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bank holiday

Bikinis! In Brit Another Bank Holiday, another coast-load of the UK’s hottest sun-seeking girls in their best bikinis. And the even better news? We’ve still got another Bank Holiday to come! SPOTTED IN… Wales! Proof that girls just can’t run. Still, 18-year-old Megan proves that, as long as they’re in tiny bikinis and feigning interest in ball sports, we’ll stare anyway.

part 1

pics: wales news service, john connor press associates

SPOTTED IN… Brighton! Where Brighton Tourism failed, Charlotte Lincroft, 22, succeeds, transforming the horizon from “knackered old pier” to “tidy young brunette”. Give her an award.

SPOTTED IN… Brighton! A butt that’ll crack walnuts, pins that deserve attention. All obscuring a man in silly shorts. Which is no great loss, to be honest.

[[1c]] GET fact! Barry Island is named after the 6th-century Saint Baru

SPOTTED IN… Wales! Nicola and Carrie, both 21, practice the ancient art of “identical walking” on Barry beach. Partial success. Top Gun shades: less so.

Write Off Typewriters have run out of ink after the last factory making them in the world, in Mumbai, stopped production. What will we use to type out ransom notes now?



part 2 SPOTTED IN… Wales! Porthcawl beach and Aimee Phillips, 20, with nice leg extension, praying a man uses that huge earring as an ice-breaker. “Wow that’s an earring! I’m Bob. Er… snog?”

100% all real girls!

SPOTTED IN… Devon! Students Yvette (brunette) and Cat (not an actual cat), both 19, both openly perving at local Croyde surfers. Play it cool, ladies. Play it cool.

SPOTTED IN… Brighton! Katy, 19, picks the perfect moment to show off laser-smooth pits a Gillette Venus can only dream of. Nice rack, too. Obviously.

Mosaics in Diocletian-period Sicily (286-305 AD) are the earliest depictions of women in garments resembling bikinis GET fact! [[2c]]


Boy Racers Force India is holding karting trials for 14- to 17-year-olds to find a future Indian racing star

In the gym with the Pa man! We went along to the Wild Card Gym in LA to watch boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao train – and see if we could pick up a couple of tips


t’s not very often you walk into a gym to find it’s standing room only. But then, it’s not very often you get to see the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world going through his paces at his local sweatshop. This was the position we found ourselves in when eight-weight world champion Manny Pacquiao opened the doors to his gym in LA for an open workout ahead of his title fight with Shane Mosley this weekend. The world’s boxing press packed into the Wild Card Gym – home of the Filipino fight machine and his battle-hardened trainer, Freddie Roach – as the sport’s dynamic duo went through drill after drill with such ferocious intensity you worried for the punchbag. Just as in a real fight the bell sounds every three minutes, bringing a short one-minute break before the Pacman goes to work on the skipping ropes, punchbags and speed ball. The excitement reaches a crescendo when legendary trainer Roach dons the body pads and mitts to join Pacquiao and act as a human punchbag. He’s not

shown any mercy as the champ fires off one six-punch combo after another in what seems more of a workout for coach than fighter. Luckily for the veteran trainer, Pacquiao takes a break from proceedings to talk about his impending dual with Mosley, meeting Barack Obama and whether he’ll ever fight Floyd Mayweather Jnr… How tough is your next fight, Manny? I consider Shane Mosley to be one of my toughest opponents yet. He is bigger than me and he’s got fast hands; in fact, he’s faster than most of my opponents. He’s a former pound-for-pound king and he’s also preparing hard so you can never underestimate him. Are you ever going to fight Floyd Mayweather Jnr? For me, there’s a chance. It’s up to him

“Mayweather’s waiting till I get old”

if he wants to fight. I think he’s trying to wait for me to get older. Are you trying to beat the same guys to prove you’re better than him? I never compare myself to anyone. I don’t look at my accomplishments in relation to anyone else’s. I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished in boxing. What was it like meeting President Barack Obama? It was a big honour for me to meet with the President of the United States and to go to the White House. We just talked about basketball and boxing. He’s a good guy. Having released a song last week, is your career as a pop star sorted for when you hang up the gloves? I love singing, but when I finish boxing in a couple more years, I will focus on serving the people as a congressman. So can we expect a knockout this weekend? I’m just going to punch him and do my best. If the knockout comes, it comes. My first concern as a boxer is to try hard and give a good performance for the fans.

