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quarterly news • summer 2013


The City’s 16th Anniversary Celebration! Our weekend kicks off with the Pier Grand Re-Opening Ceremony Saturday • June 15 7:00 to 9:00 pm Pier Park

Followed by our annual anniversary celebration

Sunday • June 16 noon to 4:00 pm Town Center Park

See page 3 for full details!

The City Advisory Committee By Susan Simpson, Cultural and Community Services Director

Focusing On Communication

The City Advisory Committee welcomes new members while a few veteran members

return to serve another term. Under new leadership, Chairperson Dana Goldman, called her first meeting to order and proceeded to set the goals for her committee of seven members. The first order of business was to learn more about the City government and how the City cooperates with multiple governmental organizations that provide many services to Sunny Isles Beach. With this understanding, the Committee can now map out a plan of how they can be most useful to the operation. From the beginning, it was apparent that returning member Dennis Stubbolo would continue with his successes leading the Senior Action Committee. Another experienced member, Marianna Talalaevsky, will continue to head the Youth Advocacy Group. Ari Steiger, one of the longest tenured committee members, will maintain his role working with the active Building, Planning and Zoning Subcommittee. New members head the following subcommittees: Howard Gordon, Condominium Association; Arlene Koenig, Quality of Life and Economic Development; and Suzanne Spiliotis, Traffic and Safety. These new members are eager to get involved and make valuable contributions to the team. All of them have experience that will be essential to their role as a member. Their initial focus is to be a conduit to the condominium population and to foster good communication of City events to the residents. The City Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to participate. There are many ways to get involved as a resident. continued on page 2

Don’t Be Their Next Victim, PLEASE!

If you have not figured out by now

that there are people out there who will go to any length to “scam” you out of your money or possessions, then nothing I say is going to help you. But if you heed our warnings, use common sense, report suspicous calls, emails or letters to authorities; even report personal approaches to you on the street, then you will have a fighting chance against them. There is a new scam every day. They want your personal information and are willing to do or promise

anything to get it. From free government money, to the scam that you have won a contest or they did and they want to share their good fortune with you. Come on, really? Someone won millions of dollars and they want to share it with you, a perfect stranger? Just give them your social security number or your bank account number and you will be a part of their windfall. The only windfall will be their own when they clean out your account before you even know it happened. Or they file for your tax

continued from our cover • City Advisory Committee Register your e-mail address through the City’s e-mail notification system, eSIBi, to receive notification of meetings, events and official city notices. It is the easiest way to stay current with what is happening in your City. You can register through the City’s official website, www. and click on the eSIBi icon at the top of the page. Another way to insure you are notified of community information is to get your free Resident ID Card and register your e-mail address through that program. Visit the City with your state issued picture ID and a utility bill from within the last 3 months to get your free identification card.

The City Advisory Committee is a volunteer organization working for you, the resident. Thank them when you see them and offer to lend a hand with programs and activities. Contact the Office of the City Clerk at 305.792.1703 for more information about the Committee.

Fred Maas Chief of Police

return check and get it before you do! There is no golden goose my friends, just those who want to get into your hard earned nest eggs! Please contact your police department if you suspect a scam, because it probably is! Stay alert! Stay Safe! Think Proactive!

City Anniversary Celebration Weekend


Just around the corner: Our annual party and the Pier re-opening

Kick off the City’s anniversary weekend with us on Saturday, June 15 at a

dedication ceremony of the Newport Pier at Pier Park. This event will start at 7:00 pm with light refreshments, music and an official dedication ceremony that culminates in an amazing fireworks display. On Sunday, June 16, the City will host the traditional City Anniversary Party with barbecue and official cake cutting at Town Center Park from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm. Bring your Resident ID card to participate for free.


On the job with a special Division of the Community Development Department: Code and Parking Enforcement

Have you ever stopped to wonder why our City is so beautiful? It didn’t happen without hard work and planning. Before the City of Sunny Isles Beach incorporated there were many unsightly vacant lots, ugly signs, insufficient parking and dilapidated structures. After incorporation, special attention was given to ordinances pertaining to maintenance of properties. This included things such as, homeowners and businesses applying for proper permitting for building and repairs, maintaining properties according to code and parking in designated areas. Code Enforcement and Parking Officers work every day to make sure our residents, businesses and visitors comply with our codes. This improves your quality of life. If your neighbor’s grass is overgrown, your property value decreases. If a business is not properly licensed, your health could be at risk. If cars are parked haphazardly throughout a main thoroughfare, accidents can occur that could result in injuries and traffic delays. An abandoned vehicle could become the site of a crime. From the simple, to the more complex, each warning or violation is issued on behalf of the residents to maintain the quality lifestyle all Sunny Isles Beach residents value. Enforcement Officers continue to make florida’s riviera a wonderful place to live, work and play! Several resources are available on the City’s website,, to assist you in keeping compliant as well as reporting violations. You may also call the Code Enforcement Division at 305.792.1705.

The City of Sunny Isles Beach is proud to announce a variety of camps for the summer of 2013. Camp offerings include our General Day Camps (Camp Tot-Lot which is part-time and Camp SIB which is full-time), along with Specialty Camps and Sports Camps. Pricing is based on residency, so make sure to bring your proof of residency, or if you’ve already received it, your Sunny Isles Beach Resident ID Card. Check the city’s website, www., for more information on camp offerings, and to get a copy of the Summer Camp 2013 brochure.

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