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A nonprofit organization, building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts – locally & globally – with festivals, community events and arts education programs.


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a US school for the first time, and you are the “young global artist” sharing while learning. As the residency and festival progressed, Brianna’s sacred songs and dance came to life and bridged her world to local kids. She and Luis closed the 49th Festival in a sacred song that they carry forward from over a thousand years of tradition.

Executive Director, Jennifer Pickering & Navigator Staff 2019


Beloved LEAF Members, Sponsors, Donors, Partners & Community, The pulsating energy, happiness, and pride were radiating as the rhythms of LEAF International Haiti, Tanzania, and Asheville came together with Cultural Ambassadors, Dirtwire. Claude, Stanley, Hezron, Joseph, Edward, David, and Nex in bright stage lights encapsulated years of dreams, classes, songwriting, learning technology, visa interviews, recording sessions at Echo Mountain and LEAF teaching artists’ dedication leading up to this moment on stage together at LEAF Festival. The political, social and geographic barriers were cast away. The power of cultural exchange through music was alive and at its best. As all of the pieces of this moment rushed through me, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to have the gift to work with young people, artists and families across the world and in our community. This was one of the hundreds of 2019 moments of “WHY We Create LEAF”. How did this globally powerful event come to be? To start with… LEAF Membership! My gratitude for MEMBERS is abundant – THANK YOU in every language! Your support shows you believe in LEAF’s mission! While you may only see a glimpse of LEAF in action, you know the staff and teaching artists are dedicated to creating empowering opportunities for young people as they discover other cultures as well as their own through the lens of global arts. Membership, Sponsor, & Partner support was the key to LEAF last year, as many unexpected “opportunities” arose such as feisty weather, political visa challenges, and LEAF Global Arts center construction. Amidst the unknown, I watched LEAFers rise up together in ways that engaged superpowers and loving-kindness. Several visas for the LEAF Costa Rica team were denied, and parents became fearful of their kids going to the US. However, Brianna, 13 years old, walked the rugged 22 miles leaving her Cabecar First Nation for the 1st time with her teacher and Culture Keeper Luis. She arrived at LEAF shy, only speaking Cabecar, yet vowing to represent her First Nation’s youth in song and ceremony. Imagine stepping into


Scrolling through LEAF photos of 2019 before sitting down to write this missive, I was overwhelmed with the abundance and diversity of extraordinary people (like YOU) dancing, creating, learning, painting, drumming, singing, recording, teaching, sharing, exploring, and connecting. I recall watching parks in Asheville come to life with LEAF artists inspiring, teachers lighting up as they learn how to integrate global citizenship into their classes, kids proudly taking the U-LEAF stage by dance storm in their community, the eagerness of a kid immersing himself in art, kids finding their “skills & positive power” as they ran the soundboards, the pure joy of kids erupting with Haitian musicians who were transforming into teachers at the same time. For many, LEAF creates experiences or opportunity that transforms their positive path and defines how they show up in the world now and in the future.

WHY am I so grateful to be celebrating 25 years and building a new future? I have watched and experienced LEAF transform peoples’ lives in such unique ways connecting them to the world, to themselves and to others with a global and cultural lens that fuels the essence and spirit of people, places, and traditions – that ignites people’s belonging & magical connection to the world! The individual stories are so BIG & BEAUTIFUL – I could share all day long! Such as watching David transform from a kid living on the streets to an international artist mentoring hundreds of kids in his own village and now on a LEAF journey helping people in Zambia be inspired to discover their own culture! For some LEAF inspires, and for some the LEAF experience transforms their lives in BIG ways like Adama-David-Breah-Fredy-BrianSarah-Cornbread-Annie (so many!!). Then they pass “it” forward through their traditions. This is the BEST of being human and living like a global citizen with curiosity and connection. LEAF has created this place-idea-experienceeducation-cultural exchange-stage-community that has so many points of access and engagement. Living life like LEAF is a soul-full experience of learning to dance, embrace poetry, heal, find new friends, discover cultures through new music, watch Jams all while witnessing kids learn how to play the drum & trumpet or find the wonder of creating art... and finding HAPPINESS through these moments. While I so want to know all the LEAF stories, and share them with you, I have come to a place of peace of knowing that we plant so many seeds at LEAF and they grow in wondrous ways. We are able to do so with your support, and for that, we are forever grateful.

