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LETTER FROM THE CEO Welcome to leAD! As you might know, the name “leAD” stands for legacy of

Adi Dassler, one of the greatest sports entrepreneurs of all time. But how can we ensure his legacy lives on? How can we support this generation of sports and health entrepreneurs or the next “Adi Dassler”? At leAD, we believe it’s our duty to carry his values, his entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why I always encourage my team to think like an entrepreneur. Accept challenges. Look for opportunities in situations others would overlook. Think big. Take risks. This way, we stay sharp. This way, we help our startups create their own legacy. Thinking entrepreneurial has led us to some great achievements so far. From a standalone program in Berlin, leAD has developed into the leading sports and health tech venture platform in just a few years. We have managed to establish our footprint across the globe, hosting events from the U.S. to Israel to India. For our leAD Lake Nona Sports and Health Tech Academy program alone, we have received 442 applications from 44 different countries in 2020! We know innovation is a team sport. Without the right players, the right coaches and supporters, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our uniqueness comes from a setup of high caliber stakeholders – investors, partners, mentors – with a wide range of expertise in sports and health. And our ecosystem continues to grow! I couldn’t emphasize enough how important it is to enter partnerships that empower our founders and accelerate the growth of our startups. Our ecosystem is designed to support them throughout the challenges faced. For us, it’s all about the founders. Founders who are constantly receiving feedback and reinventing themselves. Founders who are doing what it takes to disrupt this exciting industry. Founders who live their true passion for sports and health. We are constantly asking our startup founders what their legacy is, what kind of change they would like to see in this industry. This way, we continue to guide and empower our entrepreneurs so they can create their own legacy. In this magazine, you can read more about the leAD ecosystem, our partners, and our portfolio companies.

I hope you enjoy the read! Until next time,

CHRISTOPH SONNEN Co-Founder & CEO at leAD, Partner at ADvantage

Legacy. Sports have always played an important role in the Bente family. Klaus, Horst and Stefan Bente were deeply inspired by their grandfather Adi Dassler’s devotion to sports and his joy in passing this passion onto others. While passion for sports became a connecting element within the family, innovation in sports developed into its key theme. Today, this is the foundation of leAD: the culture of support that is clearly shaped by Adi Dassler’s personality as a mentor, motivator and sponsor, and a pure passion for sports that unites the leAD team of entrepreneurs, investors, athletes, mentors, and startups.

Our grandfather, Adi Dassler, was always driven by the idea of making great sports ideas even greater and putting them into action. Today, he would be supporting startups in the same way we are doing in his honor.” HORST BENTE Co-Founder & Board Member leAD Sports



Shareholders. leAD is created to honor the legacy of Adi Dassler, but the family is not alone in this journey. leAD is backed by an exclusive circle of international top investors from different areas that all have a strong foothold in the sports industry. Together with our founders’ legacy in sports and extensive network in the global sports industry, we bring together some of the most sought-after experts in the field to fund and nurture remarkable sports startups.

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What we do. leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners sources, funds, and drives growth of early-stage sports & health tech startups globally. leAD launched its first program in 2017. leAD focuses on driving growth through smart investment, premier network access, and expert training in the following core principles: leadership, commercial, finance, legal & IP, fundraising, and strategy. leAD is constantly empowering founders to create their own legacy.

The leAD Board is proud of the leAD ecosystem and focus we have quickly established in the last three years. It is delivering great value to our companies, co-investors, and shareholders.� ANDREW WHITE Chairman of the Board leAD Sports



Partners. Over the past 4 years, leAD has evolved with the legacy of Adi Dassler as the backbone to a global market leader in early stage sports and health tech investments. As an investor and partner, we foster innovation in fast-paced growth environments. Adding to the momentum of our success, we are growing our commercial partner network to share the business success and generate further shared value.

Focus on growth.

Access to innovation.

Brand building.

Partnerships built on driving business growth, innovation and return of investment.

Providing you unparalleled direct access to innovation across the sports and health tech sectors.

Strengthening your brand’s position as an innovative leader supporting the next generation of successful entrepreneurs towards customers and employees.


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Lake Nona. The leAD Lake Nona Sports and Health Tech Academy is a joint venture between leAD Sports and Lake Nona, the award-winning, master-planned community in Orlando, Florida. The program focuses on “future of living” solutions covering three verticals: sports and health tech, smart cities, and the future of nutrition. Designed to attract the most promising early-stage sports and health tech startups, the leAD Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech Academy drives growth for entrepreneurs through smart investment and expert mentorship in a complete environment. The program allows startups to take advantage of Lake Nona’s exclusive Verizon 5G broadband capacity enabling participants to conceive, test, and implement their ideas and 5G-powered businesses during a six-month program.

