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Passion for Sports.


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LETTER FROM THE CEO Welcome to leAD! As you might know, the name “leAD” stands for legacy of Adi

Dassler, one of the greatest sports entrepreneurs of all time. But how can we ensure his legacy lives on? How can we support this generation of sports entrepreneurs or the next “Adi Dassler”? At leAD, we believe it’s our duty to carry his values, his entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why I always encourage my team to think like an entrepreneur. Accept challenges. Look for opportunities in situations others would overlook. Think big. Take risks. This way, we stay sharp. This way, we help our startups create their own legacy. Thinking entrepreneurial has led us to some great achievements so far. From a stand-alone accelerator in Berlin, leAD has developed into the premier sports venture ecosystem in just a few years. We have managed to establish our footprint across the globe, hosting events from Brazil to Israel to India. For our 2019 program alone, we have received hundreds of applications from 66 different countries! We know innovation is a team sport. Without the right players, the right coaches and supporters, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our uniqueness comes from a setup of high caliber stakeholders – investors, partners, mentors – with a wide range of expertise. And our ecosystem continues to grow! I couldn’t emphasize enough how important it is to enter partnerships that empower our founders and accelerate the growth of our startups. Our ecosystem is designed to support them throughout the challenges faced. For us, it’s all about the founders. Founders who are constantly receiving feedback and reinventing themselves. Founders who are doing whatever it takes to disrupt this exciting industry. Founders who live their true passion for sports. We are constantly asking our startup founders what their legacy is, what kind of change they would like to see in the world of sports. This way, we continue to guide and empower our entrepreneurs so they can create their own legacy. In this magazine, you can read more about the leAD ecosystem, our partners, and our portfolio companies.

I hope you enjoy the read! Until next time,

CHRISTOPH SONNEN Co-Founder & CEO at leAD, Partner at ADvantage

Legacy. Sports have always played an important role in the Bente family. Klaus, Horst and Stefan Bente were deeply inspired by their grandfather Adi Dassler’s devotion to sports and his joy in passing this passion onto others. While passion for sports became a connecting element within the family, innovation in sports developed into its key theme. Today, this is the foundation of leAD: the culture of support that is clearly shaped by Adi Dassler’s personality as a mentor, motivator and sponsor, and a pure passion for sports that unites the leAD team of entrepreneurs, investors, athletes, mentors, and startups.

Our grandfather, Adi Dassler, was always driven by the idea of making great sports ideas even greater and putting them into action. Today, he would be supporting startups in the same way we are doing in his honor.” HORST BENTE Co-Founder & Board Member leAD Sports





Shareholders. leAD is created to honor the legacy of Adi Dassler, but the family is not alone in this journey. leAD is backed by an exclusive circle of international top investors from different areas that all have a strong foothold in the sports industry. Together with our founders’ legacy in sports and extensive network in the global sports industry, we bring together some of the most sought-after experts in the field to fund and nurture remarkable sports startups.

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What we do. leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners sources, funds, and drives growth of early-stage sports & health tech startups globally. leAD launched its first program in 2017. leAD focuses on driving growth through smart investment, premier network access, and expert training in the following core principles: leadership, commercial, finance, legal & IP, fundraising, and strategy. leAD is constantly empowering founders to create their own legacy.

The leAD Board is proud of the leAD ecosystem and focus we have quickly established in the last years. It is delivering great value to our companies, co-investors, and shareholders.� ANDREW WHITE Co-Founder & Chairman leAD Sports



Our focus. We work with groundbreaking solutions across the verticals of fan engagement, connected athletes, and health & well-being.

Fan Engagement. In the past, fans passively consumed sports through traditional media. This experience has been completely redefined by digitalization. Technology puts control into the hands of sports fans around the world. The future of fan engagement is an active participation from fans on all levels.

Connected Athletes. Technology is putting the world’s billions of athletes in control of their health and performance. While there are four main areas across this vertical (tracking, analytics, communities, and content), the most promising opportunities exist at the intersection of these categories.

Health & Well-Being. The health & digital well-being industry has evolved over the years, bringing to the market more sophisticated solutions – from sensors and simple monitoring solutions to predictive algorithm-driven hardand software. The global digital health tech market is projected to pass the $500 billion dollar mark by 2025*.

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Berlin. The leAD Sports & Health Tech Academy supports and grows early-stage sports & health tech startups globally. The academy spans both on- and offline programs – one in Berlin (Germany) and one in Lake Nona (Orlando, U.S.) – focused on leveraging visionary solutions in the realm of fan engagement, connected athletes, health & well-being. During the program, startups are mentored and trained in business, finance, investment, sales, marketing, team development and pitching. Founders are challenged to accelerate their learning curve, sharpen their business models, and tap into leAD’s network, building relationships with some of the most important players in the sports industry that would result in lasting mentorship relationships, partnership creation and follow-on investment.



