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TAG These days most people are quite aware of what a hashtag is; however, in a quick paced technological society, there are some who are left scratching their heads and asking, “What in the world is a hashtag?”


lear and simple, it is a solo character represen­ted by #, which is used to identify a keyword or topic primarily in a Tweet (and now some other forms of social media) to label messages. Most commonly used on the social media site Twitter, people use this symbol to preface their keyword and conduct a twitter search. If you were to click on this hashtag, any posted messages which are relevant to the subject search, will populate to show all the other tweets marked with that keyword. For example, if you were attending the Calgary Stampede in Calgary you could tweet something like: “Just arrived at the #CalgaryStampede, and I’m excited to see the #bullriding.” By using these two hashtags, anyone who is engaged in conversations about these two topics will also be privy to other comments made about the Calgary Stampede and the bull riding events. When multiple people search the same hashtag topic, the


OilfieldPULSE | FEBRUARY 2015

hashtagged words that become popular are called trending topics or “what’s trending”. The use of hashtags at an event is no different. If you want to create a flurry of excitement and curiosity about different aspects of your event or perhaps the various booths or something everyone in attendance should make a pilgrimage to see, it would be smart to create a hashtag. Hashtags become a catalyst to encourage, facilitate, and help create and maintain the excitement or the “buzz”. For any organization, it is very important to create a hashtag in advance of your event, before the attendees create one of their own, for you to primarily manage your brand. Neglecting to do so may run a risk of having a hashtag which does not showcase your event appropriately. Secondly, by identifying the hashtag, you can promote, monitor, and engage as well as identify the outcomes by the amount of people using social media at your function.

Oilfield PULSE February 2015  
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