LEAF Love & Gratitude, Jennifer Pickering, LEAF Executive Director


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Cultural Arts Education

Global Arts Experiences

LEAF Schools & Streets .................................................... 6

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LEAF International ............................................................ 8


Kennedy Center Partnership ........................................ 10

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Volunteers ........................................................................ 20

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Sponsors & Partners ....................................................... 21

"The shortest distance between two people is a STORY, a SONG or a DANCE." ~ Masankho Banda, LEAF Ambassador






LEAF Global Arts is grateful to have achieved a Silver Star rating from GuideStar. If you care about nonprofits and the work they do, then you are affected by what GuideStar does. GuideStar gathers and disseminates information about every registered nonprofit organization. They provide as much information as they can about each nonprofit’s mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, transparency, governance, and more so that you can take that information and make the best giving decisions. *Copies of our audited financial statements for 2019 are available upon request at engagement@theLEAF.org.



“She’s more open to different cultures and customs. She became more curious about it and started asking questions to learn more.” ~Estes Elementary Parent

WHY IS CULTIVATING CULTURAL CURIOSITY IMPORTANT? At the beginning of 2020, LEAF evolved our name from LEAF Community Arts to LEAF Global Arts. The name change marks the organizational growth from a local music festival to a robust global non-profit organization with partners, programs and impact across the world. LEAF Global Arts is a natural, yet transformative step for LEAF, one that we are building with the intention of connecting communities to the larger world by cultivating cultural curiosity through cultural arts global learning. Global learning at LEAF is about facilitating educational cultural arts experiences that allow participants to appreciate diverse perspectives, understand the connections they have to the wider world, respectively and effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and creatively use knowledge to investigate and take action on issues that matter to them, and the wider world. As our world pauses with a global pandemic, we realize more than ever that global learning through cultural arts should not be an “extra” or “nice-to-have” course that only a handful of students can take. Why? Through cultural arts, longheld traditions and perspectives can easily be integrated as a lens for building bridges of understanding connecting the global community to tackle global issues with heart & wisdom brought forth from our collective history. Furthermore, global learning can lead to holistic student outcomes like academic/work success and overall well-being. Through this work, LEAF Global Arts connects each of us to ourselves, our community, and the world with a bold vision & great hope for a more connected humanity and harmonious planet. OUR IMPACT IN 2019 LEAF SCHOOLS & STREETS 10,293+ youth served (experiencing residencies, workshops and/or performances) 3,620+ youth participating in Easel Rider activities 589 youth performers 170+ Easel Rider events 1050+ Resident Teaching Artist classes 70 unique cultural arts programs 17 Visiting Teaching Artist Residencies 25 Easel Rider and Resident Teaching Artists activated in the community LEAF INTERNATIONAL 10 countries | 11 programs 4 ONEmic Studios 15 Cultural Exchanges 71 Cultural Exchanges to date 18 Culture Keepers & Teaching Artists 1200+ youth participants weekly 3250+ youth participants since 2006!


LEAF FESTIVAL 20+ Countries Represented 860 Performing Artists 220 Individual Shows (Not including secret sets!) 90+ Healing Arts workshops 30+ Earth Skills workshops 35 Family Adventure workshops 60 Waterfront performances & workshops 15 Visiting Teaching Artist Residencies LEAF DOWNTOWN AVL 30,000+ attendance 35+ Performances 200+ Performers 12+ Partner Orgs in Voices of Asheville 80 Handcraft & Culinary Vendors

495,000+ patrons attended & 103 different countries represented since 1995!



of youth participants reported feeling more valued by their community.


of youth reported learning about another culture.


of parents reported that their child had higher self-esteem. ďƒŤ Did you know?

Students who participate in community-based arts programs like LEAF Schools & Streets have a stronger selfunderstanding and confidence in their ability to do things well, and greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem (Heath & Roach, 1999). Research finds that both the visual and performing arts provide a way for students to explore, create, and express their identity.