We’re extremely excited to welcome leAD as a partner and create this one-of-kind environment that supports and enables innovators. Lake Nona has always been a place where ideas are imagined and tested. This new facility for tech startups featuring 5G technology within our existing well-being community creates a perfect ecosystem for the next great breakthrough that will transform how we live.” JUAN SANTOS Senior Vice President of Innovation at Tavistock, the Lake Nona developer.



Focus. All the startups on the program will have a focus on technology, the sweet spot around which the leAD network is centered. Within that, we are focusing our worldwide search for startups on 3 key verticals:

Sports & Health Tech. Sports tech, spanning a number of sub-verticals including connected athletes, fan engagement and derivative sports markets, is changing the world of sport as we know it. These solutions are increasingly merging with health tech, with golden opportunities arising at the intersection between the two to help people live healthier and longer lives.

Smart Cities. Smart, connected cities are increasingly harnessing innovative technologies to solve resource efficiency issues. Lake Nona’s unmatched broadband capacity provides the perfect environment for startups who leverage big data to solve everyday issues, particularly those which make us more active, mobile and healthy. In addition to that, Lake Nona’s existing community of health-conscious, tech-savvy individuals provides the perfect test ground for these solutions.

Future of Nutrition. Closely linked to health tech and illness prevention, the future of nutrition is a key component of the future of living. Innovative solutions are now bringing professional standard nutrition research & technology to the mass market. These solutions are poised to ultimately disrupt the traditional food industry as a whole, changing the way we consume food and in turn impact the way we work, play and live.

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Berlin. The leAD Sports & Health Tech Academy program,supports and grows early-stage sports & health tech startups globally. The academy spans both on- and offline programs – one in Berlin (Germany) and one in Lake Nona (Orlando, U.S.) – focused on leveraging visionary solutions in the realm of fan engagement, connected athletes, health & well-being. During the program, startups are mentored and trained in business, finance, investment, sales, marketing, team development and pitching. Founders are challenged to accelerate their learning curve, sharpen their business models, and tap into leAD’s network, building relationships with some of the most important players in the sports industry that would result in lasting mentorship relationships, partnership creation and follow-on investment.



150+ 1000+ 6000+



STARTUPS IN OUR SPORTS TECH DATABASE The Academy is the answer to leAD’s increasingly global setup and the accelerated digital transformation we’re all witnessing. The Academy is the addendum and umbrella to our programs: it connects our international community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and partners, allocates resources globally, interlink our programs, and helps us stay close even in times when it’s physically not possible.

The biggest benefit of joining the Academy? Gaining access to our network of top-notch mentors, partners and investors. At this early stage, not only money, but also guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and all kinds of industry experts is crucial. We’ve seen some of our startups do 180º pivots here that put them into much stronger positions; that’s also why – to us – the founder is the most relevant factor when selecting startups for our program.” NATHALIE SONNE Program & Marketing Director leAD Sports

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Portfolio. Our leAD Portfolio team is responsible for leAD’s seed-stage investments and portfolio management. Our investment experts work closely with portfolio founders and invest in the most promising start-ups in sports tech startups that come out of the Accelerator. The team not only relies on its experience in the field of venture investing but can also leverage the wider leAD network to assess potential opportunities.

[Left image] Maik Burlage, Wingfield CEO, with Ivan Lendl. [Center image] Skill Yoga hosts an event in Berlin. [Top right] UNIT1 helmet. [Bottom right] Use of 2020Armor technology in an event.



In parallel, the leAD Portfolio team recognizes how crucial it is to support founders in their early-development stage to unlock their full potential. That is the reason why our hands-on philosophy enables us to provide continuous support in all key areas. This approach, combined with our network of shareholders, mentors, experts, and the growing investor group, enables our portfolio to focus on generating value and maximize their growth.

$1,000,000 16 $10Ml +$22Ml





All business units within leAD focus on driving growth through smart investment, premier network access, and expert training in the following core principles: leadership, commercial, finance, legal & IP, fundraising, and strategy.

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ADvantage Sports Tech Fund. ADvantage is the first truly global sports tech fund. Led by serial entrepreneur and accomplished venture builder Christoph Sonnen and venture investor and professional athlete Jeremy Pressman, the fund focuses on sports tech startups from Series A onwards. The $50 million fund is backed by leAD and OurCrowd, the leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups. ADvantage was created to fill a gap in the sports tech ecosystem. While the initial and later stage markets have developed substantially, there have been relatively few investors focused on sports companies as they scale from young seedstage startups to significant revenue generation. That’s where ADvantage comes in.

