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Salute To Seniors

Presenting the class of


Congratulations Brandywine Class of 2014! Brandywine Community Schools

Jacob Wright................................................................4 Rachel Frost.................................................................8 Thomas Bosler..............................................................8 Austin Broda...............................................................12 Eleanor Hein...............................................................14 Dustin Long.................................................................18

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Salute To Seniors



Nathan Anders

Taylor Baxter

Maggie Beaver

Samantha Bell

Sierra Brattain

Jacey Callahan

Heaven Chambers

Taylor Clingaman

Austin Coger

Karli Covyeou

Jessica Cramer

Tyler Danner

Issac Davis

Tori DeMeulenaere

Sarah Derosa

Kyle Duncan

Morgan Dunnuck

Brandon Earles

Chancemychal Eberly

Victoria Ebersol

Jacob Ferenczi

Jayci Fietzek

Josh Flanagan

Austin Ford

Sarah Fortner

Madison Gordon

Kane Greer

Tyler Hardy

Brock Hartline

Taylor Hayden

Hannah Horst

Tia Hullinger

Larry Hungerford

Isaac James

Jessica Johnson

Trevor Jones

Jessica Jorgensen

Jacob Juhasz

Cory Katterheinrich

Charles Kuemin

Kenny Laurita

Tammy Lee

William Lewis

Paul Lochmondy

Danny Low

Katie Luczkowski

Chris Ludwig

Megan Luhrsen

Ciara Markin

AJ Millin

Trent Moskwinkski

Alec Nichols

Collin Nichols

Robert Okayama

Joyce Olsen

Elise Ostrander



Salute To Seniors


Dylan Percy

Ally Perkins

James Pierce

Dakota Porter

Adam Riffel

Frank Riley

Michael Robbins

Vincent Sallee

Abby Schroeder

Kyle Scott

Robert Sells

Alex Severinghaus

Christian Shell

Brandon Shriver

Maranda Smallmon

Alli Srmek

Kyle Stanage

Jonathan Swanson

Tiaira Tedder

Jiaxin Teng

Bela Tiser

Wes’Nohda Topash

Morgan Tucker

Chelsie Vetterly

Aaron Wentz

Kali Wieczorkowski

Hannah Williams

Allie Wilson

Allie Woods

Jake Wright

Allison Zacharski

Evan Zacharski

Leader Publications Scholarship Recipient: Jake Wright, Brandywine Jake Wright, the son of Jacob and Pamela Wright, is a graduate of Brandywine High School. He plans to study mathematics and actuarial science at Michigan State University. Jake was the treasurer of the National Honor Society and also participated in football, baseball, Spanish Honor Society and more. He also worked at Wings, Etc. in Niles. How have you been a leader in your community, how do you Since childhood I have been an active member of various sporting teams and for most of those years, a three-sport athlete. Over the believe it will affect your future endeavours, and what advice would you offer future students in your community? years, I was awarded the role of team captain on many of my past


rowing up in a small, close community has had more positive effects on me than I had once thought. I have lived my whole life in Niles and in the Brandywine community. Through the years I have had many opportunities to contribute to our community to be a leader and a role model. Last spring, the Brandywine varsity baseball team went to visit students at Merritt Elementary to read with a class of first graders every Wednesday. As one of the team members, I was able to benefit from these events just as much as the kids were. Over the time I spent there, I saw a clear impact that was made as these kids looked forward to the days we would come visit them. Soon, reading became “cool” to them and they looked up to us as leaders. I was also able to take a leadership role as a fifth grade camp counselor last May. For three days I had to lead a group of eleven year olds around a large camp and stay on time to every event. Although this may seem like a difficult task, I was able to manage it without too much struggle. I earned their respect and was able to lead them through a great learning experience. Among my own peers, during high school I lead mainly through my actions. As valedictorian of my class, leading academically is a given. I am constantly giving others assistance when I can and I am always open to their problems. I love to be the one that others can look to when faced with a challenge.

teams. As time went on, I was able to lead through my actions and effort. I am certain that my positive attitude and demeanor for success contributed to our 8-1 Football record this past season. Looking back on these past few years of schooling, I can definitely see that the opportunities here have truly helped me in my personal growth. The experiences that I have had leading and working together with my peers will be a crucial asset to my life after graduation. As for college life, my leadership skills will definitely be useful when group projects are assigned. I also believe that self-motivation (leading oneself) is a very important skill to have while achieving goals. After graduating college, my leadership skills and ambition will be a huge help when searching for a job. During my career, I hope that I can use these skills in the workplace to earn respect and gain promotions to reach my career aspirations. I have three words of advice for the future students in our community: go for it. Through high school you will be presented with tons of opportunities and the best thing to do is experience all that you can. In my eyes, there are very few situations that will negatively affect you. The experiences that you may not enjoy are still valuable. Learning from your mistakes can have the greatest influences on you, even if it may not seem like it at the time. Put yourself out there and you’ll benefit greatly from the lessons.


