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Y’s Times BULLETIN OF Y’S MEN INTERNATIONAL INDIA AREA Vol. 1 No. 1 “To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right”

Y’s MEN INTERNATIONAL INDIA AREA 2010-11 Area President Ym Adv Philip Mathai Area Secretary Ym T. Thomas Area Treasurer Ym M. Isaac Area Bulletin Editor Ym K.C. Samuel Area Assistant Secretary Ym V.K. Joseph Area Assistant Treasurer Ym E. Jacob Kurian Associate Bulletin Editor Ym Koshy Mathew

IP’s Theme

Once more we stand IP’s Slogan

Build a bridge to the future AP’s Theme

Be the light of the world AP’s slogan

Share our blessings in love

July 2010

From the Area President Dear Friends, Hearty greetings to all my friends in Y’s dom. Looking back, to be precise, in the year 1974, when I was initiated as a Y’s Man in Pathanamthitta YMC of the then India Region, by the late Lt. Regional Director Ym. Col. Dr. P.V. George, I only knew that Y’s Men International was a service wing of the YMCA movement. It was the dedicated service rendered to humanity by the Pathanamthitta club that endeared me to the Y’s Men’s movement. The then four-yearold club was adjudged the Best Club in India Region. It retained this title for three successive years, all because of its dedicated leadership. It was when I became the Secretary of YMC of Pathanamthitta under the able guidance of late Ym I. Idiculla, the then President, who later became the District Governor and chairman of SW India Region of YMCAs, that I learned the ABCs of Y’sdom. There were many other stalwarts of Y’s movement and the YMCA who helped me in my onward journey. I bow my head in reverence to the memory of my beloved parents, who encouraged me in all the good things I wanted to do. Likewise, there are many Y’s leaders who have contributed to the

growth of the movement and to my personal growth. On top of the list are the late Ym. George V. Thomas, Past Area President, the late Ym. Chief Justice P. Subramonian Poti, Past International Director and Founder-Chairman of the Y’s Men Center, and the late Ym. Justice M.U Isaac, past Regional Director of the then India Region. I was fortunate to have received their affection, admiration and guidance, which became instrumental in me being elevated to this position of Area President of the largest Area in the International. I believe that an honest man is of more worth to the society and in the sight of God than all crowned dishonest kings that ever lived. The language one speaks is the product of one’s own culture. Let us be honest and trustworthy. Be good to others so that the best will come back to You. And remember, love does no harm to your friends and neighbours. Let each Y’s man and Y’s menette be a beacon light that guides and leads the less fortunate in our society to a better life. Let us stand once more and ‘Be the light of the world’ and share our blessings in love. Together, let us build a bridge to the future. Sincerely yours in Y’s dom, Philip Mathai Area President 2010-11

Editor’s Corner Dear Y’s friends I am honoured to be invited to serve as Bulletin Editor of the India Area 2010-11 under the leadership of Ym Philip Mathai. Our first issue of Y’s Times carries three important pieces of information – the Area Calendar, the Goals and Targets for the year, the Awards and Criteria. These are published well in advance so that officers at the Regional, District and Club levels can familiarize themselves with what has been planned for the year, from day one after the new Area President is installed. I would like to see Y’s Times carrying news items with action photos of worthwhile community service projects. While I have no problems with celebrations of festivals and national days, I must make it doubly clear that, as a matter of policy, we would give weightage to service projects when seeking news items to be published. May I request the Clubs, Districts and Regions to send me reports of such activities on a regular basis. As we begin this new Y’s year, let us re-dedicate ourself to the vision of our founder: “to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right.” Let us also shine as the ‘light of the world’ and ‘share our blessings’ with those less fortunate than us. K.C. Samuel Area Bulletin Editor

Y’s Times

India Area Team Area President : Ym Adv Philip Mathai Adv. Philip Mathai practises in the Kerala High Court and has been a Y’s Man since 1974. He is CharterPresident of the Ernakulam Metropolitan Club and is also an active YMCA member. Area Secretary : Ym T. Thomas T. Thomas, a long-standing Y’s Man and YMCA staff member, recently retired as National General Secretary of the YMCAs of India. He is a member of the Ernakulam Metropolitan Club. Area Treasurer : Ym M. Isaac M. Isaac is a retired professor of Mathematics and has taught in India and abroad. On his return from Nigeria a few years ago, he joined the Y’s Men’s Club of Ernakulam Metropolitan. Area Bulletin Editor : Ym K.C. Samuel K.C. Samuel is an engineer, educationist and a pilot. He is the Chairman and Director of Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bangalore. He became a Y’s Man in 1983 and, at present, is a member of the YMC of Bangalore. Area Assistant Secretary :Ym V.K. Joseph V.K. Joseph is a member of the Ernakulam Metropolitan Y’s Men’s Club since the early 1990s. He is an Electrical Engineer by profession.

