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Eric Schiffer of weighs in on Google Algorithm Updates In order to improve user experience, keep their services relevant and level the playing field for all businesses, Google periodically updates its search algorithm, and for better or worse, every business is affected by it. The most recent update, Hummingbird, has changed the search engine relevance landscape so completely that even businesses that were, or believed they were, following SEO best practices have found that they have fallen significantly in the rankings. Eric Schiffer, of and a world renowned internet marketing expert, explains. “Previous updates, Panda and Penguin, only really affected a small percentage of search traffic – maybe 2 percent,” Mr. Schiffer says. “Now, Hummingbird has completely changed the way keyword searches are analyzed, and while they have become more relevant for the user, they have been problematic for web pages that were keyword optimized in very specific ways. Once again, businesses have to rethink their approaches and internet marketing tools have to be sharpened.” Instead of only recognizing single or double word keyword search entries effectively, Hummingbird examines full questions or phrases, making the results more specific to the user. Since SEO practices previously only stressed the use of one keyword term or a two-word phrase, businesses will have to restructure their content under different guidelines in order to be successful. However, this new guideline will make keyword manipulation more obvious, and allow good content – content that addresses user queries and incorporates longer keyword phrases in an organic and useful way – to rise to the top. Unfortunately, as one article format – the instant answer. more about the information answer merely by looking

points out, there are unintended consequences of the new question Websites hope to have users click on their sites in order to learn they wanted and about their businesses, but if the users get the at the search results, the businesses might not really benefit.

Says Eric Schiffer, “With every obstacle comes an opportunity. Tailoring you SEO practices in a way that allows your website to benefit from the new algorithm will only strengthen your web presence and improve user experience.” Eric Schiffer is founder of the world’s leading digital marketing firm, SEOP, as well as a bestselling author and philanthropist. More insights from Eric Schiffer can be found at this link.

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