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YoUFA Lead it! Project Leader Job Description

Your job will be to run a YoUFA learning project or activity for a group of young people for at least 25 hours; however you may run projects over a longer period of time if you wish. In order to carry out this role you will need to work with a group of other young people (Minimum 3 young people in each group), you may choose the young people you work with. You will also work alongside a supporting adult of your choice. To fulfil your role you will need to:       

Plan and organise the activities for your project Market and promote your project in your community or school Recruit young people to attend your project Lead the activities in your project with the other members of your group. Evaluate your project and report the findings Fundraise for your project and be accountable for your budget. Follow the policies and procedures of the UFA and YoUFA

You will be required to:  Attend the 3 day Lead Learner training running from Tuesday 6th August-Thursday 8th August 2013 at the Mac in Birmingham  Work with minimum of 3 young people from your community or school, you may choose who you work with  Find an adult to support you with your activity. This can be a teacher, or n adult you have worked with before  Hold regular meetings with your group and your supporting adult  Provide regular updates on your project for YoUFA network and YoUFA Board Members Personal Specification: your skills, knowledge and experience. Essential things are:    

You are aged 11-25 years old You enjoy working as part of a team and helping others Enjoy working with other young people You are well organised and can meet deadlines

Desirable things are:  You have lead on your own project in your community/school

Interested? Please download an application form on the YoUFA website or call 0121 212

9838 to request a copy by post on. Alternatively you can email

Project leader job description 2013  
Project leader job description 2013