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battles through, because it is his way of being able to fight back against a disease that has taken so much from him. Jennie Brade found out she had breast cancer, whilst taking her mother to an appointment for her own cancer treatment. Now, both of them will be riding in 2015! Equally, there are many riders who just want to get fit, meet people, and do something awesome! So, what is the hardest part? For some riders, the riding is the tough bit; for others, the fundraising is more intimidating. However, the One Aim team supports all our members to reach their riding and fundraising goals. In the same way that it is easier to ride with company, it is much easier to fundraise with support! In the six years since we started the One Aim team, we have never had a rider not reach their minimum fundraising (as long as they have engaged with the team). Our team mantra is we are a team for “all shapes, all sizes, and all ages”. These attributes are obviously particularly relevant to people’s riding abilities, but we are equally diverse when it comes to

fundraising capacity. But yet again, we are a team, and we help our teammates. The year 2015 is going to be the biggest year yet for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer and the One Aim team. More team members, more events, and more funds will be raised for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. And, more FUN! So, you could try and make a “wish list” of resolutions that will most likely be quickly forgotten or you could do one thing: register for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. And from that, all of the others will take care of themselves. Register for 2015 and join us! You won’t regret it, and it just might change your life! Nigel Brockton, PhD. RESEARCH SCIENTIST MOLECULAR CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY & PREVENTION RESEARCH CANCERCONTROL ALBERTA, ALBERTA HEALTH SERVICES

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Oilfield PULSE February 2015  
Oilfield PULSE February 2015