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PALA plans to change this by offering training for young people who wish to improve their leadership skills to design and direct successful projects.


What is the Polish-American Leadership Academy (PALA)? PALA aims to educate a new generation of leaders: politicians, journalists, teachers, businessmen. We currently see a young generation of social and political activists unprepared to address the actual needs of their friends and neighbors; rather, they have been trained to follow the orders of their superiors.

A typical semester at the Polish-American Leadership Academy consists of these four modules: ➜ c ommunication strategies ➜ p  olitical philosophy ➜ free-market economics (basic and advanced courses) ➜ ethics and morality of capitalism Classes are taught by experienced professionals from Jagiellonian University, University of Silesia and Mises Institute, and often include interesting special guests. PALA is based in Katowice, but our classes are available online to anyone with a good internet connection. Each four-month course ends with an exam, and the best students will find new career possibilities.

Benefits The Polish-American character of the Leadership Academy comes from our strategic partnership with Language of Liberty Institute (www.languageofliberty.org), an American NGO that organizes Liberty English Camps and Seminars, to educate young people in English about entrepreneurship, classical liberal philosophy, and free-market principles. The second strategic partner of PALA is Goldwater Institute, based in Arizona (www.goldwaterinstitute.org). Other partners of PALA , such as CATO Institute, Slovenia Liberty Seminars and The Fund for American Studies, have prepared attractive offers for the top graduates of the Academy. Graduates will

be evaluated on the basis of exam results and knowledge of the English language. Awards will consist of some combination of the following: ➜ p  aid internship at Goldwater Institute in Phoenix ➜ i nternship at Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation ➜ participation in Liberty English Camps in Poland and Ukraine (free of charge) ➜ participation in CATO University summer seminar in Washington, D.C. (free of charge) ➜ participation in „Liberty Seminar” in Slovenia (free of charge) ➜ scholarship to cover most of the tuition fee of the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems - a prestigious summer school in Prague ➜ material prizes (books, DVDs, etc.)

Summary of 2nd Edition of Project (Fall 2012) Polish-American Leadership Academy opened in spring 2012. In the 1st edition, 210 people participated (50 in Katowice, 160 online). The 2nd edition, held in fall 2012, reached even more people: 50 in Katowice, 220 online.

Classes were very popular, and participants demonstrated above-average capability. A special out-of-the-city session combined a group of online participants with a group of physical participants. The final examinations consisted of three sections: politics, economics and video presentation demonstrating social communications skills. The winner was Mr. Jacek Nowicki. He was awarded a paid internship at Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Other participants who performed well in the All participants will be granted free-of-charge par- examinations were granted a place at a summer ticipation in a programming course on the educa- school in Prague (Czech Republic), a liberty semitional-training platform EduGiants.com nar at Lake Bled (Slovenia) or at a Liberty English

Camp in Milowka (Poland). Top alumni were also offered an internship at one of the most prosperous Polish Banks.

➜ 11 professors: 5 social communication experts (media creative group), 2 political philosophy professors from the University of Silesia, 2 economics experts from the Mises Institute of Poland, 2 professors of ethics from the Jagiellonian University

Polish-American Leadership Academy 2nd Edition Key Numbers. ➜ 10 partners Goldwater Institute, Language ➜ 16.500 USD – project budget of Liberty Institute, The Fund for American ➜ 272 participants of 2nd edition: 222 online Studies, Association for Broadening Hoand 50 in person rizons, Mises Institute of Poland, KoLiber ➜ 41 lectures given in total Association, PAFERE, Fijorr Publishing, ➜ 15 special guests: scholars, entrepreneurs, Students’ Scientific Association from the journalists, NGO leaders, politicians University of Silesia and Nicholas Coperni➜ 1  4 publications concerning the project in cus University media

➜ 7 media patrons: The Polish Newspaper in Colorado, International Relationships Magazine, Najwyższy Czas! Magazine, Radio KonteStacja, Academic Radio EGIDA, New Silesia Newspaper, To Zależy Students’ Magazine ➜ 5  scholarships for summer schools: AIPES Program in Prague (3), Liberty Seminar in Slovenia (2) ➜ 5  ponsors: the Atlas Foundation, BZ WBK Bank, Unikalne.pl, QBS Software, Sphere Research Labs ➜ 4 modules: Social Communication, Political Philosophy, Economics, Ethics ➜ 3 internship placements for best graduates: ➜ A  course in advanced economics (Economy Goldwater Institute (1), Freedom & EntreII) available online preneurship Foundation (2) ➜ N  ew summer school opportunities for the best graduates: CATO University Summer ➜ 2 essay competitions organized by our AcaSchool in Washington DC and the Liberty demy English Camp in UkraineTuition and ac➜ 1  session in Central Prague (mid-April), 3 commodation fees will be covered by us. days of classes and entertainment ➜ 1 online platform for training participants ➜ Opportunity to take C++ and C# programand tutors. ming courses free of charge

