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om the Governor Greetings frber 24 – 26, 2010 Septem

th l Port Townsend se attending the 11 Annua m greetings to all of tho of the Olympic ht hlig hig a e om bec I am pleased to extend war has g celebration of cinema Film Festival. This excitin r. nda cale n um aut Peninsula’s , and our state as a whole et to the local community ass true a is e for s itut eer Inst unt The Port Townsend Film festival organizers and vol ticipating filmmakers and and I applaud all of the par possible. making this special event ng the human nderful medium for explori , and I am ertainment; it is also a wo nce ent n erie tha exp re our mo is ich a enr em Cin us. Film festivals like this und in it. aro e rld tak wo par o the wh and all condition adventure for event will be an exciting confident that this year’s ival and many hes for a memorable fest please accept my best wis and , ing com for you Thank s. years of continued succes Sincerely,

Christine O. Gregoire Governor

Mayor’s Welcome Port Townsend is thrilled to be your host for this special weeken d. Whether this is your first festival or your 11th, we are glad you are here. I am certain you are going to enjoy the festival’s energy and camara derie, as well as the unique films and talented filmmakers you meet here. Films have the power to change lives, as we experience differen t cultures and different worlds. Through the magic of cinema we can travel without ever leaving our hometown. Films can capture our imagination. In so many ways films are like no other art form. I feel so fortunate every year to be able to participate in the PTFF and enjoy the caliber of fi lms that are shown. Port Townsend is known as the City of Dreams, and we take pride in our incomparable natural setting, maritime heritage, lively arts and music scene, and historic neighborhoods. I hope you take some time to get to know our wonderful city. Walk around. Shop. Eat. Talk film and enjoy the little moments as well as the spectacular events. The PTFF volunteers work hard to bring us a world class, Port Townsend-style event. I hope this is a memorable weekend for you. Thank you for coming.

Welcome to the 2nd decade of the PTFF! Every September for the past eleven years, we delight in the conversation that takes place standing in lines, sitting on straw bales and sharing a glass of wine. As we pour over the menu of this year’s film feast we are brought together as an artistic community. Whether we come from Quebec or Quilcene- Portugal or Port Angeles, when we wear our PTFF passes proudly on our chests, we are all locals. If there is a “theme” to our 2010 festival, it would be- passion and diversity. Gazing at the racks of films we are honored to share with all of you, those are the common threads. They are woven thru the joy of music, extreme sports, nostalgia & heartbreak. Is the thirst for clean water and the sorrow of loss related to the triumph of love? Our films answer with a resounding “YES!” Thru the eyes of a young couple in Sweden and weeping students in Detroit, we see our world, bringing each of us a more miraculous and diverse life. Our festival honors the generosity of spirit that leads filmmakers to pickup their cameras, max their credit cards and head into Death Valley, Algeria and their own back yards carried by their own unique desire to tell a story. Watch for their black and white festival passes and take a minute to thank them. Without their passion and diversity, ours would be an empty screen. Welcome to the movies,

Janette Force, Executive Director

Michelle Sandoval Mayor, Port Townsend 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 3

Grilled Hot Dogs & Sausages Downtown, just three blocks from the Rose Theatre

Wed-Sat 11-7, Sun 12-7 NOW OPEN MONDAYS 11 AM-3 PM

D-A-F Water & Madison Sts.


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839 Water St. • Port Townsend 360-385-4795

4 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

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what’s new AWARDS GALA CELEBRATION: Destined to Become a Tradition

ALL red, blue and green passholders (page 6) are invited to our Gala Awards Celebration at the American Legion on Saturday, Sept. 25 at 9:30 pm. Hosted by Robert Horton, bon vivant and film critic from the Everett Herald and KUOW, this event will award the filmmakers with the recognition and acknowledgement they so deserve. We will screen clips from the films nominated for Best Narrative Feature and Best Documentary Feature and the winning filmmakers will be presented with their awards. Recognition will also be given to the winners for Best Documentary Short and Best Narrative Short. Our Special Guest, Miss Dyan Cannon, will make an appearance as well. Enjoy music with the Bruce Cowan Quintet, dance and consume elegant snacks served by our legendary Penguins (tuxedos and evening gowns make every thing better) with a no-host bar. Please join us for this celebration of our filmmakers’ achievements. It will be a grand party! THE PETER SIMPSON FREE CINEMA This year our FREE public theatre has moved to the American Legion. With a superior projector and screen, this new viewing opportunity brings more quality films to the whole community and a more comfortable viewing experience. The venue will screen narrative and documentary features as well as short narrative and short documentary films. With the Reviewers’ Choice collection of films (pages 36, 37) we hope to whet the appetites of future film festival pass holders and share the wealth of film art with our community. Named for the passionate film lover and long-time executive director of the festival, the Peter Simpson Free Cinema marks a deepening of our commitment to education and public outreach and satisfies the mission of PTFF – to bring a wider audience to independent film. Thanks to Bruce Hattendorf of Peninsula College, PTFF wishes to encourage attendance at this FREE location. Public and private schools in Quilcene, Port Townsend, Chimacum and Port Angeles were provided with

film notes and ideas for writing projects. Students can attend the festival, informed and curious about this art medium and the filmmakers. WHAT’S THAT LITTLE THING? PTFF enters the 21st century. Throughout the program you will notice a small black and white square of random shapes near a film description. That little square shape is a QR (Quick Response) barcode link to a trailer or video clip of the film you’re reading about. How cool is that? To see the trailer or video clip, you will need an application. First, make sure that your cell phone has Internet access and a camera. How to download an application for your smartphone • Download the software at get.beetagg. com. • Follow the instructions to download and install the QR barcode reader straight to your cell phone. How to access info • Take a photo of the QR code. Tip: Be sure all four corners are in the view finder and that your phone is parallel to the QR barcode. • Click “Use Photo” and wait a few seconds while it accesses the info you requested. You will also notice QR links around town. Enjoy this enhanced guide to the PTFF and the City of Port Townsend. Special thanks to Jack Olmsted for introducing this wonderful visual concept to our festival. YOUR TICKET IS YOUR BALLOT Audience Favorite – Vote for the best film that you see! In the spirit of simplifying, your ticket and your ballot are all one piece this year. Your ticket will have the name of the film and the screening at one end. This end will be torn off and used to count how many folks attended a screening. The rest of the ticket will also have that info, along with numbers along both edges. This is your simple TEARING ballot. Each side is marked with the name of the film and the name of the short. Simply tear between 1 through 5 (1 means “not my cup of tea,” 5 means “fabulous’’). There will not be additional ballots available at the door, so hang on to your ticket stub

Contents WELCOME















14-17 19-21, 25-27 22-23 29 31,33 35


36, 37


38, 39


40, 41







– nothing is going to waste! Tabulations will be made on Monday and Tuesday, and an announcement will be made on Wed., Sept. 29. Calculations include adjustments for venue size, times of screening, etc. This is a great way to send a love letter to a filmmaker - VOTE! CAMERA OBSCURA The Camera Obscura (Latin: dark chamber) will be a jewel of our Taylor Street frivolity. Look for a large, tent-like structure at the end of Taylor by Water Street. There, a moving image of the intersection of Water and Taylor will be projected onto the back wall of the structure, with people in the foreground and buildings and the water in the background. It will be quite a sight to see. You must enter the tent to see this marvel.

