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Now, let’s imagine it’s the year 2025. What will life be like? How will we make decisions? What will we eat? What will we expect from food companies? How will we eat? What is Kellogg capable of?



Let’s start by imagining a person we want to serve. Her name is Sara.

Sara’s True Identity

Sara Values Convenience

Sara Loves Food

Sara Seeks Balance

She uses the latest gadgets and technologies to save time and maximize convenience. She happily shares her data with the brands she trusts, but expects that they provide tailored, frictionless, and delightful experiences in return.

She is constantly seeking out new restaurants, recipes and snacks that push the limits of cuisine, connect her with community, and fit within her busy lifestyle. She loves trying new food as long as she knows exactly where it comes from.

Between her friends family, her demanding job, and her hobbies, she sometimes struggle to find the right balance. She likes learning new ways to improve her well-being and often tinkers with her diet, sleep schedule, exercise regimen so that she can be her best self.



How can Kellogg harness data, analytics and an integrated process to better understand and serve Sara?



Kellogg can provide Kellogg can provide Sara with tailored, frictionless Sara with tailored, frictionless experiences that meet her experiences that meet her culinary desires and enhance culinary desires and enhance her well-being. her well-being.

“I’m “I’m optimistic optimistic about my about trip” my trip”

Sara’s True Sara’s True Identity Identity

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Sara has created a Sara has created well-being profilea well-being profile that is shared with that is shared with her favorite airlines, her favoritegroups, airlines, hospitality hospitality groups, food companies, food companies, wellness apps, and wellness apps, and omnichannel grocers. omnichannel grocers.

"I am clear-headed" "I am clear-headed"

By integrating this By integrating this profile with additional profile with additional data sources, Kellogg data sources, Kellogg employees and Kellogg employees andSara Kellogg partners know partners know Sara and her personal and her personal preferences. preferences.

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Sara wakes up and Sara wakes up and checks her dashboard, checks her dashboard, which is automatically which is automatically updated by biometrics updated by biometrics and wearable tech. and wearable tech.

"I’m feeling "I’m feeling thirsty and thirsty and beaten down” beaten down”

"I feel well-rested” "I feel well-rested”

Kellogg works with an Kellogg works with an ecosystem of partners ecosystem of partners to manage Sara's to manage Sara's dashboard on a shared dashboard on a shared data platform— data platform— nutrition stats, body nutrition stats, body chemistry, gut health, chemistry, sleep cycle,gut, sleep cycle, etc.

"I’m feeling "I’m feeling hydrated” hydrated”

“Turbulence “Turbulence makes me anxious” makes me anxious”

2 2 When Sara hops on

When Sara hops on a plane to Las Vegas a plane to Las Vegas for work, a flight for work, a offers flight her attendant attendant offersbased her Kellogg snacks Kellogg snacksand based on her current on her current and forecasted metrics. forecasted metrics.

“Gross. “Gross. So many germs.” So many germs.”

Using advanced Using advanced demand-sensing demand-sensing analytics, Kellogg's analytics, Kellogg's agile supply chain agile supply chain responds to spikes responds to spikes while its commercial while its commercial team collaborates with team collaborates with front-end customers. front-end customers.

"I’m ready to "I’m ready to live it up!” live it up!”

3 3 Sara’s dashboard

Kellogg analyzes Sara’s dashboard Kellogg analyzes prescribes post-flight Sara’s metrics and prescribes post-flight Sara’s metrics and essentials (extra water, works with her hotel essentials (extra withcustomers her hotel supplements, an water, works and other supplements, an and other customers RXBAR and Nutrigrain to stock her room with RXBAR and Nutrigrain to stock her room with probiotic snacks) and personalized products probiotic snacks) personalized delivers them to and that meet herproducts biome delivers that meetneeds. her biome her hotelthem nutrition her hotel room. nutrition needs.


el ers with ucts me


“I like trying new restaurants when I travel”

“Am I a foodie?”

“Good for me for squeezing in a workout!”

“I LOVE Stranger Things”

“My body feels great!”

“I’m shocked how good vegan donuts are” “I can fight off anything”

“That was really fun”

“I'm still unsure about food printing"

4 Sara receives an invite to a Stranger Things inspired event that features Eggo waffles.

“ remin

5 Kellogg activates media partnerships to bring an amazing 'infotainment' exhibit with immersive technologies to Vegas.

Sara goes to a famous restaurant and tries vegan donuts for the first time. With a simple thumbprint, she sends the food algorithm to her food printer at home.

6 Kellogg works with restaurant partners to offer specialty foods that can be recreated at home, and designs the food printer algorithms for consumers.

Sara made a New Year's resolution to improve her fitness. Based on her current metrics, Sara is pointed to a local yoga studio.

“Phew, my body needed protein”

“Yoga + delicious drink—what could be better!”

“That drink was so easy to get!”

7 Kellogg runs analytics across partner ecosytem data and provides activity recommendations...

After yoga, her dashboard suggests a Special K protein drink.

8 ...and complementary nutrition, with easy access across a network of partners.


Sar Her rec Hea deli roo she

tary y



“These Pringles remind me of home” “I feel much calmer” “I can’t wait to get home!”

“So glad I don’t have to worry about groceries”

“My mind isn’t racing anymore”

8 Sara feels homesick. Her dashboard recommends using Headspace and delivers Pringles to her room—in the flavor she keeps at home.

“I can just sit back and relax”

9 Kellogg is committed to optimizing all aspects of Sara’s well-being: mental, emotional, and physical

Sara flies back home. Her dashboard replenishes her pantry so she has optimal post-travel foods waiting for her.

Kellogg takes the pressure off Sara by proactively replenishing her food—activating its supply chain partners and customers gia an optimized logistics solution.



We cannot do it alone –instead, we need to cultivate and lead a partner ecosystem. Alongside our ecosystem of partners, acquisitions and investments, we can:


Supply Chain Partners

Delivery Partners

+ Enhance all dimensions of Sara’s well-being + Enrich our understanding of Sara and her preferences + Make our food more accessible and on-demand + Ensure our supply chain is agile and flexible

Data Partners

Well-being Partners

Our Ecosystem 7

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Kellogg user journey