GUIDING STATEMENT LEAF Schools & Streets cultural arts programs use the arts to bridge cultures and create life-affirming, community building experiences – empowering our youth to become global citizens, leaders and agents of positive change. THE NEED LEAF Schools & Streets recognizes the power of cultural arts as a vessel for community building by strengthening intergenerational and cross-cultural relationships, empowering individuals and strengthening leadership from the local community outward. LEAF SCHOOLS & STREETS lesson plans, curriculum and evaluation align with the Developmental Assets Profile (DAP), developed by the Search Institute, a nonprofit organization that studies and works to strengthen youth success in schools, youth programs, families, and communities. The Search Institute has identified 40 assets which comprise a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults. Building these assets prepare youth for success in some type of college or education, a career and citizenship. Of the 40 Developmental Assets, LEAF Schools & Streets has identified 6 assets (community values youth, adult role models, creative activities, cultural competence, personal power and self-esteem) that exemplify the types of skills our programs help to develop in our students.


COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE Resident Teaching Artist Kylie Irvin and her husband Sam Irvin teach the LEAF Schools & Streets Brass Band Exploration class on Monday afternoons for Christine W. Avery Learning Center. She recently reported on her progress and great rapport with one of her students who she had previously taught at Candler Elementary. Kylie recalls one of their first classes together in the fall semester of 2019 as they started working on trombone. “We talked a lot about music, played the first 5 notes, and about his home life,” she describes. “It’s really cool that JJ is a part of our group! It sounds like he’s been through some rough stuff with a lot of different people in his life, so I feel happy to be something that can connect him to his past and he’s really into learning more music!” Positive, integrated Resident Teaching Artists like Kylie connect young people with the larger community and demonstrate the value of having positive role models for youth. The connections built between artists and students exemplify the power of the arts to overcome boundaries regardless of backgrounds, cultures, status, and age. JJ himself has noted his appreciation for the opportunity to take classes with Kylie and Sam: “I was a bad kid in 4th grade. I’m not good in school but I’ve always enjoyed my music teachers. Music teachers are different from other teachers.”

“Our conversations had an impact because though I think he struggles to fit in, he seems to be very respectful towards me and we have a good rapport which I’m grateful for.” Kylie explains, and notes the positive impact on JJ’s self-esteem as he progresses, as working with instruments gives him something to be proud of. “He’s willing to try improvisation which can be intimidating at first but he just goes for it now which I’m so happy to see!”


LEAF Schools & Streets Highlights 2019 bit.ly/schoolsandstreets2019

LEAF Visiting Teaching Artist Paul Beaubrun & W.W. Estes Elementary Students Performance bit.ly/PaulBeaubrunEstes Or find us on YouTube: @youtube/LEAFGlobalArts



GUIDING STATEMENT LEAF International is dedicated to cultural preservation, the fostering of global citizenship, and cultural exchange. LEAF collaborates with communities to support Culture Keepers who teach local youth their traditional arts. THE NEED LEAF International envisions a world where communities actively engage their youth in learning their cultural traditions, empowering them with the life skills necessary to be active agents of change in their communities, and in our world at large. We believe in the power of music, art, and culture to empower individuals and transform lives. LEAF recognizes that these benefits are both tangible and intangible and that at times, quantifying & qualifying the impact of arts education can be elusive. LEAF INTERNATIONAL utilizes the Culture for Development Indicators as a guiding framework for the development, the evaluation and the monitoring of programs. Believing that cultural expressions provide a wealth of intangible benefits that are crucial for a healthy and vibrant world, LEAF International aligns with the UN System Task Team for the post-2015 UN Development Agenda, who assert that cultural expression provides communities “with greater social inclusiveness and rootedness, resilience, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship for individuals and communities, and the use of local resources, skills, and knowledge.”

CULTURE KEEPER PERSPECTIVE Kesslon Wilson: Culture Keeper Kingstown, St Vincent & the Grenadines

It is indeed an exciting time for the LEAF Elite Steel Orchestra. We can barely contain our enthusiasm and exuberance and there has been improved, encouraging and resurgence in the interest shown at rehearsals. I am personally conveying deep and sincere thanks to LEAF for their most valuable interest and assistance not only in preserving our country’s culture but also in sharing the dream and vision of protecting and saving our youths from the clutches and wiles of negative pressures and keeping them focused on the positives of skill and self-esteem building. LEAF, our gratitude is limitless and finally, our time seems to have come to make a more positive impact. Thank you for partnering with us and sharing our dreams and visions and assisting us in meeting our mandate. We do look forward to a long-lasting and healthy lasting relationship.