150+ 1000+ 6000+



STARTUPS IN OUR SPORTS TECH DATABASE The Academy is the answer to leAD’s increasingly global setup and the accelerated digital transformation we’re all witnessing. The Academy is the addendum and umbrella to our programs: it connects our international community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and partners, allocates resources globally, interlink our programs, and helps us stay close even in times when it’s physically not possible.

The biggest benefit of joining the Academy? Gaining access to our network of top-notch mentors, partners and investors. At this early stage, not only money, but also guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and all kinds of industry experts is crucial. We’ve seen some of our startups do 180º pivots here that put them into much stronger positions; that’s also why – to us – the founder is the most relevant factor when selecting startups for our program.” NATHALIE SONNE Program & Marketing Director leAD Sports

le adsp or ts .com

Lake Nona. The leAD Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech Academy is a joint venture between leAD Sports and Lake Nona, the award-winning, master-planned community in Orlando, Florida. Known as the leAD Lake Nona, the program will focus on “future of living” solutions covering three verticals: sports and health tech, smart cities, and the future of nutrition. Designed to attract the most promising early-stage sports and health tech startups, the leAD Lake Nona program drives growth for entrepreneurs through smart investment and expert mentorship in a complete environment. The program allows startups to take advantage of Lake Nona’s exclusive Verizon 5G broadband capacity enabling participants to conceive, test, and implement their ideas and 5G-powered businesses during a six-month program.

We’re extremely excited to welcome leAD as a partner and create this one-of-kind environment that supports and enables innovators. Lake Nona has always been a place where ideas are imagined and tested. This new facility for tech startups featuring 5G technology within our existing wellbeing community creates a perfect ecosystem for the next great breakthrough that will transform how we live.” JUAN SANTOS Senior Vice President of Innovation at Tavistock, the Lake Nona developer.



Our focus. All the startups on the program will have a focus on technology, the sweet spot around which the leAD network is centered. Within that, we are focusing our worldwide search for startups on 3 key verticals:

Sports & Health Tech. Sports tech, spanning a number of sub-verticals including connected athletes, fan engagement and derivative sports markets, is changing the world of sport as we know it. These solutions are increasingly merging with health tech, with golden opportunities arising at the intersection between the two to help people live healthier and longer lives.

Smart Cities. Smart, connected cities are increasingly harnessing innovative technologies to solve resource efficiency issues. Lake Nona’s unmatched broadband capacity provides the perfect environment for startups who leverage big data to solve everyday issues, particularly those which make us more active, mobile and healthy. In addition to that, Lake Nona’s existing community of health-conscious, tech-savvy individuals provides the perfect test ground for these solutions.

Future of Nutrition. Closely linked to health tech and illness prevention, the future of nutrition is a key component of the future of living. Innovative solutions are now bringing professional standard nutrition research & technology to the mass market. These solutions are poised to ultimately disrupt the traditional food industry as a whole, changing the way we consume food and in turn impact the way we work, play and live.

le adsp or ts .com

Portfolio. Our leAD Portfolio team is responsible for leAD’s seed-stage investments and portfolio management. Our investment experts work closely with portfolio founders and invest in the most promising start-ups in sports tech startups that come out of the Accelerator. The team not only relies on its experience in the field of venture investing but can also leverage the wider leAD network to assess potential opportunities.

[Left image] Maik Burlage, Wingfield CEO, with Ivan Lendl. [Center image] Skill Yoga hosts an event in Berlin. [Top right] UNIT1 helmet. [Bottom right] Use of 2020Armor technology in an event.



In parallel, the leAD Portfolio team recognizes how crucial it is to support founders in their early-development stage to unlock their full potential. That is the reason why our hands-on philosophy enables us to provide continuous support in all key areas. This approach, combined with our network of shareholders, mentors, experts, and the growing investor group, enables our portfolio to focus on generating value and maximize their growth.

$750,000 $10M 18 +20





Within 6 months of the program.

All business units within leAD focus on driving growth through smart investment, premier network access, and expert training in the following core principles: leadership, commercial, finance, legal & IP, fundraising, and strategy.

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ADvantage Sports Tech Fund. ADvantage is the first truly global sports tech fund. Led by serial entrepreneur and accomplished venture builder Christoph Sonnen and venture investor and professional athlete Jeremy Pressman, the fund focuses on sports tech startups from Series A onwards. The $50 million fund is backed by leAD and OurCrowd, the leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups. ADvantage was created to fill a gap in the sports tech ecosystem. While the initial and later stage markets have developed substantially, there have been relatively few investors focused on sports companies as they scale from young seedstage startups to significant revenue generation. That’s where ADvantage comes in.