2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 5

how to fest PURCHASE YOUR FILM FESTIVAL PASS Prior to the festival, the purchase of passes is 1) available online at our website,; 2) in person at 211 Taylor St. Suite 32A; or 3) by calling our office at 360-3791333. During the festival, passes will be available for purchase and pickup at the Clam Cannery Hospitality Center at 111 Quincy St., by the wharf on the east side of Water St. This year, the purchase of your pass includes full membership benefits. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Your membership is valid for one year. Membership benefits include access to the PTFF film library (next page). See our website, for details. 2010 FILM FESTIVAL PASSES The One-Up Pass (Lavender) @ $35: Provides first-come, first-served access to one screening only, at any venue, including the option of the Special Evening with Dyan Cannon (pages 10, 11). The Four-Up Pass (Lavender) @ $85: Provides first-come, first-served access to four screenings at any venue. You may share this pass: Two people may see two movies or one person may see four films, including the option of the Special Evening with Dyan Cannon (pages 10, 11). The Festival Pass (Red) @ $185: Provides first-come, first-served access to all film screenings at all venues, including the Special Evening with Dyan Cannon (pages 10, 11); the Opening Night Dinner on Taylor Street (this page); the Saturday night Awards Gala at the American Legion (page 5) and a very cool festival hat. The Director Pass (Blue) @ $650: All the benefits of the Festival Pass (Red) PLUS Concierge Service (description below). Once checked in, you may enter the theatre any time up until show time. The Mogul Pass (Green) @ $1,250: All benefits of the Director Pass PLUS a $1,000 tax deduction for your donation, an excellent PTFF canvas messenger bag (for your iPad, camera and latest film script) and the invitation-only reception for our filmmakers and special festival guests on Friday night. Concierge: Purchase a Director or Mogul pass and you will receive our incredible Concierge Service. On the back of each pass is a phone number that connects immediately to our concierge personnel headed by Amanda Steurer. Just say “I want to see [name a film], please have my tickets ready for me.” If there is no answer, leave a message to reserve tickets and we will confirm. Show up at the venue 20 minutes prior to show time and our venue concierge will have your tickets. 6 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

Please remember that you still have to ask for a ticket. You will not automatically have access to any venue at any time. If you’re unable to call ahead, you may go to the venue 60 minutes before your film starts and pick up a ticket from the concierge. Once checked in, you are free to wander off, but please be back 20 minutes before the show starts. Opening Night Dinner on Taylor Street: Following the opening ceremonies on Friday at 4:00pm and thanks to the Silverwater Café, we invite all red, blue and green passholders to join us for Dinner on Taylor St. This will be an all-American feast complete with a live Buddy Holly Review by the band Greased Lightning! First, dinner and dancing, and then American Graffiti! What could be better? All passes are upgradeable to the next level. Go to our Hospitality Center. The Filmmakers Pass (Black & White): Issued to all of our filmmakers. Rush Tickets @ $10: Sold at each venue 15 minutes before the movie begins and ends when the lights go down. OTHER TICKETS Sedge Thomson’s West Coast Live! broadcast will return to the Upstage Restaurant and Theater this year. Tickets are available from, 415-664-9500 or at the Upstage door. This is one of our most popular events. It will sell out, so purchase your tickets right away (page 13). THE CLAM CANNERY HOSPITALITY CENTER 111 Quincy St. Hours of operation: Thursday, 9/23: 12pm to 6pm; Friday 9/24 & Saturday 9/25: 8am to 6pm; Sunday 9/26: 8am to 4pm The Hospitality Center is located in the beautiful Clam Cannery Hotel. Look for the sandwich board with balloons attached on Water Street. Disabled access is by ramp on the water-side of the building. At Hospitality you may: • Pick up passes from will call • Purchase any pass and upgrade any pass • Pick up festival programs and daily newsletters • Obtain general festival information about all that is going on • Drop off or pick up items from Lost and Found • Purchase DVDs from filmmakers • Meet up with friends • Purchase PTFF merchandise

HOW TO SEE THE FILM OF YOUR CHOICE This year we have transformed our lines into a simple, clean process that just might make your celebration of independent film and

filmmakers even better. We have completely refigured lines and entry to each of the venues. There is just one line now. A ticket in your hand means you have a guaranteed seat. At each venue, numbered tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis 60 minutes before show time. The ticket distributor will pass out only as many as he or she has seats available. You will never be given a ticket for a movie that is sold out. Once you have your ticket, you may leave the line. It is best to be back at least 20 minutes before the show starts so that you can find your numbered place in line. That is also the time that the line starts to move into the theatre. If you have a ticket and the line has started to move when you return to the venue, you are still guaranteed a seat. If you can’t find your numbered place, you simply join the back of the line. Directors and Moguls find the concierge representative, who will get you into the theatre right away. If you show up after the 20-minute mark with any kind of pass and you don’t have a ticket or you are a director or mogul pass-holder who has not checked in with the concierge representative, go immediately to the Venue Theatre Usher. If the house is sold out, there will be time to get to a different venue and still get a seat for another great film. OUR PTFF WIZARDS Every passholder line has one or two film wizards who are there to answer all of your festival questions. They are members of the Festival Board of Directors. VENUES The Uptown Theatre (Lawrence & Polk, 315 seats, limited): We are happy to be back at the Uptown Theatre for our third year. Concessions are available inside the theatre. Pope Marine Park Theatre (Madison & Water, 70 seats ): The Pope Marine Theatre is located on Water Street. The access route to our theatre will be from Water Street and will be marked for you. Peter Simpson Free Cinema (Water & Monroe at the American Legion, 50 seats ): Our free indoor movie venue has been renamed in honor and memory of Peter Simpson, founder and executive director of the PT Film Festival. Access to the theatre is on Water Street. Rose Theatre and Rosebud Theatre (235 Taylor St., 77 seats & 150 seats ): The Rose and Rosebud Theatres have always supported the PT Film Festival. Concessions are available inside the theatre.

how to fest Taylor Street Outdoor Cinema (Taylor, seating unlimited ): Free to the public, our wonderful outdoor theatre is located under the stars Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of the festival. Festivities start at 6:45pm Some straw bales are available, but it’s best to bring seating and blankets. Upstage Restaurant and Theatre (923 Washington & Tyler, 125 seats, limited ): For those who love to talk about movies as much as watch them, this is an opportunity for discussions with filmmakers and other festival attendees. As a special event, San Francisco’s famed West Coast Live! weekly radio program will be broadcast from the Upstage on Saturday morning. MOVIE VENUE PROTOCOLS Turn off all cell phones, pagers & beepers during all programs. Recording devices of any kind are prohibited. Seat-saving is strongly discouraged. Children younger than 6 are permitted only at the outdoor movies. See Child Care/Film Camp on this page. Most of the films are not rated. We will try to alert you if there is graphic violence, strong language, nudity, etc. Parental discretion is advised. Check program timing! Run-times do not include Q&A sessions or introductions. We have staggered the film start times to help you see as many films as possible. Out of kindness to the people who sit on the straw bales, NO DOGS on Taylor Street please. LIBATIONS As homage to the early days of film, the duly named Magic Lantern Wine and Beer Garden on Taylor Street will feature refreshing beverages from Port Townsend Brewery, Dry Soda and the Wine Seller. Check the festival’s daily newsletter for a schedule of filmmakers’ appearances at the Interviews on Taylor tent (page 13). DAILY NEWSLETTER Every day a festival newsletter will contain the breaking news, highlights and last-minute schedule changes of our festival film program. The first newsletter will be available at

4pm on Friday. For Saturday and Sunday, the newsletter will be available at noon. You may pick up your daily newsletter at all venues, the Hospitality Center, Taylor and Polk street kiosks and at the Wine and Beer Garden on Taylor Street. FOUL WEATHER CONTINGENCY In the advent of severe weather conditions, seating at all venues will begin as soon as possible. GETTING AROUND (See map, back page) Our free festival bus will be available to take you to all of our venues Friday through Sunday evening. Parking a car downtown is always an adventure. We recommend that you park at the Jefferson Transit Haines Place Park-and-Ride (off of Sims Way at the Visitor Information Center). CANCELLATIONS If a film is cancelled, rush ticket holders should see the theatre manager. MERCHANDISE Located only at the Clam Cannery Hospitality Center, our PTFF store carries T-shirts, mugs, posters and PTFF filmmakers’ DVDs. RESTROOMS Restrooms are available in all venues. Portable restrooms are available on the corner of Taylor and Washington and at the Uptown Theatre on Polk Street. Check the map on page 44. RECYCLING Look for marked recycling bins on Taylor Street, the American Legion, our Hospitality Center and on Polk Street at the Uptown Theatre. QUESTIONS Any festival volunteer wearing a khaki hat and white T-shirt or venue manager wearing a red hat can answer your questions or get someone who can. There are two information kiosks, one located downtown and one Uptown with the following hours: Taylor Street Information Kiosk Next to the Haller Fountain Friday 9/24, 4 to 6pm; Saturday 9/25, 10am to 6pm; Sunday 9/28, 10am to 3pm Polk Street Information Kiosk Next to the Uptown Theatre Friday 9/24, 10am to 6pm; Saturday 9/25, 10am to 6pm; Sunday 9/26, 10am to 3pm


Programs are subject to change. Check the daily newsletter at the Hospitality Center & theatre venues for updates on all important festival information.


