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Mission: To prepare traditionally underserved students to succeed in college and become leaders in their communities while at the same time developing replicable practices that can improve urban education across the nation.

Our Strategy: To serve as a “research and development” organization that addresses critical challenges in urban education. We incubate innovative ideas, collect data, and scale ideas that work—both across our schools and across the country. We believe risk taking, collaboration, and high expectations are central to ensuring every LPS student receives the education he or she needs to blaze a successful path to and through college.

Our Students: ◗ 85% of LPS students are low-income ◗ 27% of LPS students are English Language Learners ◗ 48% are first generation high school graduates ◗ 89% of LPS graduates will be first generation college students 800 700 600 500

About LPS: Leadership Public Schools (LPS) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to serve a diverse student body throughout the Bay Area with a network of outstanding public charter high schools. LPS currently operates four public high schools in Richmond, Oakland, Hayward, and San Jose serving over 1,550 students. As public charter schools, LPS high schools are tuition free and open to all.

We believe in risk taking, collaboration, and high expectations.











Average API 2004–2013

★ 100% of LPS graduates meet or exceed the University of California’s academic entrance requirements

Equity Through Innovation The Bay area is the birthplace of technology, epicenter of entrepreneurship; and yet in our own backyard, young men and women are being denied the opportunities to fulfill their potential. By the time our students arrive at LPS, over 75% have fallen below grade level, many have borne witness to violence, and nearly all have withstood a childhood of poverty. In face of this reality, LPS has made a promise to thousands of students and their families: to provide an outstanding education that prepares them for success in college and beyond. We realize there is no silver bullet. Instead, we harness the individual brilliance of our educators and collective power of a network to encourage the development of innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of our students. For another year, we supported teachers in implementing bold ideas, collected strong data to determine what works, and scaled successful ideas across our four schools and the broader educational community. This year, we continued to grow and improve ExitTicket, our realtime student data software, implemented strategic writing and character development work, and congratulated over 97% of our graduating seniors on their acceptance to college. Yet we recognize there is more work to be done until every one of our students has both the skill and confidence to attend any university of his or her choice. There is more work to be done until education is truly equitable in the Bay Area. We are committed to achieving that goal and, with your continued support, we are more optimistic than ever that it is possible. Thank you for your unwavering faith in LPS and commitment to our students, their families, and educational equity across the Bay Area.

Adam Cioth Board Chair

Dr. Louise Bay Waters Superintendent & CEO

BOARD: Josefina Alvarado-Mena, Esq. CEO Safe Passages Adam Cioth Managing Partner Rolling Hills Capital Larry Cuban* Professor Emeritus Stanford University Marsha Dugan Active in Community Affairs D’Lonra Ellis, Esq. Corporate Council Gap, Inc. Mutiu Fagbayi Founder, President & CEO Performance Fact, Inc. David Finke Managing Director Russell Reynolds Associates

Kerry Hamill Acting Assistant General Manager External Affairs BART Robert Hardaway* Parent Representative LPS Hayward Kevin Katari Co-Founder Outspace Systems, Inc. Mark Kushner Founder of LPS Senior Vice President K12 Inc. Diego Lopez* Student Representative LPS Hayward JR Matthews* Managing Director Tregaron Capital Co.

Stuart McLaughlin Partner Sansome Partners LLC Yolanda Peeks Active in Community Affairs Jack Selby* Managing Director Clarium Capital Management Alex Terman Co-Founder Digital Parent Gautam Thapar* Teacher Representative LPS Richmond Ricardo Toyloy Senior Tech Analyst VP Citi Global IT Vendor Support Dr. Louise Bay Waters CEO & Superintendent Leadership Public Schools *Board service completed as of June 30, 2013

Equity Through Innovation

Leveraging Technology Upon graduation, our students are entering an increasingly complex and connected world. Globally, we are using technology to work, learn and communicate in new ways with new people. In order for our students to be competitive with their more affluent peers and develop into leaders in their careers and community, they must master these new technologies. At LPS, we integrate technology into the classroom by supporting, not replacing, good teaching. Educators across the network are continuously discovering new ways to leverage technology to further student learning. They give real time feedback to students, differentiate instruction to meet individual student needs, and facilitate in-class and at-home research. Students take digital notes, attend online college courses for college credit, collaborate using shared documents, and develope invaluable skills that they will need to succeed in an ever changing world.