[Top Right image] Fireside chat with Venture Partner Michael Redd and Partner Jeremy Pressman during the 2019 leAD Demo Day. [Left image] T he leAD Sports Tech Gathering powered by the ADvantage Sports Tech Fund in Primland, June 2019. [Center image] Sports Tech Arena hosted by ADvantage at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Summit in Israel. [Right image] Jeremy Pressman, Andrew White, Christoph Sonnen, Harold Primat, Alexander Bente, & Brendan Dunn. [Bottom left] Golden Gate Ventures Partner Michael Lints and ADvantage Principal Alexander Bente speaking at the 2019 #F1FoundersRally in Singapore.



$50M 15


TARGETED PORTFOLIO COMPANIES The fund aims to support remarkable sports tech startups with investment, connections, and knowledge from the world of sports that will help them further their business. The goal is to fundamentally change the future of sports by investing in technologies and entrepreneurs.

Early 2020 we welcomed former NBA all-star Michael Redd, best known for his tenure as shooting guard with the Milwaukee Bucks and role in the 2008 US Men’s Olympic team, to the team as a Venture Partner.

Partner Christoph Sonnen, Principal Alex Bente, Partner Jeremy Pressman & Venture Partner Michael Redd.

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Founded in 2018, GreenPark Sports is a publisher and developer of fan-forward, digital experiences and mobile games for the new generation of sports and esports fans. Co-founded by Chad Hurley (YouTube Co-founder / former CEO), Nick Swinmurn (Zappos founder / former CEO) and Ken Martin (BLITZ Cofounder / former CCO), GreenPark Sports was created to reimagine the role of today’s digitally-native fan as an active participant in the live sports/esports they love.



Track 160 is the leading optical tracking solution delivering highly accurate team tactical and player performance data from a single point of view. Track160’s technology enables teams and coaches to switch to fully automatic tracking without the need for a human operator. The system generates a per game data-set, based on optical tracking of the players and the ball, decoded and catalogued by Deep Learning technologies developed exclusively by the company.

Simple and portable setup

No human operator

No wearable hardware

The use of an optical system only, which connects to an analysis product for the field coaches, is a breakthrough and a significant leap forward in the sports data market in terms of accuracy and ease of collection and installation.

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TAPPP is revolutionizing the digital content space by empowering premium content providers to connect with consumers via innovative prepaid card solutions that serve the evolving needs of today’s rising generations. Starting with MLB.TV and the NFL, TAPPP makes it easy for consumers to access professional sports games and other digital services with flexible cash options and no long-term commitments. TAPPP is currently available at thousands of retail outlets and online merchants including Walmart and Game Stop.

Live access to 2 out of 4 major US sports leagues



Well-positioned to leverage OTT trends

Initial distribution in 10,000 stores


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Over 2 billion people worldwide face brain-based health and productivity challenges, and currently 3 out of 5 Americans will develop a brain based disease in their lifetime.

NESTRE is a neuro strength training platform which provides cognitive assessments and training to users. They can assess, monitor and improve performance in the areas of cognitive (brain) health, mental wellbeing and human performance.

The platform aims to improve the cognitive and physical performance of users through the method of care developed.

MARKET There is exponential growth in the market in the digital brain health market: There are over 2 billion people worldwide face brain-based health and productivity challenges. The market for brain training and cognitive assessments surpassed $1.3B worldwide in 2013. The market is projected to grow from USD 3.2 billion in 2020 to USD 11.4 billion by 2025

TEAM Dr Tommy Shavers, CEO

Sports & Health Chair for the Harvard Medical Global Health Catalyst Summit and a board member for the Society for NeuroSports. 10 years organisation leadership & high profile behaviour experience. NFL / NCAA behaviour & performance consultant. Former Captain football player at UCF.

Kyle Israel, COO

Former international football player. 10 years business development & media broadcasting experience including ESPN. Former quarterback at UCF.




COMPETITIVE EDGE NESTRE’s groundbreaking app (in development) provides a digital workout environment that activates strength and conditioning training for the mind and brain, and delivers personalised training based on an individual’s mindset profile



B2B(2C) & B2B Tiered SaaS Tier Tier Tier Tier


1 - Freemium 2 - $7.95 per month 3 - $49.95 per year 4 - $249.95 Lifetime subscription

STATUS & ROADMAP 2020 - MVP Development & Launch 2021 - NESTRE App Development

2022 - Feature development & Service expansion 2023 - Establish strategic partnerships.

