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P Program Participants

Nick Clare Brand Manager - Seasonal and Gifting Portfolio Mars Chocolate Australia

Paul Hutchison Construction Supervisor JG King Homes

Adam Criddle Manager - Survey TGM Group

Sarah Jamison-Jones Associate Nurse Unit Manager - Cardiovascular Suite Ballarat Health Services

Nathan Curnow Writer Sponsored by The Courier Talei Deacon Practice Manager UFS Medical

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Michelle Dunn Photographer & Film Maker Michelle Dunn Photography | Bug Blitz Arts Scholarship


Katrina Fanning Litigation Lawyer Heinz & Partners Lawyers Albert Ferguson Analyst Programmer - Business Analyst Ballarat District Nursing & Healthcare care Robert Fillisch Coordinator Statutory Planning Moorabool Shire Council Darcy Franklin Associate Global Industrial Practice ice Heidrick & Struggles | Pyrenees Shire Scholarship

Adrian Kenny Manager Hotel Services St John of God Ballarat Hospital ´ Aldona Kmiec Professional Photographer - Cultural Diversity Advisor City of Ballarat Pennie Mathieson Senior Practitioner and Project Worker Child and Family Services Ballarat Inc Tim Matthews Director The Forge Pizzeria

Deb Milera Family Violence Counsellor CAFS | bank MECU Scholarship

Fiona Strauss Project Officer - Clinical Teacher Ballarat Health Services

Michelle O'Brien Family Reconnect Worker Child and Family Services Ballarat Inc

Diana Sullivan Credit Controller Haymes Paint

Justin O'Gorman Manager Visitor Services The Sovereign Hill Museums Association

Jennifer Trengove Executive Assistant Pyrenees Shire Council

Orry Pilven Solicitor Saines Lucas Solicitors

Dom Uljanic Vegetation Management Officer | CFA

Anne Robertson Regional Office Manager Lake Imaging Melanie Schoo Fundraising and Communications Manager Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute Rick Stephens Owner Manager Euroka Trading | Peter Davies Scholarship

Leon Underwood Economic Development Officer City of Ballarat Sonia van Dorssen Nursery Assistant Grow Master Ballarat | Pyrenees Shire Scholarship Lisa West Team Leader Human Resources Federation University Australia

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Kimberly Roberts Human Resources Officer McCain Foods


Executive Officer's Message

Margaret Mead once said “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has” This message embodies the learnings that we share during the Leaders Forum program year, and when we connect with the volunteering being undertaken by our graduates in the community. This year we have focused on... How do we tell the story of the good work being done in the community by our graduates? How do we share and access the skills bank?

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Especially in the lead up to our 10-year celebration in 2015.


We are appreciative of the work completed by Mark Hogan and Onur Ekinci in mapping community impact through a series of workshops with Leaders in Action members from across the program years. Nearly 50% of graduates said that their volunteering hours had increased after completing the program which is the change within our local community. The unique value of the leadership program was explored and key themes to arise were that it provides a “real” network of diversity, it provides you with a broad overview of community issues, it gives you a broader perspective, and it gives you permission to share, grow and learn from others. To quote a graduate, “LBWR helped to show how you can make a difference in a difficult situation”

We are forever grateful to the many speakers, organisations and employers who volunteer their time back into the program to present, mentor, lend a venue and provide professional development opportunities to the participants and graduates. This giving enables us opportunities across the Ballarat and Western Region showcases how we can help and what innovative solutions are taking place. A responsive community provides for a positive and sustainable future for all. Thank you to Ballarat Grammar – In the Spotlight, headspace, Road Trauma Support Services and World Vision for your partnership in raising awareness through our community forums. An exciting event that we were pleased to be part of was Rug Up Ballarat. Rug Up provided an opportunity for us all to think differently about how we talk about, promote and socialise in Ballarat in Winter. Rug Up enabled people to rug up, step out and warm up in the CBD and be entertained in a social space whilst admiring art, enjoying a coffee, talking to community groups and having a shop at the market stalls. More than 1900 people supported the local community by donating to Breezeway meaning more meals could be served this Winter. Rug Up was a great community effort and a wonderful opportunity to see the warmth and richness in the old, cold and gold of Ballarat. Thank you to all for your commitment to creating a prosperous region, providing opportunities, celebrating successes, responding as needed and making a difference big and small. Here’s to another wonderful year in 2015…

Sofia Fiusco

LBWR Committee

Scott Williams (Chair)

Organisation Director - Scott Williams Consulting

Michael Boatman (LBWR 2009)

Manager Community Safety - CFA

Angela Carey (LBWR 2006)

