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CO-­‐ED FLAG  FOOTBALL   OFFICIAL  RULEBOOK     (Revised  March  2012)  

Where  your  inner  athlete  comes  to  play!                      

PART I:  Official  League  Rules   CBL  Sports  strives  to  serve  its  league  members  by  providing  competitive  yet  social  outlets  for   athletes.    The  goal  of  our  leagues  is  to  encourage  healthy  competition  and  fitness.    All   participants  engaging  in  activities  sponsored  by  CBL  Sports  assume  the  risk  of  injury.     SECTION  1  ʹ  FEES   All  League  Registration  fees  and  submission  deadlines  are  subject  to  change.     Registration  Payment:    Each  team  is  required  to  pay  a  league  registration  fee  to  participate  in   the  league.  League  Registration  fees  and  Early  Bird  Registration  fees  (if  applicable)  will  be   provided  once  registration  opens  prior  to  each  season.     Registration  Payment  Deposits:    Once  registration  opens,  CBL  Sports  will  accept  a  non-­‐ refundable  deposit  equal  to  half  of  the  league  registration  fee  up  to  one  (1)  month  before  the   start  of  the  season.  Deposits  are  to  reserve  a  space  in  the  upcoming  season.  If  the  balance  is   ŶŽƚƉĂŝĚďLJƚŚĞĚĞƐŝŐŶĂƚĞĚĚĞĂĚůŝŶĞ͕ƚŚĞƚĞĂŵ͛ƐĚĞƉŽƐŝƚŝƐĨŽƌĨĞŝƚĞĚ͘EŽŽƚŚĞƌƉĂƌƚŝĂůƉĂLJŵĞŶƚƐ will  be  accepted.  CBL  Sports  reserves  the  right  to  suspend  or  eliminate  the  option  of  paying  a   non-­‐refundable  deposit.   Payment  Submission:    Registration  payments  are  due  no  later  than  two  (2)  weeks  before  the   start  of  the  season  or  at  the  designated  date  that  has  been  provided  by  CBL  Sports.     Payment  Methods:    CBL  Sports  accepts  the  following  forms  of  payments:   x Cash   x Cashier  Check/Money  Order  (Must  be  one  check/money  order  for  the  team)   x CHASE  Quick  Pay     SECTION  2  ʹ  ROSTERS  

Check-­‐in:  Teams  should  be  present  and  check-­‐in  at  the  CBL  Sports  designated  area  no  earlier   than  one  (1)  hour  before  their  scheduled  game  and  no  later  than  10  minutes  prior  to  their   scheduled  game  or  at  a  time  that  is  designated  by  CBL  Sports.   x The  first  game  in  which  a  player  participates,  that  player  MUST  present  identification   prior  to  taking  the  field/court.  Failure  to  do  so  will  result  in  that  player  being   deemed  ineligible  for  that  game  and  result  in  a  team  forfeit.       Team  Members  (flag  football):    Each  team  may  have  a  maximum  of  twenty-­‐five  (25)  players  on   their  official  roster  each  season.  All  team  members  must  be  on  the  official  roster  of  the  team  or   they  are  prohibited  from  playing  (no  exceptions).  Each  season,  teams  are  allowed  to  add    

City by  the  Lake  Sports,  LLC  |                

Age Requirement:    All  participants  must  be  at  least  21  years  of  age  or  older  (within  current   calendar  year).  