[Top Right image] Fireside chat with Venture Partner Michael Redd and Partner Jeremy Pressman during the 2019 leAD Demo Day. [Left image] T he leAD Sports Tech Gathering powered by the ADvantage Sports Tech Fund in Primland, June 2019. [Center image] Sports Tech Arena hosted by ADvantage at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Summit in Israel. [Right image] Jeremy Pressman, Andrew White, Christoph Sonnen, Harold Primat, Alexander Bente, & Brendan Dunn. [Bottom left] Golden Gate Ventures Partner Michael Lints and ADvantage Principal Alexander Bente speaking at the 2019 #F1FoundersRally in Singapore.



$50M 15


TARGETED PORTFOLIO COMPANIES The fund aims to support remarkable sports tech startups with investment, connections, and knowledge from the world of sports that will help them further their business. The goal is to fundamentally change the future of sports by investing in technologies and entrepreneurs.

Early 2020 we welcomed former NBA all-star Michael Redd, best known for his tenure as shooting guard with the Milwaukee Bucks and role in the 2008 US Men’s Olympic team, to the team as a Venture Partner.

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Partner Christoph Sonnen, Principal Alex Bente, Partner Jeremy Pressman & Venture Partner Michael Redd.


TAPPP is revolutionizing the digital content space by empowering premium content providers to connect with consumers via innovative prepaid card solutions that serve the evolving needs of today’s rising generations. Starting with MLB.TV and the NFL, TAPPP makes it easy for consumers to access professional sports games and other digital services with flexible cash options and no long-term commitments. TAPPP is currently available at thousands of retail outlets and online merchants including Walmart and Game Stop.

Live access to 2 out of 4 major US sports leagues



Well-positioned to leverage OTT trends

Initial distribution in 10,000 stores

Track 160 is the leading optical tracking solution delivering highly accurate team tactical and player performance data from a single point of view. Track160’s technology enables teams and coaches to switch to fully automatic tracking without the need for a human operator. The system generates a per game data-set, based on optical tracking of the players and the ball, decoded and catalogued by Deep Learning technologies developed exclusively by the company.

Simple and portable setup

No human operator

No wearable hardware

The use of an optical system only, which connects to an analysis product for the field coaches, is a breakthrough and a significant leap forward in the sports data market in terms of accuracy and ease of collection and installation.

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2020 Armor is a sports technology company that develops martial art scoring equipment and software, transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport like soccer.

The company’s flagship product tracks impacts through a vest that shows the score on the vest itself using scoring from popular video games like Street Fighter. Customers include the largest martial art clubs in the world.



Founded by former professional martial art players, 2020 Armor investors include other professional martial artists and family offices from around the world. 2020 Armor’s vision is to:


Ali Ghafour Founder & CEO


Be the standard training and competition system for the millions of people that practice martial arts. Be the foundation technology and creators for a new spectator friendly professional martial art league.

William Sexton Founder & COO

Tony Kook Director

Connected Athletes


2020 has had zero product returns and fantastic customer reviews through the first 18 months of being on the market, which is a testament to the value and quality they have achieved from the outset.

WHAT’S NEXT? The development of the head gear and mobile app are on schedule, while each iteration of the app makes the experience more and more like a real-life video game. Stay tuned: the official launch of the app is set for Q1 2020!

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Buzzbike is a flexible bike subscription service offering its members full-time access to a high-quality bike, plus everything they need to ride including lights, a lock, insurance, and an annual servicing. Riders no longer have to worry about the large upfront investment required to get set up with a bike and equipment, nor deal with the theft and mechanical issues prevalent in riding in big cities.



Buzzbike offers a solution that sits between “bike ownership” and “bike share”, offering the convenience of owning a bike with the flexibility of bike share. Monthly subscriptions are either sold direct to consumers or to businesses that can take advantage of employee benefit tax incentives that can reduce the cost per user to as low as £17 / month.


Tom Hares Co-Founder & CEO


Andy Nunn Co-Founder & COO

Connected Athletes


The Buzzbike Cycle Club


month gets you:

High quality bike and equipment: this is gear you can rely on, unlike bike sharing services. Delivered to you in 48 hours: you can get riding quickly without the large upfront costs compared to buying your own bike. Replacement parts and servicing.

Fun and rewarding: the Buzzbike app tracks journeys, motivates riders and rewards them the more they ride. Cancel anytime: all of this for a monthly subscription they can cancel any time.

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ATLAS is a B2B service for race organizers and timers, providing industry-leading GPS live tracking for Iron distance triathlons through to 5k park runs and everything in between.


Connected Athletes

Product ATLAS produces the smallest, lightest and most sophisticated real-time GPS tracking device for race organizers on the market today, leveraging proprietary telecommunications technology developed in-house.


The ATLAS pod transmits geolocation, live ranking, pace, steps counted and much more direct to the cloud.


Proprietary race algorithms and custom graphics provide spectators & fans with an amazing mobile app experience.