Head of Content (Features) - Fairfax Regional Media

Tony Chew

Learning Partner - LBWR

Andrew Henwood (LBWR 2009)

Business Manager | Industry Skills Centre - Federation University

John Kilgour (Ex-officio)

CEO - Committee for Ballarat

Kay Macaulay

Regional Manager - Australian Industry Group (Ballarat & Wimmera Region)

Norman Prueter (LBWR 2012)

Beaufort Community Resource Centre & Library Services Coordinator Pyrenees Shire Council

Karen Robinson (LBWR 2007)

CEO - Karden Disability Support Foundation

Nicole Roberts (LBWR 2011)

Manager | Retail Operations - Sovereign Hill

Rodney Walton (Ex-officio CfB)

General Manager - Haymes Paint

Another year disappears and remarkably, we ready ourselves to celebrate the tenth year of LBWR. Ten years is a long time for a program to survive, let alone prosper, as LBWR has done. Our anniversary in 2015 is a testament to the quality and appeal of the program and to all who have been involved. The Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs held their conference in Shepparton this year. The optimism and enthusiasm of the assembled group, was very encouraging, as was the level of debate in the room. It was reassuring to hear that other programs grapple with the same issues as we do such as supporting graduates, establishing a sustainable funding base and measuring our impact. Fortunately, the value of community leadership programs is well recognised by the State Government. In 2011, the Government provided funding of $6 million over 4 years to underpin LBWR and the other eight leadership programs across Victoria. That funding comes to an end next year and the Committee for Ballarat is currently in discussions with both sides of politics to secure ongoing funding.

Once again, 2014 saw LBWR managed capably by Sofia, Stephanie and Alana with the support of the Committee for Ballarat staff. The Leaders Forum program challenged and stimulated another impressive cohort of young leaders and a number of events such as ‘Rug Up Ballarat’ were impeccably delivered. We are very grateful for the support of our sponsors. Scott Williams Chair

We are very grateful for the support of all of the sponsors and employers within our community. Leadership programs absorb a lot of resources when they are done well and we could not achieve the wonderful outcomes we do without the many contributions we receive.

Thank you for inspiring the development of innovative community leaders.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014



2014 Leaders Forum Program Schedule Date




March 19

Our Region To understand the regional community in which we live and how we prepare our liveability for 2040.

Dr Joseph Voros Senior Lecturer Swinburne Business School

Sponsor City of Ballarat

• •

Anthony Schink CEO City of Ballarat

• •

Neil Blick Psychologist

Leadership: Vision

Jeff Pulford Executive - Major Projects and Communications City of Ballarat

Venue Ballarat Town Hall

Personal: Perspective

April 2

Safe & Secure Communities To understand the social determinants of health and how we engage with the community to make a difference to community well-being. Leadership: Advocacy

Sponsor Simone Gilbert Community Learning & Liaison Officer UFS Dispensaries Ltd Wendouree West Community Venue Simone Meade, Annie Douglas, Michelle Hunt, Yuille Park P–8 Community Cassie Lindsay Women’s Health Grampians College

Personal: Relationships

April 16

Influencing the Decision Makers How do we influence the decision makers? Leadership: Lobbying

• • •

Judy Verlin Chair Committee for Ballarat

Kraig Grimes Leading Teams

Michael Krieg CEO St John of God Hospital


Patty Kinnersly CEO Women’s Health Grampians

Personal: Advocacy

April 30

Authentic Leadership How do we develop a culture in which we motivate others to lead? Leadership: Capacity Building

Venue Beaufort Community Centre

Personal: Inspiration

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

May 26


The Stories We Tell To remember, interpret and understand the Australian experience of war and its enduring impact on Australian society and leadership. Leadership: Bravery Personal: Relationships

Sponsor Beaufort Community Bank

War Memorial Tour Guides

Venue War Memorial Canberra

Date May 27




Federal Parliament To engage in dialogue with our nation's elected leaders and be exposed to a variety of leadership styles. To better understand the functions of Parliament when governing, legislating, funding and representing the country locally, nationally and internationally.

• • • • • • •

Cathy McGowan AO Federal Member for Indi

Sponsor Catherine King Federal Member for Ballarat

• •

Lieutenant Colonel Jason Groat Defence Force

Ron The Big Issue & Vendors Aaron, Doug, Grant and Janice

Denielle Beardmore Director of Nursing Ballarat Health Services

Claire Sandford Senior Consultant Foresight Lane

Leadership: Vision

Senator Richard di Natale Australian Greens Catherine King Federal Member for Ballarat Warren Truss Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Tanya Plibersek Federal Member for Sydney Julie Bishop Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party

Venue Parliament House Canberra

Bill Shorten Leader of the Opposition

Personal: Democracy

May 28

Leadership To gain a better understanding of how to champion and lobby a cause that supports the development of sustainable, responsive and future focused communities. Leadership: Lobbying

Tony Maher General Manager National Farmers Federation

Venue Forrest Hotel Canberra

Personal: Advocacy Aged Care – Health To consider the impact of an ageing population on the health care system and the community. Leadership: System Based Response

Venue St John of God Ballarat Hospital

Personal: Ageing

June 25

Western Growth Zone To understand the opportunity of the Ballarat West Employment Zone in rethinking our city to enable regional growth.