players to  their  roster  to  reach  the  maximum  number  until  the  second  week  of  the  season  or   the  second  game  for  the  team,  whichever  is  earliest,  so  long  as  the  new  player  has  not  played  in   a  game  for  another  team.   CBL  Sports  Release  &  Waiver:    All  participants  must  sign  a  CBL  Sports  Release  &  Waiver  prior   to  playing  a  game.   Playoffs/Championships:  During  the  playoff  and  championship  games,  only  players  from  your   official  roster  may  participate.  If  your  team  does  not  meet  the  minimum  required  to  play  the   game  will  be  forfeited.   x To  be  eligible  for  the  playoffs/championships,  a  player  must  have  played  at  least  one   (1)  regular  season  game.     SECTION  3  ʹ  TEAM  LEADERSHIP   Official  Team  Contact:    Each  team  shall  designate  two  (2)  individuals  to  serve  as  team  contacts   which  shall  be  the  official  point  persons  for  the  team.  These  individuals  will  deal  directly  with   CBL  Sports  and  all  matters  relating  to  participating  in  CBL  Sports  events  and  activities.   Captain:    Each  team  shall  designate  no  more  than  three  players  as  its  field  captains  each  game,   and  one  (1)  captain  shall  be  designated  as  the  spokesperson  for  the  team  when  dealing  with   the  officials.  This  is  to  prevent  distractions  and  delays  during  the  game.  (Please  note  that  these   individuals  may  also  be  the  Official  Team  Contact)   x Captains  are  responsible  for  his/her  team  and  their  behavior  on  game  day.   x Officials  or  CBL  Sports  staff  will  confer  with  team  captains  for  issues  relating  to  game   day.  If  there  is  a  disagreement,  only  the  captain(s)  designated  as  the  spokesperson   can  discuss  with  the  KĨĨŝĐŝĂůƐĂŶĚŽƉƉŽƐŝŶŐƚĞĂŵ͛ƐƐƉŽŬĞƐƉĞƌƐŽŶ͘WĞŶĂůƚŝĞƐǁŝůůďĞ assessed  against  teams  that  do  not  follow  this  rule.    

SECTION 4  ʹ  EQUIPMENT   (Equipment  checks  will  take  place  before  every  game)     Uniform:    Teams  will  wear  jerseys/shirts  of  contrasting  colors,  if  possible.  Each  player  must   have  a  number  on  his/her  jersey  or  shirt.  Shoes  or  the  appropriate  cleats  (no  metal  cleats)  must   be  worn  at  all  times.     Flags  (Flag  Football):    Each  team  will  receive  a  set  of  triple  threat  flags  at  the  beginning  of  the   game.  It  is  the  responsibility  of  a  team  captain  to  pick  up  and  return  all  flags  to  the  CBL  Sports   designated  area.  Once  a  game  has  concluded,  it  is  the  responsibility  of  the  team  captain  to   return  all  flags  (including  broken  flags)  to  the  CBL  Sports  designated  area.  

City by  the  Lake  Sports,  LLC  |                

Game Score  Confirmation:    At  the  end  of  the  game,  a  captain  from  each  team  must  go  to  the   Head  Official  to  verify  and  sign  the  scorecard.  



Missing flags  will  result  in  a  fine  of  $10/per  flag.    If  a  flag(s)  is  damaged  during  the   game,  a  team  must  return  the  damaged  flag  to  avoid  the  fine.  All  fines  must  be  paid   ƉƌŝŽƌƚŽƚŚĞƚĞĂŵ͛ƐŶĞdžƚŐĂŵĞ͘       SECTION  5  ʹ  OFFICIALS     CBL  Sports  will  provide  three  officials  for  each  game.     Please  visit  for  more  information.  You  can  also  contact  us  at    


