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t’s difficult to escape all the negative chatter and hype right now with oil prices where they are, but we’ve weathered times like this before (and worse!), and we’ll do it again in the future. The key is to maintain your strong customer base who are loyal to your brand, especially now when others are trying to lure them away. How can you be sure you’re meeting those customers’ needs? Leverage your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to help you work smarter, not just harder. It’s actually easier (and less expensive) to keep the customers your business already has rather than trying to hunt down new ones. Here are 3 ways your CRM system can help. Don’t have a CRM system? Now is the time to consider one. Seriously!


FOCUS ON YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS A good CRM system will not only provide you with analytical tools to help you identify who your best customers are, but it can help you categorize them too. Sometimes this analysis will turn up surprising results. That customer who gives you steady repeat business? They may not actu­ ally be worth as much as the customer who does the infrequent but larger orders on higher-margin products or services, for example. And beyond ba­ sic ranking by revenue, the analytics can show you other relationships that may not be obvious at first glance and would likely be missed otherwise.


IMPROVE YOUR LEVEL OF SERVICE Under-promise and over-deliver. We claim to strive for this, but do we actually follow through? A good CRM system can help. On the front end, if your sales team understands how critical it is to enter all agreements made with customers, the likelihood of broken promises de­ creases dramatically. Chalk it up to increased ac­ countability if you will. Ultimately, your organization is enabled to better execute and deliver on the ex­ pectations that were set. On the back end, a good CRM system can help your service department effectively track, schedule, and solve customer service issues. Knowing service conundrums can always happen, the issue itself is rarely what the customer will remember. It’s how you deal with the issue that will stay in the forefront of their minds the next time they’re considering doing business with you. Having all of a customer’s relevant information centralized in one place is key to staying responsive and efficient. Seamless integration between both the front and

back ends of your business should be inherent in a well-designed CRM system. What does this mean for your organization? It ensures everyone is on the same page, which in turn, demonstrates to your customers you’re running a solid organization with their best interests being the priority.


DELIVER A CONSISTENT EXPERIENCE Every single interaction your customers have with your organization either builds or erodes trust. Don’t believe me? Think back to that call with [insert phone company/cable company/car dealership name here] when you wanted to reach through the phone and strangle the person on the other end out of sheer frustration, because you were told one thing by someone else, and now they’re tell­ ing you something completely different. How did that leave you feeling about that company? A negative experience with a company representative is bound to cloud your overall judgment of the organization as a whole. To help protect your brand, a well-designed and implemented CRM can not only help ensure con­ sistency, but it can tailor offerings based on informa­ tion on what your individual customers want. This includes understanding what your customers want in both the short and long term, which helps you train your people to deliver experiences that will keep your customers happy, and ultimately, enables you to use this to impact the products and services that you deliver. Carissa de la Vega LOCAL INDEPENDENT CERTIFIED CRM CONSULTANT OIL & GAS, AUTOMOTIVE, A&D, AND HIGHER EDUCATION INFO@CDLV.CA.

OilfieldPULSE | FEBRUARY 2015


Oilfield PULSE February 2015  
Oilfield PULSE February 2015