Paul O’Donohue Managing Director Central Highlands Water

Jeff Hayden General Manager Infrastructure Planning & Operations Central Highlands Water

Leadership: Innovation

• •

Andrew Wisdom Director Distilled Wisdom

Personal: Creativity

Sponsor St John of God Ballarat Hospital

Sponsor Central Highlands Water Venue Central Highlands Water

Ange Lush Team Leader of Economic Development City of Ballarat Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

June 11


2014 Program Schedule Date July 16




Social Inclusion To develop a better understanding of the personal and leadership challenges involving ex-offenders and the community in general following release from prison.

Suzanne Hopkins Senior Programs Coordinator Langi Kal Kal

Sponsor Justice Department

• • •

Patrick McCormick, General Manager Langi Kal Kal Langi Kal Kal clients

Venue Langi Kal Kal & Hopkins Correctional Centre

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

To understand the social determinants of health and how we engage with the community to make a difference to community well-being.

Suzanne Hopkins Senior Programs Coordinator Langi Kal Kal

Sponsor Greenhill Enterprise Centre

Mark Hogan Facilitator Crooked Rain

• •

Shiree Pilkinton Centre for Multicultural Youth

• •

Norman Preuter LBWR 2012

Michelle Whyte Executive Manager Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

Emily McVeigh Director Equine Learning Experiences Australia

Phoenix P-12 Community College Global Challenge, F1 in Schools and Equine Students

Peter Innes, Simone McNeight, Lilly Hattam, Ashley Petterson Young Mums Program

• •

Katrina Beer Director Yanikan-Werritj VTEC

Leadership: Pathways

David Hartmann Senior Counsellor Open Place

Personal: Inclusion

July 30

Venue Greenhill Enterprise Centre

Leadership: Leadership Personal: Reflection

August 6

Culture To consider whether we are an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and is welcoming of all. Leadership: Inclusion

Nyanhial Nyuon Youth Advisor Centre for Multicultural Youth

Venue G-Place

Bobby Mehta LBWR 2012

Personal: Understanding

August 20

Youth To be exposed to a variety of resources that are in place to support young people in our community and to consider the impact and how opportunities can change lives.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Leadership: Responsive


Personal: Resilience

Di Walker Foster Care CAFS

Venue Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

Date September 2




Regional Contexts

• • • • • •

Colin Radford Lead Partner Deloitte

Venue State Library Melbourne

• •

Minto Felix COO Oaktree

Kraig Grimes Leading Teams

Community Leaders – Influencing the Future of Regional Victoria Leadership: Strategic Thinking Personal: Responsive

September 17

Leadership Effective Teams: more than just a group of people.

Jason Clarke Director Minds at Work Father Bob Maguire Catholic Priest Justine Flynn Director Thankyou Group Jon Faine Presents Mornings on 774 ABC Melbourne Jason Mifsud Head of Diversity at the Australian Football League Natalee Ward Deputy Editor The Weekly Times

Sponsor Ballarat Base Hospital Venue Ballarat Base Hospital

Leadership: Role Clarity Personal: Goals

October 8

Agri Business To understand the future of environmental sustainability. Leadership: Innovation Personal: Sustainability

October 22

Tourism To understand the economic and social impact of tourism in regional areas in a global context.

Daryl Smith Operations Manager Mt Mercer Meridian Energy

• •

Judy Croagh Director Western Plains Pork Tim Waller Development Manager Golden Plains Shire

Venue Mt Mercer Wind Farm and Western Plains Pork

Bram Muller Natural Resources Officer Golden Plains Shire

Earth ED Centre

Colleen Filippa Teacher Earth ED Centre & Director Fifteen Trees

• • •

George Sossi CEO Ballarat Regional Toursim

• •

Mark Schultz Good Governance

Andrew Rowe CEO Ballarat Health Services

Dr Tess Brady Chair Creative Clunes

Sponsor Earth ED Centre

Venue Clunes Town Hall

Tim Hayes Secretary Creative Clunes

Leadership: Growth Personal: Lifestyle Leader

Shaping our Community Reflecting on a year of leadership “past, present and future”, good governance and opportunities for impact. Leadership: Leadership Personal: Reflection

