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-continued on p. 27Kim shares:“We’re living in this world of computers and social media. I think it’s really incredible that I can put up pics of my kids so family can keep up with them! It’s an amazing way to communicate. But I do believe there is a downside to it all. We can make our life appear to be whatever we want it to be. On the flip side we have a generation that’s growing up in this who desire authenticity. They are asking ‘What is real?’ Especially, when it comes to God. Which is where we come in as the church, showing them that we care. Showing them real authenticity.” LEARNING TO REST In 2009 she married photographer and worship leader Skyler Smith. The couple has three children and often works collaboratively. While life is full of great blessing, the songwriter has shared openly about some of the more difficult and challenging moments. Kim recalls, “A few years ago, there was a build up of things that began to weigh on me. I lost my Dad to Parkinson’s disease; We moved to a new city as part of a church plant with Jesus Culture; We had two babies only 14 months apart, and I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. ALL of the stressors were going off!” Finding herself in a difficult season of many transitions, a decision was made to completely clear the artist’s schedule, and concentrate on rest. “When you make a drastic change, even if it’s the best decision, different thoughts make their way into your head...Like, ‘How are you going to live? How are you going to pay your bills?’ I would keep reminding myself that, God is my provider. He will take care of us. In actuality my provider is not my job, GOD is my provider. I would combat the lies that came in with truths that I could hold onto.” On the practical side of things Kim says “You know, fresh air can do amazing things for a person! Yes,

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there was and is the spiritual side of reading my bible, worship, prayer and writing songs... but there are also things that can energize us, and God uses those things to fill us back up, and connect us with Jesus. You know...going outside and playing games with my kids ...those things also feed and nourish my soul.” NEW SEASONS From the very beginning Kim chose to focus on her foundation with Jesus. In doing so she has found herself walking in her gifts, and embracing new adventures. Her newest journey includes another first: Authoring a book. Kim shares “The book is called Brave Surrender. It’s just my story. I have never, ever, publically shared my story, in it’s entirety. This is the first, so I am both excited and terrified! It’s such a new world for me...So foreign and different than music and songwriting.” Kim’s latest solo On My Side Live is available now! Be on the lookout for her book Brave Surrender (Zondervon Press) April of 2019.


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