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leadership & peacemaking

First Pillar. consider it all joy. When we suffer, don’t act like it is a strange thing. You can either choose to be bitter or better. Suffering is a good thing, it produces character. It is funny when you talk to people who go through hardships and times of distress. We all find ourselves at some point asking, “Why this? Why me? Why now?” The reality is, when we suffer we get clear, black and white answers. Suffering has a design by elimination harmony dimension to it. The moments of suffering are our defining moments. Let those moments of suffering help to define your leadership.

Second Pillar. serve others. Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. Serving those around you does not necessarily transform those you serve, it transforms you. We fulfill a purpose of being great by serving others. In our culture it is usually a “me first” mentality. Servant leadership is not a popular concept. Greatness should be measured by service, not status. We are all shaped to serve. Let your service help to bridge the gap between leadership and goodwill.

Third Pillar. do not apologize for your success. Most of us are ordinary people who only have accomplished extraordinary things. Do not act like humility is apologizing for successes, rather wear your success. Be confident and genuine within that success. There is a difference between ego and self-regard. Most of the time, the only reason you have been to where you currently are is because someone has helped you get there. Don’t forget about those people and how important they are to you. On the flip side, do the same for those around you; always be willing to lend a helping hand in order to achieve success.

Three Pillars of Facilitating Leadership & Peacemaking  
Three Pillars of Facilitating Leadership & Peacemaking  

Three easy and effective ways to transform your leadership.