Governance Panel: Gayle Boschert, Jo Curpatrick, Robert Hook, Tony Stone

Venue M.A.D.E. Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

November 5


Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

A Year in Review


Left to Right: headspace Ballarat Community Forum, Road Safety Community Forum, LBWR Youth Volunteer Award Recipient Chandler Pearce Year 12 Leaders Forum.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Left to Right: World Vision Guest Speaker Tim Costello, World Vision LIA Volunteers, VRCLP Program Leaders with Peter Ryan Deputy Premier, VRCLP Combined Program Day Participants, Rug Up Ballarat Community Event.


Participant Reflections Nick Clare Brand Manager – Seasonal and Gifting Portfolio | Mars Chocolate Australia Diversity, insight, networking and opportunity, these are the sentiments that are top of mind when I reflect on the privilege of being involved in the LBWR program in 2014. I prepared myself to enter the program with eyes wide open but did not expect the breadth of experiences to be as wide as it was. Our group has evolved and developed great friendships by appropriately challenging thinking about our place in this remarkable and growing community. The LBWR journey takes you out of your ‘normal’ routine of work and life and drives you out of your comfort zone by giving perspectives on the reality, what is and what could be. The experiences throughout the program have challenged thinking and stirred up varying emotions and responses from each individual. This has helped to focus my energy around a specific impact area. Having the support from various government, business, community and personal levels has made the time commitment invaluable. The opportunity for growth in this region is real and I trust that us as ‘leaders’ will ensure we use this responsibility and privilege to better “Brand Ballarat”. I am looking forward to the ongoing impact of the 2014 alumni as we venture further into our own communities, knowing that LBWR has provided the springboard to make a change for good.

Adam Criddle Manager – Survey | TGM Group LBWR has provided me with a unique opportunity to explore the social, economic and health challenges our region faces. The 2014 cohort has also been fortunate to meet community leaders who are making a difference in their part of the world. The work of these community leaders really highlights the opportunities there are for positive impact in so many aspects of our lives. Exploring community issues during our program days and hearing stories from other people’s lives has moved my focus from my family and neighbours to issues facing the region and beyond. However, knowledge is great but action is what’s needed. One of the strengths of LBWR is providing the skills and the networks to lead and create change, wherever you choose to be involved. This is especially valuable to me as I did not grow up in Ballarat and now live in Daylesford. I have met and become friends with men and women from all over the region with varied professions and from different backgrounds. All of them have the shared goal of being involved in the community and they all face unique personal and community challenges. I have learned a great deal from listening to their stories and sharing their experiences. I recommend LBWR to anyone who wants to improve their life and business skills, learn about their region and take that next step in making a difference in their community. I’m looking forward to 2015 and the further opportunities provided by LIA.

Nathan Curnow Writer | Sponsor The Courier To describe the LBWR 2014 program as an ‘eye-opener’ is something of an understatement. This year has introduced me to the head, heart and soul of a community; the people who contribute to Ballarat with unwavering energy and conviction. The bonus is that I’ve been able to explore it all with a team of supportive, talented and passionately curious individuals from a wide variety of fields; people I don’t ordinarily get to meet. So it’s been a challenging and inspiring year for me, a creative writer searching for a new fit, a way to apply my strengths on a practical, local level. Artists are the ones who sell the family cow for magic beans and now, thanks to LBWR, I’ve had a chance to turn the rich soil beneath the window through which they’ll be thrown.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Talei Deacon Practice Manager | UFS Medical


I jumped into the LBWR program with little knowledge of what was to come and this made the journey ahead all the more exciting. The LBWR program has given me the opportunity and capacity to build networks, relationships, friendships and a sense of community. I have been challenged, encouraged and supported and have consolidated my leadership skills through a multitude of community and leadership program days. The year has given me insight into other leaders in our program, organisations in our community and resources that I can relate and utilise in my role. It’s been delightful to spend the program days with such a diverse group of participants and incredible group of people, each and every-one bringing something different to the table. My sincere thanks to the other LBWR participants, Sofia, Steph, the LBWR Committee and UFS Dispensaries Ltd for such a rewarding opportunity and invaluable experience.

