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Creating a simple Promo Photograph Wha happens if you want a striking promo photograph of yourself or friend, bu you cant afford togo into a studio and pay a photograher? This tutorial takes you through te stps of an actual

promo photgraph that female impersonator Barbara Bush actually used for a publicity campaign. The orignal photo was taken by Wickedangel in his living room!

1. As always duplicate the original image. Now add an adjustment layer and paint out the background.

4. Copy the layer, and zoom in on the eyes. Go to image, adjustment, curves and bring out he colours and contorus in the iris. Now add an adjustment layer, invert it (Ctrl “I”), and using a white small brush paint, in the irises. Then ctrl / alt / shift and E rro merge up a layer ready for the next step.

2. ctrl/alt/shift/E to merge up, then using th spot healing brush clean up any spot, small wrinkles and tiny skin flaws to create an initial smoother skincanvas to work on.

3. There is a small bit of mostache shadow showing through the make-up. The easiest way to tone this down is to select the area using the lasoo tool with a feather radius of 15. Go to imgae / adjustments/hue and saturation. Now very gently nudge the lightness up. Adjust the hue slightly if needed.

let’s add a really basic basic background. Create a new layer Dupliacte your new merged up beneath the current levels you are layer, and do a skin polishing using and fill with white layer like we did in previus tutorials, by adding a soft gaussian blur, folowed by adding noise. Add an adjustment layer, invert it (Ctrl “i”), and using a soft white brush, paint in the skin polish. The final step and we’re done. We are going to add a sligt over bleached effect to the image. To do this, duplicate the top layer. and either desturate it (CS2 and earlier versions), or add a balck and white adjustment layer. Now in the layers blend window - change the blend mode to overlay.

creating a basic promo image  

Photoshop tutorial on creating a basci promo image from a snap shot.

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