Netbooks Madison Middle School

OUSD Tech Services


Netbook Warranty: The 2102 units purchased come with a 1YR manufacturer warranty which began when you were invoiced for the units (9-22-10). If you have any issues with the units, you will want to reach out to HP’s technical support team at 800-334-5144. They will be able to troubleshoot issues over the phone and will also be able to direct you where to send units when they are damaged and in need of physical repair. OUSD will be responsible for the shipping to the HP depot location and HP will pay the return shipping costs.


What do you do?


The netbook is turned on, but there is something wrong with how the screen looks.

If the screen is displayed sideways (Portrait), you need to click on Start, go into the Control Panel, then click on displays. Go to ʻorientationʼ and select ʻlandscapeʼ, then ʻapplyʼ.

If this issue keeps occurring, you need to enter an IT Online HelpDesk ticket through the OUSD Intranet.

The netbook turns on, but there is an error message.

Make sure you write down or take a picture of the error message and then enter an IT Online HelpDesk ticket through the OUSD Intranet. Make a copy of the ticket and put the copy in the binder in the front office.

You can always call 510-879-8178 to follow up with the status of your ticket number. You will be asked for the ticket number so have it handy when you call.

Protocol for Servicing Netbooks Issue

What do you do?


The netbook does not turn on at all.

With the unit in hand, contact HP technical support at 800-334-5144. They will walk you through troubleshooting steps over the phone. They may either send the replacement part to the site or ask you to package up the unit and send it to a designated address. Site is responsible for shipping costs there. Make sure you use UPS or Fed Ex with tracking number.

Remember to keep the original box the netbooks came in to use if you need to ship it back. Please work with Ms. Tam for shipping costs. HP will be responsible for return costs. If they send a replacement part, you may need to enter a ticket through the OUSD ITHelpDesk ticketing system. Please be as detailed as possible.

The netbook is dropped on the floor or water is spilled on it.

Unfortunately, the warranty on the netbooks does not cover any accidental damage.

Please contact Ms. Tam and Dr. Taylor for advice on how to proceed with this situation.

An application on the netbook is not working correctly.

Submit a ticket online. Follow the instructions on this document.

To follow up on your ticket status, you can call the Help Desk at 510-879-8178. You will be asked for the ticket number so have it handy when you call.

An update keeps popping up when an application is open.

It is ok for updates to run on the netbooks. You may allow the students to run an update if it pops up while they are working.

If you are unsure what to do, you can always call Leah Jensen at 510-551-6023 or email at

Any issue with the hardware of the netbook

Contact HP technical support at 800-334-5144. You need the unit in hand when you call because they will ask you for the serial number.

If technical support will not cover the issue, please submit an OUSD IT Help Desk ticket.

Protocol for Servicing Netbooks Issue Any issue with any application (Word, PowerPoint, Inspiration, etc.) on the netbook

What do you do? Place a ticket with OUSD IT Help Desk online request

Comments If you are not sure the issue warrants a ticket, you can always call or email Leah Jensen,, 510-551-6023.

Protocol for Servicing Netbooks

Instructions for entering an IT HelpDesk Ticket Getting to the OUSD Ticketing System Open a browser on your computer (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari). Go to default.asp . Under ʻsite Shortcutsʼ, click on ʻOUSD Employee Intranet.ʼ Under ʻquick linksʼ, click on ʻIT Help Desk Online Request.ʼ A username/password field will appear. Enter in your OUSD username and password (this is your Email and AERIES username and Password) in the appropriate fields. On the top left corner of the screen, click on ʻSUBMIT NEWʼ. Wording for the ticket Click on the dropdown menu and select the problem area. If it is a netbook, select ʻDesktop/Laptop/Printer/Scanner, etcʼ. In the Description field, describe in detail the issue the computer is having. Please include as many details as possible. The details are essential for the technician to understand how to be prepared to resolve the problem This is really important: Please include your name, your room number and your preferred contact information (either email and/or cell phone). Also include when you are available on site if the issue requires that you are there. When you are finished, click ʻSubmit.ʼ

Next Step After you submit the ticket, you will have a ticket number. This is the reference number for your ticket. If you call the Help Desk in regards to this ticket, they will ask you for this number. Print out the ticket and take a copy to the front office. Place the ticket in the designated folder set up by Ms. Tam. If you have any questions while submitting a ticket, call 510-879-8178.

Madison Netbook Troubleshooting Procedures  
Madison Netbook Troubleshooting Procedures  

These are steps for teachers at Madison to troubleshoot when having issues with netbooks