Salute To Seniors



Elizabeth Adair

Darron Angelmyer

Alexis Bashara

Evelyn Batres

Rachel Bonek

Alex Brown

Kristen Canfield

Alicia Cantu

Cassandra Carpenter

Michael Critzer

David Dalrymple

Ronald DeFreez

Kevin Dey

Hunter Dickinson

Alia Dobrzykowski

Siphathisile Dube

Roxie Elliott

Kaitlynn Enders

Alyssa Farmer

Dakota Forler

Douglass Freeman III

Rachel Frost

Anthony Fuller

Madison Gabriel

Danielle Ginn

Miranda Glaser

Bradley Gonder

Lucas Gonzoga

Landon Grwinski

Levi Grwinski

Andrea Guerrero

Meghan Hall

Lance Haner

Ashley Henrichsen

Madyson Hernandez

Blake Herwick

Luke Higgins

Charles Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

River Kelley

Drew Kilgore

Brianna King

Madison Koziel

Chad Kring

Peter Kristl

Alex Leiter

Rachael Lewis

Timothy Lindamood

Sierra Litka

Taylor Lunog

Brandon McCarty

Michael Meersman

Brookelin Mefford

Adam Mitchell

Dara Molica

Trey Morgan



Salute To Seniors


David Nichols

Mackenzie Orphanidis

Jacob Pardy

Randy Payne

Justin Pearson

Paul Pflueger

Timothy Piazza

Erica Poznanski

Madison Prillwitz

Sutthinee Punthong

Alan Reed Jr

Alex Reitz

Solomon Remmo

Morgan Roberts

Jack Rugless

Brittany Schmidt

Haylei Shepard

Cynthia Sheardson

Andrew Smith

Mackenzie Smith

Skyler Smith

Haley Smuda

Devan Spray

Kaleb Stacy

Lelaina Steakley

Trevor Stauss

Spencer Thompson

Devin Trost

Jim Van Dyck

Madeline Vorrath

Todd Wagner

Alyssa Walkden

Kiah Weaver

Ashley Williams

Dylan Williamson

Dakota Windom

Jordan York

Ashlynn Young

Brooklyn Young

Career and technical training give students a competitive edge (BPT) — In a few weeks, high school students around the U.S. will close one chapter of their lives and enter another as they graduate and move on to continue their education or enter the workforce. Approximately 90 percent of students who spent their high school years participating in career and technical education (CTE) courses will graduate, a significantly higher rate than those who do not participate in CTE classes. CTE students are also more engaged. Eighty-one percent of high school dropouts say relevant, real-world learning opportunities would have kept them in high school, according to the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE). Many CTE programs partner with colleges, universities and employers to offer

course credit and on-the-job training. The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s (NRAEF) ProStart program recently announced its 2014 National ProStart Collegiate Passport. More than 60 colleges and universities nationwide offer ProStart students course credit and scholarships for completing the two-year program, which prepares students for foodservice industry careers. To receive the industryrecognized ProStart National Certificate of Achievement, students must pass two national exams and work 400 mentored hours. “Eighty-one percent of students who receive the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement are still working in the industry five years later, a testament to the strength of ProStart and our students, who are heavily recruited by post-secondary schools for

their skills,” says Rob Gifford, executive vice president, strategic operations and philanthropy for the National Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. “Graduates have proven to have a comprehensive knowledge of culinary and management basics as they begin our programs,” says Terri Ann Parks, director of regional recruitment for The Culinary Institute of America. “Our partnership with ProStart has allowed us to bring some of the best and brightest culinary students to our college nationwide.” Post-secondary career and technical education addresses the needs of high-growth industries like health care and foodservice. Health care occupations make up 12 of the 20 fastest-growing occupations while the

National Restaurant Association predicts that total restaurant and foodservice employment will grow by 11 percent over the next 10 years. Students who took postsecondary CTE courses earned a higher salary than high school graduates who did not take CTE courses, according to a National Assessment of Vocational Education report. A graduate with a CTE-related associate degree or credential typically earns an average of $4,000 to nearly $20,000 more annually than a person with an associate’s degree in humanities. Even if students don’t immediately decide to participate in CTE coursework in college, they have the option to engage in CTE later in life to transition into a new career.


Salute To Seniors



Stuart Ayers

Deandre Ballard

Lynnell Ballard

Lorin Best

Ashley Bisson

Sage Blair

Thomas Bosler

Joshua Brady

Khalil Brown

Trevon Brown

Christopher Burnham

Frederick Bussey

Alexis Christie

Jon Christner

Austin Christopher

Gary Cooper

Cierra Davies

Morgan Duvall

Travis Edwards

Joseph Emerson

Jonathan Evans

Tyeshia Fuller

Cornelius Glass

Raven Gross

Kolin Haithcox

Tianni Hansford

Abigail Harrison

Ethan Harter

Cameron Hayden

Tiffany Hensley

Alec Hoff

Robert Jackson

Chandler Krause

Justina Lawhun

Logan Lawson

Ranae Lintz

Kryst Luangasa

Dustin Luse

Chematia Marisin

Aja McCray

Stephanie Morgan

Amir Muhammad

Pamela Osborn

Robert Owen

Reellan Patridge

Victoria Pearson

Ashley Ramsey

Denver Rigsby

Christian See

Rebecca Shoulders

Justin Smith II

Ashley Stickle

Tommy Suggs

Shawn Teter

Bret Tietsort

Trevor Tucker




Salute To Seniors

CASSOPOLIS Leader Publications Scholarship Recipient: Thomas Bosler, Cassopolis Alex Voss

Emily Waldschmidt

Skylar Wall

Ryan Williams

Jessica Wolski

Leader Publications Scholarship Recipient: Rachel Frost, Buchanan

How have you been a leader in your community, how do you believe it will affect your future endeavours, and what advice would you offer future students in your community?


How have you been a leader in your community, how do you believe it will affect your future endeavours, and what advice would you offer future students in your community?