Michelle Dunn Photographer & Film Maker | Michelle Dunn Photography | Bug Blitz Arts Scholarship Being a newer resident and business owner in Ballarat I applied for the leadership program primarily to create stronger connections within the professional community. While it has certainly provided amazing opportunities to connect with professionals across a wide scope of industries, it has done far more. I now have a greater understanding of the direction of our community, how to influence those in leadership roles and how to play my own leadership role both on a personal and professional level. LBWR has challenged me to question how I am continuing to contribute to my new community and what my strengths are. It has also allowed me to recognise and acknowledge ways in which I have already displayed leadership qualities and consciously take that further. I'm incredibly grateful to Bug Blitz for the opportunity to participate in this program, to Sofia and the team at LBWR for fostering a culture of respect and knowledge within our group, and to everyone participating in the program in 2014 for your willingness to remain open, be challenged and choose to be involved.

Katrina Fanning Litigation Lawyer | Heinz & Partners Lawyers Participation in the Leaders Forum has deepened my understanding of the disadvantage that exists within our own community. It has also enhanced my appreciation of the enormous difference committed volunteers can make to individual lives. I look forward in the coming years to translating the huge amount of information I have been exposed to over the past 10 months into some action! Hopefully, I too will become one of those unsung heroes who dedicates a portion of their life to making Ballarat a better place for all. Throughout this year it has also been a real pleasure to get to know all the other Leaders Forum participants. I have learnt so much from their backgrounds, stories and achievements. I am especially grateful to those members of the group who went outside their comfort zone to tell the rest of the group something they felt was important for us to hear. Thanks everyone, and best of luck in your future endeavours to change the world, or at least they, Ballarat and Western Region!

Albert Ferguson Analyst Programmer - Business Analyst | Ballarat District Nursing & Healthcare As a computer programmer the 2014 LBWR interested me as a way to get out and learn more about Ballarat, and expand my networks. In both these areas it completely exceeded my expectations. The program has granted me an insight into so many different areas both within Ballarat and the surrounding regions as well as the rest of Australia through the political scene. These insights, as well as the thoughts and ideas of the other program participants, have changed my perspective on many things in my life. Each program participant has brought their own thoughts, ideas and perspectives to the program, and this diversity has made this a very enjoyable and informative experience which will have me thinking and learning long after it has finished.

Robert Fillisch Coordinator Statutory Planning | Moorabool Shire Council I entered this program to improve my leadership abilities on a personal level. Wow what a program. It exceeded my expectations and was so much more about learning about so many different aspects of community (good and bad). The variety of participants made it such an enyoyable experience and provided an insight into matters I would never have considered. Robust respectful discussions within the group were also a highlight. The program days look at so many community issues and opened my eyes to issues I would not have otherwise considered. I have gained experience on many different techniques required for effective leadership and now recognise when to implement these techniques. I thank my employer for allowing me to participate in the program. Also thank you to Sofia and her team for the organisation of the program and I hope it continues long into the future. I would like to thank my fellow participants for allowing me into their lives.

Darcy Franklin | Pyrenees Scholarship Associate: Global Industrial Practice | Heidrick & Struggles | Pyrenees Shire Scholarship After nearly a year in the LBWR program, I've developed a much clearer sense of who I am as an individual and professional. I question my own opinions with a deeper pool to draw from, and I feel better equipped to act with clarity, ignoring the noise we face on a daily basis. I have a greater understanding of the different pieces of the puzzle that make a community and perhaps value some areas more than I ever have before. Above all, through learning from like and not-so-like-minded people with a vast array of skills and experiences, I feel that I have the tools at my disposal to keep developing as a leader and a person. The ball is squarely in my court.

For me participating in the Leaders Forum program has made me aware of the challenges faced within our communities on so many different levels, and the time and commitment put in by so many people to achieve such great results. Going to Canberra was a great experience, especially the War Memorial. The challenges put to us by Leading Teams Kraig Grime provided some interesting results from the group. In all, it has been a great opportunity to be part of the program and be involved with a great group of leaders.

Sarah Jamison-Jones Associate Nurse Unit Manager - Cardiovascular Suite | Ballarat Health Services The LBWR program has opened my eyes to many complex issues affecting our community. Meeting people from a broad range of community and government programs who are "making things happen" in our region has been truly inspiring. Exposure to facets of the community that I would never have been exposed to has been an interesting journey for me, and one that really has only just begun. The participants of the 2014 Leaders Forum have been a wonderful group of people and I feel blessed that I have had a chance to spend time with them. We have future leaders in our midst and I met them during the 2014 LBWR program year.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Paul Hutchison Construction Supervisor | JG King Homes


Participant Reflections Adrian Kenny Manager Hotel Services | St John of God Ballarat Hospital The 2014 LBWR program has provided me with opportunities to experience and understand parts of my community that I have had no relationship with previously. From these experiences I have developed new insights and a greater understanding of the challenges that we face as a community. I have had the opportunity to grow and challenge myself, to meet new people and form new networks. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been involved in such a program.

