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Strengthening Leaders: Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Future






by providing

W I S D OM and INS P IRATIO N embracing

D I V E R S I T Y and INCL US IO N highlighting

I N N OVAT I O N 1990-2010


Mission: To strengthen the leadership of the social sector.

wenty years ago, three Drucker Disciples—Frances Hesselbein, Robert Buford and Richard F. Schubert (all profoundly influenced by Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management, and his works)—spent an afternoon and evening brainstorming ways to permeate the social sector with Drucker’s work, philosophy and inspiration. Their vision resulted in the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management.

“Few social observers project that

Six weeks after Frances Hesselbein left Girl Scouts of the USA, the largest organization for girls and women in the world, she become the CEO of the smallest foundation in the world, with no money and no staff, just a passionate vision and mission. The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management would provide management and leadership resources, and opportunities for the leaders of the nonprofit sector to come together with the finest philosophers, authors and practitioners in the world.

tough are the descriptors I hear

the years 2001-2010 will be easy ones for organizations in the public, private, and social sectors. Instead, tenuous, turbulent, and when thought leaders evoke the future. But inclusive, wide open, and promising are part of the picture as well.” Frances Hesselbein “When the Roll is Called in 2010”

Twenty years later, the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management is now the Leader to Leader Institute, which, with the contributions of more than 400 thought leaders, has published 27 books in 30 languages and delivered programs and trainings that bring Drucker’s body of work to new audiences. A few powerful, consistent messages still ring true…We share the same bottom line—changed lives…Management is a tool, not an end…Donors no longer reward good intentions; they reward results. We share the dreams of our social sector colleagues; we work to help them manage their dream. We energetically seek new alliances with the private and public sectors to address the critical societal needs as equal partners with social sector organizations. You are part of the Drucker legacy and we need you as partners of our future, a journey whose destination is changed lives.

1 9 9 0 march | 1990 Frances Hesselbein, Robert Buford, John McNiece and Richard Schubert found the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management.

1991 november | 1991 The Drucker Foundation presents the Showcase on Innovation conference featuring Max De Pree, Peter F. Drucker, Dudley Hafner, Bill Hybels, Geneva B. Johnson and David Jones.

december | 1991 First issue of the Drucker Foundation NEWS quarterly newsletter is published.

1 9 9 2



MARCH | 1993

The Foundation presents the first Nonprofit Management and Leadership video teleconference in a series of four sponsored by the Lilly Endowment.

First jointly sponsored conference, Productivity: Key to World Competitiveness, held with The Conference Board. Speakers include James Heskett, Bill Pollard and Peter Sealey.

JUNE | 1992 The Drucker Foundation expands its reach to global audiences in collaboration with the Kellogg Foundation and the Salzburg Seminar to present Managing Nongovernmental Organizations, a two-week seminar for fiftytwo Fellows from 34 nations in Salzburg, Austria.

NOVEMBER | 1993 Managing for Results: Meeting the Challenge of Accountability conference held and features Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Doug Smith and Jon Katzenbach.


1 9 9 4

Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation


Twenty years

APRIL | 1994


In collaboration with the Aspen Institute, the Drucker Foundation presents Why Business Needs the Social Sector. Speakers include Charles Handy, James Joseph and Philip Lader.

Serving Customers, Changing Lives: Social Sector Marketing conference presented featuring speakers Philip Kotler, Alan Andreasen, Norman Brown and Elaine Chao.



$1 Million Endowment for The Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation secured from Humana Foundation and twelve other Award contributors.

Self-Assessment Tool presented to more than 500 in collaboration with the General Electric Company and the General Electric Fund.




The Judson Center’s Living in Family Environments program, Royal Oak, MI

Lutheran Family Services Parish Partnership Transitional Housing program, St. Louis, MO

Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society’s Project Teamwork program, Boston, MA

1 9 9 6

of intellectual capital.


MAY | 1996

APRIL | 1997

Social Sector Entrepreneurial Leadership conference presented in collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Peter F. Drucker Foundation website, “” launches. The Dow Jones Business Directory says it “promises to be one of the best” for nonprofit management. On average, 2,500 visitors per month access the site for resources.

