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Will vs The Volcano a short story by

Leah Jamieson

Once there was a little boy called Will. He lived with his Mum and Dad, Vicki and Ranardo, on the side of a dormant volcano. They didn’t have much money so will spent every day playing and exploring around the volcano with his friends. One day, Will’s friend Alexander decided that he wanted to explore the volcano so they rushed to get their rope. Will and Alexander struggled to get to the top of the volcano; finally they got to the top. When they got to the top will tripped and fell violently into the volcano, luckily he had tied a long piece of tough rope around his waist. Frantically Alexander grabbed the rope with a fist, he pulled will up. As Will was floating gracefully through the air he saw something glinting in the rock of the volcano. He yelled [because he was so far down] for Alexander to lower him down very slowly so he could take a closer look at the shiny thing in the rock. When Will got a closer look he realised that they were diamonds and rubies!!! Will remembered that he was wearing his Dad’s tool belt; he started chipping away at the rock. When he got about ten diamonds he shouted up to Alexander to lift him out of the volcano. When Alexander had lifted Will out they

rushed back home to tell will’s parents. Will’s parent’s were so thrilled that they rushed to the town museum. They went back to their house with one million pounds. With that money they sent will to school and saved the rest. One night when Will was in bed asleep, he heard screaming and shrieking from outside his window. Suddenly Will’s parent’s came running into his room and dragged him out of bed and house. When he got of the house he saw that there was smoke coming out of the volcano and realised it was erupting. Suddenly he felt that he was being dragged onto a boat. The boat started sailing away without Will’s Mum and Dad on it. When Will turned around he saw the lava edging toward’s his house closer and closer and closer until the house was covered in a thick blanket of runny lava. His Mum and Dad were dead. The boat Will was on travelled to Africa. Will grew up there, he got a new school and home. He got a job as a volcanologist. Soon, after he had gone to lots of different volcano’s, he went back to the volcano where he was born.

What would you do if you lived of the edge of a volcano...... Will discovered more than he expected!

‘A dazzling adventure’ Maia Jamieson ‘a gem... just the ticket for readers of 8+’ Vicki Jamieson £9.99

Will vs The Volcano  
Will vs The Volcano  

Short story