STATUS & ROADMAP • Digital go to market strategy • Insights on strategic partnerships in the sport market and high performer world • Data analytics and engineering • AI/ Machine learning experience • Business model and customer experience • Enterprise operations expertise • Access and experience in the esports world

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Swimming is an industry that is very behind on innovation with a lack of suitable products that assists swimmers in their training in the water or open water.

Phlex uses a combination of technology, design, and community to empower athletes across the globe to reach their goals by providing insights in the world of swimming.

Fall in Love. With Swimming. Their first product, Phlex EDGE, captures granular data such as speed-based and metabolic metrics such as heart rate, detects swimming techniques, and provides feedback to swimmers to improve their performance.


The Phlex team is founded by 5 Olympic swimmers, triathletes, masters and coaches.

Luke Torres, CEO

Luke is a Future Founder Fellow (2020 selection) with a degree in Industrial and Systems engineering from University of Florida. He is an active ironman and has previously swam for Brazil.

Ryan Rosenbaum, CMO

Ryan is an active ironman triathlete and masters national record holder. Handling everything from marketing to programming, Ryan’s unique skill sets fills all aspects of marketing from videography to ad campaigns.

Marcin Cieslak, CPO

He has a unique design brain with a consistent customer-centric focus. Marcin is a 2012 Polish Olympian, 3 x NCAA Champion as well as pro swimmer for the Cali Condors in the new ISL League.

Harrison Gibson, COO

Swimming coach, Harrison oversees hardware, manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment of projects

Eric Donnelly, CTO

Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida. Specialises in signal processing and is responsible for end to end development of their proprietary machine learning algorithms.







90% of swimmers train without a coach, that is a staggering number considering 37M active annual swimmers.

250$ for the device + App

By serving specific customer segment needs with various hardware and software solutions, Phlex controls the reins of an immediate $10B market of swimmers worldwide.

STATUS & ROADMAP Phase 1: EDGE marketing & Traction Phase 2: SaaS model and Apple Watch integration Phase 3: Lifestyle expansion (suits, gear, equipment), Tech refinement

NEEDS • Overall growth strategies to generate other revenue stream revenue opportunities • Software development + new business model • Partnerships with apparel brands, triathlete/ Iron Man organisations

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PORTFOLIO PROBLEM The recreational tennis experience is inconvenient & exclusive resulting in over 16M players lacking access to the sport. • 90% of tennis programming is offline and difficult to discover and book • Member-only tennis clubs and country clubs are exclusive and cost-prohibitive • Organized programs for recreational players are lacking and difficult to find locally

SOLUTION BTL is a vertically integrated network that digitises all the services associated with tennis clubs into one platform. Tennis players can connect, track stats, engage with friends, and access coaches and courts. Break the Love was founded to make it easier for all tennis players to discover and book their perfect match, rally, lesson, or camp so you can plan less and play more.

TEAM. Trisha Goyal, CEO & Founder

Product & Tech background in the digital consumer space. ESPN, GIPHY, HuffPost.

Tess Szymanski, COO & Founder

Experience in B2B Sales and Operations. NBC Sports & Equinox




MARKET There are 14.5M recreational tennis players in the US who are currently looking for opportunities to play the game and that number is quickly growing.


More and more people playing tennis as it is socially distant by nature. 80% of player play on public courts if which 90% are completely offline - Need to modernize industry.


BUSINESS MODEL B2C & B2B Event based Initially payment transaction fees (15%) Scale with revenue from eCommerce, Brands and subscriptions.

STATUS & ROADMAP 2020: Launch Platform - Competitions, Lessons, Court Finders 2022: Scale: Coaching subscriptions & Training packages 2024: Market Leader: Sponsor tournaments, Premium player subscriptions

NEEDS • Growth hacking - Expand geographically across the US • Operational scaling • Business development

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People are training more intensely, at home, unsupervised and under generic training regimes and as a result, injury rates are increasing.

TERSA Atlas is a digital home training system, the world’s most intelligent virtual physical therapy and training platform that has a built in camera and movement assessment software to diagnose alignment on the spot, building a diagnostics profile for the user then providing the tools and solutions to resolve the problems.