DECEMBER | 1996 Emerging partnerships: New Ways in the New World conference presented in collaboration with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Speakers include Edward W. Barnholt, Richard Ciecka, Peter F. Drucker, William Flynn, Kevin Kelly, Steven Kerr, Christine Letts, Hugh B. Price, Stratford Sherman and Deborah Szekely.

SEPTEMBER | 1997 Over 10,000 people participate in the Nonprofit Leader of the Future nationwide satellite seminar featuring Bobby Austin, Max De Pree, Michele Hunt and Richard Schubert.





The Children’s Aid Society’s Community Schools program, New York, NY

The Rainforest Alliance’s ECO-O.K. Banana Project, New York, NY

The Lutheran Social Services Second Family program, Chicago, IL, pictured right.

Computer Museum’s Computer Clubhouse, Boston, MA


“…as the President of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, she has shared her remarkable recipe for inclusion and excellence with countless organizations whose bottom line is measured not in dollars, but in changed lives.” President Bill Clinton, January 15, 1998

recipe for inclusion and excellence

1 9 9 8


JANUARY | 1998


Frances Hesselbein awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her accomplishments as CEO of Girl Scouts USA and her work at the Drucker Foundation.

In  the Drucker Foundation offered more than sixty SelfAssessment Tool workshops throughout the United States to over three thousand nonprofit leaders and facilitators. Conferences featured Bobby Austin, Claire L. Gaudiani, C. William Pollard, Noel M. Tichy, and Margaret Wheatley.

NOVEMBER | 1998 Leadership and Management conference features Warren Bennis, Jim Collins, Peter F. Drucker, Esther Dyson, Frances Hesselbein, Michele Hunt and Leonard A. Schlesinger.

Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation




The Common Ground Community’s Times Square Job Training Program, New York, NY

The California Transportation Training Institute’s California Emergency Foodlink program, Sacramento, CA

SAGE Project, Inc.’s Peer Educator Training, San Francisco, CA Norma Hotaling, Executive Director, pictured right.

“Only the social sector nonprofit organization performs in the community, exploits its opportunities, mobilizes its local resources, and solves its problems. The leadership, competence, and management of the social sector nonprofit organization will thus largely determine the values, the vision, the cohesion and the performance of the 21st century society.” Peter F. Drucker

2 0 0 0


MAY | 2000


Board of Governors create a Vision for the Foundation 2010.

Leadership and Management conference held in Los Angeles.

OCTOBER | 2000


Leadership and Management conference, Achieving New Dimensions of Performance: Leading, Learning and Innovating to Change Lives, in Dallas, Texas attracts  leaders from  countries.

More than 50 Self-Assessment Tool and Meeting the Collaboration Challenge workshops presented to approximately 2,600 nonprofit leaders.

“The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, with little money, is a pool of management wisdom for all who choose to dip their cup.” NY Times, January 12, 2000






The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project’s Eloy Model, Eloy, AZ

Crayons to Computer’s Crafts with Conviction, Cincinnati, OH

River Falls First Responders program, River Falls, WI

Minnesota Valley Action Council’s Wheel Get There, Mankato, MN

Keep Alachua County Beautiful, Inc.’s The Landscape Bank, Gainesville, FL


2 0 0 2


JUNE | 2002


JANUARY | 2003

The Drucker Foundation co-sponsors the first Investment in America Forum with the U.S. Army.

Ken Witty directs a one-hour documentary, Peter Drucker: An Intellectual Journey that airs on CNBC.

The Drucker Foundation is renamed Leader to Leader Institute..

JULY | 2002

The inaugural event for the Generals in Transition (GIT) program is held at University of Michigan featuring Dr. Noel Tichy and General Wayne Downing.

Peter F. Drucker is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush.

Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation





United Through Reading, San Diego, CA

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, Brooklyn, NY

KickStart, San Francisco, CA


2 0 0 5

JULY | 2004

APRIL | 2005

Leader to Leader receives APEX Award for Excellence for Design and Layout.

Shine a Light, a Special Issue of the Leader to Leader Journal celebrating the 15th anniversary of Leader to Leader Institute, is published.

NOVEMBER | 2004 Key Learning Opportunities in the Social Sector summit is co-hosted with the American Management Association.