100% of youth enrolled in LEAF International are

learning their cultural traditions and report that their LEAF program is having a good impact on their life.

80% report they know more about their culture because of their LEAF International classes.

70% of these youth expressed that LEAF International

classes are their first opportunity to learn music and the arts.

85% feel like they have made a positive difference in their community

100% culture keepers feel like teaching their cultural traditions has changed their life

100% culture keepers feel like LEAF is a substantial source of employment

*Results do not include surveys from Panama, Bequia, or New Orleans


LEAF International Highlights 2019 bit.ly/LEAFInternational2019 Or find us on YouTube: @youtube/LEAFGlobalArts



LIVING & LEARNING SERIES Learning Journeys // Partners In Education // Cultural Exchanges // Cultural Expeditions

Learning Journeys Program Overview: Since 2014, LEAF has been

hosting conversations for & by the local community and our Teaching Artist called “Learning Journeys” these discussions give our LEAF family an opportunity to connect, engage and get inspired to the work and efforts that improve our community and world around us! We invite YOU to share in the experience to learn and connect. Email GlobalArts@theLEAF.org for more information on the next Learning Journey.

Kennedy Center Partners In Education Program Overview: In 2019, 17 Buncombe County

Schools teachers completed Phase 1 of our Kennedy Center Partners in Education program with Buncombe County Schools and were honored on stage at LEAF Downtown. Seven Buncombe County Schools teachers attended the Kennedy Center Arts Integration Conference in Arlington, VA in June. “Today’s recognition ceremony touched me, being surrounded by the greater community with kids waiting behind us to go on stage. I saw several of my students, and that helped me contextualize the experience as well. Thanks for guiding us through this process. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn with y’all!” ~Katharine Zamarra, re: being recognized at LEAF Downtown

The Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education program facilitates educational partnerships between arts organizations around the nation and their local school systems. Representatives from these organizations work together to establish or expand professional learning programs in the arts for teachers. These events for teachers focus on either teaching about the arts, or teaching other subject areas through the arts. Through this partnership, LEAF has access to a plethora of educational resources, more visibility through the Kennedy Center branding, and a network of peers across the country with similar goals. 10

Email education@theLEAF.org or call 828.68.MUSIC [686-8742] for booking information.


Cultural Exchanges

Cultural Expeditions

Program Overview: Cultural exchanges are an

“I teach the kids to play the drums and what the drums symbolize. Haitian drums are special. Congo is the dance of joy; Banda is the dance of rhythm where you shake your body a lot. The drums & their rhythms are all the connection.”

integral part of what we do at LEAF Global Arts as we work to cultivate a stronger global community and connect cultures around the world. LEAF International cultural exchanges result in life-changing experiences, both for the participating LEAF International students as well as the larger LEAF community involved. During cultural exchanges, LEAF International culture keepers, teaching artists, and youth come to Asheville to share their traditional cultural art forms with local communities, creating global citizenship experiences. These exchanges happen in conjunction with the LEAF Festivals & LEAF Downtown (May, August, & October).

“We have a duty to share our culture, and LEAF helped us do that at the Festival.” ~Hesron Kija, LEAF International ONEmic Tanzania student

~Bwa Gris, LEAF International Haiti Culture Keeper

Cultivating Cultural Curiosity Be a part of a journey that will allow you to immerse yourself into the heart of LEAF & its mission. This opportunity will take you through cross-cultural experiences with several LEAF International programs including Guatemala, Haiti, Costa Rica & more. See how LEAF contributes to the vivacity of these traditions by supporting the preservation of cultures and cultural knowledge transfer to the next generations. Your journey will be led by LEAF staff members, Culture Keepers & partners. These trips are familyfriendly, so bring your kids & their friends! Give them an opportunity to see the world as global citizens.

See the world with LEAF! Visit LEAF International programs in Guatemala, Haiti, Costa Rica and more. For info on how to immerse, visit theLEAF.org/CulturalExpeditions.