Change of Guard International President-Elect Ym Hirotoshi Fujii (left) will take over the reins of leadership of Y’s Men International from Ym Kevin Cummings (right). Fujii is a member of the Y’s Men’s Club of Tokyo and was Area President of Area Asia in 2007-08. Ym Klaus Dietzel (right) of Germany who has been International Treasurer for two terms since July 2004 will hand over charge to Ym T.M. Mathew (left) of YMC of Ernakulam Metropolitan in July 10. Ym Mathew is a Chartered Accountant practising in Kochi and is also the India Area Manager for Y’s Men International. He becomes the second Indian in the 88-year-old history of the Movement to become International Treasurer. Ym B.S. Krishnan, also of Kochi, was the first in 1989-92. International Secretary General (ISG) Rolando Dalmas (right)will be retiring by the end of the year after ten years in office. Ym Takao Nishimura (left) of Japan has been selected ISG and will assume office in November after a threemonth transitory period with Dalmas.

Regional Directors CENTRAL INDIA REGION Yw. D.V. Lakshmi 1st Floor, Prayaga Mansion, Giri Road Berhampur, Odissa - 760 005 Tel: 0680-2204661 Cell: 094370-97661 E-mail :

MID WEST INDIA REGION Asst. Area Treasurer : Ym E. Jacob Kurian Jacob Kurian is an engineer by profession and currently working as Chief Engineer (Mechanical) in FEDO, an engineering consultancy organization in Kochi. He has been a member of the Ernakulam Metropolitan YMC since 1990. Asso.Bulletin Editor : Ym Koshy Mathew Koshy Mathew is a trained journalist and has worked as an editor and publisher for over 30 years. He is Joint Director at the Hindustan Academy, Bangalore and is a member of the YMC of Bangalore.

VISION 2020 The salient features of the revised Vision 2020 document of our movement are:  A minimum of 50,000 members in 100 countries  To strive to enhance human values with special focus on youth development and to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right  To work in active partnership with the YMCA, the UN and other organisations to build a better world for all humankind. The vision and passion of our founder Judge Paul William Alexander, as interpreted by IP Hirotoshi Fuji is: “A new promising organisation ready to stand up and take on challenges with courage.”

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Ym V.A. Thankachan Varapathukuzhiyil Kolencherry 682 11 Ernakulam District, Kerala

Cell: 94470-36264

SOUTH INDIA REGION Ym Jacob Varghese 2867 Puthenparambil, Off 80 Feet Road HAL II Stage Extn, Bangalore 560 008 Tel: 080-2526 7791 Cell: 98860-52954

SOUTH WEST INDIA REGION Ym. Er. P. Narayana Swami Flat No. 1, Asha Building, Lakshminada, Kollam - 691 013. Kerala Tel: 0474 2766973. Mob : 94477 66973 . E-mail:

WEST INDIA REGION Ym. Adv. K.J. Michael Koodallur Complex, South Nada Kodungalloor, Thrissur Dist. 680 664 Tel: 0480-2803245 Cell: 92497-18599

Y’s Times

Area Calendar June 2010 26 Ist Meeting of the AP/ RDs /DGs 27 Area Convention & Installationof the Area Team ASDs Training Ist Area Council Meeting July 2010 04 Resource Persons Training-South West India & RD to convene DGs Meet 24 Resource Persons Training-Mid West India & RD to convene DGs Meet

Ernakulam Ernakulam Ernakulam Ernakulam



New Clubs


 Make all clubs in good standing

New clubs in unexplored areas


 Induct a minimum of 3 members in each club

Contribution towards International Projects ASF (per member)

Kollam Ernakulam

September 2010 10-12 Family Fest & Picnic


October 2010 02 Third Meeting of the AP/RDs 03 Third Area Council Meeting

Hyderabad Hyderabad

Ernakulam Kanyakumari

January 2011 Kids /Youth Fest & Menettes Meetings by Dist/Regions

Rs. 10.00

BHF (per member)

Rs. 25.00

TOF (per member)

Rs. 100.00


100 nos


5 nos

RBM (per member)

1 kit

International Programmes IBC (New Connections)

– One in, one out


– To be considered later Leadership Training

At the Area Level

3 (Training of RDEs, DGEs and ASDs)

Regional Level

1 minimum (Training of RSDs)

Zonal/District Level 3 (Training for Club Officers, Resource persons and New members) Youth Activities 1 at the Area level 5 at Regional level 46 at the District level

Personality Devpt At the Zonal and/or District levels Sports Meet

At the District / Zonal level

Cultural Meet

At the District / Regional level MEETINGS

Area Council



March 2011 Final Meeting of RDs with DGs by Region-wise June 2011 25 Fifth Meeting of the AP/RDs 26 Fifth Area Council Meeting 26 Area Convention & Installation of Area Team

For the kind attention of Club leaders The Area Team is in the process of finalising the Area Directory and Handbook. The Directory will carry the contact details of all Club Presidents and Secretaries along with their photographs. Please send them to Ym Koshy Mathew (Bangalore) at his e-mail ID: (the preferred option over paper). Last date for receipt of details is 20 August 2010.

