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WELCOME TO OUR READING GUIDE We are excited to share with you a great selection of fiction, non-fiction, children’s and Mother’s Day gift titles, hand-picked for you by our professional staff. As an independent bookseller, we are motivated by a love of books and reading and we are proud of our great range, personalised service and loyal customers. If you don’t find what you are looking for on the pages of this guide, we’d be happy to help you find an alternative or place a special order for you. Happy Reading!

And the Mountains Echoed Khaled Hosseini Paperback RRP $ 32.99 May 22 release, advance orders welcome

The eagerly awaited new book by the author of The WIN Kite Runner. Afghanistan, a Signed 1952. Abdullah and his Hardback sister Pari live with their Edition father and step-mother in the small village of Shadbagh. More like a parent than a brother, Abdullah will do anything for her, even trading his only pair of shoes for a feather for her treasured collection. Crossing generations and continents, Khaled Hosseini writes about the bonds that define us and shape our lives. WIN a signed limited HB edition. For details go to the competition page at

Transatlantic Colum McCann Paperback RRP $ 27.99 May 22 release, advance orders welcome

Can we cross from the new world to the old? How does the past shape the future? In TransAtlantic, National Book Award-winning Colum McCann has achieved an outstanding act of literary bravura. Intricately crafted, poetic and deeply affecting it weaves together personal stories to explore the fine line between what is real and what is imagined.



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Each pack contains copies of 25 bestselling and high-value titles - the perfect gift for the whole family. For your chance to win, simply purchase a book from this catalogue, go to the competition page at to view full terms and conditions and enter your details. Competition closes at midnight on 30th May.

Welcome to Your New Life Anna Goldsworthy Paperback RRP $ 29.99 When Anna Goldsworthy, pianist and perfectionist, falls pregnant with her first child, her excitement is tempered by the daunting journey ahead. In Welcome to Your New Life, she shares the dizzying wonder and crippling anxiety that come with creating new life.

Waging Peace Anne Deveson Paperback RRP $ 29.99 Looking back on a long and active life, Anne Deveson draws on a rich vein of public and private experiences to reflect on what made her the bold social commentator she became. Central among her lifelong preoccupations have been the questioning of war, and the promotion of peace. We share with her, through dramatic filming experiences in Africa, horror at the traumas of conflict and the need to understand its resolution.

Cayley and Son; Collecting Ladies

The Vogue Factor Kirstie Clements Paperback RRP $ 29.95

Penny Olsen Hardback/Paperback RRP $ 49.99/ $ 39.99 Two beautiful books by the National Library of Australia. Cayley and Son features the lives and works of Australian father-and-son bird artists, Neville Henry and Neville William Cayley. Ferdinand von Mueller is considered the greatest Australian botanist FREE Card & of the nineteenth century Gift wrap and Penny Olsen’s Collecting Ladies profiles 14 of his coterie of women collectors. SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a copy of either Cayley and Son or Collecting Ladies and receive a set of FREE gift wrap and card. *While stocks last.

In May 2012 Kirstie Clements was unceremoniously sacked after thirteen years in the editor’s chair at Vogue Australia. Here she tells the story behind the headlines. From her humble beginnings to her brilliant career as a passionate and fierce custodian of the world’s most famous luxury magazine brand.

The Hundred Dresses Erin McKean Paperback RRP $ 24.99 May release, advance orders welcome

Bush Nurses Annabelle Brayley Paperback RRP $ 29.99 It takes something special to be a bush nurse working in rural and remote Australia. They patch people up and keep them alive while waiting for the doctor to arrive and are on call around the clock with no days off. These are inspiring true stories of nursing bravery and ingenuity.

The Still Point of the Turning World Emily Rapp Paperback RRP $ 27.99 Like all mothers, Emily Rapp had ambitious plans for her first and only child, Ronan. But all of these plans changed when Ronan was diagnosed at nine months old with Tay-Sachs disease, a rare and always-fatal degenerative disorder. They would have to learn to live with their child in the moment; to find happiness in the midst of sorrow; to parent without a future.

Inspired by the Eleanor Estes' children's classic The Hundred Dresses, Erin McKean's classic-to-be by the same title, with chic illustrations by Donna Mehalko, is a definitive look at the dresses, vintage and modern, that make an inarguable statement about the woman who wears them; from The Bandage to The Sack, The Baby-doll to The Siren, and everything in between. SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a copy of The Hundred Dresses and receive a FREE gift wrap. *While stocks last.


Gift wrap

The Bookery Cook Jessica, Georgia, and Maxine Thompson Paperback RRP $ 39.99 May release, advance orders welcome

Family meals have always played a significant role in the lives of the Thompson sisters - Jessica, Georgia and Maxine. So much so that they created a blog,, to celebrate their love of food. Instead of photographing their chosen dishes, however, they made contact with artists all over the world, who supplied dedicated artworks, in a huge variety of styles and media, to illustrate the recipes.

Mother's Day GIFT IDEAS Instructions for a Heatwave Maggie O'Farrell Paperback RRP $ 29.99


Paperback RRP $ 27.99

It's July 1976. In London, it hasn't rained for months, gardens are filled with aphids, water comes from a standpipe, and Robert Riordan tells his wife Gretta that he's going round the corner to buy a newspaper. He doesn't come back. A portrait of an Irish family in crisis in the legendary heatwave of 1976, by the bestselling author of The Hand That First Held Mine.

One night George Duncan is woken by a noise in his garden. Impossibly, a great white crane has tumbled to earth shot through its wing by a giant arrow. Unexpectedly moved, he helps the crane, and from the moment he watches it fly off, George's life is transformed. Wise, magical, romantic and funny, The Crane Wife is hugely entertaining. A celebration of the disruptive and redemptive power of love and a hymn to the creative imagination, it is a completely enchanting novel from bestselling YA author of the Chaos Walking series.


Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Edward Rutherfurd Paperback RRP $ 32.99 May release, advance orders welcome

Inspired by the haunting, passionate story of the City of Lights, this epic novel weaves a gripping tale of four families across the centuries. Over hundreds of years, these four families are bound by forbidden loves and marriages of convenience; dogged by vengeance and murderous secrets; torn apart by the irreconcilable differences of birth and faith, and brought together by the tumultuous history of their city. By the bestselling author of London and Sarum.

Therese Anne Fowler Paperback RRP $ 29.99 Zelda was the embodiment of the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties. She was vibrant, headstrong, complicated and misunderstood. Z is the irresistibly rich, romantic and tumultuous story of Zelda Fitzgerald. We watch the evolution of this iconic woman as she lived large and ached to find her own identity in the shadow of her celebrated husband.


The Storyteller Jodi Picoult Paperback RRP $ 29.99 After befriending an old man in her town, Sage Singer is deeply shocked when he begs her for a terrible favour - until he shares his darkest secret with her. In the latest novel from master storyteller, Jodi Picoult, she asks: can evil ever be forgiven? And can murder ever be justified?


Grace and Mary

J. M. Coetzee

Melvyn Bragg Paperback RRP $ 32.99

Hardback RRP $ 34.99

May release, advance orders welcome

John visits his ageing mother Mary in her nursing home by the sea, and mourns the slow fading of her mind. Hoping to shore up her memory, he prompts her with songs, photographs and questions about the 1940s, when she was a young woman and he a child in a small Cumbrian town.

The Shadow Year Hannah Richell Paperback RRP $ 29.99 On a sultry summer’s day in 1980, five friends stumble upon an abandoned lakeside cottage hidden deep in the English countryside. For Kat and her friends, it offers an escape; a chance to drop out for a while, with lazy summer days by the lake and intimate winter evenings around the fire. But as the seasons change, tensions begin to rise and when an unexpected visitor appears at their door, nothing will be the same again ...The stunning new novel from the author of the bestselling Secrets of The Tides.

Australian author


May release, advance orders welcome

The new novel by the twice Booker Prize winner. Davíd is a small boy who comes by boat across the ocean to a new country. He has been separated from his parents, and has lost the piece of paper that would have explained everything. On the boat a stranger named Simón takes it upon himself to look after the boy. They both know little Spanish and nothing about the new country and its customs. They are people without a past. The Childhood of Jesus is not like any other novel you have read. This beautiful and surprising fable is about childhood, about destiny, about being an outsider.



The Twins Saskia Sarginson Paperback RRP $ 29.99 Isolte and Viola are twins. Inseparable as children, they've grown into very different adults: Isolte, a successful features writer for a fashion magazine with a photographer boyfriend and a flat in London, and Viola, desperately unhappy and struggling with a lifelong eating disorder. What happened all those years ago to set the twins on such different paths to adulthood? As both women start to unravel the escalating tragedies of a half-remembered summer, terrifying secrets from the past come rushing back and threaten to overwhelm their adult lives.

Titles marked with this symbol are available in Bolinda audio format

The Hired Man Aminatta Forna Paperback RRP $ 29.99 May release, advance orders welcome

The unfortunate past of a quiet Croatian town is stirred up when a new family takes up residence in a house left empty for years. Local loner Duro steps in to help the family restore the house, awakening the memory of events concealed but not yet forgotten.


Levels of Life



Dan Brown Hardback RRP $ 39.95

Lauren Beukes Paperback RRP $ 29.99

14th May release, advance orders welcome

May release, advance orders welcome

Dan Brown’s new novel, Inferno, features renowned Harvard symbologist Robert FREE Langdon and is set in the Book with pre-order heart of Europe, where Langdon is drawn into a harrowing world centred around one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces. SPECIAL OFFER: Pre-order your copy of Inferno from your independent bookstore by 14th May and receive a Free copy of Trespass by Rose Tremain. *While stocks last.

Chicago, 1931. Harper is a man with all the time in the world to stalk and kill his shining girls. Chicago, 1992. Kirby knows there’s something strange about the man who nearly killed her. The murders are scattered across decades. But for a girl who should be dead, impossible doesn't mean it didn't happen…


Dead Girl Sing

Hugh Howey Paperback RRP $ 29.95

Tony Cavanaugh Paperback RRP $ 29.99

The world is still as we know it. A powerful few know what lies ahead. They are setting us on a path from which we can never return. A path that will take us below ground. The history of the silo is about to be written. Our future is about to begin. The much anticipated prequel to the bestselling sci-fi Wool series.

Darian Richards knew he should have let the phone keep ringing. But more than two decades as a cop leaves you with a certain outlook on life. No matter how much he tried to walk away, something, or someone, kept bringing him back to his gun. New from the author of Promise.


The Golden Egg

Camilla Lackberg Paperback RRP $ 29.95

Donna Leon Paperback RRP $ 29.95

A woman jumps into her car, her hands bloody. With her son in the backseat, she flees to the only safe place she knows: the island of Gråskär. Locally the island is known as Ghost Isle; they say it’s haunted by the dead and that they have something to tell the living…

The Demonologist Andrew Pyper Paperback RRP $ 29.99 At once frightening and deeply moving, Andrew Pyper's page-turning thriller explores the lengths a father will go to find his daughter, and the darkness he is prepared to confront along the way.