MARKET - The global home fitness equipment market is expected to grow to $27.4B at a CAGR of 6.2% between 2020 - 2025 - The global digital fitness market is expected to reach an estimated $27.4B by 2022 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 32.6% from 2017 - 2022 - The global connected gym equipment market was valued at $888.3M in 2018 and is expected to reach $1,048M by 2023, CAGR of 31.1%

TEAM Ray Kelly, CEO

Former athlete and leading pain management specialist managing the health and wellness of influential musicians, entertainers and business executives.

Sophie Goldshmidt, COO

Deep experience across sports, entertainment, media and technology. WSL, NBA, England Rugby, Adidas, PGA EU Tour, CSM

Brandon Larson, CTO

Mechanical Engineer and creative technologists. Has ledRedBull, NASA, Boeing





STATUS & ROADMAP • Pre-seed funding complete with $TBC raised with all funds allocated to the product development of the TERSA Atlas MVP model due for presentation late Feb/March 2021. • Upon delivery of MVP prototype the next seed round will be open Feb 2021 • Key brand partnerships will be established ranging from pilot programs, PO’s, content and apparel partnership and brand ambassadors within the elite pro sports and B2B market. • April 2021 - Demo day at Lake Nona showcasing market ready prototype • April - May 2021 Pre-order campaign begins • Official product launch by Summer 2021

NEEDS • Secure major partnerships with leading sports brands • Support and resources helping with back-end software development and tech • Pilot programs within the ecosystem • Legal/ financial support

BUSINESS MODEL Hardware $2,999.00 Subscription $39.00 per month

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Research has shown that lifestyle and environmental factors have a significant impact on an individual’s biological age. To tackle this, AgeRate is developing a novel epigenetic test, using proprietary DNA methylation, to accurately reveal an individual’s biological age.

The results will be viewed via an app that will display their biological age, how fast they are ageing and recommend different lifestyle interventions to help slow down their ageing process.

Team consists of 5 co-founders who come from different backgrounds in biotechnology, software development, genetics, research, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Cole Kirschner, CEO

Experience in direct to consumer genetic testing, in his previous role he was the Director of Sales for GeneBlueprint.

Nathan Cawte, COO

With over 5 years of experience in the genetics field, Nathan brings a unique blend of laboratory, bioinformatics and managerial experience

Dr Guillaume Paré, CSO

A world renowned geneticist and is a leader in molecular epidemiology and holds a Canada research chair in genetics



Michael Chong, CRO

Bioinformatician working at thee Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Lab with over 8 years of experience handling “big data”

Kevin Peters, CTO

Production engineer and has led engineering initiatives in areas of R&D and emerging technologies. His experience ranges from software delivery to building cloud architectures and proof of concepts.


MARKET. AgeRate is categorized as a cellular health screening test and the market is estimated to grow from $2.12B USD in 2017 to $3.42B in 2022. A subsection of the cellular health screening market is biological age testing via telomere analysis which is estimated to grow from $114.1M in 2017 to $274.9M in 2022.

BUSINESS MODEL B2B2C + B2C The App will be the connecting point. The end users will pay a monthly subscription fee and receive at home tests at present intervals.


NEEDS • Development and launch of the biological age test with mobile app • Building out the marketplace for lifestyle interventions • Raise a seed round of $1.2M CAD

STATUS & ROADMAP • Developed beta version of the mobile app • Launch mitochondrial health test that works in whole blood and have made progress on a patentable method of measuring biological age which allows for cost reduction • Currently developing an inapp marketplace for lifestyle interventions that user’s can opt-in for to discover how effective they are in slowing down their AgeRate.

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Musculoskeletal injury evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment is often subjective, idiosyncratic, and lacking visual instruction.


KinoTek solves these issues by creating 3D full-body movement visualizations with objective measurements of joint range of motion, body asymmetry, acceleration and other movement KPIs. The software aggregates key functional movement data in an exportable ‘patient profile’ that documents the patient’s progression over time.

The software creates value for the clinician by providing quantitative and visual movement data that enhances communication leading to increased patient compliance and higher quality of care. This data can be used to validate treatment efficacy and identify movement issues unseen by the naked eye.

TEAM. Justin Hafner, CEO, Co.Founder

- University of Maine at Orono - Kinesiology - Co-founded Spark Vision LLC. Grew company 30x in 60 days leading to acquisition by Morgan Hill Partners in March 2019. - 2x University of Maine Swimming School Record Holder

David Holomakoff, CPO, Co-Founder - M.S and B.S in Biomedical Engineering and 4 years in biomedical research - Former COO and Co-Founder of Zephyrus Simulation LLC, an augmented reality health education platform for medical professionals. - Co-Founder, Xylogen Medical, a biomedical device company.



