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SUSTAINABLE LIVING 1st Choice Pest Control

“Enjoy organic food fresh from your garden”

Your local Termite Specialist

• Builders, Renovators, Landscapers OR Garden Buffs!!!! • ONE STOP - Drop off your Rubbish / Pick up your Garden Supplies • Drop in and SAVE time, money and the environment! • NOW also available...Public Weighbridge Open 7 Days 8am - 4pm 144 Talinga Rd Same Day Delivery Cheltenham Vic 03 03 9585 9585 8 1899 1899

GrowYour Grow Your Own OwnVeggies! Veggies! An organic, no dig, veggie garden fully installed & planted from just ...



per1 price fo .5m 2 rM Details ay 2009 only ! online. The Instant Veggie Garden


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your home

• Landscaping • Garden Design • Garden Care

Be Waterwise! We understand how to use mulches, pebbles, gravels, dripper systems and drought tolerant plants to create a waterwise and sustainable garden for you.

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PRUE WATSON WATSON Landscape & Garden Design & Construction Garden Renovation renovation Large Large & & Small small gardens Gardens Courtyards Courtyards,Balconies balconies & & Rooftops rooftops

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We design and build attractive vegetable and herb gardens to suit your home. For further information contact

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THERMOSHIELD LIQUID THERMAL INSULATION When Thermoshield has been applied, the By coating your roof and/or walls with Thermoshield Liquid Thermal Insulation you will receive the following benefits:-

maintenance will be reduced to almost nil.

• Reduce temperature up to 45% • Cut cooling costs by up to 40% • Ruduce UV penetration up to 96.6% • Improve environmental conditions • Prolong cooling equipment life • Eliminate thermal shock (expansion & contraction) • Stop peeling, cracking and fading • Converts rust to iron phosphate • Seals & waterproofs • Increase metal life

Available in matt or semi gloss and can be tinted to any colour (pastel range).

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• Rain Water Tanks - Supplied & Installed • Domestic Grey Water Systems Designed • Bladders & Grey Water Toilet Flush Systems • Garden Grey Water & Irrigation • Dripper Systems • General Plumbing • 24hr - 7 Day Emergency

For thorough inspection & environmentally friendly termite eradication. On time & friendly service guaranteed.

local & reliable

This radiant heat barrier dries to yield a tough, velvety, non yellowing coat.

Lic no 37750

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NON SACRIFICIAL ANTI GRAFFITI Our government and local councils spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars a year trying to combat Australia’s growing graffiti problem.

Helping to save you money and your impact on the environment

By coating your asset with our Non Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coating, the graffiti simply wipes off using a biodegradable solution and a rag, with no damage to the original surface and there is no need to reapply the coating.

SPECIALISTS IN SOLAR HOT WATER & WATER TANKS Grey water conversions Leak Detection All general plumbing & gas fitting 20 years+ experience - 24/7 emergency Phone John for Top Quality Service FREE advice & NO obligation free quotes

Soon to be available to the public at an affordable cost.

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Let’s think environment

Water Tanks Solar Hot Water Grey Water Systems

REDUCING costs in these difficult times has become a priority of families all around the country. One area families can generate savings while also helping the environment is spend their Australian Government handout on projects that conserve water and reduce energy costs in the home and garden. While some of the strategies can be costly initially, they will generate long term savings year in year out. The installation of water tanks, greywater systems and purchasing new energy rating appliances will all help reduce energy costs and save water for many years ahead. The Australian Government is doing its bit for home owners As part of its $42 billion National Building and Jobs Plan, home owners can insulate their homes free or install a solar hotwater

service and receive a rebate of $1600. There are various strategies that can be implemented quickly and cheaply. A recent sustainability survey has found families are already implementing them: PSpending less time in the shower and collecting the water for the garden. P Installing a water saving shower head. P Replacing dead plants with drought-proof plants and installing a tap timer and drip system to keep your garden thriving. P Making your own compost and mulch garden beds. P Switching off appliances in the home and buying products with a high energy rating. P Install insulation, door seals and external blinds to reduce heating and cooling costs. Your local tradespeople are a good source for ideas and cost-efficient ways to further reduce your carbon footprint.

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• Landscaping and Design • Retaining Walls • Garden Maintenance • Water Features • Water Systems • Paving • Driveways • Excavation

Ph: Allister Hall

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Synthetic Turf Water Wise Gardens

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Thanks to solar energy it is now possible to heat and cool your home with smartbreeze - the green solution for heating and cooling.



all year round! Residential/Commercial Synthetic Grass Low Maintenance No watering

10 years in the bayside area • Drought Tolerant Garden Design • Drip Irrigation • Mulching • Garden Maintenance • Clean-ups • Re-juvenation • Garden Products

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• Complete Garden • Turfing & Design & Construction Synthetic Turf • Commercial Quality Supplied & Laid Quality workmanship - Completed ON TIME!

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Smartbreeze, Australian designed and manufactured, uses the radiant heat from your roof to heat your home or on a hot day will purge the heat from your roof to assist cooling. Smartbreeze will also provide night cooling using a total solar solution. Metal or tile roof, smartbreeze will reduce your heating and cooling bills whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Garden renovation Large & small gardens Courtyards, balconies & rooftops your home Mob: 0413 283 847 • Landscaping • Garden Design •...

Classifieds Sustainable Living Layout Apr 09 SBV.indd  

Garden renovation Large & small gardens Courtyards, balconies & rooftops your home Mob: 0413 283 847 • Landscaping • Garden Design •...