Aldona Kmiec´ Professional Photographer - Cultural Diversity Advisor City of Ballarat LBWR program had a really great team of people passionate about the community, confident, connected and inspirational. In 2014 we were given the task of investigating issues inside and outside of our community which resulted in us being much more informed than we were at the beginning of the program, which is the key. It was fantastic and overwhelmingly difficult to keep up with the challenges we were presented with the program is putting us under, which I loved, and is also a great team building exercise. I was happy that I could share my emotions and thoughts on difficult topics with everyone without feeling ‘what they would think’. The greatest thing for me was to learn and understand the way others do similar things, in a different way. How we all different characters play in the same playground. As a small business owner, photographic industry professional and CALD community ambassador, it is crucial for me to know many people. The program is fantastic for networking! The worst thing about the program was that it lasted only 10 months. “Here’s to the Crazy Ones. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones, who see things differently. […] Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who DO!" Steve Jobs I am still not sure if Ballarat is ready for Steve Jobs type of people, but LBWR is a step in the right direction.

Pennie Mathieson Senior Practitioner and Project Worker | Children and Family Services Ballarat Inc The LBWR program has provided me with the opportunity to familiarise, consider and think critically about issues impacting on our community this has resulted in me developing new insights, passions and an ongoing commitment to working closely with my community to continue to tackle challenges, and celebrate successes. The program has enhanced my capacity to think creatively, think outside the square and consider how we can work differently with the resources we have at hand. It has helped me to develop and refine my leadership skills and understanding of what it really means to be a leader. The program structure of LBWR, included; program days, high quality speakers, relevant and informative readings, the partnership with a learning partner and support from a syndicate group provides wide-ranging opportunities to consider community issues in a holistic manner. The diverse group of participants and provided an ideal learning environment to discuss issues from a variety of perspectives. Thank you to Sofia and the team at LBWR, my learning partner and the entire 2014 participant group for an inspiring year. I look forward to continued joint work in our community. Thank you also to CAFS for allowing me the opportunity.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Tim Matthews Director | The Forge Pizzeria


There are times when you think things are tough and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. The LBWR program made me realise just how fortunate we are and how much impact we can have if we choose to. The people within the program, the program content and the shared experiences throughout the program provided amazing insights into how we can change our behaviour or focus our energy to have the biggest impact, both for us personally and within our community. There are so many roles we can play within the community, within groups, within business and within our family. Beyond that, we were given some valuable tools to be not just contributors, helpers and carers but to also be leaders within our chosen environments. While it’s hard to quantify the immense impact of the program, it’s clear to me that the outcome is definitely an increased awareness of important issues from a group of potential future leaders within the community who now have the understanding that they can do something to impact our region and beyond.

Deb Milera Family Violence Counsellor | CAFS | bank MECU Scholarship Being a participant in the 2014 LBWR program has given me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and allowed me to gain further knowledge on the sometimes complex needs and issues that the community that I live in, and how I can become more involved to assist. Exploring leadership has opened my eyes and allowed me to challenge myself and my beliefs. This experience was at first very daunting and overwhelming but as we near the end I realise that if I hadn't participated I would have missed out on one of the most valuable and exciting programs of my professional career. I say this as this program has allowed me to connect and listen to many people from many walks of life. I believe that I have now gained more confidence, enhanced my own leadership skills and developed a deeper understanding of the importance of leaders and that a good leader is one who is able to encourage people to follow their example and create positive change. Now that the program is ending I will continue to inspire people in my community to achieve the best that they possibily can. Lastly I would like to thank Sofia and the LWBR team, my mentor Susie, Greg (from bank MECU) and my sista Katrina for believing in me and encouraging me to participate in the 2014 LWBR program.

Michelle O'Brien Family Reconnect Worker | Child and Family Services Ballarat Inc My passion for working alongside of others in the community has risen as a result of the leadership program. My confidence, knowledge and ability to speak up has also grown which was the reason why I wanted to be involved. Developing networks due to being a part of the group and meeting people on the program days has been invaluable. The program made me step outside my comfort zone on many occasions which at times I was not happy about but I am grateful for now. I recently stood and spoke in front of over 100 people and, although I knew my topic and am passionate about it, it is something I would have never considered doing 12 months ago. Politics has never been one of my strong points, but I will now read an article or pay more attention after our visit in Canberra. I feel privileged, proud and grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this program, I encourage others to get involved in community events and would recommend the leadership program wholeheartedly to anyone.