City by  the  Lake  Sports,  LLC  |                



PART II:  Co-­‐ed  Flag  Football  Game  Rules   SECTION  1  -­‐  GENERAL  

City by  the  Lake  Sports,  LLC  |                

Game: The  game  shall  be  played  between  two  teams  of  seven  (7)  players  each  with  an  official   football.       Field:    Games  are  played  on  a  field  that  is  100  yard  x  53  yards.     Team  Area:    Each  team  is  allowed  to  stand  on  the  sideline  but  no  team  shall  pass  the  20  yard   line.     Supervision:    The  game  shall  be  played  under  the  supervision  of  three  officials.  In  certain   instances,  a  game  may  be  played  with  two  officials.  One  of  the  officials  shall  be  designated  as   the  Lead  Official.    The  Officials  shall  be  positioned  at:   x Line  Scrimmage  ʹ  Head  Official   x Sideline   x Behind  the  Defensive  Safety     KĨĨŝĐŝĂů͛ƐƵƚŚŽƌŝƚLJ͗An  official  assumes  authority  10  minutes  prior  to  scheduled  game  time,   and  until  they  have  left  the  field.  The  officials  have  the  authority  to  rule  on  any  situation  not   specifically  covered  in  the  rules.  His/Her  decision  is  final  unless  ruled  by  a  CBL  Sports   representative.  The  official  has  the  right  to  shorten  the  game  and  will  discuss  his/her  decision   with  both  teams  prior  to  making  it  final.  The  official  has  the  right  to  eject  players  or  have  them   sit  out  part  of  all  of  a  game  for  cause.  (Fans,  coaches  and  spectators  are  a  part  of  a  team  and   any  fouls  they  commit  will  go  against  their  team).     Players:    A  maximum  of  seven  (7)  players  with  no  more  than  4  males  will  be  on  the  field  at  any   time.    A  minimum  of  6  players  are  required  to  play,  with  no  more  than  4  males  on  the  field  at   any  given  time.  All  players  must  be  in  a  jersey  or  shirt  with  his  or  her  number  displayed  on  the   back.     Team  Roster:    A  team  may  have  a  maximum  of  twenty-­‐five  (25)  players  on  its  team.  Each  player   can  only  play  for  one  team  during  a  season.     Field  Captain:    Each  team  is  required  to  designate  a  field  captain  at  the  beginning  of  the  game   and  shall  inform  the  Lead  Official  of  that  designation.     Flags:    Each  player  is  required  to  wear  a  league  issued  triple  threat  flag  belt,  with  attached  flags,   at  the  waistline  while  on  the  field.     x Flag  should  extend  or  hang  from  the  waist.  Wrapping,  tying,  or  in  any  way  securing  the   flags  to  the  uniform  or  belt  other  than  the  prescribed  rule,  or  intentionally  removing  a   flag  during  play  is  illegal.     x All  shirts/jerseys  must  be  tucked  in  and  are  not  permitted  to  hang  over  the  flag  belt.    



Should a  player  lose  his/her  flag  belt  during  a  play  and  gain  possession  of  a  live  ball,  that   player  will  be  considered  down  when  a  legal  tag  (one  hand  touch  by  the  defense   between  the  shoulders  and  knees,  including  the  hand  and  arm)  is  applied.  


Game Start:    Games  must  start  on  the  hour  if  the  teams  have  the  minimum  number  of  players   present.     a. Teams  will  have  10  minutes  after  the  hour  to  have  the  minimum  numbers  of   players  present.  If  they  do  not,  the  shorthanded  team  will  have  to  forfeit.   During  regular  season,  not  playoffs,  a  team  may  pick  up  other  players  if  they   are  shorthanded  but  only  if  the  opposing  team  consents.  The  number  of   players  picked  up  may  not  exceed  the  number  of  players  on  the  opposing   team.  If  a  team  picks  up  players  every  roster  member  on  the  roster  must  play   before  the  pick-­‐up  players  are  allowed  to  play.    All  roster  players  must  play  a   majority  of  the  time  (EXAMPLE:    A  team  is  short  two  players  at  the  start  of  a   game.    The  team  picks  up  2  players  to  satisfy  the  roster  requirement.    During   the  game  two  roster  players  arrive  at  the  field.    The  two  roster  players  must   take  the  place  of  the  two  pick-­‐up  players).   b. If  both  teams  are  shorthanded,  they  will  both  be  assessed  a  loss.       Fee  for  Forfeiture:    A  team  that  forfeits  will  be  responsible  for  the  officialƐ͛ĨĞĞƐ;ƚŽƚĂůΨϳϱͿĨŽƌ that  game.  This  must  be  paid  before  the  start  of  their  next  game.     Scrimmage:    If  teams  wish  to  scrimmage  after  the  forfeit,  the  officials  will  officiate  the  game,   but  will  not  allow  the  game  to  exceed  fifty  (50)  minutes  to  allow  for  the  scheduled  start  of  the   next  game.   SECTION  3  ʹ  COIN  TOSS    

Coin Flip:    Captains  and  Officials  will  meet  at  the  center  of  the  field  before  the  game  for  the   coin  flip.    There  shall  not  be  more  than  four  captains  from  each  team  at  the  coin  toss.  This  is  the   time  to  discuss  any  questions  about  rules  or  the  game  that  may  be  unclear.  

Winner of  Coin  Toss:    The  team  that  wins  the  coin  toss  will  be  given  three  options  from  which   they  may  choose  to  start  the  game:   x Offense     x Defense   x Direction  (option  to  choose  offense/defense  is  lost)   a. The  team  that  is  on  offense  in  the  first  half  will  play  defense  in  the  second   half.   b. The  team  that  does  not  choose  offense/defense  will  select  which  goal  to   defend.  