What’s new in the coming edition? We proudly present new features of the third edition of the Polish-American Leadership Academy: the English version of the full course – so foreign students can attend the Polish-American Leadership Academy! ➜ A course in business ethics to teach the moral values of entrepreneurship ➜ Practical classes in social communications

Our Partners Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation aims to advance free-market solutions, individual freedom, limited.government,. and.the spirit.of.entrepreneurship through educational efforts. Flagship projects of the Foundation are Polish-American Leadership Academy, Academy of Young Entrepreneurs, and Economics in the Classroom. The organization is led by two young but experienced leaders of the Polish freedom movement: Jacek Spendel and Marcin Chmielowski.

entrepreneurship, practice English conversation with native speakers, and participate in workshops and debates on how to apply these ideas to solving problems in daily life back home. At each Liberty Camp, students expand their knowledge of classical liberal ideas, thinkers, and works. They also participate in discussions, debates, workshops, and presentations on these topics, thereby gaining more opportunities to practice speaking English. The Language of Liberty Institute organized its first Liberty English Camp in Lithuania in 2005 and later expanded its activity into fourteen countries in Europe, Central Asia, South America, and Africa. Goldwater Institute

Language of Liberty Institute

Language of Liberty Institute is an American NGO dedicated to promoting freedom through students’ education. LLI organizes Liberty English Camps in developing countries, where students explore classical liberal ideas (in philosophy, economics, ethics,

Goldwater Institute is a Phoenix, Arizona-based conservative public policy research organization established in 1988. The president is Darcy A. Olsen. The Goldwater Institute advances public policies with emphasis on lower taxes, limited government spending, school choice, and a reduction in government management of the economy. Its mission is “to advance freedom and protect the Constitution,” and it is devoted to the principles championed by the late Senator Barry Goldwater such as “individual rights, economic freedom, and a government of strictly limited powers.”

The Last Word

JACEK NOWICKI, Jacek Nowicki, winner of the 1st Edition: „I had a pleasure to participate in the Academy only thanks to the great idea of its organizers to let students participate in the classes online. Polish-American Leadership Academy helped me to develop my interests and broaden my knowledge especially in the field of interesting and innovative look at modern economy and society.”

Dr TOMASZ SŁUPIK, Political Scientist, University of Silesia. „Polish-American Leadership Academy allows students to go beyond the schemes of teaching and therefore more effectively expand mental horizons. It is a project for passionate students and this passion could have been noticed during the last edition. I am convinced that a number of Academy’s graduates will be on the top one day.”

JACEK SPENDEL, Director, Polish-American Leadership Academy „Polish-American Leadership Academy was established to prepare real leaders, ready to carry out the most important functions in societyaccording to our high standards and principles.

TOM PATTERSON, C, Chairman, Goldwater Institute “What will be the future for Poland? Will it be unable to escape its history of oppression and poverty? Or will it eventually enjoy the prosperity that comes to nations who follow the path of economic freedom? The answer to these questions depends on the quality of leadership that is being developed among Polish young people today. The Polish people, because they have experienced the yoke of Communism, Nazism and other tyrants, are generally lovers of liberty. But there are few opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow to learn in detail the principles of classic liberalism that lead to freedom and prosperity. That is why Jacek Spendel’s vision of the Polish-American Leadership Academy is critical. Through weekend classes at the academy, students are steeped in classic liberalism. They learn of free markets, limited government based on the consent of the governed, property rights and the rule of law. They will know the keys to assuring that the Poland of tomorrow is a vibrant land of opportunity for all.”

DARCY OLSEN, President & CEO, Goldwater Institute “Freedom must be fought for and protected by each generation. The Polish-American Leadership Academy is teaching today’s young men and women to become tomorrow’s leaders. Many young people today are confused about what’s happening in the economy. The Leadership Academy provides clarity and direction by separating fact from fiction and teaching young people about economics and history. The Polish-American Leadership Academy is meeting a great need to prepare the next generation with the right ideas that will ensure a free and prosperous future. I support this work and wish God speed for liberty and its leaders in Poland!”

TANJA STUMBERGER, Senior Fellow, ATLAS Foundation „Polish-American Leadership Academy gives to young people in Poland a special opportunity of gaining knowledge and skills which are necessary to achieving success in life. It was a great pleasure for me to be a guest with my special lecture.

MATTHEW KWASIBORSKI, Director of European Institutes, The Fund for American Studies “Our world can always use more outstanding leaders. Excellent leaders comprehend global trends. Recently, one of the main global trends is growing economic cooperation between multinational companies, NGOs, non-profits and actual countries themselves. So it is imperative that our future leaders attend international leadership academies where they can come together to understand the true value of free market societies as well as create a vast global network ensuring international cooperation not only continues but is strengthened by tight personal and professional relationships. The Polish-American Leadership Academy is one of the few upstart academies that recognize this global trend and understand the true nature of free markets and their impact within Polish and American society.”

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PALA Brochure in English

Polish-American Leadership Academy  

PALA Brochure in English