October | 2005 Leadership Breakthroughs from West Point, a Special Issue of the Leader to Leader Journal is published.

“We will shine a light...� 9



of tHe



Leadership Lessons from



edited by maJor doug Crandall

V i s i o n s , s t r at e g i e s , a n d Practices for the new era

F o r e wo r d b y J i m C o l l i n s


frances Hesselbein MarsHall GoldsMitH leader to leader institute

2 0 0 6


OCTOBER | 2006

MAY | 2007


Leader to Leader Journal commemorates its 10th anniversary with a Special Issue: Leaders: Their Education and Development Today, published with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

In collaboration with the American Management Association, Leader to Leader Institute establishes the AMA Scholarship program.

Leader to Leader Institute collaborates with Gates Millennium Scholars Leadership Summit, bringing together a distinguished group of leaders for a 3-day discussion on Building a Community of Leaders.

NOVEMBER | 2006 Leader to Leader Institute honors Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company at the first annual Leader of the Future Award Dinner.

Alan Mulally President and CEO Ford Motor Company

Frances Hesselbein Chairman and Founding President Leader to Leader Institute


JULY | 2008 Leader to Leader Journal receives the APEX Award of Excellence for Magazines & Journals—for print over 32 pages.



★ R







Thirty-Nine Certified Facilitators of Peter Drucker’s “The Five Most Important Questions” join the Leader to Leader Institute Facilitator Network.



A.G. Lafley, Chairman and CEO of The Proctor and Gamble Company is honored as the Leader of the Future.


APRIL | 2009





2 0 0 8



November | 2009 The Honorable Eric K. Shinseki is honored at The Leader of the Future Award Dinner.

“ The leader of

the future asks ... the leader of the past tells.”


committed to making change happen The capacity to recognize the need for change, to find the means for change, and to be committed to making change happen is the mark of a leader, someone who recognizes his or her role in the service of others. And service is the essence of a great and vibrant culture.

2 0 1 0

Leader to Leader Board of Governors (1990-Present) & Staff

Manfred Altstadt, CPA Chairman-Elect, Treasurer Chief Operating Officer Mutual of America Life Insurance June 2006-Present Darlyne Bailey, Ph.D. Dean & Professor Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research & Special Assistant to the President for Community Partnerships Bryn Mawr College June 2006-Present Susan Phillips Bari President & CEO November 2008-Present Joel Barker President Infinity Limited Inc. September 2009-Present David R. Beatty, O.B.E. Chairman and CEO Old Canada Investment Corp. March 1995-October 2002 James Belasco Strategist and Author Management Development Associates September 2000-February 2002 Robert Buford Founding Chairman Chairman of the Board, Buford Foundation June 1990-December 2003 Bradley Casper February 2009-September 2009 Chairman and CEO Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc. Richard E.Cavanagh October 1997-December 2007 Former President and CEO The Conference Board Thomas D. Christopoul President Somerset Shore Associates, Inc. February 2009-Present

Robert L. Dilenschneider President and Founder The Dilenschneider Group May 2001-June 2009

Irv Katz President & CEO National Human Services Assembly June 2006-Present

Stratford Sherman Senior Partner Good Works Partners LLC September 2003-February 2008

Peter F. Drucker June 1990-November 2001

Steven Kerr Managing Director Goldman Sachs February 2005-February 2008

Iain Somerville Managing Partner Somerville & Associates LLC March 1993-Present

John A. McNeice, Jr. Former Chairman and CEO Colonial Group Inc. June 1990-December 2004

Mark Tercek President and CEO The Nature Conservatory September 2005-December 2006

Gale Merseth Vice President and Director Isaacson, Miller, Inc June 1990-June 1992

Mark Thompson Chairman Executive Powertools February 2009-Present

Jeanette Mitchell, Ed.D. Program Director Cardinal Stritch University Leadership Center June 2007-Present

Patrick J. Waide, Jr. Director Mutual of America Investment Corp. October 1995-September 1998