Rachel A. Frost, the daughter of Michael and Michelle Frost, is a Buchanan High School graduate who will study pre-medicine at Michigan State University this fall. She participated in a variety of activities including: soccer, cross country, marching band, concert band, Michigan Gateway Youth Advisory Council, Science Olympiad, Spirit Club, founder of Girls Be Positive group and much more. She was president of the student council, president of the Class of 2014 and dual enrolled at Lake Michigan College.

hroughout my time in High School, I have had many opportunities to show leadership. My leadership experience started in eighth grade. I was a shy girl, not very confident in myself. Being in the band was a fun class to hang out with friends and play music. One day my teacher came in telling us that he would allow some kids to audition for Drum Major when we went into High School. I auditioned, and I made it. This boosted my confidence level tremendously, and ultimately was one of the best experiences of my life. Being Drum Major throughout High School has taught me to lead with authority, but also how to be the friend that people sometimes need. Being a Drum Major fueled my fire to become a leader, and so now it just comes naturally. In the past two years I have become Captain of both Varsity Cross Country and Soccer, Captain of Science Olympiad, I have been a member of the Michigan Gateway Youth Advisory Council, chosen to be a member of the Board of Directors of Cass and Berrien County, team leader for the Spirit Club, founder of Girls Be Positive, and the founder of College Positive Communities. If I could give future High Schoolers advice for their years ahead, I would tell them to be themselves. So many times friends will try to get you to do the same things they are do-

Thomas Bosler, the son of Kristine Widerquist Bosler, is graduating Cassopolis’ Ross Beatty High School and will pursue a degree in computer engineering at Purdue University. Thomas was the captain of his soccer team and participated in drama club, National Honor Society, band and Robotics.

ing. I made the right choice and stayed in band when some of my friends didn’t. I decided to run cross country when all of my friends chose not to. I learned to be myself and learn what makes me smile, and what I like. I enjoyed having the responsibility of people looking up to me because of that. I want future students to feel the same way. Being a leader helps one learn who they are as a person. My future is starting now. High School is pretty much over, and it’s time for me to start my role in the adult world. Since I do have the experience of being a good leader, I plan on doing the same in future situations. I am confident in many challenges that I take on. Being a leader, I have learned that it is okay to make mistakes because sometimes that is the only way you can learn. I plan on attending Michigan State University in the Honors Science College, Lyman Briggs. I will major in Pre-medicine, and continue onto Medical School to become a doctor. I am excited to take on the responsibility of that position and being able to save lives. My attitude of leadership plays a large role in my future goals. Being a leader will continue with me throughout my life. A leader is who I am.

y proudest accomplishment as a leader is the FIRST Robotics team that we started in our community. Our small, rural school did not have any STEM programs, but one of our teachers wanted to inspire our students to take on the technology of the future. This teacher convinced the school board to let us start a team under our school’s name, but there was no funding available. FIRST teams must support themselves, and in a small town that can be a challenge. Not to mention we students knew nothing about STEM. In one six week long season, though, we pulled together to raise money and build a working robot. Within a matter of weeks, I learned to code in LabView, drive the robot, and make presentations to potential sponsors all over the community. As a sophomore, I was a leader on the team, and I never looked back. We set our dreams high in our first year: the state championship competition. We spent time before the season preparing for the tsunami of work that accompanied the season, and I taught new members to design, program and drive the robot. When the season opened, I had the privilege of being one of the five members of the drive team that ran the robot during competitions. After two regional competitions, we not so patiently waited to hear if we would advance and we qualified. We had done it, mostly. We lacked the funds necessary to pay the entrance fee and transportation. However, in two weeks over our spring break, many of us scoured the town and raised five thousand dollars from community businesses and family members to fund the trip. I think that our achievement of qualifying for state speaks for itself; but that isn’t even what I am the most proud of. I’m proud that as a team we put our collective brain and hearts together with very little experience and advanced among schools much bigger and richer than we are. I am proud that I helped lead an effort that brought positive credit to Cassopolis. Playing a pivotal role on the Cassopolis RoboRangers helped me figure out what I want to do, which is to become an engineer, and I am enrolled at Purdue University for the fall. I would advise every student to find an activity he or she is passionate about and take leadership responsibility to do his or her best to make that activity successful.


Dakota Bennett

Tharon Combs

Mathew Fralick

Jeffery Fuller

Valerie Garcia

Lettie Geurian

Tara Hamrick Not Pictured Kombo Dafa Gage Glidden Ashley Hess Tyler Jones

Tyler Mitchell

Paul Norman

Myles Rockey

Brady Sine

Elissa Wagner

Jaclyn Lyles


Salute To Seniors



Aaron Adams

Morgan Adams

Patrick Armstrong

Khristina Baker

Misty Bannow

Alec Barnas

Alexa Batty

Ronnie Beebe

Congratulations Patrick!

Antonia Belasques-Reynaga

Emily Bennett

Shane Bevins

Mercedes Bienz

Idalia Blanco

Perfect attendance, you medaled at State IT competition and placed at Nationals, Student of the Month many times, Student of the Year VBTC 2014. We couldn’t be more proud, son. Keep up the great work! Love, Mom & Dad