Justin O'Gorman Manager Visitor Services | The Sovereign Hill Museums Association The 2014 leadership program, through its incredible access to regional and national leaders and organisations, has enabled me to feel better connected and engaged with our region. I have an awareness of many issues previously unknown to me and have changed my pre-conceived ideas on others. Leadership was a strong focus of the program and I have been challenged to look at better ways to lead. I thank my fellow participants and learning partner for their support throughout the program. Ballarat and Western Region is a fantastic place to live and work and there are many groups and individuals doing inspirational work here every day. It has been a privilege to participate and I can now use this experience as a platform to start making a difference.

I have had an extraordinary year in the program. It has been fantastic to develop relationships that I am certain will continue well after the program year has finished. It has been great to develop friendships with people in the group that I would probably never have met. I have loved the sense of camaraderie that has developed in the group and the fun that we have had along the way. On a personal level, I went into the program as one of the younger participants with the hope that I could listen and soak up as much as I could from those far more experienced. I have not been disappointed. The breadth of experience and the spectrum of views on different issues created a fantastic melting pot of ideas that have enabled me to grow on a personal and professional level. I have learned so much about myself and my ideas have changed on so many issues. The highlight of the year for me was the Canberra trip and the access we had to politicians from all persuasions, how else would I have this opportunity? It was truly inspiring. I know the skills and knowledge I have gained from the program will continue to help me in my personal and professional life. Hopefully, I can give something back to the community that has given me so much. Thank you to Sofia and the LBWR crew for organising such a wonderful year. Keep up the hard work and hopefully the program continues for many years to come. A big thank you must also go to my mentor Tony Chew. I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations on all sorts of random topics, from Game of Thrones to politics to religion to football (which is a religion really) and everything in between. I hope this friendship will continue and look forward to continuing our catch-ups. Finally, thank you to my fellow participants, or more accurately friends who constantly put themselves and their beliefs on the line throughout the program, I have learned so much from you all.

Kimberly Roberts Human Resources Officer | McCain Foods This year has really allowed me to develop different perspectives on what I previously believed was a very black and white world. I have enjoyed the privilege of being exposed to a large array of people that I could learn and grow with. I have been able to expand my understanding of community issues and my capacity to contribute in the community.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Orry Pilven Solicitor | Saines Lucas Solicitors


Participant Reflections Anne Robertson Regional Office Manager | Lake Imaging Taking part in the 2014 LBWR program has been an amazing experience both personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to gain insight into so many issues in my local community which I was previously unaware of. The LBWR experience has shown that by being involved and putting your hand up you can make a difference in your community. The program days were thought provoking, well structured and gave the LBWR group access to many inspiring and amazing leaders within our local and wider communities. The 2014 group participants came together from such a diverse range of backgrounds and I believe they greatly assisted in making this year such a valuable experience and success. Their input, thoughts, values and at times unconventional thinking often provided perspectives on issues that I would never have considered previously. My LBWR experience has shown me the true value of respect, as well as the need to make the most of the ‘opportunities’ that are there for us and use these to guide us through the tougher challenges that we face through our life journey. 2014 is a year that has inspired me to help and support others.

Melanie Schoo Fundraising and Communications Manager | Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute Taking part in LBWR is one of the best decisions I have made, both personally and professionally. The opportunity to learn more about my community and the different factors and contributors has been invaluable, along with the opportunity to learn from other participants, presenters and my Learning Partner. Being challenged to consider my beliefs and my opinions has helped me to become more insightful and to reflect on what I want my contribution to be.

Rick Stephens Owner Manager | Euroka Trading | Peter Davies Scholarship My LBWR year began in a memorable fashion at the opening retreat where so many people shared amazing details about their life's journey so far. I think this laid the foundations for great group cohesion and a willingness to be open and for people to say what they really think. I have found this LBWR year incredibly stimulating, both personally and professionally. Learning the complexities of leadership in its many forms, but more importantly being re-introduced to and made much more aware about this amazing community of Ballarat. The access to influential people from federal platform to state and local provided very unique opportunities. At a personal level, at this stage of my life I found it challenging to step outside my business and to spend the time with a group of people with such broad backgrounds. Needless to say the people and connections are by far the best part to come from the course for me. I am incredibly grateful for the professional development opportunity LBWR has provided. This program ROCKS!

Fiona Strauss Project Officer - Clinical Teacher | Ballarat Health Services

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

Having heard from previous participants about the LBWR program I was inspired to look outside my own backyard and understand more about our community and the contributions each of us individuals can make as individuals. The opportunity to be involved in the LBWR program has been a fantastic journey. I've changed and challenged the way I think about things on both a personal and professional level. I have been exposed to and motivated by people otherwise I may never have had the privilege to meet, ranging from the various speakers, fellow participants, Sofia and my learning partner. I take away an understanding about the difference one person can make to a community and, importantly I now look at how I can contribute to create a meaningful impact. This program has definitely shaped me to make a positive impact within my community and workplace.