roach & in g’s o: box pacquia m ic duo dyna

pacquia o vs “if a kno mos le y: c ko u t c o m es, it come s”

Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley Sunday 8 May, 2am Sky Sports 1/HD1

[[1c]] GET fact! Manny Pacquiao’s single is Sometimes When We Touch, a cover of Dan Hill’s 1977 ballad

Board Stupid A group of Port Vale supporters is calling on fans to boycott buying season tickets for the 2011-12 campaign in an attempt to force the club’s current board out

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abs of steel WORKOUT

Get ripped like Pacquiao, with a beer bellyfriendly version of his complete core drill

2 0 re p s per dril l

drill 1 Lie down with your legs and back raised. Kick your legs out one after the other, so when one leg is going up, the other is coming down.

drill 2 Cross your feet over each other one at a time, so the left foot goes over the right foot and vice versa.

drill 3

drill 4 Place your hands underneath your bum. With knees bent at 90Âş, cross both legs. Kick your lower legs out while thrusting from the hips.

iLLUSTRATIONS: Anthony Calvert pics: offside, action images/reuters, pa photos

With your legs together, kick both out and in towards your body simultaneously with your knees slightly bent, like a jumping motion.

Shane Mosley has never been knocked out in his 54-fight career GET fact! [[2c]]

! d e l a e v e R



From why you should eat celery to what she’s really thinking about, ZOO exposes all you didn’t know about everyone’s favourite hobby


>> SEX IN RELATIONSHIPS n Do you want more sex? Then get married. We’re serious. 27% of married men under 30 have sex 3-4 times a week, whereas only 22.5% of single men under 30 get lucky that often Confused why you’re not getting as much as you used to? Fear not, ZOO is here to help. A survey of 2,000 British adults uncovered the following top ten reasons for dwindling sexual desire towards their partner: n They’ve put on weight n They spend too little n They work too hard n They drink too much n They’ve got hygiene problems n They make us see too much of the in-laws n They’re not romantic enough n They snore n Their fashion sense is appalling n They have bad bathroom habits

Sex Stats >> SEXUAL PARTNERS n It turns out you might not be having as much sex as the next man. 1 in 10 men under the age of 30 have sex once a week, while just over 10% get laid 5-6 times a week n 1 in every 20 men is unhappy with his partner’s performance in bed

1 in 5 Britons have had sex at work

n 12.8% of you have told your partner you’ve slept with more people than you actually have. And 22.8% of you have failed to reveal the full extent of your penile wanderings

4 in 10 single men and 45% of single women have a “friend with benefits” n If you’ve hit double digits, pat yourself on the back: a third of men have slept with less than five women

n Men’s favourite sexual positions read as follows. 1st doggie style; 2nd woman on top; 3rd missionary. And women’s read as follows: 1st woman on top; 2nd reverse cowgirl; 3rd spoons

n A survey published in Social Psychological And Personality Science discovered that 44% of women have relationship-based regrets, but only 19% of men feel the same way

n Only 8% of attached men and women would ask their partner if they wanted to learn more about sex

n 1 in 33 men who are married or dating class their relationship as being “open”

6.5% of men in relationships have sex at least once a day

n A quarter of men and a fifth of women have had sex with more than one person within a 24-hour period n 1 in 6 single men and 1 in 20 attached men don’t have sex n Married? Engaged? It doesn’t matter to women. A University of Texas survey uncovered that 38% of ladies have “poached” someone for a quick fling

n If you’ve hit triple digits commission a portrait, because just one in every 50 males manages to achieve that feat n And if you’re stuck on one sexual partner, don’t despair. 1 in 5 men have only slept with one person

n 11% of Britons have had sex with someone they met on the internet

15.3% of men and 11% of women have engaged in a threesome

n A study completed at the University of Bath discovered that 89% of straight male university students have kissed a male heterosexual friend on the lips n Non-smoking men have twice as much sex in a month as smokers do. They also rate their sexual enjoyment higher n We’re a pretty kinky bunch, as 16.1% of men in a relationship admit to having worn their partner’s clothing and 35.5% have tried out handcuffs


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