Julian Barnes Hardback RRP $ 24.95

The middle-aged deaf mute with the mental age of a child who helped out at the Brunetti’s dry cleaners has been found dead – an ‘accidental’ overdose of his mother’s sleeping pills. Only Brunetti can get to the truth and find some measure of solace.

The Trusted John M. Green Paperback RRP $ 24.99 The provocative and terrifying new thriller from John M. Green. When saving the planet, means destroying it… Dr Tori Swyft, a smart, sassy ‘James Bond’ can expose and prevent the looming crisis… but will she?

‘You put together two things that have not been put together before. And the world is changed...’ Julian Barnes's new book is about ballooning, photography, love and grief; about putting two things, and two people, together, and about tearing them apart.

AMERICANAH Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Paperback RRP $ 29.99 From the award-winning author of Half of a Yellow Sun comes a powerful new novel - a story of love and race, centred around a young man and woman from Nigeria who face difficult choices and challenges in the countries they come to call home.

Jellybird Lezanne Clannachan Paperback RRP $ 29.99 'Everyone has secrets, even those closest to you. But it's facing your own that takes the greatest courage.' A chilling debut of first love, damage and a brutal murder.

Fever Mary Beth Keane Paperback RRP $ 24.99 Inspired by the true story of Typhoid Mary, once described as the most dangerous woman in America, Fever is a bold and mesmerizing fictional account of Mary Mallon, a woman who continued to fight for her freedom after being branded a murderer and condemned by the press and public alike.

Blood and Beauty Sarah Dunant Paperback RRP $ 29.99 May release, advance orders welcome

Acclaimed novelist of the Italian Renaissance, Sarah Dunant takes on the era's most infamous family: the Borgias. Stripping away the myths around the Borgias, Blood & Beauty is a majestic novel that breathes life into this astonishing family and celebrates the raw power of history itself.

Exciting New FICTION How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

the Accidental Apprentice

Mohsin Hamid Paperback RRP $ 29.99

Vikas Swarup Paperback RRP $ 24.99

The astonishing and riveting tale of a man's journey from impoverished rural boy to corporate tycoon, this fastpaced, vivid and emotionally absorbing story creates two unforgettable characters who find moments of transcendent intimacy in the midst of shattering change.

May release, advance orders welcome

Sapna Sinha is approached one day by the CEO of one of India's biggest companies. He is looking for an heir for his business empire and he has decided it should be her. There are just seven tests she must pass… From the bestselling author behind the blockbuster Slumdog Millionaire.


The Burgess Boys

Lionel Shriver Paperback RRP $ 29.99

Elizabeth Strout Paperback RRP $ 24.99

May release, advance orders welcome

From the Orange Prizewinning author comes the compelling and confronting story of a sister who risks her marriage to save her morbidly obese brother. Big Brother tackles a constellation of issues surrounding obesity: why we overeat, whether extreme diets ever work in the long run, and how we treat overweight people.

Two brothers' lives are irrevocably altered when they return to the landscape of their childhood, where the long-buried tensions that have shaped and shadowed their relationship begin to surface in unexpected ways. A tender, deeply illuminating novel about the ties that bind us to family and home from the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Olive Kitteridge.

The Round House Louise Erdrich Paperback RRP $ 29.99




Paperback RRP $ 32.95 What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right? What if there were second chances? And third chances? In fact an infinite number of chances to live your life? Life After Life follows Ursula Todd as she lives through the turbulent events of the last century again and again. With wit and compassion, she finds warmth even in life’s bleakest moments, and shows an extraordinary ability to evoke the past.

May release, advance orders welcome

One Sunday in the spring of 1988, Geraldine Coutts is brutally attacked on her North Dakota reservation. Frustrated with the official investigation, her thirteen-year-old son, Joe, sets out with his trusted friends, Cappy, Zack, and Angus, to get some answers of his own. Their quest leads them to The Round House, a sacred space and place of worship. And this is only the beginning.

The Puppet Boy of Warsaw Eve Weaver Paperback RRP $ 29.99 The story of Mika, a Jewish boy, who becomes a puppeteer in the Warsaw ghetto, this is a stunning debut perfect for fans of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.




Paperback RRP $ 32.99

May release, advance orders welcome

Agnes Magnúsdóttir is condemned to death for murder in 19th century Iceland. While awaiting her fate, Agnes is sent to live with a family on an isolated farm. While the family’s initial reaction is cold, understandably unhappy about housing a convicted murderer, attitudes begin to change as Agnes proves her value on the farm. Based on real events, actual documents are littered throughout adding further weight to a moving re-telling of an historical event. The Icelandic landscape and lifestyle prove as unsettling and stark as Agnes’s sombre and ultimately inevitable end. A haunting and captivating debut that will appeal to fans of Geraldine Brooks.

Q&A with Hannah Kent Where did you come up with the idea of Burial Rites? Burial Rites is actually based on a true story. Agnes Magnúsdóttir was the last person to be executed in Iceland, before capital punishment was abolished in 1928. I first heard about the story of the murders committed at Illugastadir when I was living in Iceland as a seventeen year old exchange student, about ten years ago… I felt haunted by the story, and the absence of any real information about Agnes's life became a motivating factor for me. As I researched the events, I was struck by the way in which Agnes seemed commonly represented as a stereotype: an evil, scheming woman hell-bent on revenge. Her humanity seemed largely absent, as did her life story. Burial Rites was written out of a desire to offer an alternative representation of Agnes, as well as a longing to articulate something of Iceland's grip on my heart.

