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December 2-31, 2016

Abend Gallery 2260 E. Colfax Avenue | Denver, CO 80206 (303) 355-0950 |

Holiday tradition F

or the past 25 years, Abend Gallery in Denver has hosted its annual Holiday Miniatures Show with a wide array of small works available from its roster of artists. For this year’s 26th edition, the gallery will open its doors December 2 with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. The artwork remains on view through the duration of the month. One of the hallmarks of the show is the diversity of the work offered—figures, cityscapes, wildlife, still lifes and more—to entice new and established collectors alike. Alpay Efe will be represented by the painting Butterfly A.a., which shows a dark-hued butterfly against an abstract background. “In addition to the subjects and scenes depicted, I intend for my

paintings to meditate moods, feelings, atmospheres…But also to be pleasing and interesting from an aesthetic perspective,” says Efe. “I strongly believe that there is much more to a realistic depiction of the physical world than just painting something to be as lifelike or photo-like as possible. For me, this is where abstraction and realism can come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. And, oddly enough, often something that is closer to reality than anything else.” Afternoon Sunset by Hsin-Yao Tseng also will be on view. The cityscape is one where the artist was playing with the design and abstract texture. “Focusing on how the light and shadow pattern lay

out on the building and the street, [and] simplify the bottom part of the painting by using more abstract elements and marks,” Tseng explains. Among the figurative paintings displayed will be Zack Zdrale’s Flinch. “I’ve been digging deeper and taking more risks in pursuit of a physical, emotional response from my work. The process and results have been exciting,” he says. “Flinch is an example of this effort.” Another in the genre is D’Apres Elle by Nadezda Kuzmina. The artist explains, “Human condition, a blurred line between the world of phantasm and reality, a place where one’s mind drifts when daydreaming or falling asleep, is one of the most






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Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017