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Leah Erickson // Work Samples 206.919.1258 2131 SE Harney Portland, OR 97202

Education University of Virginia Masters of Landscape Architecture Spring 2012

University of Southern California Bachelor of Arts Art History and French Spring 2004, Magna Cum Laude

Continuing Education University of Washington Extension Certificate in Environmental Law and Regulation Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

University of Washington, (Landscape Architecture Department) Seminar + Charette, Summer 2010

Bellevue College Northwest Native Plant ID, Spring 2008

Clackamas Community College Horticulture Practicum Winter + Spring 2013

University of Virginia, (Vicenza, Italy) Intensive drawing program, Summer 2011

Professional Experience July 2013 - Present

Residential Garden Services, OR, WA Independent Design and consultation Services for three projects including contract writing, scaled site plans, conceptual designs, plant palettes, and landscape maintenance

January 2012

Mithun, Seattle, WA Intern Researched and compiled data and images for a plant palette, participated in early stages of the Urban Intervention competition for Seattle Center, shadowed meetings for several projects each at a different stage of the design process

January 2011

Lorna Jordan Studio, Seattle, WA Intern Supported research and created diagrams for conceptual design phase of Central Park project in Madison, WI

June - August 2010

Point32, Seattle, WA Intern Individually created comprehensive site analysis and design recommendations for Pratt Fine Arts Center Campus redevelopment, including urban design precedents, community accessibility strategies, street redesign options, and conceptual design recommendations.

January 2010

Swift Company, Seattle, WA Intern Researched and presented background information for three RFQs and compiled research binder for a pending urban design project. Documented construction progress of a largescale project. Researched and recommended plants species for a green-roof project. Attended client meeting and materials presentation. Assisted with documentation updates for a master planning process.

May 2008 - June 2009

Seattle Parks Foundation, Seattle, WA Office Manager and Executive Assistant Managed organizational and administrative operations in support of Executive Director and Board of Directors.

December 2006 - May 2008

Microsoft Art Collection, Redmond, WA Registrar Managed database, research files, art acquisition process and storage organization Managed the collection’s image-use copyrights and acted as liaison for all design publications.

June 2004 - December 2006

Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA Public Relations Manager; Exhibition Coordinator; Sales Associate Wrote and distributed press materials for monthly exhibitions. Designed and installed exhibitions

Volunteer/Service January - June 2012

Freedom by Design, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Graduate Advisor Advised undergraduate architecture student group for landscape component of local design-build project. Collaborated on design concept for garden and benches; designed, coordinated, and implemented planting for the proposed healing garden for the UVA medical center hospitality house,

March 2010 - March 2011

Student Association of Landscape Architects, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA President Nominated president of the student organization for graduate landscape architecture students, responsible for organizing: lectures, professional development activities, and extracurricular events. Act as liaison to the State of Virginia chapter of the ASLA.

September 2009 - 2012

Graduate Architects and Landscape Architects, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Representative, 3rd year landscape architecture cohort Nominated as representative to interdisciplinary group responsible for executing school-wide events

July 2008 + July 2009

Nature Consortium at Yesler Community Center, Seattle, WA Volunteer Teacher Assistant Assisted instructors in engaging youth ages 6 - 16 in environmental learning through art projects, at free, drop-in, after-school classes for the neighborhood’s underserved youth.

March 2008 - May 2009

Pelican Tea P-Patch, Seattle, WA Site Coordinator Coordinated meetings, prioritized and implemented site improvements and organized work parties for communally gardened P-Patch site. Partnered with neighboring business to purchase and install a city-subsidized rain barrel to mitigate their storm water runoff and create sustainable water usage for the garden.