Burial Rites is one of those stories that will stay with its reader's for a very long time. What lasting impression do you wish the book to leave them? I do hope that readers are touched by the book, and that Agnes's story lingers in their mind, whether that be because they saw something of themselves in the characters, or because it disturbed them, or triggered questions, or encouraged a curiosity about Iceland. I don't pretend to know why it might endure, I just hope that it does.

Having won the inaugural Writing Australia Unpublished Manuscript Award for Burial Rites and having it published by Picador, what’s next for you? I had the very good fortune of signing a two-book deal, so it's back to the writing desk for me! Which is wonderful - I cannot think of any other way I'd prefer to spend my time. The next novel will be set in Ireland, and will take place in a similar historical period, but that's all I'm allowed to say at the moment.

To read the full interview with Hannah Kent, go to




Katerina Cosgrove Paperback RRP $ 29.95 May release, advance orders welcome




When Anoush Pakradounian steps off a boat and feels the Levantine heat on her cheeks, she thinks she knows what she has come to Beirut to do: bear witness to her long dead father's trial for war crimes and discover the truth behind years of secrets and lies. But nothing about her family is black and white - she is poised to unravel three generations of war, genocide, love and renewal amongst the relics of her past in Armenia, Turkey and Lebanon. A truly profound novel and reading experience.

Steven Carroll Paperback RRP $ 24.99 Set in 1941 during the Blitz, A World of Other People traces the love affair of FREE Jim, an Australian pilot in Book Bomber Command, and Iris, a forthright Englishwoman finding her voice as a writer. The young couple, haunted by secrets and malign coincidence, struggles to build a future free of society's disapproval. SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a copy of A World of Other People and receive a FREE copy of My Dear I Wanted to Tell You by Louisa Young. *While stocks last.

Richard Beasley Paperback RRP $ 29.99

May release, advance orders welcome

Adelaide, 1977. The year Elvis died. And the year twelve-year-old Jake Taylor meets Rory Macbeath. Until then, Jake's world was small, revolving around his street, his school, and the courthouse where his mum, Harry, was a barrister. At first Jake has his doubts about Rory. But after long days and nights of swimming, fishing and daring each other into trouble, Jake discovers Rory has talents and courage beyond anyone he's ever known. Then, early one evening, Rory disappears. And everyone on Rose Avenue is about to discover why. For Jake and Rory, nothing will ever be the same.


Dawn Barker Paperback RRP $ 29.99

Andrea Goldsmith Paperback RRP $ 29.99

Tony is worried. His wife, Anna, isn't coping with their newborn. Anna had wanted a child so badly and, when Jack was born, they were both so happy. But Anna hasn't been herself since. One moment she's crying, the next she seems almost too positive. Now Anna and Jack are missing. And Tony realises that something is really wrong...

The Railwayman's Wife

The Secret Lives of Men

Ashley Hay Paperback RRP $ 29.99

Georgia Blain Paperback RRP $ 27.95

Three people, struggling to come to terms with great loss after the end of the war, search for peace in a small town's library. It's a story of life, loss and what comes after; of connection and separation, longing and acceptance. A story that will break your heart with hope.



In this haunting collection of short stories, Georgia Blain explores human nature in all its richness: our motivations, our desires and our shortcomings. The men in these tales frequently linger at the edges — their longings and failures exerting a subterranean pull on the women in their lives.

May release, advance orders welcome

When Nina’s life in London falls apart, she accepts a job in her hometown of Melbourne. She arrives to find work, loves and entrenched obsessions under threat. A compelling story of marriage, music, the illusions of love and the deceits of memory, The Memory Trap’s characters are real, flawed and touchingly human.

The Rosie Project Graeme Simsion Paperback RRP $ 29.99 A Melbourne University professor of genetics with strong Asperger’s tendencies, devises a questionnaire to find the perfect woman. The ‘wife project’ leads him to Rosie, seemingly unsuitable, but whose company he delights in as he aids in the search for her biological father. This quirky, intriguing and very funny debut novel is a delightfully enjoyable love story.

Biographies & NON-FICTION Here and Now Paul Auster and J.M. Coetzee Paperback RRP $ 27.99 Although Paul Auster and J.M. Coetzee had been reading each other's books for years, the two writers did not meet until February 2008. Not long after, Auster received a letter from Coetzee, suggesting they begin exchanging letters on a regular basis and, God willing, strike sparks off each other. Here and Now offers an intimate and often amusing portrait of these two men as they explore the complexities of the here and now and is a reflection of two sharp intellects whose pleasure in each other's friendship is apparent on every page.

GURRUMUL Robert Hillman Hardback RRP $ 65.00 May release, advance orders welcome

The behind-the-scenes story of one of Australia’s most inspiring music stories – Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. The book will offer a rare insight into the creative world of Gurrumul and his music. Accompanying the stories are over 150 images and a 15-track CD of unreleased mixes.

The Good Life Hugh Mackay Paperback RRP $ 29.99 May release, advance orders welcome

What makes a life worth living? A good life is not measured by security, wealth, status, or levels of happiness but by our capacity for selflessness and our willingness to connect with those around us. A book that will start conversations, ignite arguments and possibly change the way we live.

Earthmasters Clive Hamilton Paperback RRP $ 24.99 What if there were a magic bullet to fix our ailing planet? What if it meant seizing control of Earth's climate? Clive Hamilton investigates the huge risks of reaching for desperate measures to save the planet, explains the science accessibly and uncovers the worrying motives of those promoting them.