Joey Spitz, COO

- Vice President, Operations at Vaunt Inc. - Head of Agency Partnerships, Bombora Data

Dan Lesko, CTO

- Division I Track & Field and Cross Country - Former lab technician and researcher at IDEXX Laboratories in Westbrook, ME - Developer at University of Maine VEMI Lab (Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction)


MARKET Market data estimates that the US physical and occupational therapy industry was worth $34.5 billion in 2018, up 6.2% from 2017. The total market is forecast to grow at a 6.2% average annual pace, to $45.7 billion by 2023. More than half of Americans report a chronic musculoskeletal condition in any given year, and nearly one in five healthcare visits are for this issue. The total spending on musculoskeletal conditions in the US exceeds $200 billion annually, with an average cost of $7,800 per person.


BUSINESS MODEL KinoTek has a 4 tiered business model (SaaS) Tier 1: $149/ month: 50 active patients per month Tier 2: $248/ month: 200 active patients per month Tier 3: $348/ month: 500 active patients per month Enterprise: Variable rate: 500+ active patients per month

STATUS & ROADMAP • Complete beta testing nationwide: At present we have 25 clinician testers from across the country with a waitlist of another 20 interested clinicians. • Public launch by end of Q1 2021: Following a successful beta testing period and after three years of extensive research and development, KinoTek will make its software available for purchase on its website. The software will be available on a tiered, monthly SaaS model. • Series A funding: KinoTek will raise an institutional round of funding that provides sufficient runway to reach profitability and enable key hires on the product development and sales teams respectively.

NEEDS • Product development: Tech infrastructure, customer experience • Business development: Develop strategic relationships with partners in the as well as customers • Finance: Testing the unit economics as you scale

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Founded in 2016, Rooter started out as a free-to-play social gaming platform and has since expanded to provide fans with all of their sports content. With the advent of content need in the market, Rooter saw huge traction on sports content creation and consumption which led to better revenues.

The Product Rooter is now India’s biggest sports community platform, personalizing sports content and providing millions of fans across sports and gaming a voice to express themselves. Rooter engages fans with user generated live audio and video content over different sports and offers a personalized sports feed & scorecard in 8 Indian languages. Aside from cricket, football, and multiple other sports, Rooter also allows gaming fans to stream their gaming sessions and share the best game videos.

Rooter launched a live video and audio tool for user generated content that allows anyone to create and host live match commentary, stream matches, host quiz and interact with the Rooter community.

The Market 566 Million

Mobile Internet user in India in 2018 and growing to 627 Million in 2019*

250 Million

non-English speaking smartphone users

Piyush Kumar Founder & CEO


*Source: The Economic Times India, 2019


Partners Samsung, Sharechat, and Ixigo in India provide sports engagement through Rooter to more than 50 million* users on their platforms. With the rapid innovation happening in India, data is now 30x cheaper than just a few years ago**. This, along with Rooters round the clock engagement, has seen users spend 28 min/day on the app across its 1,700,000 MAU***. *Source: Rooter Report, November 2019 **Source: BBC News, March 2019 ***Source: As of November 2019



Success so Far

~5 Million+ Sports Fans Connected

24 Million+ Games Played

8 Sports Covered

12 Million+

Fan Conversations

6000+ Matches Covered

15 Million+

Active User Minutes Per Month

The Partners

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Who Knows Wins, the home of social betting, has launched a proprietary, cutting edge social sports betting platform that links groups of friends, peers and strangers with a competitive, interactive betting offering. The platform allows you to test your knowledge, view and opinions on numerous sporting events by either selecting your own bets and sharing with your invited group or sharing your view in public pooled betting leagues and social groups. THE MARKET The digital evolution — and the smartphone in particular — has had a big part to play in the growth of the gambling market. But sports fans are always looking for the added-value beyond the current betting offerings, with a trend towards a peer-to-peer system. In short, they can now interact with friends, colleagues and other sports fans and win, rather than playing against a faceless third party.

Potentially the more you know, the more you can win, and the best part is, you can beat your friends and not the bookmaker and really prove that Who Knows really does Win.

Nick Jones CEO


Jaime Graham Co-Founder & Head of Product




HOW IT WORKS Every bet is made and placed in a pool, and the payout and winnings can be from 100% of the pot to an agreed % split of the pot Payout is determined before fixtures kick off Winnings are then paid out on the agreed payout structure

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The Wingfield Court is the access point to a digital tennis experience. No matter if you are a coach or a player, a beginner or an advanced athlete – Wingfield provides you with the a bunch of tools that makes Tennis a little bit cooler. Based on AI and Computer Vision our technology keeps track of all activities on court and gives personal feedback after each sessions.