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Nicholas Bogen

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Kayla Brewer

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Austin Broda

Jennings Brosnan

Blake Bundy

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Amanda Craft

Kenneth Creameans

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Miroslava Cruz-Cordero

Connor Daly

Katie Dantone

Brandon Dayhuff

Brandon Degraff

Maggie Denly

Brittany Donoho

Ricardo Esparza Raya

Nichole Favela

Julia Ferrier

Brody Froehlich

Austin Garrett

Brenda Granados

Carl Grant

Megan Green

Victor Halcomb

Vendela Hale

Shawn Haley

Brianna Hall

Trace Hatcher

Andrea Hatter

Taylor Heffington

Courtney Hershberger

Christian Hess

Evan Hickman

Davion Highsmith

Courtney Hunsberger

Paige Huston

Nicole Irwin

Triston Jiles

Makenna Kanous

Michelle Keene

Hazel Kennedy

Dean Klann

Eric Krebs

Laura Larson

Katelyn Ledesma

Trevor Letiz

Aaron Lemus

Gabrielle Leonard


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Nate Lindsey

Sarah Long

Anna Luthringer

Troy Lynn-Lee

Joanna Marhanka

Brianna McCuddy

Taylor McMeeken

Eulalio Meza

Lonnie Mitchell

Heather Montgomery

Alejandra Moreno

Carolina Moreno

Daniel Moreno

Sandy Moreno

Collin Morris

Crystal Murray

Bryce Oliver

Michaela Owen

Perla Perez

Lucas Petro

Christina Preston

Tommy Preston

Madison Proshwitz

Caitlyn Reed

Heather Reiter

Jeremy Richcreek

Emily Roach

Terry Robison

Crieona Rodgers

Mackenzie Ruff

Noemi Sanchez

Emily Schaus

Jennifer Schaus

Miranda Schmidt

Jonathan Secord

Preyshia Sims

Bobby Smith

Nattalee Smith

Vanessa Smith

Michael Soja


Class of 2014!




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Jose Solis

Kyle Solloway

James Sorden

Nathan Stewart

Tanner Stilwell

Kyle Tabbert

Nick Thielmann

Ross Tidey

Dustin Tincher

Travis True

Brianna Tucker

Joseph Turner

Isabel Vazquez

Tyler Wade

Katie Ward

Emily Warren

Tyler Wessendorf

Mackenzie Whitmyer

Andrew Wild

Keyandre Williams

Meg Williams

Zach Williams

Kendra Wilson

Tarai Young

Leader Publications Scholarship Recipient: Austin Broda, Dowagiac Austin Broda, the son of Lisa Broda, is graduating Dowagiac Union High School as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA. He will attend the University of Michigan to study mechanical engineering. Austin won a variety of honors for athletics in football and baseball as well as serving in the band, leading the Front Row Crew, Rotary Interact, National Honor Society, Student Senate as well as other awards.

How have you been a leader in your community, how do you believe it will affect your future endeavours, and what advice would you offer future students in your community?


hroughout my high school career, I have always been an individual that has been very involved. More importantly, I have always been a leader in the extracurricular activities that I am a part of. I have always been a very committed and hard working person in my endeavours, and these traits have earned me the respect of my peers that allows me to be a strong and successful leader in all areas of my life. Currently, I am the president of the Rotary Interact Club (a community service club at my high school), Vice President of the National Honor Society, Captain of the Varsity Baseball team, and the Valedictorian at my school. In the past, I was a captain of the Varsity Football team. As a result, I have had a lot of experience being a leader, and with each experience I have developed my leadership skills further. Throughout all of my leadership experience, the leadership role that has taught me the most about being a leader is being the president of the Rotary Interact Club. As president, I was sent to the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy and the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy advanced session to improve upon the strong leadership qualities that I already possessed. In attending these

sessions, I learned much more than I had expected about everything from the importance of giving back to the community to critical thinking about ethics. Most importantly, I learned that being a leader is not a position of glorified superiority; being a leader is a duty and a position of service. A good leader understands that it is his/her duty to serve the people that he leads to the very best of his/ her ability. I am now confident that I am an understanding and knowledgeable leader that can handle any situation that I am faced with. Being the president of Rotary Interact, in addition to all of my other leadership experience will undoubtedly benefit me for the rest of my life; I possess the skills and knowledge to be a leader in any situation I am faced with, and I know what to expect in a leader when I am not one myself. Furthermore, the hard work that being a leader is has conditioned me to be able to handle a large workload and stress, a skill that will make handling stressful situations in life much more manageable. If I were able to offer any advice future to students in my community, I would emphasize the importance of community service and giving back to the community. Though it may not seem so, the community that a student lives in is extremely supportive of them. It took me a long time to realize this myself, but as soon as I did I realized how important it is to be grateful and to show appreciation for all of the support that is given.


Salute To Seniors

Congratulations GRADUATES Best Wishes,

Leader Publications




Salute To Seniors

Leader Publications Scholarship Recipient: Eleanor Hein, Niles Eleanor Hein, daughter of Ronald and Leona Hein, will graduate from Niles High School. She will attend Mercyhurt University where she will pursue a degree in anthropology and archaeology. Throughout her high school career, Eleanor was a member of the Niles golf and soccer teams, the Niles High School Marching Band, Key Club, National Honor Society, Business Professionals of America, 4-H Club, and Future Farmers of America, as well as numerous other groups. How have you been a leader in your community, how do you believe it will affect your future endeavours, and what advice would you offer future students in your community?


have been a leader in many different aspects, from being the drum major of the high school marching band to a leading member of my FFA parliamentary procedures team to a leader in individual volunteerism and more. Each of these is a different kind of leadership, and I believe that each of my leadership experiences will greatly impact my future. As a drum major, I learned that a leader is not someone who is above everyone else, but someone who has confidence while putting the needs of others before herself It was my goal in that position not to achieve my own personal wants and needs, but to help as many band members to achieve theirs. My success was measured by theirs collectively. That year, the band earned a division one rating at marching festival. In the FFA, I have found leadership to also be a role of modeling. Instead of telling others what to do, I show them. I do not tell others to follow my lead, but rather inspire them to do so. In doing this, my team successfully made it to the national contest. As an officer in numerous organizations (4-H, Key Club, SADD, etc.), I have learned to effectively communicate with large and small groups of people to get done what needs to be done. I did not realize until after a while that a leader starts as an