Diana Sullivan Credit Controller | Haymes Paint The opportunity to take part in LBWR, has given me invaluable knowledge and exposure to the community and organisations within Ballarat and surrounding districts. It’s been an amazing experience, to share and learn from the other participants, develop an understanding the community needs. The program has challenged me as an individual and given me a greater sense of awareness and the skills to grow and develop as a leader. I appreciate the chance to participant in the program and will endeavor to assist in developing our community.

Jennifer Trengove Executive Assistant | Pyrenees Shire Council LBWR has been a great experience. The program covers a diverse range of topics which has enabled me to explore and understand issues and organisations within the community which were previously unknown to me. My social awareness has increased greatly and I have had the opportunity to meet some inspirational individuals whose contributions to our community are priceless. Being part of a group of open-minded people with similar values but with differing opinions and backgrounds has exposed me to new concepts and ideas. I have learned much about others, but the program has taught me more about myself. LBWR has challenged me to grow and develop myself and has given me the skills and passion to make a greater contribution to my community.

Dom Uljanic Vegetation Management Officer | CFA I am so thankful for being part of LBWR has been eye opening and I have enjoyed being challenged on my pre-conceived views. It has expanded my view on the challenges our community faces and, through the program I have developed a way to think more broadly and 'outside the box' on a range of issues. The program gives you the opportunity to think about what impact you can have and what you can do to support, develop and sustain as an individual in areas you are passionate about. It also helps you to learn strategies to influence others; this may be on how to get more volunteers at a community event or how to get funding from government. I will take skills learnt here and apply them in my community and hopefully also pass on a few to others. I am also grateful to have done the program with fantastic like-minded people who I'll remain friends with long after the program has finished.

Leon Underwood Economic Development Officer | City of Ballarat Leadership Ballarat and Western Region exposed the multitude of challenges faced by many individuals and groups within our community. While highlighting the complexity of many of these issues, the forum demonstrates the commitment and passion of community leaders who are making a difference. After seeing this, it’s hard not to want to become more involved in our community. The diversity of the forum participants provided the perfect setting for a unique learning experience. What seemed black and white to me was far from black and white for others. Being able to listen to and gain an understanding of an issue through a totally different lens has shown that sometimes, there is more than one right or wrong answer. It is not always about agreement, it’s about acknowledging a different perspective. This thinking will no doubt influence the way I work and the decisions I make on a day to day basis. On a personal level as a new parent, the program has reinforced the value of investing quality time with my kids and has demonstrated the importance of early childhood development.

Sonia van Dorssen Nursery Assistant |Grow Master Ballarat | Pyrenees Shire Scholarship

Lisa West Team Leader - Human Resources | Federation University Australiap The 2014 Leaders Forum Program promised to develop community and thought leadership and it delivered in buckets! It has broadened my knowledge of community challenges as well as provided exceptional and exclusive access to both regional, state and federal leaders. It has further developed my critical thinking skills, encouraged me to reconsider my circle of influence and expanded both professional and personal networking with a diverse range of people and professions. A key learning has been the confirmation that I can make a difference in the local community with both a greater understanding of myself as a leader and emerging community challenges. Thank you LBWR Committee for choosing me to be part of this life-changing program. I look forward to contributing to enhanced skills and knowledge I have acquired and helping lead the Ballarat community towards a prosperous, sustainable and exciting future.

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

As a Pyrenees Shire scholarship recipient, I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Program. It has been fantastic to be involved in a program that provides exposure to such a broad variety of community groups and local issues. The experience has provided a wealth of resources and connections that I am looking forward to tapping into as my journey continues beyond the program year. During the year I started a new job and have had to really think about time management and where I want to focus my energy as a volunteer. A key insight for me has been identifying important issues within our local community and recognising that if I wish to contribute support and provide leadership, I need not look any further than my own "backyard"! My favorite part of the program has been getting to know the other participants over the course of the year. The journey has been a wonderful sharing experience and I hope that we continue to support and connect with each other into the future.


Leaders In Action - Shaping the Future

Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

9 years... 240 + Leaders.... Passionate about community


Leaders in Action (LIA) members are graduates of the Leaders Forum program who are committed to shaping the future of our regional communities by volunteering their services.

LIA members: ■ Collaborate with alumni, agencies and community groups to form networks. ■

Lead by inspiring participation and connectedness within the community.

Engage in community initiatives that strengthen our communities.

Contribute creative and informed thinking to help find solutions that support a sustainable future.

Volunteer advice and contribute to making a positive difference.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

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Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Yearbook 2014

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