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Cage feeder

The feeder should be left free-running on the mainline


Start off with a 30in hooklength. Shorten if you’re missing bites and/or retrieving sucked maggots

Stop it

Slide the feeder on to the mainline followed by a rubber bead . Now tie a swivel on to the end of the mainline

Simple set-up is best 50

Issue 228

Lay it out


Simply attach your hooklength to the swivel. Simple!


Remember to ‘feather’ the feeder on the cast so it lays in a straight line and doesn’t tangle

When fishing with a maggot or groundbait feeder I always seem to end up with massive tangles despite all my best efforts. As you can imagine, this is really frustrating. What is the best, most tanglefree rig to use? Also, would it be best to use monofilament line, or some form of braid? R Ward, Brimsworth, Rotherham


The simplest ‘tanglefree’ rig I use is the sliding rig. This has to be the easiest yet most effective rig for avoiding tangles! Monofilament would be best used for targeting carp only. Do not use braid for targeting carp. For other species such as roach, use braid as this will give you better bite detection especially in the colder months. Neil McKinnon


Tackle that swim – roving Method of the Month Day-Ticket Answers 50 Issue 228 Hooklength Length Cage feeder Lay it out Stop it When fishing...