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So many times I am using his services, and every time he’s on time and ges better and better, very reliable I wont change his service for a million!!

When Romain Lopez aproached me to come up with a concept design for BOOSTER, I was given the brief of - “Bright, fresh, energy driven, with metalic writing, and if possible keep it sexy”. The idea of using an energy drink can, came quite quickly, although the logo went through various permutations before we came to one we liked. From this branding we

were able to create a logo people instatnly recognized, and move the designs forward, as seen in the examples.


Leaf always produces original and innovative designs Stephen Thompson

I have be designing for Two8six now for four years. A bar / club in south east London, which are an independant company. The World Cup, and Celebrate designs are from the latest campaing to drive awareness of the services they offer, unifying each


poster in a spring lime green splash of colour and keeping the message simple.. Stock imagery from has been used as they are royalty free images, and to keep costs down and within budget.



ere are two of my earliest commisioned work.

Lewisham Pride 2008 was a great challenge. I ended up doing 5 variations on a theme based around

this original image, which was predominantly vector based. All five versions ended up being used in the publicity campaign, which is rare to get. The Naked Footmen was a different challenge - in that is is a

spin off business of The Footmen. A brand logo and colour scheme was already chosen. What i had to do was take exisitng design work, and move it forward so the branding linked the two identities together, but kept the individuality of each company in it’s own brand.


Sometimes design briefs are very vague. In these three examples, I was given a brief of what logos to use and dates, and the quote “Make it look good!” A wow job to be given as it meant total freedom to explore my ideas, but

Leaf Scott has provided myself with some fantastic graphic desighn work he is great at desining flyers, Press Release’s and is an excelent master of airbrush.

Barbara Bush

harder to execute once realised. The Scenestar Superstar is a particular favourite as it was my first chance to design for the “Big Boys” of the London UK nightclub scene.

Jason Prince & Barbara Bush


This has been my greatest challenge to date. Go in and completely redesign a magazine, to make it more attrractive to readers and advertisers. I thank 3SIXTY immensley for this oppourtunity, which has been exceptionally rewarding from a design point of view.



One of my greatest challenges, and greatest rewards.


o g


I’m now looking to work with the big boys and girls, and expand my knowledge and business.

I love to experiment with different techniques. For ages i didn’t think i had a common theme, but in compiling this portfolio i have found that i use a lot of deconstruction. Be it in textures, or more noticably in that of the human form. I like to explore what makes a person tick, and try and make the composition sell that idea. Light and how light affects colour is another common theme. How light and colour can set a mood, or push a product. I believe in constantly experimenting, and hope that this passion never dies.

Many thanks to Wickedangel Studios who have provided me with a lot of the images used. Barbara Bush has become a great friend now, and is a great canvas to work with in photoshop, and fortunately for me - doesn’t seem to mind how much i deconstruct her. She actually uses this head splitting photo for her column in 3SIXTY Magazine.


Time Warrior: A colaboration with photographer Joel Stanley, who also is the subject.

The first part of this project was done by collating royalty free images, and morphing them into a matte painting as seen below. All royalty free pictures were obtained from Step two was to then take a photograph of Joel in army fatigues and comp him into the picture. In this case the head was out of focus - so a


The challenge: Create a dystopian future with broken clocks, and then add Joel into the picture as a cyborg.

secondary photo taken indoors was made and cloned onto the original face. From there bits of clocks and the insides of a computer were added to turn him into a cyborg.. Finally lightning and colour effects were added


Portfolio for Leaf Scott, now with correct copy