individual. Doing my ‘Chuck the Duck’ project, I inspired many other young people to do their own individual acts of volunteerism to benefit others. With all of these experiences and the characteristics that I have obtained from them, I plan to change the world. I want to make the world a better place for those less fortunate than myself. With my degree in anthropology, I plan to use my leadership to go to countries in all over the world so that I can find those who need something desperately and take any step necessary to give to them whatever it takes to convince them that we live in a wonderful world of life, love, and opportunity. I have no doubt that the lessons on leadership that I have learned over the past seventeen years of my life will benefit my future plans greatly. To the future students, never doubt yourself. Life is too short for fretting and the world to vast for hesitation. While the world needs good leaders, it also needs good followers. Be whichever of the two you need to be in order to be the best you can be. Furthermore, always do what is right, even if you’re the only one doing it. Look at every day as a new opportunity and do not waste them. Assume the best of all people and strive to give hope, generosity, and kindness always. Make the world brighter, one day at a time. Finally, never ever forget where you came from. Your community (for me, Niles) will always be there to catch you when you fall.

Balancing student loan debt with future goals (BPT) — With each passing year, student loan debt is digging a deeper hole for more young Americans. Over a nine-year period, the average student loan balance among 25-year-olds has grown 91 percent, from $10,649 in 2003 to $20,326 in 2012. More than 38 million Americans have outstanding debt amounting to nearly $1 trillion. This figure has nearly quadrupled over the last four years, surpassing both credit cards and auto loans as a leading source of personal debt, according to Pew Research and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. While the statistics are startling, some of today’s young people are prepared to take on the financial challenge. Younger generations (those in their mid-20s to early-30s) are showing signs of taking their finances seriously, according to a MassMutual 2013 State of the American Family Study. Nearly two-thirds want to be actively involved in all decisions regarding their finances, and almost half are actively seeking ways to educate themselves about personal finance, a rate significantly higher than older generations. For young people looking to take control of their future, there are ways to ease the strain of student debt. MassMutual offers the following tips to help graduates manage their loans: • Seek out scholarships — College is expensive, and taking out student loans is often inevitable. If you are still in college or considering getting your degree, be sure to research and apply for a range of scholarships to help lower your education costs. “One of the most powerful steps young people can take to mitigate educational debt is to aggressively seek out scholarships to help fund college,” says Michael Fanning, an executive vice president with MassMutual. “Graduating from college with less debt can help take the financial worry out of the equation when making ‘grown up’ decisions like homeownership, starting a family and saving for retirement.” • Make a budget that includes all ex-

penses — Expenses fall into three categories: fixed, flexible and discretionary. Sit down and review all of your monthly costs, from meals to rent payments, and identify which category they fall in. From there, you can allocate funds to each area. It’s critical that you have a full understanding of all expenses, debt and assets in order to not only stay on top of fixed expenses - like your student loans - but also build a realistic financial plan. • Borrow or swap — Before making a purchase, ask a friend or relative if you can borrow or swap for a similar item. This especially holds true for items you may use only once or very few times. Going on a backpacking trip abroad? See if you can borrow a friend’s backpack rather than buying a new one. Looking to update your wardrobe? Ask a friend to swap outfits, doubling each other’s wardrobes instantly.

Buying something with your money isn’t the only way to get it. • Keep living at home — Rent is a huge expense. If you’re moving away from your hometown to work, it’s unavoidable. But if your first job is close to home, consider asking if you can move in with your parents for the first year or two to save on expenses. Use the money you’re able to save during that time to make larger payments toward your student loans to pay them down quicker. That will also allow you to bolster your savings for when you do move into a place of your own. • Avoid credit card debt — Post-graduation is a crucial point that will help determine your credit-score for years to come. Younger generations have close to $5,000 in credit card debt, according to MassMutual’s study. To keep credit card debt in check, only use one or two cards at a time

with limits that aren’t high, and pay your balance in full each month to avoid interest. Missteps could affect the rate you pay on big purchases down the road, like a car or home loan. • Ask for a raise — Once you have established a solid foundation at your job, usually around the one-year mark, raise your hand and ask for a raise. Be sure to approach your supervisor prepared, both with how much more you want and why you deserve it. Highlight how you’ve demonstrated value to company over the year and how your work merits a raise. Even if you don’t get it right away, you’ve started the conversation. Taking steps today to manage your finances and get out of debt will help ensure a successful, debt-free financial situation in the future. For more tips and information regarding smart money management, check out


