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Destiny decides SHAUNAGH O’CONNOR V sitcom The Brady Bunch got a lot of mileage out of examining the life of Marcia and Greg as the family’s oldest children, Jan and Peter stuck in the middle, and the cute babies of the family, Cindy and Bobby. But there are real-life pressures, dramas and humorous moments that inevitably accompany the place a child has in the family, known as birth order. Melbourne parent-educator Michael Grose has studied the way birth order affects a child’s life, including in the classroom. In his book on the subject, he takes a close look at how a child’s personality is shaped in part by their sibling position. ‘‘First-borns are very achievementoriented and they do better in language skills. Research in Norway shows first-borns get a score 2 per



cent higher in IQ tests than others,’’ Mr Grose says. Because first-borns get so much undivided attention by, usually, two parents they are saturated in language, he says, attaining superior literacy skills to their siblings. But there is a down side to being number one. ‘‘They’re perfectionists and may not want to try things at all in case they fail; first-born boys are very low risktakers.’’ Meanwhile first-born girls ‘‘present as being more responsible and more adult-like’’, Mr Grose says. Associate professor in education at Latrobe University Ramon Lewis is a specialist in classroom management. He agreesfirst-borns grow up with a need to be perfect because of acknowledged or unwitting parental pressure. Although they can be ‘‘very obedient and very appropriate’’, they can fall to pieces if they’re in trouble

and have that aversion to taking risks that Mr Grose also speaks of. While oldest children tend to be logical thinkers, Dr Lewis says, the poor second-born is left looking for ways to be different.‘‘Second-borns tend to be more hands-on in their learning or have more rhythmical or musical skills,’’ he says. ‘‘But that doesn’t get you very far after grade 4 and students can feel out of place at school after that and tend to play up and lose confidence in their abilities.’’ Dr Lewis says the most problematic students in schools tend to be second-born children who have lost confidence in their abilities and who ‘‘start looking for power or attention or revenge instead of doing their work’’. He says the baby of the family – the last-born child – is generally easygoing but likes to be helped as they have become accustomed to other family members readily giving assistance.

Dannii Minogue is often compared to big sister Kylie.

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r. Doug Mahoney

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Aitken College is a co-educational Prep to Year 12 independent Uniting Church school providing a quality education in a caring and supportive learning environment. Enthusiastic and dedicated staff focus on academic achievement, values education and creativity. Schools are communities, and as in any community, no school can hope to be successful in its mission unless people are treated with respect. How we deal with each other has to be a base line for operation. Young people have to feel that they are safe and respected.

Children should be happy at school. It is a simple requirement, but not always easy to achieve. Happiness cannot be dependent on high academic achievement. Children have to be led to see that they should be content if they have done their best. They should also have the opportunity to be successful at something. A good school provides many avenues for children to be successful, be it schoolwork, sport, music, drama or something else. Every child deserves to be important.

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Enrolment information can be obtained from the Registrar at 1010 Mickleham Road, Greenvale, 3059 Telephone: 9333 1866 Facsimile: 9333 4795 32QUVQ175558F/N/WS/8

TAYLORS LAKES SECONDARY COLLEGE 1-39 Parmelia Drive, Taylors Lakes 3038 Ph: 9390 3130 For further information contact Geoff Pell Principal or Assistant Principals – Danny Dedes, Chris Malberg & Sasha Mildenhall


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• A Year 7-12 school on one campus • A strong tradition of excellent VCE results • A challenging, academic and diverse curriculum, catering for individual student needs • Comprehensive VCE, VET and VCAL programs • Strong Enrichment, Literacy, Numeracy and Tutorial Programs • The opportunity to take part in an Accelerated VCE Studies Program • A new Football (Soccer) program as part of physical education • Experienced, supportive and dedicated staff • A safe and caring environment • Modern facilities in all areas of learning, including a new library and flexible learning centre • Student Leadership and extensive Extra Curricular Programs • Targeted programs at Year 7 to aid the transition of students • A supportive Careers and Vocational Education program, including the placement of all students in tertiary or employment positions

Dux Magazine 2008  

Dux is your guide to education in Melbourne.

Dux Magazine 2008  

Dux is your guide to education in Melbourne.