Sarah Turnbull

Paperback RRP $ 29.99 May release, advance orders welcome Having shared her story in her bestselling memoir, Almost French, Sarah Turnbull has had more than her fair share of dreams come true. While she went on to carve out a life in Paris with Frederic, there was still one dream she was beginning to fear might be impossible – starting a family together. Then out of the blue an opportunity to make a dramatic change offers a new beginning - and new hope. Leaving behind life in the world’s most romantic city was never going to be easy. But it helps when your destination is another paradise on earth, Tahiti. SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a copy of All Good Things FREE and receive a FREE copy of Caleb’s Crossing by Book Geraldine Brooks. *While stocks last.

A Double Spring

Father Bob

Juliet Darling Hardback RRP $ 24.99

Sue Williams Paperback RRP $ 29.99

May release, advance orders welcome

May release, advance orders welcome

Raw and beautifully told, this is the story of Juliet Darling's year of devastating grief after her partner was murdered by his schizophrenic son. It is also a story of the power of love. A Double Spring is about powerlessness and grief, families and friendship, fear and trust, and anger and love.

The life story of outspoken Catholic priest, Father Bob Maguire. A man of passion, creativity and humour; he is part Billy Connolly, part angry Old Testament prophet and part compassionate Mother Theresa. But he has a unique combination of traits and in each he is a risk taker.


Paperback RRP $ 29.99 There has been a bad-tempered quarrel between defenders and critics of religion in recent years. Both sides have expressed themselves acerbically because there is a very great deal at stake in the debate. This book thoroughly and calmly examines all the arguments offered in support of religious belief, and does so in full consciousness of the reasons people have for subscribing to religion, and the needs they seek to satisfy by doing so. And because it takes account of all the issues, its solutions carry great weight. The God Argument is the definitive examination of the issue, and a statement of the humanist outlook that recommends itself as the ethics of the genuinely reflective person.



Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport

Three Crooked Kings

Anna Krien Paperback RRP $ 29.99

Matthew Condon Paperback RRP $ 29.95

May release, advance orders welcome

Krien offers a balanced and fearless look at the dark side of footy culture. What does a young footballer do to cut loose? At night, some play night games involving women. These games sometimes involve consensual sex, but sometimes they don't, and sometimes they fall into a grey area.

'It was the genius of the system… From day to day you didn't know who was on the take or not. You didn't know who you could trust.' This is the shocking true story of Queensland and how a society was shaped by almost half a century of corruption.

LOVELY PICTURE BOOKS A Really Super Hero Charlotte Lance Hardback RRP $19.99



a Framed Print



Hardback RRP $ 29.99 For 30 years Possum Magic has captivated and enchanted children and adults alike. Mem Fox’s lovable characters, little Hush and Grandma Poss, together with Julie Vivas’ exquisite illustrations, weave a story of pure magic. This very special collectible 30th-anniversary edition of one of Australia’s best-loved picture books will be available only during 2013 and it comes in gorgeous clothbound hardback in a slipcase. 4+ SPECIAL OFFER: WIN a framed print from the book to treasure forever. For details go to the competition page at

'I want to be a hero and a really super one, so my mum sewed my undies with an S upon the bum.' Sometimes superheroes get everything right and effortlessly save the world, and sometimes ... they don't. An utterly charming book for every little girl who wants to be a super hero, and for every parent who keeps that dream alive. 4+

Love Is in the Air (with CD) Harry Vanda and George Young Hardback RRP $ 26.99 The classic song is brought to life in this stunning story about a baby polar bear that leaves its mother and sets off to see the world. Along the way, it sees many other animals sharing in loving moments, and misses its mum. From Paris to the desert, and through the deep, dark forest, the bear travels to find his mother waiting for him at the end, with an enormous hug and lots of love. 2+

Yobbos Do Yoga The Wrong Book Nick Bland Paperback RRP $15.99 Nicholas Ickle is trying to tell a story, but he keeps getting interrupted by characters from other stories – a pirate, a queen, even some monsters! To get a chance to tell his story, he has to convince the others that they are in the wrong book. The Wrong Book was chosen for National Simultaneous Storytime 2013! 5+


May release, advance orders welcome

The neighbours have moved out and no one is living next door so Dad can finally do his yoga in peace. Then Tubby, Ferret and King Wally Kahuna move in. They love parties and air guitar. Worst of all, they are YOBBOS! Everyone knows that yobbo’s and yoga don’t mix – or do they? 3+

Victor Kelleher

Meet Mary Mackillop

Hating Alison Ashley

Sally Murphy

Robin Klein Hardbacks RRP $19.99 each

Meet Ned Kelly

Rediscover the magic of our country's most memorable children's books in the Penguin Australia Children's Classics. Taronga is a compelling, futuristic book for young adults set in a chaotic post-nuclearholocaust world. In Hating Alison Ashley, in between dealing with her embarrassing family and focusing on her on-screen destiny, Erica Yurken is ambushed by the arrival of perfect Alison Ashley. 12+


Phillip Gwynne and Andrew Joyner (Illus) Hardback RRP $ 24.95

Janeen Brian Hardbacks RRP $19.95 each May release, advance orders welcome

Two books in a picture book series about the extraordinary men and women who have shaped Australian history, one on the life of St Mary Mackillop and the other on the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly. Perfect introductions to Australian history. 5+

Let's Go to Sleep Margaret Wild and Michelle Dawson (Illus) Hardback RRP $ 24.95 Hush! All over the world, in deserts and jungles, in woodlands and seas, little ones everywhere are going to sleep. Margaret Wild's soft, lilting text and Michelle Dawson's exquisitely delicate illustrations make Let’s Go to Sleep the perfect bedtime book for reading aloud. 0+

Ted Leila Rudge Hardback RRP $ 27.95 Ted is a smart dog, with his own jumper. He has lived at the pet store for as long as FREE Plush he can remember and Toy nobody seems to notice him. Will Ted ever find the perfect place to live? 3+ SPECIAL OFFER: Get your FREE soft plush Ted with every book purchased. *While stocks last.

