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ANATOMY OF THE MAGAZINE Use this magazine to help you become the first to acquire new works for sale at upcoming shows coast to coast COASTTOCOAST COVERAGE Find out what’s happening across the nation. This is the first magazine to provide coast-to-coast coverage of upcoming shows from artists and galleries specializing in traditional fine art paintings and sculpture—the art that collectors want.



In the Preview pages, we reveal new works about to come available for sale by the country’s leading galleries.

Our nationally recognized interior design consultants take you inside the homes of major art collectors to show how the collections have been hung.


At the top of each Preview page you’ll see the destination where the upcoming exhibition is showing, the dates, and the gallery address and contact details so you can make inquiries about new works— before they go on sale to the general public.

Find out everything the discerning collector needs to know. Each month a group of art experts share their behind-thescenes knowledge of how the art market works.

ARTIST FOCUS PAGES These one-page articles are bonus Previews and focus on additional exhibitions taking place each month. Artist Focus Pages also show new works available for purchase, providing another valuable resource for finding more one-of-a-kind works of art.

SOLD! Read our monthly SOLD! pages to find out who’s buying whose art they first saw in this magazine.

ART LOVER’S GUIDES Broaden your horizons by reading about the fabulous new art to be shown in some of the country’s most exciting and stimulating art destinations.

VIRTUAL ART WALK Visit to see our sensational Virtual Art Walk. When a show announcement catches your eye, click on it and the art image will enlarge. Click again, and you will be linked directly to the gallery hosting the upcoming show.

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Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017  

Tạp chí mỹ thuật nước ngoài 2017