Sander Flaum CEO Flaum Partners, Inc June 2007-February 2008 Christopher D. Fralic Vice Chairman Director First Round Capital December 2004-Present Christina Gold President and CEO The Western Union Co. September 2008-February 2008 Mark Goldsmith President & CEO Getting Out and Staying Out February 2009-Present Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D. Author & Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith Partners October 1996-Present Sidney E. Harris Dean J. Mack Robinson School of Business January 1992-November 2002 Frances Hesselbein Chairman Founding President June 1990-Present John E. Jacob VP Corp. Communications Anheuser Busch Co. June 1990-November 2002 Geneva Johnson Secretary Former President & CEO Family Service America April 1995-Present

Thomas J. Moran Chairman, President and CEO Mutual of America Life Insurance May 1996-January 2006 C. William Pollard Fairwyn Investment May 1999-February 2005

Amy Weisenback Brand Building Manager Unilever December 2004-September 2008 Staff Theresa Berenato Manager, Markerting & Communications

Robin Roeder Vice President Organizational Transformation Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc. September 2009-Present

Risa Cohn Manager, Business Operations

Doug Schallau President Junior Achievement of NY, Inc. June 2008-September 2009

Justine Elyse Green Manager, Events & Programs

Richard F. Schubert Founding Chairman Chairman Emeritus International Youth Foundation June 1990-Present

Gloria Fahlikman Executive Assistant to Frances Hesselbein

Claire Walden Vice President


Photo Credits

PAGE | 1 L to R: Peter Drucker, Robert Buford, John McNeice, Richard Schubert and Frances Hesselbein.

PAGE | 2 Peter F. Drucker.

PAGE | 4 Top, L to R: Jim Kouzas, Ken Blanchard, Sally Helgesen, Peter Senge and Warren Bennis.

Thomas Moran, Frances Hesselbein and William Flynn, Mutual of America Presidential Medal of Freedom Reception. Bottom: Norma Hotaling, Executive Director, SAGE Project.

PAGE | 7 L to R: John Whitehead, Frances Hesselbein and James E. Austin.

PAGE | 8

Center: James E. Austin

Full page: Peter F. Drucker and President George Bush, Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony, 2002.

Bottom, L to R: Peter F. Drucker, Frances Hesselbein, Max De Pree and Michele Hunt.

Bottom: Peggy Outon, Philadelphia, PA, Drucker Foundation Fall Conference.

PAGE | 11 Left, Bottom: Susan Phillips Bari and A.G. Lafley, 2008 Leader of the Future Award Dinner. Center, Bottom: L to R: Robert La, Geneva Johnson, Susan Phillips Bari, Frances Hesselbein, Minglo Shao, Moon Kook Hyun and Henry To, Seoul, Korea, 2009. Right: Manfred Altstadt, Patty Shinseki, The Honorable Eric K. Shinseki and Frances Hesselbein, 2009 Leader of the Future Award Dinner.

PAGE | 12

PAGE | 9

Left, L to R: Peter F. Drucker, Frances Hesselbein, Leonard A. Schlesinger, and Richard F. Schubert.

Top, L to R: Noel Tichy, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Stephen Covey, Roosevelt Thomas and Marshall Goldsmith.

Top: Mrs. Carlton and Frances Hesselbein.

Center: Peter F. Drucker and Frances

Bottom: The Luteran Social Services Second Family program, Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation 1996 winners.

Right, Top: Jim Collins and Frances Hesselbein, Living Leadership award presentation.

PAGE | 6

Right, Bottom: General Ann E. Dunwoody, 2007 IAF Forum.

PAGE | 5

Center: Frances Hesselbein and President Bill Clinton, Presidential Medal of Freedom award ceremony. Right, L to R: Rob Johnson, Richard Checka,

Bottom: Leonard Schlesinger.

PAGE | 10 Top: Carla Grantham and Richard F. Schubert. Bottom: 2006 IAF Forum Participants.


Right: Thomas Moran and Kathy Cloniger.

BACK COVER Full Page: Peter F. Drucker.

T hink first, speak last.

Formerly The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management 320 Park Avenue, Third Floor, New York, New York 10022 P 212-224-1174 F 212-224-2508

Strengthening Leaders: Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Future  

Celebrating 20 years of strengthening the leadership of the social sector by providing leadership wisdom and inspiration, embracing diversit...

Strengthening Leaders: Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Future  

Celebrating 20 years of strengthening the leadership of the social sector by providing leadership wisdom and inspiration, embracing diversit...