In order for our students to be competitive with their more affluent peers and develop into leaders in their careers and community, they must master these new technologies.

“As an English teacher, technology helps me to do what I was never able to do on paper alone. Instead of taking home a stack of papers that might take a week to get through, I can now pull up student work at any time and give feedback or hold a writing conference. Students see tangible evidence of their growth by looking at their revisions over time. Working with technology so consistently also helps them develop another kind of literacy. Teaching them computer and research skills now removes a concrete barrier when they get to college and it builds their independence.” – Rebecca Abeles, Master English Teacher, LPS Hayward

This kind of learning and use of technology helped us learn twice as much and get twice as deep into the material.

“Students at the best high schools and colleges are expected to learn new material on their own. At LPS Richmond last year, our teachers used technology to create flipped classrooms that did just that. We’d watch video of new concepts at home and come into class expected to understand the material. During class we worked collaboratively to apply the concepts on incredibly challenging scenarios. Our teacher circulated and pushed our thinking while we worked or helped us when we were particularly stuck. This kind of learning and use of technology helped us learn twice as much and get twice as deep into the material.” – Aaron Williams, LPS Richmond Class of 2013 Attending Cal Poly for Engineering

The LPS Oakland Geek Squad was born from our commitment to student leadership and a growing need for technology support in our schools. During the school year, these trained students serve as tech support for their individual teacher partners. In their spare time, they were busy claiming the GRAND prize in the CK-12 Get Real Competition, which challenged students to show how classroom geometry, physics, and chemistry can be applied to the world around us.

Equity Through Innovation

Classrooms that used ExitTicket consistently saw an average of 2.3 years of growth according to the Measurement of Academic Progress assessment.


Average Yearly Math Growth 3.00 2.30




Expected One Year Growth


0 Average Low-Income School Student

Students in LPS ExitTicket Classrooms

50% of LPS students enter with elementary school skills. In order to ensure they are truly college ready, we must provide rapid acceleration to close this gap. ExitTicket has been pivotal in our ability to do just that. Math classrooms that used ExitTicket consistently saw an average of 2.3 years of growth. For 9th grade Algebra students who entered at the elementary level in math, it meant they “completed middle school” in just nine months at LPS.

"ExitTicket gives me great feedback because when I realize something is wrong, it leads me to go back to my work and think “why is that wrong?” It helps us build our analyzing skills. Usually teachers analyze what students do wrong, but with ExitTicket, you analyze the problem yourself. Also, it’s fun – I like the graphics and the fact that it lets me be competitive. It keeps me working hard and pushing myself.” – Diego Lopez, Senior, LPS Hayward

A little over two years ago, a group of teachers, working with our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Scot Refsland, developed a tool that delivers next-generation real-time feedback and performance metrics to both students and teachers. Teachers can switch seamlessly from checking student understanding to intervention and re-teaching with a tap of a finger. For students, ExitTicket is a powerful motivator that allows them to see their growth over time and develop the belief that they are capable of high achievement. This year, we added even more features, facilitating its use across all disciplines and improving its interface.

Active in 49 states and 25 countries, ExitTicket is growing at rate of approximately 500 new users a day. The second prong of the LPS mission is to operate as an entrepreneurial “research and development” organization in order to cultivate replicable practices that can improve urban education across the nation. We’re thrilled that ExitTicket is now being used across the world to facilitate student achievement and an equitable education for all children. Active in 49 states and 25 countries, ExitTicket is growing at a rate of approximately 500 new users a day. We’ve also developed exciting new partnerships this year with KIPP Bay Area, Uncommon Schools, and Hayward and Oakland Unified School Districts, who are all now using ExitTicket in their classrooms.

“ExitTicket is easy to use and it provides me with data that informs my practice minute-to-minute rather than day-to-day or week-to-week. It prevents students’ misunderstandings from persisting and bad habits from developing. We're fighting an uphill battle to develop key knowledge and skills, while also building confidence, desire, and ambition. It's hard to do that in a 60 minute period. ExitTicket makes me feel like I have more than 60 minutes in a class period. Whether it’s through technology implementation or network collaboration, as a teacher at LPS, I have the creative liberty to try things out in the classroom and use data to really see if it's working for me and my students. We can't expect our students to take risks and fail if we're not willing to do that as teachers and educators. LPS supports us in setting a model for our students that learning is more than a right wrong process.” – Rudy Sharar, Chemistry Teacher, LPS Richmond

