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PAC Mate BX400 Pocket PC for the Blind

The PAC Mate BX400 is a pocket PC what has eight key, Perkins-style braille keyboard. The device also has JAWS speech output.

What is it? The PAC Mate BX400 has an Annual Software Agreement which an economicallyfriendly way to keep your device updated.

This device has ActiveSync, which allows users to sync information to a desktop computer, email, and the internet.

Why use it? The PAC Mate BX400 can help blind students be mainstreiamed in the classroom and keep up with other students.

Where can you get it? The PAC Mate BX400 can be purchased online at

for $995

Key Features: four sided cursor provides easy navigation and command accuracy can be used one handed rechargeable battery internal microphone and external microphone jack for quick voice recordings internal speakers headphone jack

 64 MB RAM  32 MB Flash Memory  2 CompactFlash Type II Card Slots

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Leah Jankoski EDST 3700 Fall 2013

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