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Through December 17, 2016

101/EXHIBIT 668 N. La Peer Drive | Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 259-9668 |


Poisoned paper O

ngoing now at 101/EXHIBIT in Los Angeles is Glorious Poison, Jason Shawn Alexander’s new exhibition, his fifth at the California gallery. The show will mark a departure for the artist, whose works have previously been oil on canvas. For this exhibition he will make a significant shift to ink-based paintings on canvas and paper. Alexander, who began his professional art career as a comic book artist and writer, is widely known for his stylistic expression of

figure, mood and also existential dread as his figures seem to absorb into and out of the paper or canvas, their life forms in a state of chaotic flux as his brushstrokes wander purposefully around the composition. Works in the show include Seaton, featuring a male figure reclining into a cascading strip of gold, with his hands and face full of detail but his arms and body rendered simply in black ink. The Red Queen is more ordered, with a nude female figure turned away from the viewer

but glancing backward with a raven mask hanging from her face. Contrasting her dark skin and Alexander’s inks is a red shawl loosely hanging from her hands and drawn in with rusty red linework. Many of the pieces are done quite large, creating an almost life-size quality to their bodies and, most importantly, their facial features that peer back from the paper. 101/EXHIBIT director Kevin Van Gorp says Alexander is a sure-footed artist. “For Glorious Poison, he has a struck a

1 Jason Shawn Alexander in his California studio. 2 Seaton, ink, pastel, polyurethane and acrylic on paper, 44 x 30" 3 The Red Queen, ink and polyurethane on paper, 44 x 30" 4 Glorious Poison, ink, coffee and acrylic on paper, 44 x 30" 5 Patron Saint of the Downtrodden, ink, acrylic and gold leaf on paper, 44 x 30"




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Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017