Equity Through Innovation

Writing Across the Curriculum

In 2012, only 9% of LPS Oakland students scored proficient or advanced on California’s Chemistry exam. In 2013, 55% met this bar. LPS Oakland Chemistry



50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0

9% 2012


% of Students Proficient or Advanced

As part of our mission to prepare students for college, we stress the importance of effective writing across multiple disciplines. From lab reports in the sciences to explanations of proofs and real world scenarios in mathematics, we are simultaneously accelerating the critical thinking and writing ability of our students. And we are seeing results. Last year at our Oakland school, students in Sairina Merino Tsui’s Chemistry class were expected to produce collegelevel lab reports. Ms. Merino Tsui partnered with Lorissa Zavala, an English teacher, to develop a writing approach that had dramatic effects. Students’ writing flourished, their thinking deepened, and subsequently, their knowledge and understanding of Chemistry grew. Combining the focus on writing, extensive use of ExitTicket, and innovative Chemistry projects, achievement soared. In 2012, only 9% of LPS Oakland students scored proficient or advanced on California’s Chemistry exam. In 2013, 55% met this bar.

"Writing in Chemistry was so important. It helped us understand what we were doing. It proves what you’re learning and allows you to present multiple perspectives. I’m going to do so much writing in college and this is going to be pivotal.” – Joanna Bell, Senior, LPS Oakland

“The need for writing across the curriculum falls back to college readiness. It’s one thing to be able to generate and keep thoughts in your head and a completely different skill to be able to communicate them effectively. It was difficult for students in the beginning; they weren’t used to scientific writing: explaining their thinking or how they got to a particular point. With consistency, something changed. All of sudden they wanted to figure out why; they wanted to examine more. Learn more.” – Sairina Merino Tsui, 2013 Chemistry Teacher, LPS Oakland, Current Academic Dean

It’s one thing to be able to generate and keep thoughts in your head and a completely different skill to be able to communicate them effectively.

Equity Through Innovation

Academic Mindsets and Character

Success today depends on much more than cognitive ability. Research shows that for all students, the difference between ultimate success and failure may be as dependent on non-cognitive skills, like grit or curiosity, as it is on knowledge. This is particularly true for low-income students, who often need extra support to turn their life challenges into characterenhancing accomplishments. This past year we continued our exploration of character strengths and non-cognitive development including the involvement of 400 LPS students in “The Mindset Research Project,” a partnership with Stanford University aimed at learning more about non-cognitive education.

Success today depends on much more than cognitive ability.

“As an AP history teacher, I realized the correlation between passing AP exams and college graduation is high in part because students who can answer arcane questions are exhibiting character traits that are critical down the road. I became convinced that if we could teach students how to build these strengths, their life options would be greatly enhanced. I began integrating specific character education segments into my history courses and saw the impact on my students. As a school, we began integrating this research in many ways across campus as part of our effort to prepare our students for success in college.” – Gautam Thapar, History Teacher, LPS Richmond

“I didn’t think senior year would be difficult; I thought I would easily pass my three advanced placement classes. When I realized I was failing, I fell into a panic. I remembered the character traits that were shown to me: grit, hope, bravery, zest, integrity, curiosity, and optimism. I decided to try and implement these traits into my school work. I started going to tutoring, I asked questions, and worked harder than ever. When I didn’t do well, I studied, found out what I did wrong, and learned how to do it correctly. When my teachers used to talk about the traits, a part of me thought they weren’t important. Now I follow each trait closely and am confident that they are preparing me for upcoming challenges, succeeding in college, and adulthood.” –Alex Madriz, Senior, LPS Richmond

I follow each character trait closely and am confident that they are preparing me for upcoming challenges, applying to college, and adulthood.

Equity Through Innovation

✸ ✸ Cumulative Impact

LPS Hayward:

Jennifer Tran and Alex Tunchez Class of 2013

Both Jennifer and Alex were named Gates Millennium Scholars. This prestigious program selects 1,000 talented students each year to receive a full scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. Scholars are also provided with personal and professional development through leadership programs along with academic support throughout their college career.

LPS San Jose:

Lucinda Maldonado Class of 2013

Lucinda was awarded three VIP scholarships to pursue her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles, a premier college conservatory for the performing arts.

LPS Richmond:

Juan Hernandez Class of 2014

Juan won the College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program because of his high PSAT score. The NHRP identifies academically outstanding Latino high school students and notifies the best universities of their potential as they begin the college search.