Port Townsend Film Festival 211 Taylor St., Suite 32A, P.O. Box 594 Port Townsend, WA 98368 Business: 360-379-1333, Fax: 360-379-0198,

Festival Feedback

Your insights into the festival are the most valuable gift you can give us. We want to know what you loved and where we can improve. This year, our survey will appear exclusively online. Log on to and click on the link provided to complete the 2010 PTFF Survey. As a thank you, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a 2011 festival pass. All surveys must be sent in to the office no later than Oct. 30, 2010. A limited number of paper surveys are available in our Hospitality Center for those without Internet access. The survey is anonymous and all responses are immediately removed from the personal information you provide to enter the drawing.

Child Care/Film Camp

Child Care/Film Camp Pass: $75 for 10 hours of child care* (That’s less than a babysitter!) We offer a fantastic sibling discount too! *Hourly rate available also. Drop your children off in a safe, nurturing environment while you see a film, or maybe two or more! Your child will take part in educational film activities, arts, crafts, science- and theme-based projects, and more. For children 2 1/2 to 12 years of age. Provided by the Firefly Academy, which now has a new location. Call for details at 379-1129 or email Visit Hours of operation for the Film Camp: Friday: 4-10pm; Saturday: 9:30 am-10pm; Sunday: 10am-5 p.m… or by arrangement

PTFF library

Now that you’re a member of the PTFF, you have exclusive access and year-round privilege to PTFF’s library of films and books. • The Library of Festival Films includes hundreds of the features, documentaries and shorts shown at the festival over the past decade – many not available anywhere else! • Our collection of Films of Note includes Hollywood and foreign classics, documentaries and recent discoveries. • PTFF also has an extensive collection of film memorabilia, such as biographies, histories, encyclopedias and coffee-table books. Members can check out up to three items at a time for three business days. Films are in DVD or VHS format and are for private home-viewing only. The library is in the PTFF office at 211 Taylor St., Suite 32A in Port Townsend, and is open 10am4pm, Monday-Friday. Visit the office to browse our collection! PTFF is also very happy to work with educational groups for special showings and curricula materials. Give us a call if you’re interested. 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 7

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players wanted!

Open 7 Days a Week • Flagship Landing 1013 Water St., Port Townsend 360-379-1278 • Toll free 888-750-2209 8 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival


American Graffiti

Director: George Lucas Friday, 7:30pm, Taylor Street A summer night in 1962 becomes the focal point in the lives of four small town California teenagers as they face decisions about the direction of their lives. This funny and endearing coming-of-age movie is one of the most successful films of the 1970s. It was the first movie to use rock and roll music all through the soundtrack. CAST: Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, Candy Clark, Mackenzie Phillips, Wolfman Jack, Harrison Ford, Suzanne Summers. USA/1973/112 min

The Princess Bride

Big Night

CAST: Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Chris Sarandon, Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Guest, Andre the Giant, Wallace Shawn, Peter Falk, Fred Savage, Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, Peter Cook. USA/1987/98 min

CAST: Tony Shalhoub, Stanley Tucci, Marc Anthony, Minnie Driver, Isabella Rossellini, Liev Schreiber, Allison Janney. USA/1996/107 min

Director: Rob Reiner Saturday, 7:30pm, Taylor Street This beloved classic fairytale begins with a grandfather reading his favorite book, The Princess Bride, to his hardto-impress grandson. This book has everything, “Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love.” It comes to life before the boy’s eyes as his grandfather reads him the adventures of Buttercup and her love for Westley. The question: Will Grandpa be able to tell the story without any of the yucky kissing?

Directors: Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci Sunday, 7:30pm, Taylor Street In love and life, one big night can change everything. Brothers Primo and Secondo Pilaggi are Italian immigrants who settle on the New Jersey shore and open the Paradise Restaurant. Teetering on the brink of failure, the brothers learn that the famed Italian-American musician Louis Prima is performing in the area. They contrive to host a dinner in his honor. What follows is a culinary adventure.

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:


Wheedle’s Groove Director: Jennifer Maas Friday, 12am, Rose Theatre

20-somethings wrapped around the building as the musicians inside prepared to perform together for the first time in 30 years.

USA/2009/95 min

Showing with

Zombie Beach Director: Mukesh Asopa Saturday, 12am, Rose Theatre

Big Joy

In 1972, a thriving Seattle soul music scene was on the verge of national recognition until the fickle public turned its ear to disco. In 2001, local collector DJ Mr. Supreme uncovered Seattle’s soulful past. He approached a local record label to release a Seattle soul and funk compilation. At the CD release party in August 2004, a line of nostalgic 60-somethings and funk-hungry

(A documentary in progress) “Follow your own weird,” James Broughton told his film students. He lived a good life, loved many people, and ultimately died a good death. Listen to the sound of your inner giggle. USA/2010/5 min; Director: Eric Slade,

Showing with

The TeaAn Master Elderly Man

crosses paths with a rogue Samurai who challenges him to a duel after discovering the Elderly Man is in possession of an Imperial Sword. CANADA/2009/10 min; Director: Aaron Au;

Centuries ago, rather than have a full-out War of the Revelation, a deal was struck between the heroes of good and evil, and the land you visited was sanctioned to the evil. There, the undead (zombies) could walk like living beings among us. This is a multicultural action-comedy-thriller with a patina of mystery, romance, music and reincarnation. CANADA/2010/71 min


Sunday Punch Jill is a box-

ing ring girl who holds up a sign that lets everyone know what round it is. After one too many bad nights, she decides it’s time to leave a local gangster. USA/2010/18 min; Director: Dennis Hauck;

2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 9

Festival Special events

A Very Special Evening wit h Dyan Cannon Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice


Saturday, 6:00pm, Uptown Theatre

What is your current state of mind? I am a blessed woman.

Director: Paul Mazursky

Dyan Cannon stars as Alice in this 1969 satirical comedy about what happens when the sexual revolution hits affluent bourgeois life. As a relatively fresh face in Hollywood, Ms. Cannon gave a breakout performance and garnered the bulk of industry praise for her role. She received the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, as well as two Golden Globe nominations: one for Best Actress in a motion picture musical or comedy and the other for New Star of the Year, Actress. Too old to be hippies and too young to be fogies, these would-be California swingers sincerely attempt to try on the lifestyle, but it never looks quite right. Audiences, at the time, turned “Bob & Carol” into a substantial hit, and its observations about marriage and sex remain humorously sharp. The original music score was composed by Quincy Jones. The original soundtrack album contained the Burt Bacharach classic “What the World Needs Now Is Love”. National Society of Film Critics Awards for Best Screenplay New York Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress:  Dyan Cannon USA/1969/104 min

The film will be followed by an interview of Dyan Cannon by Robert Horton, PTFF regular, author and film critic for KUOW in Seattle and the Herald of Everett.

10 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

What is your greatest extravagance? High heels. Will you be bringing some good ones with you to Port Townsend? Oh yes!

Who are your favorite writers? Dickens and Mary Baker Eddy. Who are your real life heroes/heroines? My dad and my mom.

What is your greatest fear? I try not to allow fear to take over my thinking because it can come in so many guises, like the oil spill or the kids in Afghanistan. I try to kick it in its butt and send it on its way.

Who is your favorite fictional hero? Superman.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Impatience.

What are your fondest hopes? That I can always make people smile and feel good, that I’ll be able to harmonize whatever situation is out of order, that I can eat hot fudge sundaes without gaining weight.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Impatience.

Photo by Poppy Ruiz

What is your most treasured possession? If you can call puppies possessions – my puppies and my books.

What is the most overrated virtue? I don’t think you can overrate virtue.

What one thing would you change about yourself? Some of my driving habits. That impatience shows itself on the road.

What is your favorite color, bird, flower? Periwinkle blue, hummingbird, anemones. Who are your favorite performers? Spencer Tracy is my all-time favorite actor. I love Christina Aguilera as a singer. What do you value most in your friends? Loyalty.

What makes you happy? So many things: life! What are your most marked characteristics? My hair and my laugh. What is your dream of happiness? To be in a successful love relationship with a man, a marriage.

What is your principal defect? Which one should I mention? Wanting everything now.

When and where were you happiest? My happiest moment was when I realized I was happy.

What quality do you most admire in men? Humor.

How would you like to die? I wouldn’t.

What quality do you most admire in women? Honesty. Which words or phrase do you most overuse? Thank you, God. What or who is the greatest love of your life? My daughter. And now my grandchild. And my puppies, too. Where would you like to live? Right where I live. If you had to pick just one – pretty or funny? Funny. Why did they call you Frosty in high school? Because I wouldn’t let the boys get hot.