Wingfield Improve. In our training world it’s all about improving your game: We make progress measurable and provide you with various data-based training tools to increase your training quality. Cause there is nothing more motivating than seeing yourself getting better day by day!

Wingfield Compete. Wingfield redefines official competition and makes it „ondemand“. Now you decide when you want to play an official match! Wingfield not only tracks the score but also ensures fair play on the court. And the best: You can share your coolest highlights with your friends right after the match.

Maik Burlage CEO


Jaan Brunken COO


Julius Burlage Head of Hardware Development

Henri Kuper Head of Software Development



Right now we equipped over 100 courts in 10 countries. We have customers from different areas such as clubs, colleges, academies, hotels and different brands.

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Buzzbike is a flexible bike subscription service offering its members full-time access to a high-quality bike, plus everything they need to ride including lights, a lock, insurance, and an annual servicing. Riders no longer have to worry about the large upfront investment required to get set up with a bike and equipment, nor deal with the theft and mechanical issues prevalent in riding in big cities.

THE MARKET Buzzbike offers a solution that sits between “bike ownership” and “bike share”, offering the convenience of owning a bike with the flexibility of bike share. Monthly subscriptions are either sold direct to consumers or to businesses that can take advantage of employee benefit tax incentives that can reduce the cost per user to as low as £17 / month.

Tom Hares Co-Founder & CEO


Andy Nunn Co-Founder & COO




The Buzzbike Cycle Club


month gets you:

High quality bike and equipment: this is gear you can rely on, unlike bike sharing services. Delivered to you in 48 hours: you can get riding quickly without the large upfront costs compared to buying your own bike. Replacement parts and servicing. Fun and rewarding: the Buzzbike app tracks journeys, motivates riders and rewards them the more they ride. Cancel anytime: all of this for a monthly subscription they can cancel any time.

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The Skill Yoga App was launched with a new training program developed from working closely with athletes. The implemented skill coaching algorithm meets the needs of a growing male audience interested in yoga.

CATERING TO THE NEEDS OF THE FAST-GROWING MALE YOGA COMMUNITY Founded in 2017, Skill Yoga is a Berlin-based startup initiated by Gerjet, Timko and Benno to cater to the needs of the fast-growing male yoga community. As an online video-based training program, it addresses the physical and mental preconditions of athletes from different disciplines, as well as their training goals.

Skill Yoga helps athletes on levels, who feel excluded from current yoga culture, to benefit from accessible, functional and down to earth yoga training to improve their life and performance.

RUNNERS; BALLERS; WEIGHT LIFTERS What they are looking for is a yoga coaching that works for all levels, provides fast results and neatly integrates into their existing training. Other than physical progress, mental progress is just as important.

Benno Mielke Head of IT


Timko Linssen Head of Marketing & Brand


Gerjet Efken Head of Product & Design


“With the new training system we are consequently following up on our promise to make Yoga accessible for all men through a modern approach� - Gerjet Efken, Founder


ADVANCED GOAL-SETTING AND PROGRESS UPDATES A mobile app that allows you to set advanced goals, customize your training program and map your progress along your yoga journey.

ACCESS 40 different trainings and meditations for any situation, need & duration on multiple devices. SHARE Brag about your new yoga skills on Instagram and connect with other male yogis on the Skill Yoga Facebook community page. TRAIN On web or mobile app, anywhere and anytime. TRACK Your training progress and streaks to stay motivated.

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Connecting the digital and the real world of sport. Live Penalty develops viral fan engagement tools that sit at the intersection of the digital and the real worlds, combining the global reach and scalability of online games with the exhilarating experience of a real world sporting event.

Market Teams, media rights holders, and sponsors have struggled to actively engage their online social media followings. Live Penalty serves clubs, athletes and influencers by generating exhilarating content with a global reach, while clubs and sponsors benefit from increased exposure and interaction as high traffic generates additional ad revenue.




Pavel Kacerle Director




Isabella Mayrhofer Production



Features The first Live Penalty game allows an unlimited number of online users to control a physical football launching machine and compete in a penalty shootout against real goalkeepers.

Starting as a free to play game, in-app purchases will be available for players to unlock exclusive game features and events. As the Live Penalty platform evolves, new revenue models including betting are being explored.

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2020 Armor is a sports technology company that develops martial art scoring equipment and software, transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport like soccer.