GUIDING STATEMENT: LEAF Festival is an inter-generational celebration of world cultures that uses music, arts, and creativity to champion artistic expression, instill cultural competency, and build a diverse & welcoming community. For 25 years, each May & October a global family of over 12,000 people join together upon the beautiful Lake Eden grounds to experience the power music, art and culture has to transform lives, strengthen community, and foster unity. With over 400 performing artists representing 12 different countries, 5 family adventure villages, 80+ craft & culinary vendors, 50+ healing arts, music & earth skills workshops, and a global community steeped in tradition... LEAF Festival gathers all walks of life to take part in an unforgettable cultural experience.

They say the creation of a thousand forests lies in a single acorn. One word, one choice, one gesture no matter how seemingly small has the power to transform this world for the better. In May, for the 48th LEAF Festival, we scoured the globe to select artists who are innovators and architects of positive change through the strength & resilience of their creative expression. Artists who defied all expectations, remaining true to their path allowing authenticity to guide them to ever higher heights of accomplishment & impact. Artists who value the power of nourishing deep roots in the community as much as reaching out for the stars. Of all the forces in our universe, few things captivate more inspiration, awe, and wonder ‌ than the stars. No matter where we stand upon this beautiful Earth, up above is a celestial blanket beckoning our vision to higher possibilities. In October, for the 49th LEAF Festival, the artists selected transcend expectation, defy all convention, and capture the essence of what it means to embrace one’s fullest potential From the shores of Benin, to the mountains of Colorado, to the forests of Ireland, to the city streets of LA‌ over 15 nations united at Lake Eden to share a vision of who we are when we release all expectations, dive deep into our creative passions, and Reach for the Stars.




Patrons Served Since 1995

Countries Represented Since 1995

Total Performers Since 1995


LEAF Festival Highlights bit.ly/LEAFFestival2019 Or find us on YouTube: @youtube/LEAFGlobalArts





City of Asheville Strategic Partner

LEAF DOWNTOWN celebrates communities, creativity, diversity, and families in the heart of downtown Asheville. LEAF Downtown furthers Asheville’s goals of access, community partnership & economic vitality while driving the greater LEAF Global Arts mission to connect cultures & create community through music & arts.

We performed at the LEAF Festival in Black Mountain 8 years ago and were floored by the intention and community action the organization carried back then. Now returning so many years later, looking at the enormous impact LEAF has on the city, whos coming out, and what you represent to so many is truly inspiring. We’re honored to play for such a forward-thinking organization during these critical times... ~ Speech Arrested Development

In August 2019, we celebrated our landmark 5th Annual LEAF Downtown AVL welcoming over 30,000 people into the heart of our beautiful city for a magnificent music, art, culture and community experience. Friday evening was headlined by Conscious Hip-Hop artists, activists, and innovators Arrested Development. Our Saturday night headliner brought one of the greatest Reggae music legends of our time to perform in front of record-setting crowds in Stephen Marley. Programming over two days included over 200 performers, 3 stages, 70 hand-selected artisan craft & food vendors, an Art Dash 5K race, dozens of Family Adventure experiences, and over 14 partner organizations in our Voices of Asheville Tent. No matter who you are or how you choose to live, love, and experience life, LEAF Downtown Celebrates YOU - championing diversity, equity, and inclusivity at the heart of our event.




LEAF Downtown AVL Highlights 2019 bit.ly/LEAFDowntown2019 Or find us on YouTube: @youtube/LEAFGlobalArts



Explore the World In downtown aShEvILLE

do i n e v n e i B Spanish

Murakaza Neza Bienve nue Kinyarwandan


CultIvatIng Cultural CurIosIty { Grand Opening was February 14, 2020 } Because of you, growth at LEAF has been pretty remarkable! Our new endeavor, LEAF Global Arts, sprouted from the desire to deepen our impact within our community. LEAF Global invites one and all to experience a world without borders where the creative expression of people and communities thousands of miles away are right at your fingertips. The experience also includes local traditions, featuring An area honoring Club Del Cardo, which holds a special place in the history of The Block. As globalization continues, understanding



Kuin Krubate Ne te Ngabe

other cultures and one’s place in our community & the world is increasingly critical to accessing our creativity to address current global issues and building bridges of understanding in our world. Imagine what our world would look like if everyone had access to the rich global diversity and positive cultural exchange? From music, to dance, to language arts, healing, and poetry, LEAF Global brings these cultural art workshops, classes, and experiences to an inspiring location that is affordable, educational, and inclusive. Thank you to our Transformation Partner, Founding Partners, donors for bring this experience to life! You can still be a part of bringing LEAF Global to life by making an above-and-beyond gift to your annual contribution. Naming and Partner opportunities are available! Corporate supporters and donors will be recognized throughout the building via beautiful, artistic plaques. More importantly, you’ll be creating magic in our world! To learn more about being part of the magic, please contact us!