Value for Race Organizers Increase spectator engagement and athlete retention. Powerful data analytics provide full suite of media-ready solutions. Monitor all race participants and personnel in real-time, efficiently. Enhance safety & eliminate rule violators.


Value for Spectators/Media


Spectators and fans follow athletes live and feel much closer to the action! Engage fans online with data analytics on athlete progress, live ranking, pace, location, performance, projected finish times, heart rate and much more.

Jean-Louis Lafayeedney Co- Founder


Curated content for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Live and many more.

Evolve Sports builds platforms '17 that will own the social sports training market. The first product, Evolve Basketball, is a subscription virtual training service for youth players to enhance their skills regardless of their demographic or location. The result is a cost-effective, trusted way for amateur athletes to find training services and connect to one another without the high costs associated with paying for sessions with professional trainers.

Connected Athletes

What’s next? Evolve is currently expanding the platform into the Chinese market, targeting millions of basketball fans, while continuing to build global partnerships and develop automated training services that will scale the business. Evolve is looking to expand into American football, baseball, and soccer in the near future.


Devon Butler CEO

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Champions Round is pioneering the micro fantasy sports genre, developing round-based leagues that provide players the most opportunities to win versus seasonal and daily fantasy sports. Players can easily join existing leagues without the usual hassle of having to assemble their own, increasing adoption and lowering barriers to entry. Smaller commitment, easier ruleset, and more chances to win: fantasy is no longer a zero-sum game!

The Market The two current pillars of fantasy sports, seasonal fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports, engage players with tantalizing sweet victory.

1 out of every 5 Americans play fantasy sports, accounting for $32.8 billion in annual spend on fantasy products.*

Despite these numbers, both modes produce a staggering amount of losers among their player bases. Players instead disengage the instant they realize winning isn’t a viable option.


*Source: Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association


Carter Russ Co-Founder & CEO


Chase Payne Co-Founder & CMO

Jason Gold Director of Business Developmet

JJ Powell COO


Derivative Markets

Features Round-based fantasy sports: regular league seasons are split into thirds, with a league winner determined at the end of each round based on the most fantasy points. Points reset into the next round with a final Champions Round taking place during the playoffs in each sports league. League entry fees range from $0 - $500, with the league winner taking 85% of the prize pot. The most opportunities to win: players also compete for cash prize pots, collectibles, avatars and other prizes through each round.

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Urban dance sits at the nexus of sports, art, music and culture. Diggin’ has developed the first ever mobile integrated platform to own that intersection for dancers, fans, event organizers, and studios alike. The Diggin’ platform allows users to book classes in local dance studios, participate in street dance activities, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and develop their passion further through educational content. Studios now have a tool for booking and facility management. Events are provided with a seamless solution for ticketing as well as scoring tools.

THE MARKET Despite an estimated 50 million participants globally and an estimated market size of $32 billion in China alone* the urban dance market remains incredibly fragmented. Signs are pointing to the phenomenon moving mainstream. With breakdance making its debut in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018, this market will continue to build momentum and attract investment leading up to its Olympic debut in Paris in 2024.


*Source: China Music Business News


Chung Hau Cheong Co-Founder & CEO


Sze Siu Yung Co-Founder & CMO

Liu Kin Ching Co-Founder & CTO


Derivative Markets

THE FEATURES Gathering Fans: An online community built around educational content.

Connecting Dancers: Guide to global events and dance studios. Marketplace to book classes, facilities and event tickets.

Digitizing Organizers and Studios: Digital in-venue tools for events (ticketing and scoring) and studios (class attendance and management).

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PORTFOLIO Younger generations are participating in physical activity less and less, rarely playing outdoors. Instead, they are spending time playing nonactive games. ForwardGame AR leverages technology to bring back “playing” as it was meant to be — active, outdoors and built around community — by building Active Mobile Games.


Their mission is to build a variety of solutions, including jogging and workout gamification, real-world multiplayer games, smart interactive playgrounds and many more. These are diverse, engaging and addictive, while also being healthy and promoting users to play outdoors. ForwardGame AR launched its first product in 2018, developed with one of Germany’s top sport clubs, FC Schalke 04.

ForwardGame AR uses the most popular game styles


with location-based functions and advanced AR to combine the fun of actively playing in the real world with the unlimited options the virtual world offers.


Tim Friedland Co-Founder & CEO


Tom Minich Co-Founder & COO


Fan Engagement

GGWP Academy is the world’s first platform that combines education and opportunity for gamers and esports athletes globally.



They provide both free and premium e-learning, which is delivered to users in the form of online videos and quizzes on both iOS and Android apps. Once users have put their training to use and begin to grow their audience, they have the opportunity to gain a worldwide rank and become visible to brand partners for ‘Influencer campaigns’ and event work. GGWP believes that 'Smarter Influence' is the best way to support and propel the gaming and esports industries, adding structure, education and professionalism to the rapidly growing sector.