Salute To Seniors



Ford Adams

Gabriel Adkins

Jordan Ballard

Joseph Beck

Rachael Benjamin

Katherine Benyi

Dylan Billings

Sean Billisitz

Alexis Blake

Erin Born

Ethan Boutwell

Matthew Bowman

Brett Bowman

Jackson Brady

Megan Bretschneider

Garret Bronkema

Ethan Brovold

Joshua Brown

Jack Bywaters

Justin Campbell

James Chapman

Brandon Claire

Elyse Clark

Laura Coble

Brandon Cooper

Dave-O Crum

Douglas Dallich

Melissa Debartolo

Mary Katherine Paige DeVries

Kaitlyn Dickeson

Dalaini Disher

Dylan Dixon

Tristan Doughman

Jordan Douglas

Dean Duke

Carrie Easton

Dyllan Elder

Katie Engle

Jerry Everest

Taylor Figueroa

Dillon Finley

Harley First

Kaley Frank

Darren Freeze

Jordan Fuller

Kaleigh Galloway

Colin Giles

Forest Grahl

Jordan Gregory

Mari Grover

Hannah Gugel

Olivia Hack

Becky Haines

Robert Hakes

Savanna Hamminga

Ashlynn Handy



Salute To Seniors


Coleman Hardy

Austin Harman

Abbie Harris

Olivia Hartline

Madison Hatkevich

Jacob Herman

Christopher Higgs-Coulthard

Michael Hinegartner

Hannah Hoffman

Chris Holston

Alex Huffman

Dylan Hulett

Michael Hunsberger

Megan Jankoviak

Linden Jones

Kyle Jordan

Austin Karacson

Dustin Kelly

Shane Kimbrell

Kristen King

Nicole Kish

Nicklaus Klaer

Tylar Kowalewski

Sarah Kronewitter

Kyle Lamb

Nicholas Lamphier

Elizabeth Lang

Nicole Lee

Garett Lewis

Dustin Long

Otto Lundbergh

Annie Makielski

Maris Marazita

Austin Martin

Ted Mayfield

Quinten McCollough Mackenzie McCracken

Brady McKay

Joshua McNeil

Tyler Meggs

Patrick Meredith-Selner

Kori Merrick

Julya Miller

Olivia Miller

Kristen Miller

Devyn Mishler

Rachel Moore



We love you very much and are very proud of you. Paul & Mom


Salute To Seniors



Gabby Morrow

Siera Murphy

Travis Myrick

Brianna Nemeth

Noah Neuerburg

Madelaine Newberry

Kaytlin Nonnenacher

Lindsay Nunez

Daniel Overhulser

Leif Pallo

Trevor Peffley

Ray Pharham

Chezney Piersall

Amanda Pilarski

Brooke Pitt

Tiffany Pope

Abigail Praklet

Melissa Raab

Catie Razzano

Brendan Reed

Gregory Reed

Casey Reese

Arsalan Rehman

Brandon Reith

Hannah Rice

Alyssa Richcreek

Hunter Rieck

Tanner Rieck

Sarah Ritchie

Ryan Rivers

Halie Rogge

Ashli Routson

Aidan Rump-Smith

Alexis Ryman

Tarah Salguero

Jasmine Salyers

Emilee Schimpa

Gaby Shirripa

Ian Schramm

Travis Schultz

Nick Seward

Andrew Shafer

Victor Sheetz

Taylor Shelby

Taylor Sipe-Bretschneider

Brad Snyder

Kayla Solloway

Matthew Sommer

Aaron Stanage

Alex Stanage



Salute To Seniors


Zachary Stanage

Allison Steele

Bobby Steinhoff

Emilia Stockbridge-Garduno

Grant Szalewski

Paige Szlanfucht

Zach Teter

Bailey Thomas

Jackson Thoren

Travis Tripp

Dakota Truex

Katelyn VanAken

Tim Vanderheyden

Andrew VanKirk

Hilary VanOverbergh

Austin Vega

Austin Wagner

Andrew Wagoner

Sarah Ward

Taylor Wegner

Kaelen Weidner

Jacob Widup

Seth Williams

Teryn Williams

Zachary Williams

Tyler Williamson

Meranda Winchester

Skylin Yoder

Leader Publications Scholarship Recipient: Dustin Long, Edwardsburg Dustin Michael Long, the son of William and Kelly Long, will graduate from Edwardsburg High School and pursue a degree in mechanical engineering technology at Michigan Tech. He is an Eagle Scout, a member of the Edwardsburg High School Marching Band and National Honor Society, and has won numerous awards for academic excellence. How you have been a leader in your community, how do you believe it will affect your future endeavours, and what advice would you offer future students in your community?


hrough Boy Scouts, school, and my church I have been given the opportunity to give back to the community where I proudly live. I have been able to volunteer in food drives, stuff-a-bus, at our church’s free clothing store, packing baskets, highway clean-up and Operation Christmas. Also during high school, I have been a member of the marching band, National Honor Society, Robotics Team, and I mentor at the primary school. For the past year, I have been employed at Goodwill Industries where I work an average of 3035 hours per week. These activities have shown me what it means to be involved in my community and how good it feels to make it a better place for my family and other families. The above activities are all important and all gave me opportunities to work with others and even lead, but through scouting I was presented with my greatest opportunity to lead and to give back. I was the Senior and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader as well as being voted into the Order of the Arrow by my fellow scouts. To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, you are required to complete a community service project. I chose to install a playground at my church, Hope United Methodist in Edwardsburg. In order to buy the playground equipment I had to raise $11,500. To raise these funds I visited and wrote to all local businesses, notable Eagle Scouts, and large organizations. I presented my project idea to my three church con-

gregations, the Chamber of Commerce, American Legion, Conservation Club, and was featured in the local newspaper and on the local news channel. My goal was to tackle a large project that would benefit my community for years to come. Over 3 days I had to organize volunteers, material, equipment, and supplies. I led 33 volunteers in over 240 hours of community service. Through this community service project I was called on to use the leadership skills I had learned from scouting and to learn new ones. My advice to future students in the Edwardsburg area ‘1s to get involved! There are so many different ways you can help people and help your community while learning relationship skills that will shape you for the rest of your life. I truly believe we gain the most by giving to others. It doesn’t take money to make a difference. Your time and yourself are two of the greatest gifts you can give. My future endeavors will be affected in its entirety by my leadership in the community in more ways then I will ever know. As an Eagle Scout, I am a leader by choice. When people see me they think of me as a leader, so automatically I am held to a higher standard. As a leader in my community I gain first-hand knowledge and experience about my community and what I can do to help. I intend to go to college, earn my degree, start a family, and come back to my community. I will use my leadership to better my community and make it grow and prosper. Thank you for your consideration of me for the Leader Publications Scholarship.


Salute To Seniors

Edwardsburg Public Schools

Leaders of Tomorrow Pride Passion Purpose

Congratulations Class of 2014 Our graduates are going places. . .