19 EAGLE STREET • AVL 28801 @ Historic Club Del Cardo

Experience these

ENGAGEMENT STATIONS Go Global Interactive World Map • Easel Rider Art Bar • Virtual Reality CAVE • Historic Del Cardo Local History & Music Trail • Sougou Artist Market in honor of Madiba • ONEmic Recording Studio • Instrument Petting Zoo • Sound Underground • Cultural Immersion Exhibits + Classes & Workshops Field Trips & Group Tours Venue Rentals

& so much more!

 Did you know?

LEAF is honored to be part of Eagle Market Place. Treasured historically as the Club Del Cardo on The Block, this area thrived as the hub of African American owned business in Asheville. And... Women played an extraordinary role in the ownership and leadership of The Block. It is important to note that the Del Cardo space remains owned by an African American organization, Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation. Do you remember the Historic Club Del Cardo? Share your stories in the Del Cardo Local History experience curated by Elder Roy Harris aka “Lion of The Block”.

“Making meaningful connections across diverse cultures through the arts is at once the most simple concept and one of the most complex. Making those connections locally and internationally for multiple generations is the most noble (and, in my mind, most important) mission I have ever seen a group of people undertake. This literally is a path to world peace. Any normal group of people would find this mission too overwhelming. Too impossible. It is a good thing that this LEAF family of our is NOT normal - - not even close. We are the dreamers, the creatives, the makers, and the visionaries. This is important work. This is our work.” ~Derek Allen, LEAF Board President



Thank You


Your gift changes lives and opens pathways of understanding in our world! TRANSFORMATION PARTNER

Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority


Bank of America | Ben Gradison Memorial Fund | Dan Lucas Memorial Fund | Echo Mountain Recording Studio | Putumayo | Sunnyside Trading Company | Togar Rugs


Cameron & Courtney Maybin | Don & Alexandra Clayton | Dan Lucas Memorial Fund: Greg Lucas | Ben Gradison Memorial Fund: Bill & Carrie Gradison and Heather Gradison | Patrick “Pat” Ilderton in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daniel | John Michael Hale Memorial Fund | John Crossland III | Mark Fogas | Charles F. Gwinn | The Pickering Family | Steve “Dawgman” Moberg | Filivia Foundation | Hedy Fischer | Tommy & Debbie George In Memory of Mitzi George | Heather & David Abernathy | Derek & Elizabeth Allen | Patricia Anderson & Pamela Reid | Carol & Mark Antman | Anonymous | Ashkouti Family | Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria | Jen Beasley | Erica Bell | Barbara Benisch & Jacque Allen | Ivi Bilich & Jennifer Twiggs | Richard Blomgren | Dot Borden | Gary Broome | William “Bill Butcher & Misty Massiello | Faith Butterfield In Memory of Nicholas B. Pickell | Helme Calfee | Michael Compton | Ashley Cooper | Cleaster Cotton | Daly & Sawyer Construction | C.D. Daniel | Eddie & Kristan Dewey | Bob & Carol Deutsch | James H. Diaz Jr. | Christine DiBenedetto In Honor of Hennie & Xavier Callaway | Doug & Jennifer English | Bill Feste | James & Kate Fisher | Strivven Media LLC - Ilya & Kim Gorelik | Robin Gradison In Memory of Ben Gradison | River Guerguerian | Kerri Hampton | Kelly Hanson | Elbert Hargrave | Lucy Hazebrook & David Hill In Memory of Janie Pickering & Helen Schneller | Sid & Emily Heilbraun | Doc & Fran Hensley | Adrienne & Lin Holcomb | Betsy & David Hooper | Cliff Hotchkiss | Benjamin Jaffee & Jeanette Koehn | Ann & Horace Jennings in Honor of Betty Smith Jennings & Alice Sanders | Jill & Bill Jones In Memory of Everette Erwin Butler Jr. | Joe Karpen: The Karpen Family | Amy & Nader Kawar of Enter the Earth | Blaise & Cathy Kieler | Ken Kiser | Suzy Lawrence In Honor of Galen Starnes & Pete Spinnet | Meg Locke | Brad & Sarah Martin | Tracy Massiello-Brown | Jeff & Ashley Miller | George & Linda Milsaps | Holt & Jen Moore | Kate & Lindsay Nevin in Honor of Pomeroy! | Sarah Nie | Neely & Jim Neu In Memory of our Dear Friend Harlan Richardson | Doug & Darcy Orr In Memory of Janie Pickering |