GGWP Academy is utilizing AI and social listening to provide extensive data sets that feed into a unique and world first ranking algorithm.

Jacqueline Garrett Founder & CEO

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FanAxn has a mission to make free-to-play betting a cornerstone of the betting market. They acknowledge that betting with real money is not for everyone, so they offer an alternative, where fans can still win significant amounts of cash and real prizes.

The Market


FanAxn’s target demographic for free-to-play sports betting games are fans who either play sports games online or who like to bet on sports online.


Octavian Cosma CEO


Alex Palaghita CTO


Fan Engagement

FanAxn recently unveiled its jackpot feature allowing users to win exponentially larger prizes for getting the correct results in consecutive matches. FanAxn covers matches from some of the top European football leagues, as well as the NFL. They most recently went live with College Football and NBA. For the moment, they are targeting players in the U.S. and UK markets.

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fitto is an IoT platform creating a new age of connected nutrition through the miniaturization and delivery of supplement products. Nutritional supplement brands struggle to understand their customers, pouring millions into generic marketing, and have no ability to maintain a direct relationship or engage with them after sale.

They boost sales while optimizing the company’s operation, marketing and products, while consumers are able to simplify and optimize their nutrients’ intake. fitto utilizes data from cross health platforms to provide pod fit recommendations, calls for action and real-time goals status.



fitto partners with these supplement providers, miniaturizing their supplements into trackable pods that pair with a proprietary AI smart bottle. The result is that users get an end-to-end, hyper-personalized service built around analytics software that promotes user engagement by monitoring consumption and sending reminders to the consumer on when it’s time to take a supplement pod.

Yaniv Lavi Co-Founder & CEO



Ari Friedrick CTO

The team has recently relocated from Israel to the United States, the largest market for nutritional supplements estimated at:


Connected Athletes

$31.7 billion in 2016, projected to be $56.7 billion by 2024*. *Source: Statista

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la la sports is a platform that helps people to diversify their fitness life.


Derivative Markets

Millennials exercise more and spend more on sports and traveling than generations prior. They are looking for activities they can turn into purposeful experiences. la la sports has identified the vacant niche of over 8,000 unusual sports ands makes them accessible to enthusiasts everywhere.

The platform Recommends skilled-based activities instead of general fitness and connects them to clubs that offer unusual sports - fencing, diving, climbing, track and field athletics, archery, aerobatics, artistic gymnastics, skateboarding, synchronized swimming etc.

Allows customers to pay for single sessions, courses for beginners, immersive trips, and eventually competitions.

Payment options Free, pay as you go, curated and hand-picked classes, active community, fun and unique activity.


Zhenya Makarowa CEO



LiveDuel empowers sports brands to Fan '18 create live, interactive, Engagement monetizable content for the next generation of fans. Despite the global sports sponsorship market totaling USD$45 billion annually*, stakeholders continue to struggle to understand who exactly their fans are and what their engagement profiles are.

LiveDuel solves this problem through a platform that delivers world-class fan engagement tools for sports brands, sports clubs and sports media companies.

ITS FIRST PRODUCT A viral quiz game for clubs that leverages AI to create prediction questions for users to answer. This is augmented with an API which allows for competitions to live inside widgets for websites, inside chatbots, as voice activated skills and even in VR.


*Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers study

Will Martin Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick Corrigan Co-Founder & CTO

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leagiON is an easy-to-use mobile application allowing casual gamers to challenge peers for a friendly wager, facilitated by a proprietary blockchain technology where users compete for utility tokens. By directly connecting ingame results with the leagiON app, users are guaranteed secure and seamless settlement.

Despite the growing popularity of head-to-head esports wagering, existing solutions rely on manual reporting of scoring, such as screenshots of final results, to determine payouts to the winner.


Existing platforms have been ripe for abuse, using the threat of bans to try to enforce integrity in the experience while being slow to develop and roll out anti-cheating software.


Alex Diner Co-Founder & CEO


Brett Nasello Co-Founder & CFO

Alexander Mologoko Co-Founder & CTO


Connected Athletes

Easy to set up

simply download the app, purchase in-game tokens and start playing!

Blockchain technology

this means users aren’t charged a fee for every wager like on existing platforms. leagiON users are only charged when they cash out their tokens.

Secure wagering experience

100% of wagers are held in escrow during the session, and in-game integration scoring integration protects against opponents “pulling the cord” when about to lose a game.

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Connecting the digital and the real world of sport. Live Penalty develops viral fan engagement tools that sit at the intersection of the digital and the real worlds, combining the global reach and scalability of online games with the exhilarating experience of a real world sporting event.