The FEARSOME, FRIGHTENING, FEROCIOUS, BOX Frances Watts and David Legge (Illus) Hardback RRP $ 24.99 May release, advance orders welcome

'At first your eyes will not believe, Such terrors they can scarce conceive, But come, look closely; you will see Horrific creatures just like me. Open the box, if you dare, But danger lies within: Beware!’ From the awardwinning duo who brought you Kisses For Daddy and Captain Crablaw's Crew comes a fearsome, frightening, ferocious tale for the very brave of heart. 3+

The Great Pet Plan: Juliet, Nearly a Vet, Book 1; At the Show: Juliet, Nearly a Vet, Book 2 Rebecca Johnson Paperbacks RRP $ 9.99 each The first two books in a hilarious new illustrated animal fiction series for girls 6-9 years. Juliet's mother runs a vet practice and more than anything else Juliet wants to be a vet when she grows up. But when Juliet decides she needs to start practising, her hilarious misadventures begin… With gorgeous illustrations by local illustrator Kyla May. 6+

For kids of ALL AGES Finding Serendipity

Evan's Gallipoli

Angelica Banks Paperback RRP $15.99

Kerry Greenwood Paperback RRP $15.99

May release, advance orders welcome

Tuesday McGillycuddy loves stories. When she discovers her mother – a famous writer – is missing she and her dog Baxterr are swept up into the magical land of story, where they must sail a runaway boat, battle fearsome pirates, and find their way out of the Swamp of Doubt to be reunited with the people she loves. 10+

The gripping story of 14 year- old Evan Warrender and his father’s incredible journey behind enemy lines - told in diary form. Evan's fascinating survival story takes readers beyond the frontline and creates an all-encompassing account of this significant time in our military history. 10+

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made


Stephan Pastis Hardback RRP $17.95

Paperback RRP $12.99

Take eleven-year-old Timmy Failure—the clueless, comically self-confident CEO of the best detective agency in town, perhaps even the nation. Add his impressively lazy business partner, a very large polar bear named Total. Throw in the Failuremobile – Timmy’s mum’s Segway – and what you have is Total Failure, Inc. 7+

MALEFICENT SEVEN Derek Landy Paperback RRP $19.99 Tanith Low, now possessed by a remnant, recruits a gang of villains in order to steal the four God-Killer level weapons that could hurt Darquesse when she emerges. Also on the trail is a group of Sanctuary sorcerers, and doing his best to keep up and keep Tanith alive is Mister Ghastly Bespoke. The latest in the bestselling Skulduggery Pleasant series. 9+

Alice-Miranda in Paris Jacqueline Harvey Paperback RRP $15.95 Alice-Miranda is in Paris with a group of teachers from WinchesterfieldDownsfordvale and the Fayle School for Boys to sing at Paris Fashion Week. But France’s best known designers are harbouring serious secrets, and when Christian Fontaine has some expensive fabric stolen, Alice-Miranda realises there is a darker side to the famous city. 7+

Word Hunters: The Lost Hunters Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne Paperback RRP $14.95 In their previous adventure, Lexi and Al thought they had seen it all. But nothing has prepared them for the realisation that their missing grandfather is a word hunter too and has been lost in the past. Only Lexi and Al can save him. 8+

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton (Illus) Have you ever wondered where ideas come from and how stories are made? Would you like to know the true stories behind some of Andy and Terry's books and characters? Would you like to discover 45 great ways to have fun with words and pictures? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is definitely the right book for you! Once Upon a Slime contains 45 fun writing and storytelling activities, such as lists, instructions, cartoons, personal stories, poems and pocket books. 7+

The Kingdom of the Lost, Book 2: The Cloud Road Isobelle Carmody Paperback RRP $19.99 May release, advance orders welcome

The exciting second book in the award-winning series. Adventure and danger follow Bily, Zluty, Redwing and the monster as they search for a place where they can make a new home. But will the secret they uncover in the Cloud Mountains be the end of them all... 8+

HOUSE OF SECRETS Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini Paperback RRP $19.99 May release, advance orders welcome

The Walker family is moving into Kristoff House, a mysterious place built nearly a century earlier by a troubled writer. The siblings find themselves launched on an epic journey, to retrieve a dark book of untold power and uncover their family's secret history. Oh and save their parents… and maybe even the world. The beginning of a fantastic new children’s adventure series. 8+



W.A.R.P.: The Reluctant Assassin Eoin Colfer Paperback RRP $19.99 May release, advance orders welcome

The reluctant assassin is Riley, a Victorian boy who is suddenly plucked from his own time and whisked into the twenty-first century, accused of murder and on the run. Riley has been pulled into the FBI's covert W.A.R.P. operation (Witness Anonymous Relocation Program). 10+

The Perplexing Pineapple: The Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno (and Alberta) Book 1 Ursula Dubosarsky and Terry Denton Paperback RRP $12.99 May release, advance orders welcome

Buenos Aires' Chief of Police, Coco Carlomagno, is sure his office high in the Obelisco is haunted. Every day at the same time he sees a floating pineapple and every day he hears a terrible noise. What could it mean? A delightfully funny detective story and a new kind of puzzle book from a bestselling duo working together for the first time. 6+



GIFT & A Place Called Home


Jason Grant Hardback RRP $ 45.00

Marianne Curley Paperback RRP $15.99 In Ebony’s world, a special bond is formed with one other being - for eternity. But Ebony is no longer in her world; snatched from the midwife at birth she has been hidden in ours. An angel on earth. Irresistible romance, secrets and lies, breathtaking suspense and a sensational new series by the author of Old Magic... Eternal love is put to the ultimate test. 13+



Jason Grant shares insider information on how to decorate your home just like a stylist. Jason makes interior decorating more manageable by detailing what you need to consider in each room from the bedroom, living, dining and kitchen. He also addresses storage solutions, small spaces, outdoor areas, working with colour, recycling and finishing touches.