City by  the  Lake  Sports,  LLC  |                

Heads/Tails:  sŝƐŝƚŝŶŐƚĞĂŵĐĂƉƚĂŝŶ;ƐͿǁŝůůďĞŐŝǀĞŶƚŚĞŽƉƚŝŽŶŽĨĐŚŽŽƐŝŶŐ͞,ĞĂĚƐ͟Žƌ͞dĂŝůƐ͘͟ Home  and  Visiting  teams  will  be  identified  on  the  season  playing  schedule.  


c. In the  2nd  half,  teams  will  defend  opposite  goals  than  defended  in  the  1 st  half.       SECTION  4  ʹ  TIME  

Starting Drive:    Each  team  will  start  their  drive  at  the  20-­‐yard  line  at  the  start  of  the  game,  after   halftime,  and  after  a  score.     Rushing  Quarterback  (QB):    Quarterback(s)  will  have  3  seconds,  before  the  rusher  is  allowed  to   rush.  The  official  will  count  out  loud  1-­‐one  thousand,  2-­‐two  thousand,  3-­‐three  thousand,  GO!  

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Game Time:    Each  game  will  consist  of  two  (2)  20  minute  halves.       Game  Clock:    Playing  time  shall  be  kept  on  a  field  clock  operated  by  a  designated  timer  or  on  a   stop  watch  operated  by  an  official.       Play  Clock:  The  play  clock  is  25  seconds  and  will  begin  once  the  official  spots  the  ball  on  the   field  of  play.  The  official  play  clock  will  be  kept  by  a  side  official  with  a  stopwatch.  The  official   will  blow  the  whistle  to  signal  the  start  of  the  play  clock.  The  side  official  will  visibly  start   counting  down  the  play  clock  at  5  seconds  with  his/her  arm.     Running  Clock:    The  clock  will  run  continuously,  except  for  time-­‐outs  (official  or  team),   including  the  two-­‐minute  warning.    During  the  last  two  minutes  of  each  half,  the  clock  will  stop:   a. Scores   b. Time-­‐outs   c. Incomplete  passes   d. Penalties   e. Serious  Injury   f. When  a  player  goes  out  of  bounds     Time  Outs:    Each  team  will  be  issued  two  (2)  time-­‐outs  per  game.  ƚĞĂŵ͛ƐƚŝŵĞ-­‐out  shall  not   exceed  one  (1)  minute.     Halftime:    Each  game  will  have  a  two  minute  halftime  period.       Overtime:    If  time  expires  with  the  score  tied,  overtime  will  be  played.    A  coin  toss  will   determine  who  will  get  the  ball  at  the  start  of  overtime.  If  additional  overtime  is  needed  teams   shall  alternate  choices.  During  overtime,  each  team  will  have  four  (4)  downs  from  the  20-­‐yard   line.  In  overtime:   a. Teams  have  the  option  of  going  for  1  or  2  points  if  they  score.  If  both  teams   score  and  convert  on  the  same  extra  point,  game  goes  into  a  2 nd  Overtime.     The  same  rules  apply  in  the  2nd  Overtime.     b. If  additional  Overtimes  are  needed,  both  teams  are  required  to  go  for  2   points.   c. An  interception  ends  the  series  of  downs  for  the  offense.   d. An  interception  cannot  be  returned  for  a  score.     SECTION  5  ʹ  ADVANCING  THE  BALL  


Legal Forward  Pass:    Once  a  player  crosses  the  line  of  scrimmage,  you  cannot  attempt  a  legal   forward  pass.    Only  one  legal  forward  pass  can  be  made  per  down.     Backward  Pass  (Pitch):    A  runner  may  pass  the  ball  backward  at  any  time.  A  backward  pass   (pitch)  that  hits  the  ground  will  be  considered  dead  at  the  spot  it  hits  the  ground.     Simultaneous  Catch:      If  members  of  opposing  teams  catch  a  forward  pass  simultaneously,  the   ball  is  dead  at  that  spot  and  belongs  to  the  team  that  snapped  the  ball.     Stripping:  Once  a  player  has  possession,  the  opposing  player  cannot  knock  the  ball  out  of  the   controlling  player͛s  hand.   a. A  player  running  with  the  ball  cannot  be  stripped  of  the  ball.       Play  Stops:    WůĂLJƐŚĂůůĐŽŶƚŝŶƵĞƵŶƚŝů͙   a. Ball  carrier  has  flag-­‐belt  pulled  by  an  opponent.   b. Ball  carrier  leaves  the  field  of  play.   c. Ball  carrier  scores.       d. Ball  carrier  touches  the  ground  except  for  palm.     e. Ball  touches  the  ground.   f. Official  blows  whistle     Inadvertent  Whistle:    If  the  official  blows  an  inadvertent  whistle,  then  the  play  is  dead.     a. If  the  play  was  for  positive  yardage,  then  it  is  the  offensive  teĂŵ͛ƐďĂůůĂƚƚŚĞ spot  of  the  ball  carrier  when  the  whistle  was  blown.    The  down  counts.  The   offensive  team  may  opt  to  replay  the  down  but  the  ball  will  be  spotted  at  the   original  line  of  scrimmage.   b.  If  the  offensive  play  was  developing  in  the  backfield  or  if  the  ball  was  in  