University of Michigan Michigan State University University of Notre Dame Purdue University California Polytechnic State University University of Chicago Union College San Diego State University DePaul University Michigan Technological University Emerson College Manchester University Ferris State University Ball State University Western Michigan University Eastern Michigan University Edwardsburg Public Schools 269.663.3055 Edwardsburg, Michigan




Salute To Seniors

He brings the Lake Effect to Whirlpool Corporation.

BRAD - LMC alumnus & communications manager


Salute To Seniors



CL ASS of 2014! Please join us in congratulating some very special graduates and valued Wings Etc. Niles employees!

Jake Wright Corey Katterhindrich VALEDICTORIAN

Amnarissa Spencer

Tate Rudlaff




Tammy Lee

Michael Robbins


Miranda Baker

2008 S. 11th St Niles


Tate Brawley



Salute To Seniors


Luis Aguirre

William Alton

Kallie Amberg

Courtney Ankrapp

Vincin Armstrong

Alexis Arnold

Miranda Bailey

Miranda Baker

Rikki Baker

Chelsea Barker

Michael Baumgartner

Dakota Bennett

Nicholas Borkowski

Miranda Borsodi

Courtney Bowerman

Rachel Boyer

Quinn Brawley

Tate Brawley

Nicole Brill

Daulton Britton

Hannah Brooks

Donald Brown

Balazs Bruckner

Zachary Brunner

Congratulations Class of 2014 Inspired Locally to Excel Globally Also, a big round of applause is due for all of the Niles Community Schools 2013-2014 Athletes of the Week! • Sean Craig • Darek Bullock-Mills • Warren Smith • Emily Gaines • Gavin Rasler • Kylee Myer

• Alexis Arnold • Anna Flahaven • Chris Mangus • Molly VanDeKeere • Maggie Hoff • Brad Miller

• Kierra Fillwock • Miranda Baker • Elyse Zimmerman • Tate Brawley • Connor Glick


Salute To Seniors



Darek Bullock-Mills

Eleanor Burck

Austin Cain

Treavor Canniff

Runchana Chaimatikul

Jhena Clark

Zackray Clingenpeel

Tyler Clutter

Allison Cole

Shelby Coleman

Christina Cooper

Leyla Davis

Aaron Deland

De Shawn Depriest

Morgan Disterheft

Tasha Dittmar

Dalton Dlouhy

Deserae Donley-Rolan

Emma Doud

Austin Edmondson

Amelia Ernsberger

Michael Farmer

Rusty Feeback

Guadalupe Fernandez

Kierra Fillwock

Echo Fisher

Anna Flahaven

Devon Floor

Raelyn Fortier

Joseph Franc

Cheyenne Fries

Natalie Gaedtke

Shayna Gaedtke

Abigail Gaines

Juan Garcia

Olivia Gaughan

Olivia Gaul

Michael Geiger

Tala Gentry

Tia Germann

Dylan Gleason

Taylor Glenn

Connor Glick

Kendra Goins

Adria Gonzalez

Brian Gonzalez

Tatyanna Goodson

Keri Gorman

Mackenzie Green

Shelby Green

Lashonda Greene

Chelsea Hamm

Michael Hammond

Bostin Hand

Jacob Haney

Hanna Head



Salute To Seniors


Michael Heath

Eleanor Hein

Alex Hively

Margaret Hoff

Alexus Holloway

Katherine Holmes

Madelyn Holtgren

Eric Humphries

Justin Jones

Olivia Jordan

Chelsea Karkiewicz

Brooklyn Kessler

Justin Kindig

Brittany Klingerman

Joshua Klute

Nicholas Knoll

Joseph Kubisiak

Landon Kulwicki

Kelvin Kwakye

Lorenzo Lawshea

Jasmine Lehman-Davey

Amanda Lepel

Jazmyne Lewis

Amber Liles


we are so proud of you. You worked hard to make your dreams come true, Class Valedictorian and U of M. Love, Grandma Dee, Grandpa Harry, Dad & Melissa

From the first day of Pre-School all the way through your years of school you have grown, learned, and matured into the bright, beautiful, loving young lady that you are now and we couldn’t be more proud of who you have become.


We Love you Brittany!!

We are very proud of all you have accomplished. And the whole time with such dignity and grace. Continue to set your goals high. You can do anything you want to do.