What would be the greatest misfortune? Not having enjoyed every moment. What is your motto? Enjoy! Where do you go from Port Townsend? Back to LA. I’m writing a book that’s due at the end of the year. If Heaven exists, what do you want to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Well done! Can I have another answer? Of course. Do you want to start all over?

festival special events

Dyan Cannon

Award-Winning Actress & Director Dyan Cannon is the first woman in the Motion Picture Academy to be nominated for Oscars both in front of and behind the camera. She received her first Academy Award nomination for her memorable role as Alice in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” directed by Paul Mazursky. Her second Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Live Action Short was for writing and directing the 48-minute film “Number One,” which she produced, edited and scored. She received her third Academy Award nomination for her comedic role as Julia Farnsworth, opposite Warren Beatty, in “Heaven Can Wait.” Later, she starred in another comedy hit, “Return of the Pink Panther,” opposite Peter Sellers, directed by Blake Edwards, and was named Female Star of the Year by the National Association of Theater Owners. Cannon’s filmography includes Author! Author! opposite Al Pacino; The Last of Sheila, directed by Herbert Ross; Such Good Friends, directed by Otto Preminger; Out to Sea with screen legends Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon; Honeysuckle Rose, in which she played Willie Nelson’s wife and made her debut as a country music singer; and two films directed by Sydney Lumet: Deathtrap, co-starring Sir Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve, and The Anderson Tapes, starring Sean Connery. Recently, she completed a starring role in Susan Seidelman’s Boynton Beach Bereavement Club along with Sally Kellerman, Brenda Vaccaro and Joe Bologna. Cannon has starred on Broadway and in her own musical act at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe. She cowrote the title song for Chaka Khan’s album The Woman I Am with Brenda Russell. She is the spokesperson for the Hemangioma Treatment Foundation, Operation Lookout, dedicated to recovering missing and exploited youth. She has also been a national spokesperson for Martin Colette’s Wildlife Waystation. She devotes time and energy to California’s Special Olympics and MacLaren Hall, an emergency shelter for neglected and abused children. Cannon is collaborating on a new musical and writing her memoir, My Love Letter to Cary (It Books/HarperCollins) about her marriage to film legend Cary Grant. She lives in Los Angeles with her beloved Chihuahuas, JC and Matilda.

I AM with Director Tom Shadyac Friday, 6:30pm, Uptown Theatre Saturday, 12:15pm, Rose Theatre

THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

Directors: Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith Saturday, 12:30pm, Uptown Theatre

Following his sell-out premiere at Telluride Mountain Festival in March, 2010, PTFF is honored to host the documentary film, I AM. Tom Shadyac has built his reputation with hilarious tales of our time, sometimes challenging the sensibility with titles like Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty. But like his characters, life conspired to introduce a deeper attention to what he has been experiencing. In the film, I AM, we meet a man who is struggling with his own perception of life and chooses to share that conversation around the globe. Tom invites us to join that conversation, both in the film and because of the film. The generosity of spirit and his humble descriptions of his journey allow each of us to consider our own role on the ‘stage of life.’ Please join the conversation on Friday, September 24th at 6:30 at the Uptown Theatre. Mr. Shadyac will be present, along with members of his crew for Q & A following the film, moderated by Robert Horton.

The Most Dangerous Man in America tells the inside story, for the first time on film, of what happened when a former Pentagon insider decided to challenge an imperial presidency that is answerable to neither Congress, nor the press, nor the people in order to help end the Vietnam War. In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg shook America to its foundations when he smuggled a top-secret Pentagon study to the New York Times. The study showed how five presidents consistently lied to the American people about the Vietnam War. It was Henry Kissinger, President Nixon’s national security advisor, who called Ellsberg “the most dangerous man in America.” Ellsberg faced 115 years in prison on espionage and conspiracy charges. Ensuing events surrounding the Pentagon Papers led directly to Watergate and the downfall of President Nixon and hastened the end of the Vietnam War. USA/2009/92 min Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, Special Jury Award National Board of Review, Freedom of Expression Award

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Academy Awards, Nominated for Best Feature Documentary

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 11

Festival Special events

What the Heck Does a Producer Do Anyway?


Snap, will conduct the Q&A following the film. She will talk about how Snap’s focus is to help empower families, care providers and advocates to support individuals with developmental disabilities in their local community to lead successful lives.

Director: Lane Wyrick

We are also proud sponsors, with Snap, of a film festival devoted to the topic. On Oct. 16, 2010, at the Port Angeles High School Auditorium, the Sprout Film Festival presents a day of film and activities that highlight the diversity and joy that the differently able experience. Call 360-6818642 for details.

The Bill Sackter Story Friday, Noon, Simpson Cinema

With Bob Rosen Saturday, 9:00am, Pope Marine In this day of big-budgeted, over-the-top, 3D, computer graphic, colossal summer blockbusters, there is nothing to compare with the production of Black Sunday, a 1977 film produced by Bob Rosen and directed by John Frankenheimer. It began with one of those “cocktail napkin” deals like a scene right out of the movies. Bob and a Paramount Films lawyer finalized an agreement to make a film based on the book Black Sunday by Thomas Harris. The problem: Bob had only 90 days to write a script, scout the locations (the Super Bowl, as one) and choose a cast. Black Sunday is about an Israeli counterterrorism operative who tries to stop a plot organized by an unbalanced Vietnam vet and a member of Black September, the Arab terrorist group that wishes to dramatize the Palestinian liberation cause. They plan to assassinate the president of the United States and to murder the entire Super Bowl stadium audience by flying a Goodyear Blimp into the capacity Orange Bowl crowd. With the use of clips from the film, Bob will reveal the back-story of how he managed to produce this film and live to tell the tale. His account of the process is funny, fantastic and frustrating. You won’t want to miss it. Bob Rosen is a Hollywood icon. He has produced or supervised over 50 films during his career. Some of these films include The Challenge, Prophecy, Little Big Man, The French Connection II and the critically acclaimed box office hit The Crow. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Bob began his career as a director for films and television where he worked on such memorable classics as Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel. He produced Gilligan’s Island and was executive producer of the pilot for Hawaii Five-O. 12 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

A Community with Heart Includes Everyone The Port Townsend Film festival is honored to welcome Snap, our local support agency for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Snap presents a remarkable documentary of courage, compassion and joy. A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story is an inspirational and engaging featurelength documentary about the real-life story of a nearly forgotten man. At the age of 6, Bill Sackter was abandoned by his family and became a ward of the state. He lived in a mental institution for 44 years and would never see his family again. After his release, he had a chance encounter in 1972 with a college student, Barry Morrow, who saw a spark of joy in Bill’s eyes. This encounter changed both of their lives forever. Over the years, Barry, his wife and many other caring people embraced and accepted Bill as a part of their extended families. With a harmonica, a warm cup of coffee and an incredible embrace of life, Bill grew from a neglected man into a national and international hero for people with intellectual disabilities. The movie introduces the real people behind the story and includes film, video footage and photographs of Bill, along with interviews with the people who knew him best. Bill Sackter’s life story was made famous by the award winning made-for-TV movie Bill (1981) starring Mickey Rooney (Bill Sackter) and Dennis Quaid (Barry Morrow). Jenell DeMatteo, executive director of

Snap, a United Way nonprofit agency of Clallam and Jefferson counties, has served the developmental disabilities community since 1998. It is a member of the Community Advocacy Coalition and offers programs to over 600 individuals and 150 families that include life skills and selfawareness, social inclusion and well-being, and family education and empowerment. Through their annual residential camp programs, weekly classes and monthly dances, Snap helps people with disabilities learn to advocate for themselves when possible, overcome depression, and maintain health, function, self-determination, independence and active engagement in their lives. For more information about this wonderful organization, please visit their website: Snap is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization. USA/2008/90 min

Festival Voices

With host Sedge Thomson Saturday, 10am, Upstage Restaurant & Theatre West Coast Live! is back. This lively, entertaining and informative National Public Radio program will once again grace Port Townsend with its presence. West Coast Live! is a live variety show that comprises “two hours of slow-food organic radio with only the freshest conversation, music and play.” It’s been a Saturday morning Bay Area staple and is often (when not touring) broadcast from the Ferry Building in San Francisco or the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. What makes this radio program so special is the likeable and ever-curious personality of Sedge Thomson, who definitely adds to the program’s appeal. Accompanying Sedge this year is Mike Greensill, pianist extraordinaire. Sedge and his droll, literate troupers seek cultural variety that is widely available in Port Townsend. The show broadcasts for two hours starting at