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Snap:    The  snap  may  be  an  underhand  toss,  overhand  throw,  or  a  handoff.  The  person  snapping   the  ball  may  not  move  their  feet  to  make  the  snap.  The  QB  cannot  snap  the  ball  to  him/herself.   During  the  entire  game,  the  offensive  team  has  25  seconds  to  snap  the  ball  once  the  ball  has   been  spotted  on  the  field  by  the  official.       Line  of  Scrimmage:  A  defender  cannot  cross  the  line  of  scrimmage  (LOS)  until:   a. The  official  ƐĂLJƐ͕͞'K͘͟   b. The  quarterback  hands  the  ball  to  another  player.   c. The  quarterback  makes  a  pass  to  another  player.     Side  Line:  The  ball  is  only  out  of  bounds  when  the  player  with  the  ball  steps  out  of  bounds.     Marking  of  the  Ball:  The  ball  will  be  marked  where  the  ball  is  at  when  the  flag  is  pulled.     Yards  to  1st  Down:    Each  team  will  have  four  (4)  downs  to  obtain  a  first  down.     First  Downs:    First  downs  are  awarded  after  you  cross  the  20,  40,  40,  and  20-­‐yard  lines.      


flight, then  the  play  is  dead.  The  down  will  be  replayed  from  the  line  of   scrimmage.    

Turnovers:  Turnovers  may  occur  by  change  of  downs  or  interception.    A  fumble  results  in  a   dead  ball  where  the  ball  touches  the  ground.       a. If  a  turnover  occurs  in  the  end  zone  or  the  defensive  player  is  carried  in  the   end  zone,  and  the  ball  is  not  advanced  out  the  end  zone,  the  ball  comes  out   to  the  10-­‐yard  line.     SECTION  6  ʹ  LEAVING  THE  FIELD  OF  PLAY    

Offensive Play:    If  an  offensive  player  steps  out  of  bounds  during  a  play,  he/she  is  an  ineligible   player  until  an  eligible  player  touches  the  ball.   a. If  an  offensive  player  is  forced  out  of  bounds  by  a  defender,  he/she  is  an   eligible  player  as  soon  as  they  return  to  the  field  of  play.     In  Bounds/Out  of  Bounds:    If  a  player  leaves  his/her  feet  on  an  attempt  to  catch  a  ball,  the   player  first  must  obtain  possession  with  at  least  one  foot  in  bounds  prior  to  going  out  of  bounds   unless  contact  by  an  opponent  forces  the  player  out  of  bounds  (official͛ƐĚŝƐĐƌĞƚŝŽŶͿ͕ƚŽďĞƌƵůĞĚ a  catch.   a. If  a  defender  causes  the  receiver  to  go  out  of  bounds  (official͛ƐĚŝƐĐƌĞƚŝŽŶͿ͕ prior  to  the  receiver  landing  in  bounds  after  a  catch,  the  receiver  will  be   credited  with  a  reception  where  he/she  went  out  of  bounds.    This  includes  a   play  in  the  end  zone,  in  which  the  official  will  rule  the  play  a  Touchdown.     SECTION  7  -­‐  SCORING  

Touchdowns &  Extra  Points:       a. Touchdowns  =  6  points     b. Extra  point  from  5  yards  =  1  point   c. Extra  point  from  10  yards  =  2  points   Once  a  team  has  made  their  choice  on  the  extra  point,  they  can  only  change  their  decision  by   calling  a  timeout.  Defense  can  return  an  interception  for  the  extra  points.     Safeties:    A  safety  =  2  points  (Defensive  team  is  awarded  the  ball  on  the  10  yard  line)   a. A  safety  is  scored  when  a  player  is  deflagged  in  his/her  own  end  zone.     b. A  safety  is  scored  when  the  offensive  player  fumbles  in  his/her  own  end   zone.     c. A  safety  will  be  awarded  if  a  player  snaps  the  ball  out  of  the  end  zone.     d. A  safety  will  also  be  awarded  if  a  player  drops  the  ball  and  it  hits  the  ground   in  the  end  zone.   e. A  safety  is  awarded  when  intentional  grounding  is  called  in  the  end  zone.    