LPS Oakland:

Leonardo Rodriguez Class of 2013 Leonardo was named a Questbridge National Scholar, a program that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors attend the nation's most selective colleges. This honor earned him a four full-year scholarship to Wesleyan University, where he plans to study neuroscience. His hope is to specialize in the causes and treatment of autism, after being inspired by his little brother, who is autistic.


✪ U.S. News & World Report’s “Best High Schools 2013” awards a Gold medal to LPS Hayward and a Silver medal to LPS Richmond. ✪ LPS Oakland’s Student Geek Squad wins CK12 Get Real Competition grand prize for innovative online course material. ✪ Dr. Louise Bay Waters, LPS CEO, named NewSchools Venture Fund 2013 Innovator of the Year. ✪ LPS Hayward named #3 charter school in California by University of California Rossier School of Education. ✪ LPS wins California Department of Education grant to disseminate ExitTicket and data-based instructional strategies to district and charter schools.

College Acceptance Rate: 97% Partial List of Colleges:

Academy of Art, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Chico State, California State University Channel Islands, California State University Fullerton, Humboldt State University, Lake Superior State University, Middlebury College, Mills College, Morehouse College, New Mexico Highlands University, Notre Dame De Namur University, Sacramento State University, University of California Berkeley, University of California Davis, University of California Merced, University of California Riverside, University of California Santa Cruz, University of California Irvine, University of California Los Angeles, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Nebraska, University of the Pacific, Wesleyan University, Willamette University, California State University East Bay, California State University Los Angeles, California State University Northridge, Sonoma State University, San Diego State University, San Jose State University, California State University Long Beach, San Francisco State University ★

Thank You to Our Donors and Funders Visionary Circle

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Scholars $2,500 and above Dixon Long John and Ann Cross Marcia and John Goldman Sally Glaser Todd and Adrienne Pearson

“We have had the pleasure of supporting LPS for nine years and are proud to have watched its transformation from an idea to one of the leading charter networks in the country. Most importantly, we have witnessed thousands of students for whom LPS has opened doors to futures they never dreamed possible.” – Laura and John Fisher



$250 and above Beatrice Kushner Bruce Mac Corkindale Daniel Shader and Elisabeth Dutton David Kremer and Marla Miller Glenn and Lori Shannon Jerome and Mary Vascellaro John and Angela Roberts Joseph and Jane Weintrop Ken and Janice Benjamin Kurt and Lisa Abrahamson Larry Cuban Leslie and George Hume Mark Kushner and Mimi Winsberg Mary Foust Ravi Paidipaty Sarah Stein and Michael Cohn

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LPS has opened doors to futures they never dreamed possible.

Statement of Activities Revenues 2013

Expenditures 2013

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State and Federal Stimulus Funds Other Revenues Individuals Foundations

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Instructional Services Facilities Student Services Curriculum & Staff Management & General Fundraising Expenses Total Expenditures Surplus (Deficit)

Note: Does not include acquisition costs for Edgewater Project or related capital campaign contributions. Does not include intersite transfers or payments.

Statement of Financial Position ASSETS



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$2,524,060 $1,944,850 $6,637,285 $7,352,386

$5,435,905 $6,637,285

Liabilities & Fund Balances $9,876,446 $8,582,135

Being at LPS made us all realize that we could do more. For countless students, access to a good education is tough. In fact, for many of my peers, LPS introduced them to the idea of going to college for the very first time. It provided a chance to work on academics and even your personality in a small school environment that helped tremendously. I knew all my teachers well and they knew us, which meant they’d never let you slide by. At LPS, you needed to be on your game and you needed to want to be on your game. We were taught to read better, write better, think analytically, and we were always reminded that college was something to shoot for, something to strive for. Our college trips opened my eyes to what life could be like after high school. Now we’re set up to not only do better for ourselves, but also for the broader good - education is truly the way to ensure our society doesn’t falter. I remember getting my acceptance letter to Berkeley and being taken aback, thinking, “Whoa, this happened. I’m going to Berkeley.” Four years later, I’m graduating with a degree in anthropology and I’ll be the first in my family to graduate college. It means I now have the extra responsibility to ensure my three little brothers are successful and live lives that are never stagnant.” – Youssef Shokry LPS San Jose, Class of 2010 UC Berkeley, Class of 2014