10am This year’s program will be held at the Upstage Restaurant and Theatre at 923 Washington St. in Port Townsend. You are urged to be at the Upstage at 9:30am when the doors open. As you arrive, the show finishes its set-up, and the start of the show is always special. West Coast Live! will broadcast live from 10am to 11:59am coast-to-coast. You can listen online via many of the public radio stations that carry West Coast Live!, both on-the-air and streamed across the globe through radio stations KALW (, 10am Saturdays), KUMD and KCLU (7-9pm Saturdays). Tickets are $15 in advance and they go very quickly. To order your tickets, visit or call 415-664-9500 and have the following ready: 1) date of show (Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010); 2) your name and billing address; 3) the number in your party; 4) credit card number and expiration date; 5) your phone number; and, if you’d like a confirmation, 6) your email address. Confirmations are sent after 6pm on Fridays. Tickets will be held for you at the door. Your credit card charge will appear as “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”

Interviews 50¢

Interviews come along all the time ... All you have to do is wait. – Alex Chadwick It’s such a simple idea … just ask people what

they think matters, and listen to what they have to say. Here’s how it works – a card table, a couple of chairs, a pair of microphones, and a sign that reads “Interviews – 50¢.” Long-time NPR journalist Alex Chadwick waits in public places where people can stop to talk. People get it immediately, though they often ask, “Do I pay you or do you pay me?” “Well,” Alex likes to say, “sit down and let’s see how it goes.” The stories he collects don’t often get into the mainstream media – personal tales about love gone wrong or right, a cross-country road trip with a corpse, a daughter weighing reconciliation with the father she dreads, a small chance encounter that saves a life. Surprise screenings of Classic Interviews 50¢ will be sprinkled throughout the festival. Watch for them and enjoy!

Interviews on Taylor Street

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm we will interview filmmakers, actors and luminaries right on Taylor Street, next to the Magic Lantern Wine and Beer Garden. Stop by to ask questions about film, listen to stories and interviews and learn more about our guests. Free to all with limited seating. Please check the PTFF Daily Newsletter for who will be interviewed.

2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 13

BILAL’S STAND Director: Sultan Sharrief

“This girl makes Ramen noodles like nothing you’ve ever tasted!”

Saturday, 9:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, noon, Pope Marine


next to the Rose Theatre




in Elevated Ice Cream Wonderland ✶ ✶

✶ ✶

Surrounded by drugs, crime and unmotivated role models, Black Muslim Detroit high school senior Bilal dreams of leaving the hood to study at a good university. Everyone, from his mom to his guidance counselor, expects less from him. When he’s not in school trying to maintain his grades, Bilal works at his uncle’s taxi stand and picks up fares. For the last 60 years, The Stand has been the source of all activity and money for the family. If he graduates from high school, will he continue to work at the family business, or take a chance at breaking free? USA/2010/99 min

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Prayers for Peace, page 33

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627 Water Street • 360-385-1156 14 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival





Director: Chris Ordal

Director: Brad Glass

Director: Gabriel Diamond

Friday, noon, Pope Marine Sunday, 9:00am, Rosebud Theatre

Friday, 9:00am, Pope Marine Saturday, noon, Pope Marine

Friday, 6:00pm, Rosebud Sunday, 3:00pm, Pope Marine

Stan Herd, a real-life crop artist, traveled from Kansas to the Upper West Side of New York City in 1994 to create a massive environmental artwork on a piece of multiacre land owned by Donald Trump. As a child growing up on a farm, Stan found a passion for art. Once he decided to blend art with land, he discovered a profound new medium: earthworks. Stan recruited a number of homeless individuals as his crew. In an effort to show his unique perspective (made from soil, rock, plants and vegetation) to a larger audience, he unexpectedly encounters the true meaning of his art and its ultimate, lasting rewards.

In Durbin, South Africa, Shaan Sahay, a young Indian man, seeks the approval of his father, who wishes that he would be as successful as his two brothers. His older brother is a lucrative real estate developer and his younger brother is the youngest partner of a law firm. Shaan wants to write the next great Hollywood action film. With the exception of his relationship with his mother, he drives himself farther and farther away from his family. He has a heart of gold and a love for children. Shaan secretly provides for a group of orphaned children who live in one of the poorest South African townships. And he struggles with the scary prospect that he might have found the love of his life. All along he tries to write, but gets nothing accomplished. He soon realizes that he must come to terms with the relationship he has with his father as his goal becomes clearer with a more distinct purpose.

USA/2009/93 min Santa Fe Film Festival, People’s Choice Award SXSW Film Festival, Audience Award Honolulu International Film Festival, Gold Kahuna Award

Stone River: The Passion of Jon Plasecki, page 33

Finn Norman (Zak Barnett) is a young man who has severed all ties to a dark past to make his home on the streets of San Francisco. In pursuit of a life free of materialism, conformity and societal expectations, he has abandoned everything to live off what others throw away. Unfettered by time, responsibilities, or the burden of relationships, it appears he has discovered true freedom. But two lost souls he encounters throw his ideals and solitude into question. USA/2010/78 min World premiere

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Kaas, page 29

South Africa/2009/110 min

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Kavi, page 29

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 15


MY YEAR WITHOUT SEX Director: Sarah Watt


PATRIK: Age 1.5

Director: Diane Bell

Director: Ella Lemhagen

Friday, 9:30pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 12:15pm, Rose Theatre

Saturday, 3:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 9:30am, Uptown Theatre

Friday, 9:15pm, Rose Theatre Sunday, 3:30pm, Uptown Theatre

My Year Without Sex is a kind of a love story about a family dealing with all the big questions and even more of the small ones. Set over one messy year, Ross and Natalie and their two kids, Louis and Ruby, navigate nits, faith, Christmas, job insecurity, footy practice, more nits and whether they will ever have sex again. AUSTRALIA/2009/96 min Australian Directors Guild, Grass Award

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Rain Rain, page 29

The director’s soft-spoken, profound, slightly eccentric and charming debut feature connects the audience with a warm, sparkling sense of beauty, sincerity and compassion. “Obselidia” offers a humane lens through which we can view a world preoccupied with extinction. Believing he’s the last door-todoor encyclopedia salesman in the world, George decides to write the Obselidia, a compendium of obsolete things. In his quest to document nearly extinct occupations, he befriends Sophie, who believes that nothing is obsolete as long as someone loves it. When they interview a reclusive scientist, the two must answer the question: If the world is going to disappear tomorrow, how we are going to live today? USA/2010/103 min

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16 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

SWEDEN/2008/100 min San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Audience Award

Sundance Film Festival, Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize Ashland Independent Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature

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Göran refuses to give up his dream to have what so many others take for granted: a real family. He always wanted to be a father. He is married to his partner, Sven, and they have been cleared for adoption by Swedish authorities. They receive a letter with an offer from the social services to take care of Patrik, a Swedish child who needs a new family. They happily accept the offer and prepare the nursery for the baby’s arrival. On the day that Patrik arrives, they realize dreams do not always unfold as we imagine. Patrik 1.5 treads a fine line between drama and comedy. It smartly and sensitively explores the rifts in contemporary gay life and shows how our expectations can imprison us and separate us from one another.