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Flag Inspection:    When  a  player  scores  the  opposing  captain  may  request  for  an  official  to   quickly  inspect  the  flag  belt  of  the  player  that  scored  for  tampering.    This  is  done  to  insure  that   the  flag  belt  has  not  been  illegally  secured.  


Mercy Rule:    When  a  team  is  leading  by  30  or  more  points  in  the  last  2  minutes  of  the  second   half,  the  game  will  be  called.     SECTION  8  ʹ  FEMALE  PLAYS    

Female Play:    Every  third  play  has  to  involve  a  female  player  in  the  capacity  of:   a. Quarterback     b. Ball  carrier   c. Receiver    

Stop Light  Count:    Each  referee  will  use  the  stop  light  count  for  female  plays:        

a. Green:  Previous  play  was  a  female  play   b.  Yellow:  One  play  before  a  forced  female  play   c.  Red:  This  play  is  a  forced  female  play  

Handoff:    If  a  female  receives  a  handoff,  she  must  make  an  attempt  to  advance  the  ball  pass   the  line  of  scrimmage  to  be  considered  a  female  play.  If  a  female  crosses  the  line  of  scrimmage   and  laterals  the  ball  back  to  a  male,  the  play  will  be  considered  a  female  play.  If  a  male  crosses   the  line  of  scrimmage  and  laterals  the  ball  back  to  a  female,  the  play  will  not  be  considered  a   female  play.     Deflections:    If  a  female  (first  touch)  deflects  a  pass  or  the  defense  (first  touch)  deflects  a  pass,   a  male  can  receive  the  deflection.    If  a  male  on  the  offense  touches  a  pass  before  a  female  on   the  offense  it  will  not  be  considered  a  female  play.     Sack:    If  a  male  Quarterback  is  sacked  on  a  female  play,  the  sack  and  the  down  counts  and  the   next  play  is  still  a  female  play.     Female  Quarterback:    If  a  female  player  is  the  Quarterback,  the  pass  must  be  a  forward  pass   towards  the  line  of  scrimmage  to  be  considered  a  female  play.    A  female  Quarterback  giving  a   handoff  to  a  male  does  not  constitute  a  female  play.       Penalty:    A  penalty  for  a  Female  Play  Infraction  results  in  a  10-­‐yard  penalty,  loss  of  down,  and   the  next  play  is  a  female  play.    Intentional  grounding  penalties  will  be  enforced  on  female  plays.         SECTION  9  ʹ  PUNT   Notification:    The  offense  must  notify  the  official  of  their  choice  to  punt  or  attempt  to  advance   the  ball  on  a  4th  down.     Punting  Guidelines:  Both  teams  must  have  at  least  four  (4)  players  on  the  line  of  scrimmage   and  remain  motionless  until  the  kick  is  made.  Anyone  attempting  to  block  the  kick  will  be   penalized  5  yards  for  Illegal  Procedure.  