Technical Skills Adobe Creative Suite Auto CAD

Arc GIS Rhino

Microsoft Office Suite Outlook

Sharepoint Raiser’s Edge

Fluent in French

Cultural History through Water Design for a cultural landscape to integrate site with adjacent stream and provide storm water treatment for heavily polluted waterfront THIS PAGE (top to bottom): landscape mosaic from diagram; new access points and green connections; water treatment; site with restored stream corridor and effluent treatment strategy FACING PAGE (top to bottom): typical flora from salt to fresh water, waterfront section; neighborhood to stream corridor section (typical)

CHARTING NEW ROUTES access points NEW access points green connections reduced fenced area

PUNCTURING THE HULL Key gateways conducting Water floating treatment wetlands local + restored watershed

Section Cut (top) Existing CSO Locations Proposed Floating Treatment Wetlands

Proposed Restored Stream Corridor

Reclaimed Community Space Design for the transofrmation of a derelict parking lot into a new site for the Charlottesville farmer’s market, adaptable for larger community events, and including game courts THIS PAGE (top to bottom): program diagram; testing plant spacing: hand sketches over 3D wire-frame model; longitudinal section showing plantings FACING PAGE (top to bottom): Final design, original topography; re-grading strategy; plant palette

Jefferson Community Center


Office Tower

Omni Hotel

District Court A

Proposed Farmer’s Market Shelter + Headquarters

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UVA / LAR 5380 / Planted Form / Spring 2011 Leah Erickson


Exploration Garden design developed from conceptual phase through construction documents, including detailed plant palette for a naturalized play area adjacent to a school. Detai here includes a forest glen, a steep stream bank, and a gently sloping stream corridor

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119 118 117 116 115 114 113 112 110 100 100

101 102

Platanus occidentalis, Cercis canadensis, Chimaphila maculata, Mitchella repens, reclaimed logs, existing leaf litter 103 106 105 104

the SHA DOW knows

Design Development Planting Plan / 4.12.11

110 109 108 107

Betula nigra, Hamamelis virginiana, Cornus sericea, Cephalanthus occidentalis, Lindera benzoin, Athyrium felix-femina

Acer griseum, Viburnum acerifolium, Ilex verticilata, Lobelia cardinalis, clump-grass assortment, tumbled river rock

113 112 111 115 114 116 117

Parking Lot Design Parking lot intended to fit within surrounding naturalized landscape, includes stormwater detention with plantings, and detail design to highlight water THIS PAGE (top to bottom): form, material, and texture inspiration, joint between parking area and stormwater gardens; permeable parking detail FACING PAGE (top to bottom): Final grading plan; material palette

inset brick runnel metal grate above river rock substrate wooden boardwalk above rain garden detention basins, including wetland plantings

cast-in-place concrete steps, 4” risers

24” Seat wall Running bond, troweled mortar

6” Cut greenstone wheel stop Concrete base Compacted subgrade

4” Square granite cobbles, Dry Set Gravel pave system

Type Iv Brick, class SX Mortar setting bed

Min. 4” concrete base #5 Slate Chip drainage reservoir Drain pipe to wetlands Uncompacted subgrade


Compacted subbase

Compacted subgrade Gravel drainage reservoir


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2.3 TW 61 12 BW 6

05.5 BW 6 6.5 TW 60 05

BW 6 0.7


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6.5 TW 60 05 BW 6


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GRADING PLAN Leah Erickson

Brick Retaining Wall Permeable at major drainage points, with vegetation; tooled, deeply recessed mortar

#5 Crushed Slate drainage reservoir, 1.5 - 0.5 inch pieces; some vegatation at base of wall

Pre-cast concrete wheelstop 4” above grade; additional piece aligned at grade, 16’ from wheelstop

Cubical Stone Cobbles, unmortared, stabilized in gravel pave system, over gravel drainage reservoir

Parking lot drain runnel feed into metal box, bottom lined with 3 - 6” #5 crushed slate or river rock

Metal Grate on steel substructure, runnel feeds into box, adjoins to raised boardwalk of recycled plastic lumber

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Ericksonl worksamples r7 14 13