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The Terms, page 29

Credits, page 29

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narrative features



Directors: Alec Boehm and Stephanie Argy

Director: Javier Fuentes-Leon

Director: Philippe Lioret

In Spanish with English subtitles

Saturday, noon, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 6:30pm, Uptown Theatre

Friday, 1:15pm, Rose Theatre Saturday, 6:15pm, Rose Theatre

Friday, 9:30am, Uptown Theatre Saturday, 6:00pm, Pope Marine

A fascinating throwback to the great propaganda and espionage movies produced during the Great Depression, this film is full of crackling dialogue, eye-catching visuals and unpredictable twists. It’s Washington, D.C., 1935. A charming and irrepressible young ace safecracker is forced to help a mysterious cool-as-ice U.S. Navy spy steal a brand new top-secret device that the Japanese military is using to encode its messages. During the mission, which is complicated by the spy’s dark past, the two discover that they are pawns in a much larger game as the plot thickens. USA/2009/84 min

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Gandhi at the Bat,

In a tiny Peruvian seaside village where traditions run deep, Miguel (Cristian Mercado), a young fisherman, and his beautiful bride, Mariela (Tatiana Astengo), are about to welcome their first child. But Miguel harbors a scandalous secret. He’s in love with Santiago (Manolo Cardona), a painter, who is ostracized by the town because they suspect he’s gay. After a tragic accident occurs, Miguel must choose between sentencing Santiago to eternal torment or doing right by him. Undertow is rich in the details of legend, tradition and locale; and it is in these details that the truth lies. Grapic sex and nudity. PERU/2009/100 min

FRANCE/2009/105 min

Miami Film Festival, Audience Award

Gijon International Film Festival, Best Screenplay

Sundance Film Festival, Audience Award

page 29

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A huge critical and box office success in its native France, this profoundly moving and compassionate drama has great emotional impact. Bilal, a 17-year-old Kurdish refugee, is trying to reunite with his girlfriend, who recently immigrated to England with her family. His journey comes to an abrupt halt when he is stopped by authorities in Calais, on the French side of the Channel. Left with no other alternatives, he decides to swim across. He meets Simon, a middle-aged swimming instructor who agrees to help him train. What begins as a relationship based on self-interest develops into something much bigger than Simon ever could have imagined, as he too will ultimately risk everything to reach happiness.

Lumiere Awards, Best Film

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 17


A smile happens in a flash... but its memory lasts a lifetime!

Find out what it’s like to cook with a sharp knife!

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Be moved by the art of moving pictures.

1017 Water Street Port Townsend 360-385-0167 18 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival


Member FDIC

documentary features




Director: Doug Pray

Director: Suzan Beraza

Director: Jeremy Seifert

Friday, 12:30pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 9:15am, Rose Theatre Art & Copy is a powerful film about advertising and inspiration. It reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential people who’ve profoundly impacted our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry. These artists and writers brought a surprisingly rebellious spirit to their work in a business more often associated with mediocrity or manipulation. They were responsible for “Just Do It,” “I Love NY,” “Got Milk?” “Where’s the Beef?” and brilliant campaigns for everything from cars to presidents. They managed to grab the attention of millions and truly move them. Visually interwoven with their stories, TV satellites are launched, billboards are erected, and the social and cultural impact of their ads are brought to light in this dynamic exploration of art, commerce, and human emotion. USA/2009/89 min. Sundance Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize

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Friday, 3:30pm, Uptown Theatre Saturday, 9pm, Pope Marine

Where the #%@! is AWAY?? There is no “Away!!” Away is overflowing landfills, clogged rivers, islands of trash in our oceans and even our very own toxic bodies. An average American guy, Jeb, who is admittedly not a “tree hugger,” makes a resolution to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store. Little does he know that this simple decision will change his life completely. USA/2010/74 min.

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Better Bones & Gardens,

Friday, 9pm, Simpson Cinema Sunday, noon, Rosebud Theatre

Why are grocery stores around the country filling their dumpsters with food: not rotten, spoiled food, but billions of pounds of good, edible food? Follow Jeremy Seifert and his friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of L.A.’s supermarkets and learn how they uncover a disturbing truth about waste in America. The goal: Find out why thousands of dollars worth of edible food is thrown away instead of being given to those who need it. The result: Equal parts entertainment, guerrilla journalism and a call to action. USA/2009/40 min. Sedona International Film Festival, Best Short Documentary

page 31

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Frequent Flyer, page 31

Alone on the Wall, page 31

Going Green, page 29

Eastern Rises, page 31

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 19

documentary features



Director: Emiko Omori

Director: Kathl von Koerber

Friday, 9pm, Rosebud Theatre Saturday, 3:30pm, Uptown Theatre

Friday, 3pm, Simpson Cinema

Directors: Mark Moormann and James Bigham

Director Emiko Omori captures more than the art of this cult icon in the field of tattoo. She brings us into the unfolding exploration of artistic expression, that begins with his childhood art of tattooing the neighborhood kids (with watercolors) and into the multimedia he has explored since. You’ve seen his name on clothing worn by Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Mick Jagger, on wine and energy drinks and dozens of other commercial products. Ed Hardy has imagined tattooing as an expressive fine art medium by marrying western style with eastern sensibilities. He has applied new applications to this ancient medium.

Footsteps in Africa: A Nomadic Journey, plumbs the mystical depths of Tuareg culture and philosophy to offer a stunningly visceral depiction of the nomadic experience. Shot among tribal villages and desert festivals in Mali, the film is a stylized, shifting collage of evocative still images and vivid slices of Saharan life. Interviews with tribal elders are woven with dreamlike sequences of Tuareg dancing, drumming and chanting. Animated spirals twirl and fade between scenes, invoking an underlying realm of symbolic, cosmic truth. As Footsteps in Africa unfolds its stream-of-consciousness narrative, the intangible essence of the Tuareg comes magically into view. USA/2008/67 min.

Unreserved: The Work of Louie Gong,

For Once In My Life takes a journey with the members of the “Spirit of Goodwill.” This unique assemblage of 28 musicians, all with a wide range of mental and physical challenges, share the common factors of friendship and a dream to make music. Through inspiring concert footage and intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the band members’ lives, the film paints a heart-warming portrait of what people with disabilities can do when given a chance. For Once In My Life shatters preconceived notions of what it means to be disabled and reveals the greatness within us all. The film offers inspiration and the message of music’s nurturing powers for all people. USA/2009/94 min. SXSW Film Festival, Audience Award

USA/2009/74 min.

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Friday, 6:15pm, Rose Theatre Saturday, 3:15pm, Rose Theatre

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22 Years From Home, page 31

page 33

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Head Stand, page 31


Ancient Marks, page 31 Sponsored by:

20 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

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HEART OF STONE I AM Director: Beth Toni Kruvant

Director: Tom Shadyac

Friday, 6pm, Pope Memorial Saturday, 9:15am, Rose Theatre

Friday, 6:30pm, Uptown Theatre Saturday, 12:15pm, Rose Theatre

THE IRATE BIRDWATCHER Directors: Robert Chrestensen & Kathy Chrestensen Friday, 6pm, Simpson Cinema Saturday, 9am, Simpson Cinema

Before 1960, Weequahic High School was known as one of the top schools in America. By 2000, it was one of the most violent schools in the 12th most dangerous city in the country. This awe-inspiring documentary is the true story of Weequahic High School’s quest to return to its former glory. When Ron Stone took over as principal in 2001, gangs ruled the school. Crime and shootings were commonplace. Stone knew his work was cut out for him. He created an unconventional conflict resolution program in order to work with the school’s gang members and established the school as a no-violence zone. He partnered with the committed alumni association – comprising mostly older Jewish and younger African-American alums – helped transform the gang culture of the school to one of discipline and performance. USA/2008/84 min. Slamdance Film Festival, Audience Award Philadelphia Film Festival, Best Feature Film

Tom Shadyac is the director of blockbuster comedies such as Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor and Bruce Almighty. In this film he presents an autobiographical documentary that addresses how, despite his professional achievements and financial success, he has felt unfulfilled. I AM is both an introspective journey about happiness and a larger commentary on the American Dream. It questions why we’re more prosperous today, yet apparently less happy than ever. Tom interviews many wise men and women who bolster his cogent argument: If we are able to question our culture of consumption and find a new paradigm of connectedness and kindness, we will be truly richer for it. USA/2010/81 min.

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A celebration of wilderness preservation told with eloquence and passion through the inspiring words of Harvey Manning, the irate birdwatcher. This avid backpacker, climber and legendary Northwest writer and conservationist fought his own personal crusade to preserve and protect the uniqueness of Washington’s wilderness for future generations. USA/2009/54 min.

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 21

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24 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

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Director: Ahmed Ahmed

Director: Nancy Ogden

Director: Bill Carter

Saturday, 10:00pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 3:15pm, Rose Theatre

Friday, 6pm, Simpson Cinema Saturday, 9am, Simpson Cinema

Saturday, noon, Simpson Cinema Sunday, 6pm, Rosebud Theatre

Through a celebration of culture and comedy, this film uproots the widely held misconception that Arabs have no sense of humor, when in fact they laugh, and are, just like us. This documentary features Egyptian-American comedian Ahmed Ahmed, in his directorial debut, along with a host of critically acclaimed international stand-up comedians. “Just Like Us” showcases the cultures of Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While modern technology and globalization have made the world a much smaller place and caused us to be more interconnected as people, cultural misconceptions persist. Presented by Cross Cultural Entertainment and Cross Cultural Productions, this film exemplifies their goal of reintroducing socially relevant issues to the world in an effort to build cultural bridges. USA/2010/72 min.