Market Teams, media rights holders, and sponsors have struggled to actively engage their online social media followings. Live Penalty serves clubs, athletes and influencers by generating exhilarating content with a global reach, while clubs and sponsors benefit from increased exposure and interaction as high traffic generates additional ad revenue.






Pavel Kacerle Director



Isabella Mayrhofer Production


Fan Engagement

Features The first Live Penalty game allows an unlimited number of online users to control a physical football launching machine and compete in a penalty shootout against real goalkeepers. Starting as a free to play game, in-app purchases will be available for players to unlock exclusive game features and events. As the Live Penalty platform evolves, new revenue models including betting are being explored.

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TMA is an educational platform with the vision of getting the Connected '17 Athletes world moving more. The app aims to distill the knowledge of the world’s best coaches and physiotherapists, by providing professional and personalised training at a fraction of the cost of normal in-person sessions. The app adjusts to the user’s training in real time - just like a professional coach - based on the user’s feedback and periodical assessments.



The app builds a personalized, datadriven training program based on an athlete’s mobility, flexibility, and strength, displaying the moves the user should be working on to advance.


Real-time training adjustments based on the user’s feedback and assessments. As the athlete progresses, harder and harder moves are unlocked - making the app a never-ending pursuit of fitness mastery.

Market The market for movement and skill-based bodyweight training remains fragmented and underserved - TMA provides the tools, education and community to make learning calisthenics movement disciplines easy, fun and safe for everyone, everywhere.

Agnieszka Nazaruk CEO


reachAI democratizes sports analytics by using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. reachAI aims to improve players everywhere while doing it ten times cheaper, ten times faster, and with higher data precision and depth.


Connected Athletes

Historically, creating usable video player data for sports games like soccer was tedious, expensive, and available only to professional leagues that could afford the high costs. Recent advances in computer vision and machine learning combined with the falling prices for video and specialized machine learning hardware allow to automate most of these formerly manual processes. After 18 months of incubation building proprietary deep learning software, reachAI serves fast and rich automated insights such as heatmaps and positional data, tracking more than a million data points — with the goal of moving towards predictive insights.

reachAI is currently in private beta with a select group of professional clubs in the UK.


Chris Jitianu Co-Founder & CEO

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Pitz is a sponsorship marketplace mobile app that allows amateur footballers the opportunity to monetize their passion. Pitz collects data and video from amateur players’ in-game performance, giving them access to sponsorships and prizes - simulating the professional player/team life and democratizing access to sports sponsorships.

Sponsors pay a fee to convert passionate amateur players into ambassadors and micro-influencers, displaying their brands on uniforms and football pitches.

MARKET Sponsorship capacity for individuals, teams, pitches and leagues is estimated at $2.6 billion for Mexico and $11.6 billion for all of Latin America.* Approximately 45 million amateur football players in Mexico alone play in 345,000 competitions, with over 100 million more active players across the rest of the Latin American market.**


*Source: Estimate numbers research conducted by the Pitz team. **Source: Mexican Football Federation


Fernando Mendivil Co-Founder & CEO


Rafael Sanchez Co-Founder & COO


Derivative Markets


Users can easily organize their teams (attendance, lineups, results, financials, statistics), track their activity and connect with other players.


Pitz shoots & incorporates video highlights each player in each match played on a sponsored pitch, adding voice-overs and sound effects, allowing players to post their reels on social media. Both pitches and players engage their existing sponsors while building more value to the Pitz network.

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Prophet is a secondary marketplace for sports bets where users can buy and sell percentages of bets placed through traditional bookmakers.

Sports bets rapidly fluctuate in value, often every second, yet users currently have no way to optimally cashout on their bets’ changes in value. Prophet brings a tech and analytics focused approach to sports betting, all on a platform that easily walks the user through how to properly extract value from their bet, giving guaranteed profit for sellers and maximized odds for buyers. Prophet’s aims to offer users of their platform

10-50% better returns


than what they can achieve from the bookmakers.


Dean Sisun Co-Founder & CEO


Jake Benzaquen Co-Founder & COO


Derivative Markets

The Market Prophet first launched in the UK in October 2019 where $90 billion* in wagers take place annually and there are 34 million** online betting accounts. Upon validating its model in the UK, Prophet will then set its eyes on the U.S. betting market which is estimated to grow by $10 billion annually for the next 5 years. *source: iGaming Business **source: Statista.com

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PORTFOLIO ReadyUp is a B2B social platform that organizes, connects, and Esports activates gaming communities. With events being the root of the community experience, ReadyUp curates all gaming activities including events, tournaments, and streams into an interactive real-time event platform driving discovery, engagement, and activation with the global gaming community.

Gamers can follow their favorite games, register for tournaments, watch live content, buy tickets and merchandise, share with friends, and sync with their personal calendars so they never miss their favorite events.


