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Loss of consciousness

Life is a roller coaster, There are a lot of ups and downs, But in the end, it was a good ride. If you spend your life searching for the road to success, Then you will have wasted your life Looking for something that isn’t there.

“The most common thing parents used to say when we were kids was, just give the kid a paper and a crayon and they will figure their way out.� -Paddy

The roller coaster is my life, It’s taking chances, falling over and getting up again; It’s waiting to get to the very top of yourself and feeling scared and dissatisfied When you don’t manage it. Life is a roller coaster, You sit and think what is next but the fact is you don’t know.

“People change and their perception changes. When you see something that you haven’t seen in a while, you see something new, a different idea of it.” -Meera

You just have to sit and watch life move, wherever it will go. But there will always be that one strong bar that’s held you all along. You stand there thinking what will go next, Just smile and laugh and get on with life, For you don’t know when it ends. Life is a roller coaster, Never know what’s coming next, Thrusting you forward and then slowing you down So, Enjoy It While You Can.

All these memories will end up fading away after some time.

By Leah Belon

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Loss of consciousness  

Loss of consciousness  

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