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1. Snaps that  are  fumbled  are  dead  balls  at  the  spot  the  ball  touches  the  ground.  If  a   kicker  fumbles  the  ball,  the  ball  is  dead  at  the  spot  the  ball  touches  the  ground  and   will  be  considered  a  turnover  on  downs.   2. The  punt  can  either  be  caught  in  the  air  or  on  a  bounce.   a. Once  the  ball  is  touched/deflected  by  the  return  team,  the  ball  is  considered   dead  at  the  next  spot  the  ball  touches  the  ground.   b. Once  the  ball  comes  to  a  complete  stop,  the  play  is  considered  dead.   c. Once  the  ball  enters  the  end  zone,  the  ball  is  dead.    The  ball  will  be  placed  on   the  10-­‐yard  line.               SECTION  10  ʹ  PENALTIES  &  ENFORCEMENT   5-­‐yard  Penalties:   1. Illegal  Procedure  Penalty     x Anyone  trying  to  distract  the  kicker  or  block  the  kick  will  be  penalized  for   illegal  procedure.     2. Intentional  Grounding  Penalty  (also  includes  Loss  of  Down)     x Female  Plays:  Next  play  is  still  a  gender  play.   x Quarterback  Spike:  A  quarterback  spike  can  be  used  to  stop  the  clock  inside   within  2  minutes  but  will  not  be  considered  a  female  play  regardless  of  who   the  quarterback  is.   o Female  Play  ʹ  The  pass  must  be  intended  for  a  female     3. False  Start/Illegal  Motion     x One  player  may  move  laterally,  parallel  to  the  line  of  scrimmage,  during  the   play.  If  the  player  moves  up  the  field  at  any  time  except  to  set  on  the  line  of   scrimmage  this  is  considered  OFFSIDES.    Player  must  be  set  for  at  least  1   second  before  ball  is  snapped.     4. Illegal  Forward  Pass  (5  yards  from  spot  of  foul,  also  includes  Loss  of  Down)   x When  any  player  throws  the  ball  forward  after  crossing  the  line  of  scrimmage   or  catching  a  forward  pass.     5. Delay  of  Game  Penalty     x 25  second  play  clock     6. Encroachment  Penalty   x Crossing  the  line  of  scrimmage  before  the  ball  is  snapped  or  before  the   ŽĨĨŝĐŝĂůƐĂLJƐ͞'K͟     7. Too  many  people  on  the  field     x More  than  7  players  on  the  field  or  more  than  4  males  on  the  field  when  the   ball  is  snapped    

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1. Flag Guarding  Penalty     x Runners  shall  not  flag  guard  by  using  any  part  of  the  body  or  ball  to  deny  the   opportunity  for  an  opponent  to  pull  or  remove  the  flag  belt.  Flag  guarding   includes  but  is  not  limited  to:     a. Swinging  the  hand  or  arm  over  the  flag  belt  to  prevent  an  opponent   from  deflagging.  
   b. Placing  the  ball  in  possession  over  the  flag  belt  to  prevent  an   opponent  from  deflagging.  
   c. Lowering  the  shoulders  in  such  a  manner  that  flag  guards.   d. Stiff-­‐arming     2. Illegally  deflagged  flag  belt     x Players  must  have  possession  of  the  ball  before  they  can  legally  be  deflagged.   It  is  illegal  for  a  defensive  player  to  intentionally  pull  a  flag  from  an  offensive   player  who  is  not  in  possession  of  the  ball.     3. Illegally  secured  flag  belt   x If  the  belt  has  been  illegally  secured  the  score  is  disallowed,  the  player   ejected  and  a  15  yard  Unsportsmanlike  Conduct  penalty  will  be  administered   from  the  previous  spot.     4. Illegal  offensive  block     x Offensive  screen  blocking  shall  take  place  without  contact  and  without   moving.  The  blocker  shall  have  his/her  hands  behind  his/her  back  or  down  in   front  across  chest.  Any  use  of  the  hands,  arms,  elbows,  legs,  or  body  to   initiate  contact  during  an  offensive  play  is  illegal.     5. Diving  or  hurdling  a  player     x Hurdling  over  an  opponent  is  illegal.  Players  are  permitted  to  dive  to  catch   the  ball  only.    (Exception:  a  player  may  jump  over  a  player  that  is  on  the   ground).     6. Offensive/Defensive  holding       7. Offensive  Picking/Offensive  Pass  Interference       15-­‐yard  Penalties  (Conduct  Penalties)     1. Unnecessary  roughness  (possible  ejection,  official͛Ɛdiscretion)   x From  spot  of  foul     2. Tackling  (possible  ejection,  official͛s  discretion)   x From  spot  of  foul    

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10-­‐yard Penalties:  