The company’s flagship product tracks impacts through a vest that shows the score on the vest itself using scoring from popular video games like Street Fighter. Customers include the largest martial art clubs in the world.

CREATED & BACKED BY A STELLAR TEAM Founded by former professional martial art players, 2020 Armor investors include other professional martial artists and family offices from around the world. 2020 Armor’s vision is to:

Ali Ghafour Founder & CEO


William Sexton Founder & COO


Be the standard training and competition system for the millions of people that practice martial arts. Be the foundation technology and creators for a new spectator friendly professional martial art league.

Tony Kook Director



WHAT’S NEXT? The development of the head gear and mobile app are on schedule, while each iteration of the app makes the experience more and more like a real-life video game. Stay tuned: the official launch of the app is set for Q1 2020!

2020 has had zero product returns and fantastic customer reviews through the first 18 months of being on the market, which is a testament to the value and quality they have achieved from the outset.

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UNIT 1 is the team behind SOUNDSHIELD, an action sports helmet with detachable wireless headphones. SOUNDSHIELD provides a unique experience unlike anything else out there: for skiing, snowboarding, skating or biking you have helmet and headphones, seamlessly connected, with a sports-specific interface and a built in mic.

After riding, you simply detach your headphones and take them with you, there’s no need to leave your music behind.

UNIT 1 has launched its second generation SoundShield helmet this Season with additional features including Glove-Proof Controls as well as a WalkieTalkie app allowing you to take a call while riding without the need to remove your gloves

Juan Garcia Co-Founder & CEO



Francisco Abelleira Co-Founder & COO

and constantly stay in contact with your powcrew. The Walkie-Talkie app lets you share the action and stay connected while on the go.



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Prophet is a secondary marketplace for sports bets where users can buy and sell percentages of bets placed through traditional bookmakers.

Sports bets rapidly fluctuate in value, often every second, yet users currently have no way to optimally cashout on their bets’ changes in value. Prophet brings a tech and analytics focused approach to sports betting, all on a platform that easily walks the user through how to properly extract value from their bet, giving guaranteed profit for sellers and maximized odds for buyers. Prophet’s aims to offer users of their platform

10-50% better returns

than what they can achieve from the bookmakers.

Dean Sisun Co-Founder & CEO



Jake Benzaquen Co-Founder & COO



The Market Prophet first launched in the UK in October 2019 where $90 billion* in wagers take place annually and there are 34 million** online betting accounts. Upon validating its model in the UK, Prophet will then set its eyes on the U.S. betting market which is estimated to grow by $10 billion annually for the next 5 years. *source: iGaming Business **source:

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Champions Round is pioneering the micro fantasy sports genre, developing round-based leagues that provide players the most opportunities to win versus seasonal and daily fantasy sports. Players can easily join existing leagues without the usual hassle of having to assemble their own, increasing adoption and lowering barriers to entry. Smaller commitment, easier ruleset, and more chances to win: fantasy is no longer a zero-sum game!

The Market The two current pillars of fantasy sports, seasonal fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports, engage players with tantalizing sweet victory.

1 out of every 5 Americans play fantasy sports, accounting for $32.8 billion in annual spend on fantasy products.* Despite these numbers, both modes produce a staggering amount of losers among their player bases. Players instead disengage the instant they realize winning isn’t a viable option. *Source: Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association

Carter Russ Co-Founder & CEO


Chase Payne Co-Founder & CMO


Jason Gold Director of Business Developmet

JJ Powell COO



Features Round-based fantasy sports: regular league seasons are split into thirds, with a league winner determined at the end of each round based on the most fantasy points. Points reset into the next round with a final Champions Round taking place during the playoffs in each sports league. League entry fees range from $0 - $500, with the league winner taking 85% of the prize pot. The most opportunities to win: players also compete for cash prize pots, collectibles, avatars and other prizes through each round.

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Valtik Foods developed a fast-absorbing hydration mix under the trademark TITANIUM that provides faster hydration avoiding stomach distress both for amateur and endurance athletes. The mixture of sugars and electrolytes moves from the gut to the bloodstream in just 15 minutes compared to other products that do this in 30 minutes or more.

Understanding that different sports have different sweat rates, and energy and muscle use, they’ve developed four lines of TITANIUM segmented by sport category adapted to each sports’ specific needs: Aqua, Terra, Air, and Power.

Omar Hertas CEO





Located in Colombia and having established their local distribution channels, Valtik Foods now aims to expand to multiple Latin American countries and North America.

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