ReadyUp powers social platform solutions for B2B customers including game publishers, tournament and league organizers, streaming platforms, influencers, and brands across their owned and operated channels to drive engagement, retention, and monetization.


Roderick Alemania Founder & CEO


ReadyUp has signed agreements with the National Association of Collegiate Esports, National Basketball Player’s Association, ESL Gaming, GEEX, Trevor May, Mylocalesportsbar, and SLAM (Basketball Community).

RunLive offers a completely gamified and social running platform. The app aims to eliminate the tediousness and high motivational threshold in running alone, by letting users connect instantly with runners across the world and run together in real-time.


Connected Athletes



They get audio updates about not only their own, but also their co-runners performances in real-time to increase their motivation. The option for “trash talk“ also adds an entertainment factor while on the track. For the introverts, running in “ghost mode” against yourself is an option, too and you can schedule a run with other users.

To maximize longterm motivation and user retention, the App also contains gamification features like a leaderboard and a reward system with monetization potential.

Michael C. Thompson Founder & CEO

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Founded in 2016, Rooter started out as a free-to-play social gaming platform and has since expanded to provide fans with all of their sports content. With the advent of content need in the market, Rooter saw huge traction on sports content creation and consumption which led to better revenues.

Rooter launched a live video and audio tool for user generated content that allows anyone to create and host live match commentary, stream matches, host quiz and interact with the Rooter community.

The Product


Rooter is now India’s biggest sports community platform, personalizing sports content and providing millions of fans across sports and gaming a voice to express themselves. Rooter engages fans with user generated live audio and video content over different sports and offers a personalized sports feed & scorecard in 8 Indian languages. Aside from cricket, football, and multiple other sports, Rooter also allows gaming fans to stream their gaming sessions and share the best game videos.


Piyush Kumar Founder & CEO



Fan Engagement

Partners Samsung, Sharechat, and Ixigo in India provide sports engagement through Rooter to more than 50 million* users on their platforms. With the rapid innovation happening in India, data is now 30x cheaper than just a few years ago**. This, along with Rooters round the clock engagement, has seen users spend 28 min/day on the app across its 1,700,000 MAU***. *Source: Rooter Report, November 2019 **Source: BBC News, March 2019 ***Source: As of November 2019

Success so Far

The Market 566 Million

~5 Million+ Sports Fans Connected

8 Sports Covered

Mobile Internet user in India in 2018 and growing to 627 Million in 2019*

6000+ Matches Covered

250 Million

non-English speaking smartphone users *Source: The Economic Times India, 2019

24 Million+ Games Played

12 Million+

Fan Conversations

15 Million+

Active User Minutes Per Month

The Partnerships Exclusive Sports Engagement Integration Ixigo My Galaxy Bixby Samsung

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The Skill Yoga App was launched with a new training program developed from working closely with athletes. The implemented skill coaching algorithm meets the needs of a growing male audience interested in yoga.

CATERING TO THE NEEDS OF THE FAST-GROWING MALE YOGA COMMUNITY Founded in 2017, Skill Yoga is a Berlin-based startup initiated by Gerjet, Timko and Benno to cater to the needs of the fast-growing male yoga community. As an online video-based training program, it addresses the physical and mental preconditions of athletes from different disciplines, as well as their training goals.

Skill Yoga helps athletes on levels, who feel excluded from current yoga culture, to benefit from accessible, functional and down to earth yoga training to improve their life and performance.



What they are looking for is a yoga coaching that works for all levels, provides fast results and neatly integrates into their existing training. Other than physical progress, mental progress is just as important.


Benno Mielke Head of IT


Timko Linssen Head of Marketing & Brand

Gerjet Efken Head of Product & Design

“With the new training system we are consequently following up on our promise to make Yoga accessible for all men through a modern approach�

Derivative Markets


- Gerjet Efken, Founder

ADVANCED GOAL-SETTING AND PROGRESS UPDATES A mobile app that allows you to set advanced goals, customize your training program and map your progress along your yoga journey.

ACCESS 40 different trainings and meditations for any situation, need & duration on multiple devices. SHARE Brag about your new yoga skills on Instagram and connect with other male yogis on the Skill Yoga Facebook community page. TRAIN On web or mobile app, anywhere and anytime. TRACK Your training progress and streaks to stay motivated.

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Valtik Foods developed a fast'17 absorbing hydration mix under the trademark TITANIUM that provides faster hydration avoiding stomach distress both for amateur and endurance athletes. The mixture of sugars and electrolytes moves from the gut to the bloodstream in just 15 minutes compared to other products that do this in 30 minutes or more.


Understanding that different sports have different sweat rates, and energy and muscle use, they’ve developed four lines of TITANIUM segmented by sport category adapted to each sports’ specific needs: Aqua, Terra, Air, and Power.

Omar Hertas CEO


Located in Colombia and having established their local distribution channels, Valtik Foods now aims to expand to multiple Latin American countries and North America.

