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type based illustration computer drawing summer 2011

leah ettenhofer

concept statement

1. Background What is the background for this intervention? Why are you doing it? I am doing this type portrait of Taylor Swift because I feel that there are many words that can be used to describe her and her music, and I feel that using type for her portrait would be appropriate because she writes her own music, and that is what she is known for. This illustration could be used to accompany a magazine article about Taylor, or else as an illustration on one of her CD’s or website. 2. Target Audiences Who do you want to reach with your communication? Be specific. I want to reach Taylor Swift’s fans and those who like and respect her music and songwriting. I also want to draw in listeners who may not have heard her music that may see this illustration and decide to listen to her music for the first time. 3. Objectives What do you want your target audience to do after they hear, watch, or experience this communication? After seeing this illustration, I want my target audience to want to go listen to Taylor’s music and learn more about her and her songwriting. 4. Obstacles What beliefs, cultural practices, pressures, and misinformation stand between your audience and the desired objectives? I think that there may be a few obstacles related to doing this piece, and most of them stem from the fact that people seem to think that Taylor Swift only sings country songs, or only sings pop songs. People let their prejudice of the type of music that they like determine what they listen to. With this piece, I want to show that Taylor sings music that any genre would enjoy and will focus more on her songwriting, which is what makes her special as a musician. 5. Key Benefit Select one single benefit that the audience will experience upon reading the objective(s) you have set. A Key Benefit would be that more people are exposed to Taylor’s music and will then become fans of her music. 6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why These are the reasons why the key benefit outweighs the obstacles and the reasons that what you are promoting is beneficial. These reasons often become messages. I am doing this illustration to show that Taylor Swift is a songwriter, singer, and guitar player, and has a lot of musical skill that people from all walks of life, with different musical styles, will enjoy. 7. Tone What feeling should your communication have? Should it be authoritative, light, or emotional? Pick a tone. I want the tone to be emotional and powerful. 8. Media What channel(s) or form will the communication take? Television? Radio? Newspaper? Poster? Pointofpurchase? Flyer? All of the above? This illustration could have many applications, including merchandise (which I have illustrated), magazine layouts, CD covers, and many more.

original photograph




final illustration

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with me dear john

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long live teardrops fifteen should’ve

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e lo n g l i


works cited original photo - typefaces used: jenna sue rns camelia helvetica ultralight foglihten

type project 2  

typographic illustration