12 Gardens Bring Back Cerberus: The Debt Instalment Three Phillip Gwynne Paperback RRP $14.99 Book three of a high-octane thriller series. Drawn into the shady world of black-hat hacking and industrial espionage, Dom will need every skill he's learnt, and acquire some more, to complete this instalment. How do you steal something that doesn't exist? This time will he fail and lose a pound of flesh? 13+

Rebecca James Paperback RRP $ 24.99 When Tim Ellison finds a cheap room to rent in the perfect location in Sydney it looks like a huge stroke of luck. But the room comes with baggage and when strange and terrifying things start happening in the house at night, he wonders if taking the room is a mistake. Chilling and nail-bitingly suspenseful storytelling from the author of Beautiful Malice. Read it with the lights on! 14+

The Originals


Cat Patrick Paperback RRP $ 22.95

Michael Grant Paperback RRP $ 22.95

May release, advance orders welcome

Elizabeth Best seems pretty normal. She’s a cheerleader, gets straight As and holds down an after-school job. But Elizabeth Best is actually three girls. Born as part of an illegal cloning program the girls were forced into hiding. To avoid being taken away, they have lived as one girl ever since. 14+

The final heart-stopping instalment in the bestselling Gone series by Michael Grant! All eyes are on Perdido Beach as life in the FAYZ is visible for the outside world to see. Life inside the dome remains a constant battle and the Darkness grows and grows... who will survive to see the light of day? 13+

Girl Defective


Simmone Howell Paperback RRP $16.99

Claudia Gray Paperback RRP $16.99

It's summer in St Kilda and Skye is 15. This is a story of teenage messes, rock star spawn, violent fangirls and accidents waiting to happen. And it’s about life and death and grief and romance. Sky Martin is Girl Defective: funny, real and dark at the edges. 13+


Sweet Damage

When Nadia’s family moves to Captive’s Sound, she realizes there’s more to the place than meets the eye. Shimmering with magic and mystery, New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray’s first book in a new trilogy depicts a dark and unforgettable world of witches, curses, buried secrets and star-crossed romance. 13+

Jenny and Neil Delmage Paperback RRP $ 39.99 In the harsh Australian climate, how do you create and maintain a beautiful yet water wise garden? Jenny and Neil Delmage have been setting the standard for twenty years, creating sustainable and gorgeous gardens. Featuring new designs, photos, plants lists, soil types and more, 12 Gardens will inspire both the hands-on gardener and the armchair gardener.

CRAFTY MINX AT HOME Kelly Doust Paperback RRP $ 39.99 Featuring over 50 do-able craft projects and a wealth of advice on how to source beautiful vintage items and materials, plus tips on how to display them in your home, The Crafty Minx at Home is a pretty and practical guide to making, collecting and transforming handmade and vintage objects for the home.

Fashion Insider's Guide to New York; Fashion Insider's Guide to Paris Carole Sabas Hardbacks RRP $ 29.95 each May release, advance orders welcome

These guides are carefully created compendiums of the current hotspots, classic haunts and hidden gems of the world's greatest fashion destinations. A former Parisian living in New York, French Vogue correspondent Carole Sabas was so often approached by friends and colleagues on their way to either Paris or New York, looking for the best place to meet a friend for a drink, early morning yoga or getting a facial.

TRAVEL GREAT SOUTHERN LAND I.O'Mahoney and S. Bibb Hardback RRP $ 60.00 Written by series producers and writers Ivan O’Mahoney and Steve Bibb, and with an introduction by Professor Steve Simpson, Great Southern Land is the pictorial record of Australia’s remarkable story - revealing otherwise hidden patterns, networks and systems that keep our population moving, fed, alive and thriving in a huge, remote, dry continent.

The Cities Book Mini 1; The Travel Book Mini 2 Lonely Planet Hardbacks RRP $ 29.99/ $ 29.99 Handy sized mini editions of Lonely Planet’s bestselling pictorials. The Travel Book mini showcases photography and travel information for every country of the world and the fully updated The Cities Book mini contains beautiful photography highlighting the clamour and throng of the best and most interesting cities of the world.

The Last Train to Zona Verde: Overland from Cape Town to Angola Paul Theroux Paperback RRP $ 29.99 ‘Happy again, back in the kingdom of light,' writes Paul Theroux as he sets out on a new journey through Africa, the continent that he knows and loves best. Theroux encounters a world increasingly removed from both the itineraries of tourists and the hopes of post-colonial independence movements.

Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls David Sedaris Paperback RRP $ 29.99 May release, advance orders welcome

A new roundup of personal essays from the No. 1 bestselling writer Time named ‘America's Favourite Humourist’. Sedaris takes us on side-splitting adventures that are not to be forgotten.


Kumar and Suba Mahadevan Hardback RRP $ 59.99 From the talented chef behind Sydney's most iconic Indian restaurants, Abhi's and Aki's, comes a spicy blend of contemporary food and authentic cooking. Kumar Mahadevan weaves a full array of recipes with the unique tale of his family's journey from India to Australia. This book offers a full range of traditional curries, contemporary seafood dishes and interesting vegetarian meals. FREE Gift SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase a copy of India Wrap and receive a Free sheet of gift wrap.