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LEAF Membership is a global community of donors who believe in harnessing the power of cultural arts as a lens for cultivating cultural curiosity and bringing greater harmony to our world. Thank you for providing cultural arts learning experiences for youth locally & globally! 100% of LEAF Membership supports LEAF Schools & Streets and LEAF International.



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Year after year, we are amazed by the dedication and spirit of our Board of Directors, Board Emeritus and outstanding Volunteers. You enable us to create magic and touch more lives. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2019 Derek Allen | Board President Civic-Minded Zoning, Land Use Planning Attorney Deborah Bryant | Board Chair Youth Development, Family Services Pete Roe | Treasurer Business, Finance Advisor Jen Beasley | Secretary + Archivist Community Outreach, Logistics Neely Neu | Whip Real Estate Joanne Badr-Morgan Attorney, History, Cultural & Community Leadership Gary Broome Marketing, Design Jim Diaz Entrepreneur, Strategic Planning Naima Di International Business, Community Development Christine DiBenedetto Entrepreneur, Community Action Bill Feste Public School Educator, Instructional Technologist, Prankster

Vanessa Guerrero UNCA Juntos Coordinator Kerri Hampton Educator, Non-Profit Planning Dr. “Big E” Eric Howard Educational Policies, Social Work, Photography Anthony Thomas Green Opportunities Employment Manager Ford Willis Business Operations, Longtime LEAFer Steve Wilmans Entrepreneur, Music & Recording Business, Preservation Mike Zinsmeister Global Marketing, Strategic Organizational Development BOARD EMERITUS COUNCIL A Treasured Circle of Support who fueled LEAF’s work & vision and continue to help guide LEAF forward. Board Emeritus served full Board terms or helped start the organization: Carol Antman • Ivi Bilich • Cleaster Cotton • Tracy Massiello Brown • James Fisher • Tommy George • River Guerguerian Kelly Hanson • Elbert Hargrave • Cliff Hotchkiss • Jill Jones Jim Magill • Holt Moore • Sarah Nie • Doug Orr • Reggie Tidwell Robert Todd • Jody Whitehurst


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“I love working with events that first look at each partners strengths and opportunities and create an organic partnership from that. LEAF and Klean Kanteen started a partnership based on this foundation and continue to build the partnership up by exploring. From getting our tents saved from the winds of Fall 2018 to the praise I regularly get from staff about our unique event kanteens, we are more than welcomed we are loved. Every LEAFer, staff or attendee, appreciates in such an unconditional way. I think the best way to sum up LEAFs partnerships is with an answer I commonly get from a question I ask at every event. "Who are you most excited to see here?" Typically at other festivals I get a certain band. At LEAF the answer is always about the people they get to see off stage. That is unique, that is special, and that is LEAF through and through.” ~Ethan Holbrook, Klean Kanteen

LEAF Global Arts has cultivated successful and enduring partnerships with businesses, foundations and institutions across Western North Carolina and the region. Sponsors and grants help LEAF bring quality cultural arts education to thousands of youth both in Buncombe County and in countries around the world.

For more information, please contact: LEAF Sponsor Engagement, Amanda Vollrath at development@theLEAF.org


Transforming Lives, Connecting Cultures and Generating Unity. LEAF is looking towards 2020 and the legacy we want to be generating in the communities we serve. We see ourselves using music, art and festivals to create welcoming places and spaces of possibility that foster shared experiences powerful enough to transform lives, connect cultures and generate unity.

much lEaF love & Gratitude for your support! MAKE A GIFT Contact our Development Team at 828.68.MUSIC

LEARN MORE About our Community, Mission, and Work @ theLEAF.org LEAF Global Arts is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.

VISIT LEAF 19 Eagle Street, Suite 120 Asheville, NC 28801

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