Love, Mom and Dad

Love Dad & Mom




Salute To Seniors



Qiyue Lin

Travis Lintz

George Lutin

Lauren Mackey

Daniel Magana

Gladys Magana

Chelsea Mahar

Devin Mahone

Monika Mainer

Madison Martin

Kathryn Mattiford

Alisa Mazumder

Jenna Mcallister

Kelsey Medlin

Abigail Middleton

Alyssa Middleton

Bradley Miller

Matthew Miller

Vincent Miller

Ethan Mokwa

Hannah Montgomery

Drake Moore

Desiree Morris

Alexis Morrison

Taylor Nelson

Gaige Nichols

Nathaniel Norris

Erica Norton

Oskar Olalde

Cody Ortiz-Leonard

Jeongeun Park

Autum Pegan

Ashlee Pellico

Mckenya Phelps

Tyler Phillips

Jessica Planck

Waratchaya Ploypattarapinyo

Kale Pollard

Reshawn Preston

Maritza Ramirez

Jordan Rank

Aleasha Rask

Shandrea Reed

Ayden Richer

Chance Riege

Ryan Roberts

Michael Ross

Haley Rough

Tate Rudlaff

Austin Ruff

Breanne Ruggles

Levi Rush

Abigail Rzepka

Ivan Sankara

Victoria Shelton

Kamai Simmons



Salute To Seniors

F e t


Alexander Sinner

Deontay Smith

Dontrall Smith

Steven Smith

Shaquille Smith Johnson

Kassy Snow

Amnarissa Spencer

Kimberlyn Staggs

Dalton Starkweather

Katherine Stelter

Nicole Stevens

Kyra Stewart

Cole Stick

Tyler Stilwell

Dustin Taggart

Ashley Taylor

Jason Taylor

Cristian Tejeda

Mersadies Thar

Haileigh Trujillo

Orion Tweedy

Kassandra Underwood

Kai Van Antwerp

Carole Vandezande

Devin Vargo

Jasmine Vaughn

Taylor Velez

Danielle Villa

Serenity Wagner

Austin Weber

Lakeshia Webster

Jorrdan Welch

Nathan Welch

Taylor Weldy

Lane Wells

Dwane West

Kenzet Westgate

Taylor Whitacre

Dustin Wickizer

Tiffani Williams

Cody Wilson

Kalynn Wise

Allison Woods

Jeremy Wortham

Kathryne Wozniak

Amelia Wreggelsworth

Jessica Zadlo

Nicole Zadlo

Brooke Kessler

Sasha Zidar

This is a very hard to grasp, our baby girl Brooke Kessler on her first day of school getting on the bus to her very last day of High school, driving her own car (still yellow). We have been thru so much together in these years. I would like to think we did ok. We hope Saint Mary’s is ready for you, but I think Daddy will probably be sleeping in the parking lot the next 4 years. Love you so much Brooke! Congrats and can’t wait to see what the future holds! Lots of Love, Dad and Becky


Five college entrance exam tips to achieve success (BPT) - If you’re a high school junior or senior, or you’re the parent of one, you know the college rush crush can be bewildering and stressful. To get into the college of your choice means a whirlwind of applications, university visits, admission interviews and exams. However, there are steps that students can take to have the best chance at success. Steve Kappler, assistant vice president of career and college readiness and head of postsecondary strategy at ACT offers these tips to help navigate the world of college entrance exams: • Test what you’ve learned: Some exams are designed to test aptitude and reasoning, but the ACT exam shows what you’ve learned in the classroom over the last 3 or 4 years. Use what you know to make your college dreams to come true. • Free test prep: ACT has free online tools and test-taking tips that help you prepare for and know what to expect on the exam. ACT even offers a question of the day to keep you practicing as the test date approaches. • Don’t stress, it’s okay to guess: On the ACT, you do not lose points for incorrect answers, which is what happens on some other college entrance exams. So if you don’t know the answer, take your best guess on the ACT: it can’t hurt your score.

Salute To Seniors



It’s your day to let loose and celebrate, we know it took a lot of hard work to get where you are today and we are proud of your accomplishments. We hope you enjoy every minute of your graduation day, and please remember to be smart and celebrate responsibly. Congratulations!

• Send your scores: Let schools know you are interested in them. The myth that certain schools only accept certain tests is just not true. All four-year colleges and universities across the country accept ACT scores. Your scores help colleges see if you are ready to succeed in first year courses on their campus. • Writing - yes or no: Not all colleges require students to submit writing scores. The ACT Writing Test is optional. Save yourself time and money by checking to see if the schools you hope to attend require writing. • Apply for financial aid and scholarships: Many scholarships are extremely competitive, so start researching early. Use your ACT scores to apply for financial aid and scholarship opportunities. There are numerous online resources dedicated to helping students find the financial support they need for college. Most importantly of all though, students and parents need to register for the ACT, the nation’s most-taken college entrance exam, in order to help achieve the best chance for success. Registration for the June 14 test date runs until May 9, with late registration available until trep23. xe edFall ivorptest ot dedates niart ylhare gih salso i tnegavailable A selaS AAA yrevE May snoisiced demrofni ekam sremotsuc pleh dna – ecnadiug in September and October. For more .egarevoc ecnarusni emoh dna otua rieht tuoba information or to register, visit ACTStuAAA fo eulav eht wonk ot teEvery G

A special congrats to our Pizza Transit Graduate

Mike Baungartner!

684-6600 Family owned for over 25 years!

215 E. Main St.• Niles, MI •

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Class of 2014!

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THE FRIENDLY CAR CENTER Congratulations Class of 2014 Cindy McCall DAVE’S GARAGE

(269) 683-7220

713 North 13th St. Niles, MI 49120

Great Burgers, Hand-Carved AAA MI, Niles Steaks Seafood & 815 E. Main Street, Tex-Mex Cuisine Suite A

Niles, MI   49120 (269) 687-6272 A local favorite since 1972! 4179 M-139 • St. Joseph, MI

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Congratulations Class of 2014! Niles-Buchanan YMCA

905 N. Front St. • Niles • 269-683-1552

Mon-Thurs: Open at 3:30pm • Fri & Sat: Open at 11:30am • Closed Sunday

W ake ReserevT ations



Salute To Seniors

find your people at SouthweStern Michigan college

• Associate and bachelor’s degrees in the top fields of study*

SMC offerS the full College experienCe at a fraCtion of the CoSt.

• Engaging professors who want you to succeed • Modern classrooms and facilities • Small class sizes for personalized learning • Helpful advisors who cater to each student’s individual needs • Suite-style dorm rooms that feel like home • Vibrant student life that will help express your passions

Just a few of sMC’s top aCadeMiC prograMs Ò

Health Care Business Information Technology Communications Criminal Justice • 800.456.8675, ext. 2135 * Bachelor’s degrees are offered on the Dowagiac campus through partnerships with Bethel College and Ferris State University


Leader Publications honors graduating seniors from Brandywine, Buchanan, Cassopolis, Cedar Lane, Dowagiac, Edwardsburg and Niles.