The Original Lebanese Cookbook Dawn, Elaine and Selwa Anthony Hardback RRP $ 39.99 The Original Lebanese Cookbook is the first authentic and comprehensive book of Lebanese cookery ever published outside of Lebanon. It contains 150 Lebanese recipes passed down from mother to daughter for generations, with popular favorites such as Kibbi, Tabbouleh, Hoummus and Baba Ghannouj and other delicious dishes including a generous selection of meat-free and dairy-free meals.

The Green Kitchen David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl Anderson Hardback RRP $ 49.95 David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl Andersen are the new faces of exciting vegetarian food. Their Green Kitchen Stories blog has a cult following and inspires people around the world to cook super-tasty, healthy vegetarian recipes using only natural ingredients. In The Green Kitchen they will delight meat-eaters and non meat-eaters alike by sharing over 80 of their favourite recipes, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.



Apples for Jam Tessa Kiros Paperback RRP $ 45.00 May release, advance orders welcome

A softcover edition of Tessa Kiros’ bestseller. Tessa's recipes are delightfully entangled with memories of the energy and excitement of her own childhood and hopes for her daughters. These are recipes that have been passed from friend to friend, through the generations of many families, and swapped over garden fences. This joyful and eclectic collection is put together with the grace and honesty of a daisy chain.

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation Michael Pollan Paperback RRP $ 29.99 May release, advance orders welcome

In a culture of celebrity chefs and food reality shows, in countries which are crammed with fresh ingredients flown in from every corner of the Earth, we nonetheless yearon-year wade ever deeper into a great swamp of processed foods.

LANTERN COOKERY CLASSICS SERIES Paperback RRP $19.99 each Lantern Cookery Classics gathers timeless recipes from much loved authors in this new series of indispensable books for your kitchen bookshelf. This latest collection of books brings together the works of Belinda Jeffery, Christine Manfield, David Herbert, Guy Grossi, Karen Martini and Manu Fieldel.

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The Indie Awards 2013 WINNER

For the best Australian writing of 2012 as chosen by Australian independent booksellers.


Australian independent booksellers have announced THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS by M.L. Stedman as the Indie Book of the Year 2013. The Indie Awards, now in its fifth year, are chosen by the country’s independent booksellers who select their favourite Australian books published in the previous calendar year. The individual category winners, in Fiction, Debut Fiction, Non-Fiction and Children’s & YA, were also announced. From these four category winners the independent booksellers selected the best of the best The Indie Book of the Year for 2013. Judges’ Comments: The Light Between Oceans is a skilful debut that pushes our moral buttons and also recreates a piece of Australian history. Tom Sherbourne has returned from WW1 and now works as a lighthouse keeper, but the real story begins when Tom brings his new wife to live with him on Janus Rock, a remote island off the West Australian coast. This is a piece of debut fiction that is assured, evokes the time period very cleverly and creates a story that the audience is quickly submerged in.



C H I L D R E N ’ S & YA




Toni Jordan

Richard de Crespigny

Margo Lanagan

Judges’ Comments: This wonderful novel successfully captures the challenges of ordinary people and the inexorable passage of time through the imagining of the Westaway clan’s lives on nine separate days over a span of decades. The lucidity of Jordan’s prose and her confident hand ensures that this somewhat complex structure never intrudes on the narrative flow or interferes with the reader’s enjoyment of the threads that weave a family’s history. Beautifully written and imaginatively told, Nine Days is a snapshot of Australian family life as it was, and as it is.

Judges’ Comments: QF32 is not just the account of a terrifying mid-air explosion on one of the world’s most sophisticated commercial airliners and the struggle of a well-trained, experienced flight crew to save the aircraft with 469 passengers and crew on board. It is also the story of Richard de Crespigny. The book captures Richard’s enthusiasm for everything airborne, from jet fighters to helicopters, and details, in non-technical language, the great depth of training required to fly the huge passenger aircraft of today.

Judges’ Comments: Sea Hearts is one of the most affecting books I’ve read in years. Arresting and elusive in almost equal measure, the experience from beginning to end is like a dream that feels as real as it is bizarre. Part of the aftermath of reading Sea Hearts is a desire to return to that dream-state. But as much as Sea Hearts’ themes may speak to us on an intensely personal level, it also inspires debate on the nature of love, beauty, compliance, jealousy and isolation. Sea Hearts pulls no punches. It’s brave, clever, mysterious and beautifully written.


The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult


The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson


All That I Am by Anna Funder


The Childhood of Jesus by J.M. Coetzee


Instructions for a Heatwave by Maggie O'Farrell


The Light Between Oceans by L.M. Stedman


Life of Pi by Yann Martel

10 Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Source: Nielsen BookScan

non-fiction Steve Biddulph's Raising Girls: From Babyhood to Womanhood by Steve Biddulph 2 I Quit Sugar:108 Sugar-free Recipes by Sarah Wilson 3 The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies by Jared Diamond 4 Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi 5 The Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan by William Dalrymple 6 Three Crooked Kings by Matthew Condon 7 Jamie's 15-Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver 8 Not Dead Yet: Labor's Post-Left Future: Quarterly Essay by Mark Latham 9 The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves by Stephan Grosz 10 Toxic Oil: Why Vegetable Oil Will Kill You and How to Save Yourself by David Gillespie 1

children's 1

The 26-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


Alice-Miranda in Paris by Janqueline Harvey


Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo by Dav Pilkey


Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis


The 13-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths


Nerdy Ninjas Vs the Really, Really Scary Guys by Shogun Whamhower


Wonder by R.J. Palacio


Looking for Alaska by John Green

10 Girl Defective by Simmone Howell

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