Derivative Markets

Venuzle provides an online marketplace to search and book sports venues and sports courses, match sports partners, find new teammates or join other teams.


Derivative Markets

In addition, Venuzle offers “The Venuzle Sports Manager”, an enterprise management solution for municipalities, local councils, clubs, schools and every other kind of sports providers - the allpurpose tool developed with and for sports providers.


Developed as a white label solution, the “The Venuzle Sports Manager” facilitates growth, scalability, and increases the market penetration of Venuzle. For the clubs and their members this means: less managing, more sports!

Bernhard Bauer Co-Founder & CMO

Wolfgang Lang Co-Founder & CEO

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UNIT 1 is the team behind SOUNDSHIELD, an action sports helmet with detachable wireless headphones. SOUNDSHIELD provides a unique experience unlike anything else out there: for skiing, snowboarding, skating or biking you have helmet and headphones, seamlessly connected, with a sportsspecific interface and a built in mic.

After riding, you simply detach your headphones and take them with you, there’s no need to leave your music behind. UNIT 1 has launched its second generation SoundShield helmet this Season with additional features including Glove-Proof Controls as well as a Walkie-Talkie app allowing you to take a call while riding without the need to remove your gloves and constantly stay in contact with your pow-crew. The WalkieTalkie app lets you share the action and stay connected while on the go.

Juan Garcia Mansilla Co-Founder & CEO

unit1gear.com 54


Francisco Abelleira Co-Founder & COO



Connected Athletes

The team has a great product and has an excellent understanding of the market. Besides that, they have complementary skill sets, which makes them primed for success!� HAROLD PRIMAT Former racing driver and leAD Board Member

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Who Knows Wins, the home of social betting, has launched a proprietary, cutting edge social sports betting platform that links groups of friends, peers and strangers with a competitive, interactive betting offering. The platform allows you to test your knowledge, view and opinions on numerous sporting events by either selecting your own bets and sharing with your invited group or sharing your view in public pooled betting leagues and social groups. THE MARKET The digital evolution — and the smartphone in particular — has had a big part to play in the growth of the gambling market. But sports fans are always looking for the added-value beyond the current betting offerings, with a trend towards a peer-to-peer system. In short, they can now interact with friends, colleagues and other sports fans and win, rather than playing against a faceless third party.


Potentially the more you know, the more you can win, and the best part is, you can beat your friends and not the bookmaker and really prove that Who Knows really does Win.


Nick Jones CEO


Jaime Graham Co-Founder & Head of Product


Derivative Markets

HOW IT WORKS Every bet is made and placed in a pool, and the payout and winnings can be from 100% of the pot to an agreed % split of the pot Payout is determined before fixtures kick off Winnings are then paid out on the agreed payout structure

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Wingfield develops a system that can transform any tennis court in the world into a smart court. The Wingfield court allows amateur players to get the same game analytics as the professionals do. With a combination of hardware and Artificial Intelligence, the system keeps track of the score, analyzes strokes, and gives personal feedback after matches or practice sessions.

The system. It keeps track of the score, analyses their strokes, detects their weaknesses, and gives feedback immediately after a match or practice session. From the average speed of their serve to video analysis tools, Wingfield provides a wide range of ways to improve your own game. The system, which is easy to set up, only costs a fraction of a professional system.

Ready to take on any court!


Now Wingfield is prepared to go into serial production to foster scalability and market penetration. On top of that, Wingfield launched a product for all weathers, allowing players to use the system on all surfaces and across seasonality.


Maik Burlage CEO


Jaan Brunken COO

Julius Burlage Head of Hardware Development

Henri Kuper Head of Software Development


Connected Athletes

Wingfield has equipped four courts of the prestigious Road to Wimbledon finals — the largest junior tournament in the world. The location of the finals was nothing less than the Mecca of tennis: the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) in London. Photo: player in a Wingfield court during the tournament. Credits: Wingfield

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Winmil created a training robot for ice hockey that is capable of shooting and passing pucks like a personalized coach to any skill level and position player.


Connected Athletes

The device uses stereo vision cameras that can track a player’s position and movement during practice, carries out passes and shots precisely when and where necessary. It also provides video and stats feedback about a player’s performance that you can combine with other information sources from training to serve as an assistant coach to everyone who wants to improve their skills.


Winmill is now developing for its second sport, Baseball, with a training equipment robot capable of pitching baseballs with a range of spins and speeds much like practicing against a real player. The device can be programmed from a mobile application allowing the player or coach to preset a specific order. Winmill is looking to partner with an MLB team as they aim to refine and rollout their second sports training robot.


Martin Marenis CEO


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This is leAD  

leAD Sports, the premier sports venture ecosystem.

This is leAD  

leAD Sports, the premier sports venture ecosystem.