3. Fighting (automatic  ejection,  possible  indefinite  suspension  from  league)   x From  the  succeeding  spot     4. Spitting  (automatic  ejection,  possible  indefinite  suspension  from  league)   x From  the  succeeding  spot     5. Threatening,  verbally  assaulting,  or  throwing  objects  at  players,  officials,  or  fans   (automatic  ejection,  possible  indefinite  suspension  from  league)   x From  the  succeeding  spot     6. ƵŵƉΘZƵŶ;ƉŽƐƐŝďůĞĞũĞĐƚŝŽŶ͕ŽĨĨŝĐŝĂů͛ƐĚŝƐĐƌĞƚŝŽŶͿ   x From  spot  of  foul     (Penalty  may  result  in  player  suspension  or  permanent  removal  from  the  league  and  NO   REFUND  of  fee  will  be  given  in  the  case  of  dismissal  for  disciplinary  reasons).     Automatic  First  Down:  The  following  will  result  in  an  automatic  first  down   1. Defensive  Pass  interference  (automatic  first  down  at  the  spot  of  the  foul)   2. Roughing  the  passer      

Wins:  In  the  regular  season,  points  will  be  awarded  for  wins.  A  win  is  worth  two  (2)  points   Losses:    No  points  are  awarded  for  a  loss   Forfeits:    One  (1)  point  will  be  deducted  ĨƌŽŵĂƚĞĂŵ͛ƐƚŽƚĂůĨŽƌĂĨŽƌĨĞŝƚ͘   Points  Total  Tie  Breaker:   1. If  two  teams  have  the  same  point  total  at  the  end  of  the  regular  season,  the   following  tie  breakers  will  apply  for  playoff  seeding:   x Head  to  head  records   x Point  differential  (points  scored  -­‐  points  allowed)   x Strength  of  schedule  based  on  total  point  differential  of  opponents   2. If  three  or  more  teams  have  the  same  point  total  at  the  end  of  the  regular  season,   the  following  tie  breakers  will  apply  for  playoff  seeding   x Point  differential  (points  scored  ʹ  points  allowed)   x Strength  of  schedule  based  on  total  point  differential  of  opponents.     SECTION  12  ʹ  TEAM  FINES  &  SUSPENSIONS   Fines:    All  fines  must  be  paid  in  full  before  the  next  contest.    Teams  that  do  not  pay  fines  in  full   will  be  forced  to  forfeit  the  next  game  and  the  fine  doubles.    After  two  forfeits,  the  team  will  be   expelled  from  the  league  and  forgo  their  league  fee:  Fines  include,  but  not  limited  to:   x Missing  Flags  =  $10   x Forfeit  =  $75   x Suspension  =  $50    

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Suspensions:  Any  player  ejected  from  a  game  is  subject  to  a  one  game  suspension  and  fine.   Each  suspension  is  reviewed  by  the  CBL  Sports  staff.  Each  suspension  will  be  emailed  to  the   team  captain  and  the  suspended  player  by  the  Wednesday  (11:59  pm)  following  the  game  in   which  the  incident  occurred.  A  player  and/or  a  team  may  be  subject  to  a  one  game  suspension   and/or  fine  for  the  following:   x Throwing  a  punch  (possible  ejection  from  the  league)   x Verbally  abusing  other  players  and  officials   x Unruly  fans   x EŽƚĐůĞĂŶŝŶŐƚŚĞĨŝĞůĚ͛ƐƐŝĚĞůŝŶĞĂƌĞĂ    

Suspension Appeals:    Suspension  appeals  must  be  emailed  to  CBL  Sports  by  one  (1)  designated   team  captain.  After  a  suspension  appeal  has  been  received  from  one  (1)  designated  team   captain,  no  other  appeals  will  be  considered.  All  suspension  appeals  must  be  received  within  48   hours  after  issuance  of  the  suspension.  CBL  Sports  will  work  to  review  and  render  a  decision  on   a  suspension  appeal  prior  to  Game  Day  (Sunday);  however  a  team  may  not  receive  notice  of  a   suspension  appeal  decision  until  game  time.    

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These  rules  are  designed  to  ensure  the  league  runs  as  smoothly  and  safely  as  possible.    Each   player   in   the   league   is   responsible   for   this   information.   CBL   SPORTS   reserves   the   right   to   suspend  or  expel  any  participant  who  violates  any  rules  stated  or  implied,  or  whose  behavior   or   style   of   play   is   considered   unsportsmanlike,   uncontrollable,   or   a   risk   to   other   players.   Please  advise  your  team  of  these  rules.     WE  AT  CBL  SPORTS  THANK  YOU  FOR  PLAYING!  


CBL Sports Official Flag Football Rulebook  

Rules for CBL Sports Flag Football Leagues

CBL Sports Official Flag Football Rulebook  

Rules for CBL Sports Flag Football Leagues