 Extend Y’sdom to all states in India  Establish a full-fledged India Area Office with paid secretary and staff in Y’s Men’s Centre at Kochi  Establish Y’s Men’s Centres in all Regions PROPOSED PROJECTS FOR IMPLEMENTATION AT CLUB LEVEL Community Service 

Sponsor poor and brilliant students and accompany them in their education journey till they become employed

Promote “Go green, get back to earth” campaign

Run charity shops/fairs in Y’s Men Districts

Offer career guidance and employment advice cells in every District

Form friends clubs of street children and/or orphans, educate them and help them to be good citizens



Youth Camps

November 2010 To convene Prescon by Regions

February 2011 4-6 RDs Elect Training Programme 06 Fourth Meeting of the AP/RDs 06 Fourth Area Council Meeting 19-20 DGs Elect Training Programme


Membership and Extension

August 2010 01 Resource Persons Training-Central India & RD to convene DGs Meet Berhampur 14 Resource Persons Training-South India & RD to convene DGs Meet 14 IInd Meeting of the AP/RDs Bangalore 15 IInd Area Council Meeting Bangalore 22 Resource Persons Training-West India & RD to convene DGs Meet Trichur New Member Orientation –Dist/Zonal level by Regions

December 2010 05 Mid Year Meeting RDs/DGs 27-30 Youth Camp

Area Goals and Targets

Find foster homes for the uncared and neglected children Image Building All Clubs, Districts and Regions are expected to carry out the following two image-building projects in the current year: 

Collaborate with an NGO of repute or a Government agency in the locality and implement a community service project

Honour outstanding or distinguished persons

Celebrate UN Day on 24th October

Promote the concept of “Forward with family” by involving all in the family in all meetings at all levels


Area Convention


Mid-Year Meeting


ASDs’ Meeting


AEOs Meeting

Every Month


A minimum of 3 (three)

Area Newsletter

Four (4)

Area Directory


Area Address Book


Regional Bulletins

Four each

District Bulletin

Every Quarter

From AP

to IHQ / IP / IT / RDs / ASDs / DGs

Cooperate with the local YMCA to promote and strengthen our historical relationship Y’s Menettes  All Y’s Men’s clubs to have Y’s Menettes Clubs and encourage them to obtain Charters from the International  Pay US$ 1.00 (One) per member towards Y’s Menettes International Project. Y’s Lings and Y’s Youth  Encourage Clubs to start Y’s Lings and Y’s Youth Clubs  Motivate Lings and Youth to get involved in programmes and projects

ROLL BAK MALARIA is the Special Project of Y’s Men International for the next five years. Save children’s lives in Africa. See details on page 4.

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Y’s Times

Area Awards and Criteria 2010-11 1. Best Regional Director 2.

Outstanding Regional Director


Best District Governor

Lead Kindly Light

4. Outstanding District Governors 5.

Best Area Service Director

6. Outstanding Area Service Directors 7.

Best Regional Secretary

8. Outstanding Regional Secretaries 9. RD with maximum percentage increase in membership 10. RD with maximum percentage increase in contribution to RBM Project 11. RD with maximum percentage per capita contribution to TOF 12. RD with maximum increase in membership 13. RD with maximum percentage per capita contribution to EF 14. RD with maximum contribution to YES 15. Best Image Building Project 16. Best Unif ied Global Project 17. Meritorious Service Awards 18. Area President’s Awards for Club Presidents / DGs / RDs for enrolling maximum number of members in the Y’s Men Centre 19. Best District Secretary

The Area President places on record his respectsful homage to his mentors in the Y’s Men movement, especially, Late Lt. Col. Ym Dr. P.V. George, Late Ym I. Idiculla, Dy. Collector, and Late Ym George V. Thomas, Past Area President

Ym Dr P.V. George

Ym I. Idiculla

Y’s Men of India are grateful to the leadership of Ym Justice P. Subramonian Poti for developing Y’sdom in India and in helping the Y’s Men Centre at Kochi. To these gentlemen, who are no longer with us, we pay our homage and pray, “Lead kindly light” Y’s Times is the official bulletin of the India Area Team of Y’s Men International and is published four times during the year. Edited by Ym K.C. Samuel and Ym Koshy Mathew. Printed at the National Printing Press, Bangalore. For Private Circulation only.

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Y's Times No. 1_2010-11  

Official Bulletin of the India Area Y's Men International

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