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SALLY PAINTER Growing up on a farm and co-owning a nursery for most of her life, Sally Painter has always been surrounded by the beauty of the natural world. It’s not surprising that she turned to nature for inspiration when she took up painting and has since become a painter of bold botanicals. The fascinating shapes, delicate textures and vibrant colors of flowers and other plants and trees are her favorite subjects. Painter says she strives to paint something more than simply a realistic depiction


of these subjects. She notes, “I interpret the subject with brush in hand, allowing my imagination to select colors and forms.” Like one of her artistic heroes, Georgia O’Keeffe, Painter invites viewers to enter into her subjects, to experience them and to have a visceral reaction to them. Above all, her oil paintings allow people to see as she sees, what she describes as “God’s amazing way of creating each so uniquely and beautifully.” Rapidly gaining national recognition, in 2016 Painter has participated in the Oil Painters of America Juried Salon Show; the 26th annual All Florida

Juried Arts Show; and the Art of the Heartland juried exhibition, among others. Painter and her husband currently divide their time between their homes in Florida and Wyoming.

TERRY ARROYO MULROONEY (305) 387-5351, studio (305) 479-3448, cellphone Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Terry Arroyo Mulrooney has lived in Miami since early childhood. Her family has an extensive 1 Sally Painter, Morning Bloom, oil, 16 x 20"

3 Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, Pretty in Pink, watercolor on paper, 26 x 35"




2 Sally Painter, Pretty Palms, oil on canvas, 30 x 40"

history in fine arts, both in Latin America and in the United States. She is mostly self-taught with the goal of exclusively mastering transparent watercolor. She has gained widespread recognition and received multiple awards for her paintings in solo and group exhibits and at professional galleries. Her traditional yet unique style has become recognizable, with her works being selected for local festival posters, published in magazines, and displayed in private and public collections worldwide. Though South Florida is her favorite theme, Mulrooney’s subjects are varied. She specializes in paintings of her patron’s favorite people, pets, events or places. “My art is a collaboration of my vision that touches the heart of the viewer,” says Mulrooney. “Transparent watercolors entice an emotional connection with my audience. The content of these paintings transform into a conduit of color, design, light and shadow. They are in my own realistic style, communicating luminosity and richness. It was precisely this affinity for these qualities that led me to choose transparent watercolor.”

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Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017