American sailor Clay Burkhalter dreams of winning the most dangerous of all sailboat races. Jonathan McKee, one of America’s best sailors, says, “It takes a ‘madstreak’ to race across the Atlantic Ocean in a 21ft. sailboat – alone.” Eighty-nine sailors race from France to Brazil. How many will finish and who will win? Come along for the ride, but fasten your seat belts! FRANCE,USA/2009/53 min.

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Slap, page 29

The Job, page 29

BOSNIA, HERZEGOVINA/2009/32 min. Shown with

Ana’s Playground, page 29 and

Awakening From Sorrow, page 31 Preceded by

The Irate Birdwatcher, page 21 Sponsored by:

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At times funny, dark and somber Miss Sarajevo is a surreal and startling portrait of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War at the height of the siege that lasted from April 1992 until February 1996. Bill Carter’s camera follows determined locals trying to live as normal a life as possible despite living under a constant threat from mortar attacks and sniper fire. He captures artists performing in makeshift nightclubs, the local symphony rehearsing in the basement of a bombed out building, and he interviews children playing amid the wreckage of war. This film opens a window to a difficult time in European history while exploring the resilience of the human spirit during war.

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 25

documentary features

‚ MY CANYONLANDS: QUEEN OF THE SUN SMILE TIL IT The Adventurous Life HURTS: Director: Taggart Siegel

of Kent Frost

Friday, 3pm, Pope Marine Sunday, 3pm, Rosebud Theatre

Director: Chris Simon

Director: Lee Storey

Saturday, 3pm, Pope Marine Sunday, 9am, Simpson Cinema

What an enthralling portrait of an American original: Kent Frost, Utah’s homegrown John Muir. Frost developed backcountry tourism and helped to create Canyonlands National Park. Stunning landscape photography, stories, music, archival footage and present-day adventures create an intimate and compelling portrait of Frost and the canyons he loves. My Canyonlands is narrated by NPR commentator Hal Cannon who also wrote and performs The Ballad of Kent Frost. It features environmental activists Katie Lee, Ken Sleight, author Stephen Trimble and additional music by James Keelaghan, TR Ritchie and Cowboy Celtic. USA/2009/55 min.

Up With People

Friday, 1pm, Rosebud Theatre Saturday, 9:30am, Uptown Theatre

From the director of The Real Dirt on Farmer John comes a profound, alternative look at the tragic global bee crisis. Through the eyes of passionate beekeepers, scientists, farmers and philosophers, this film conducts a piercing examination of the catastrophic disappearance of bees and explores the mystery of the beehive. Ten thousand years of beekeeping is unveiled, highlighting how our historic and sacred relationship with bees has been lost. Queen of the Sun weaves a dramatic story complemented by unusual animation and stunning cinematography, uncovering the problems and solutions in renewing a culture in balance with nature. USA/2010/83 min.

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Watermelon Man, page 33

This film explores the clean-cut, smiledrenched singing phenomenon Up With People and reveals what can happen when ideology, money and groupthink converge to co-opt youthful idealism. Since 1965, this peppy youth group has sung to 20 million people worldwide. Talent was required of its members, and common enthusiastic vision to change the world one squeaky-clean song at a time. Its cheery façade concealed the more complicated reality of an organization founded on conservative American ideals and cult-like utopian ideology. Up With People was born in response to the liberal counter-culture of the ’60s by the ultra-conservative religious sect, Moral ReArmament. USA/2009/82 min. FirstGlance Film Festival, Best Director Traverse City Film Festival, Special Jury Prize

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Twenty Five Hundred and One, page 27

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26 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

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Directors: Lucy Walker & Karen Harley

Director: Leanne Pooley

Director: Patricia van Ryker

Saturday, 9:15pm, Rose Theatre Sunday, 12:30pm, Uptown Theatre

Saturday, 3pm, Pope Marine Sunday, 9am, Simpson Cinema

From busking on the streets of Auckland to headlining on the stages of London’s West End, the Topp Twins appeal is infectious. This film offers a revealing look into the lives of the world’s only comedic, country singing, dancing, and yodeling lesbian twin sisters – Jools and Lynda Topps of New Zealand. Their natural gift for humor has helped them cross from the fringes to the mainstream. Their fans range from hard-core political activists, to sheep farmers and “ladies who lunch.” This film features a series of special interviews with some of the Topp’s infamous comedy alter-egos. According to the Glasgow Herald, the twins are New Zealand’s “finest artistic export since lamb cutlets!” According to Variety, this is a documentary “that has you falling in love with two of the crazier people you’ve never met.” NEW ZEALAND/2009/84 min. Nashville Festival, Audience Award Palm Springs International Film Festival, Best of the Fest

Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story, page 33

2,500 families existed when famed artist Alejandro Santiago left his pueblo in Oaxaca, Mexico, 32 years ago. When he returned to his village, Teococuilco was no longer the prosperous self-sufficient home of his childhood. For six difficult years, Alejandro, his family and assistants worked tirelessly to bring “2501 Migrantes” to life. Sculpted from local clay and painted with colors derived from the soil near his birthplace, these “lost souls” speak for those who return only on holidays, for those whose only presence is a Western Union money gram, and for those who will never return. This film is a haunting reminder of the problems and concerns of global migration. USA/2009/47 min. Sacramento International Film Festival, Outstanding Documentary

Saturday, 6pm, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 9am, Pope Marine

Filmed over nearly three years, “Waste Land” follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from his home base in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. There he photographs an eclectic band of “catadores,” self-designated pickers of recyclable materials. Muniz’s initial objective was to “paint” the catadores with garbage. However, his collaboration with these inspiring characters, as they recreate photographic images of themselves out of garbage, reveals both the dignity and despair of the catadores as they begin to re-imagine their lives. BRAZIL & UNITED KINGDOM/2009/98 min. Berlin International Film Festival, Amnesty International Film Prize Sundance Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 27

“This shop is for anyone who wants to write, has to write, aches to write, can’t write, wishes they could write, is scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the craft of writing.” “This shop is for anyone who wants to Put your name in lights – write, has to write, aches to write, can’t write, wishes they could write, is scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the craft of writing.” “This shop is for anyone who wants to write, has to write, aches to write, can’t write, wishes they could write, is scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the craft of writing.” “This shop is for anyone who wants to write, has to write, aches to write, can’t write, wishes they could write, is scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the craft of writing.” “This shop is for anyone who wants to write, has “The to onlywrite, way tocan’t find outwrite, what story you’rethey in could write, is scared to write. It’s for those to write, aches wishes is to determine which stories you’re not in.” who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the25% Off Logo Marketing craft of writing.” “This shop is for anyone who wants to write, has to write, aches to write, can’t & Advertising thru October! write, wishes they could write, is scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone interested in developing the craft of writing.” “This shop is for 820 Water St., 379-2617 anyone who wants to write, has to write, aches to write, can’t write, wishes they could write, is 360-385-0386 scared to write. It’s for those who don’t know where to start. Or where to end. It’s for anyone

Enjoy the show!

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1020 Lawrence Street, Port Townsend 360-379-1900 Tues.-Sat. 5 pm ’til closing 28 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

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Ana’s Playground

Saturday, noon, Simpson Cinema Sunday, 6:00pm, Rosebud Theatre How do children manage to survive in an environment of war and violence? This compelling film will raise your awareness about war-affected children and the organizations working to improve their lives. USA/2009/18 min; Director: Eric D. Howell Shown with Awakening From Sorrow, page 31 Shown before Miss Sarajevo, page 25

Clones Gone Wild

Friday, 1:oopm, Rosebud Theatre Saturday, 9:30am, Uptown Theatre When Ben Hocker discovers he has a clone, his button-down world comes crashing down. Ben’s alter ego is everything that Ben wishes he could be. Ben must quickly navigate a bizarre new world where people aren’t who they seem. USA/2009/17 min Shown with Smile ‘Til It Hurts, page 26


Friday, 9:30pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 12:15pm, Rose Theatre A man, a woman, a movie theater: a tale of love and grace. USA/2009/6 min; Director: Hugh Schulze; Shown with Obselidia, page 16

Gandhi At The Bat

Saturday, noon, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 6:30pm, Uptown Theatre For decades, historians have searched for evidence of Mohandas K. Gandhi’s top secret trip to the US in 1933. At President Roosevelt’s request, all contemporary accounts were suppressed and no records have ever been found – until now... USA/2006/10 min; Directors: Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm; Shown with the Red Machine, page 17


Going Green

Friday, 12:30pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 9:15am, Rose Theatre The newest trend for corporations is to “go green” or be “eco-friendly.” Are they really doing anything? USA/2009/2 min; Director: Jonathan Browning; Followed by Art & Copy, page 19 Shown with Frequent Flyer, page 31

Sponosred by SOS PRINTING

The Job

Saturday, 10:00pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 3:15pm, Rose Theatre A comedic twist of status and expectations, The Job examines the plight of the day laborer in the U.S. USA/2007/4 min; Director: Jonathan Browning; Shown with Just Like Us, page 25 Shown with Slap, page 29

Sponsored by AJAX CAFE

KAAS: A Love Story

Friday, 6:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 3:00pm, Pope Marine Is this a dream or is it reality? When Annika and Marouan meet, it is love at first sight. Annika is a Dutch girl. Marouan is from a Moroccan background. Everything seems perfect, but during their roller coaster encounter in their home city of Amsterdam, destiny suddenly interferes. NETHERLANDS/2009/22 min; Director: Vanesa Abajo Perez; Shown with Less, page 15

Sponsored by AJAX CAFE


Friday, 9:00am, Pope Marine Saturday, noon, Pope Marine Twenty-seven million people around the world are enslaved today. Kavi is a young boy in India who wants more out of life than to work in a brick kiln as a modern-day slave. Unsatisfied with his fate, Kavi must choose to either accept what he’s always been told or fight for a different fate, even if he’s unsure of the ultimate outcome.

USC, Outstanding Directing and Cinematography; Director: Gregg Helvel; Shown with Florida Road, page 15


Rain Rain

Friday, 9:15pm, Rose Theatre Sunday, 3:30pm, Uptown Theatre Trapped inside on a rainy day, a smart but ignored little girl discovers a family secret that unleashes her devilish imagination upon her house. This fantasy/comedy is a fun, magical and reminiscent story of what could have been just an ordinary afternoon. USA/2009/1 min; World premiere; Director: Matthew Brown; Shown with My Year Without Sex, page 16



Saturday, 10:00pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 3:15pm, Rose Theatre At a small table, in a garage somewhere in America, two mechanics take a noon break to discuss their views on world events. In this exquisite short tableau, their erudite views are met with unrestrained physical reaction. USA/2009/7min; Director: Grant Barbeito Shown before The Job, this page and Just Like Us, page 25

The Terms

Saturday, 3:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 9:30am, Uptown Theatre Evocative of the universal themes of change, youthful idealism and cynical despair, this darkly amusing tale portrays the face-off between a father and his son. UNITED KINGDOM/2010/12 min; Film Festival of Colorado, Best Short; Director: Jason LaMotte; Shown with Patrik: Age 1.5, page 16

INDIA/2009/19 min; First Look Film Festival, 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 29


“Into the Wild”

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30 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival


22 Years From Home

Friday, 3:00pm, Simpson Cinema In 1983 Kuek Aleu Garang, a 6-year-old boy, was pushed out the back of his grass hut in Wernyol, Sudan, and told to run for his life. As one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, he marched for thousands of miles, to reach a refugee camp in Kenya. In 1998, Keuk was granted asylum in the U.S. In 2009, 22 years after he left, Keuk discovered that his family had survived the civil war. This is the story of Keuk’s jubilant and joyous return to his homeland. USA/2009/36 min; Director: Malachi Leopold Shown before Footsteps in Africa, page 20

Alone On The Wall

Friday, 9:00pm Simpson Cinema Sunday, noon Rosebud Theatre Now the master free soloist, Alex Honnold is after the biggest and scariest game of all: Yosemite’s, iconic 600 meter wall of Half Dome and Zion’s Moonlight Buttress. His climbing is exceptional, but it’s his composure, focus and utter calm that will make an impression. 2009 USA/25 min; Directors: Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen; Shown with Dive!, page 19, and Eastern Rises, this page


Ancient Marks

Friday, 9:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Saturday, 3:30pm, Uptown Theatre Ancient Marks celebrates the 2,000-year-old human body art ritual of tattooing and scarification. National Geographic world-renowned photographer Chris Rainier traveled for seven years across six continents and more than 30 countries to capture these rare images. USA/2005/11 min; Director: Ethan Boehme Shown after Unreserved: The Work of Louie Gong, page 33, and before Ed Hardy, Tattoo the World, page 20

Awakening From Sorrow

Saturday, noon Simpson Cinema Sunday 6:00pm Rosebud Theatre The film’s voices are woven into a “tapestry of remembrance” that question and push for justice, accountability and resolution from all angles of the social justice movement throughout Latin America and in Argentina following the military coup in 1976. The expressionistic and moving drawings of the “hijos” -– together with the original music – highlight a universal story of healing. USA/2009/40 min; Directors: John Knoop and Karina Epperlein Shown with Ana’s Playground, page 29, and Miss Sarajevo, page 25

Better Bones & Gardens

Friday, 3:30pm, Uptown Theatre Saturday, 9:00pm, Pope Marine This may be the quintessential example of recycling and urban gardening. Dan Phillips, a trash architect, uses discarded cattle bones, wine corks and bottle caps as building materials for homes and Kipp Nash, an urban farmer, transforms manicured grass lawns into lush nutritious gardens. USA/2009/25 min; Director: Natalie Edler Followed by Bag It, page 19


Bunky Echo Hawk

Saturday, 6:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 9:00am, Pope Marine Bunky Echo Hawk, one of the hottest up-and-coming contemporary Native American artists in the nation, confronts these issues with his weapons: paints, brushes, canvas, his mind and his culture. USA/2009/7 min: Director: Tracy Rector; nativelens@mac. com Shown with Waste Land, page 27

Eastern Rises

Friday, 9:00pm, Simpson Cinema Sunday, noon, Rosebud Theatre The place: the remote Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. The catch: huge rainbow trout and super kudzha. The scenery: breathtaking, awe-inspiring and the most pristine in the world. A must-see, even if you’re not into fly-fishing. USA/2010/37 min; Directors: Ben Knight and Travis Rummel; Shown after Alone on the Wall, this page and before Dive!, page 19

Frequent Flyer

Friday 12:30pm, Uptown Theatre Sunday, 9:15am, Rose Theatre Got a hobby? Do you collect stamps, Pez dispensers, matchbooks, frequent flyer miles? Miles and points have become a world currency and an obsession for those who have figured out ways to earn them in the millions. USA/2009/20 min; Director: Gabriel Leigh Shown before Going Green, page 29 Followed by Art & Copy, page 19


Head Stand

Friday, 6:15pm, Rose Theatre Saturday, 3:15pm, Rose Theatre Sacha tries to do a headstand in yoga class … in New York City. USA/2000/3 min; Director: Lisa Robinson; Shown before For Once in My Life, page 20

The Kinda Sutra

Friday, 6:30pm, Uptown Theatre Saturday, 12:15pm, Rose Theatre How are babies made? A diverse collection of people reveal their misconceptions about conception. This film highlights the universal confusion about sex and what it actually takes to make one of us. USA/2009/8 min; Director: Jessica Yu; Patrick@ Shown with I Am, page 11

Sponsored by WILLIAM JAMES BOOKSTORE 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 31

Snap presents Sprout Film Festival from New York City


Making the Invisible Visible

Saturday, October 16, 2010 Port Angeles High School Auditorium


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sHort documentarIes


Friday, 6:00pm, Pope Marine Saturday, 9:15am, Rose Theatre Sergeant Bill Campbell, who returned from Iraq with 100 percent disability due to PTSD and a brain injury, reclaims his life from an unlikely source: a dog named Pax, trained by inmate Laurie Kellogg at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. This is a story of two people united by the brilliance and unconditional love of a dog. USA/2009/22 min; Directors: Glenn Close and Sarah Harvey; Shown before Heart of Stone, page 21

Sponsored by aMeriCan legion

Prayers For Peace

My Dinner with André

Saturday, 9:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, noon, Pope Marine This film is an introspective journey through the heart and soul of a difficult experience. Using pastels on a slate chalkboard, this narrative stop-motion animation confronts the memory of the artist’s younger brother killed in the current conflict in Iraq.

and all my best friends is at

USA/2009/8 min; Director: Dustin Grella Shown before Bilal’s Stand, page 14

Sponsored by synergy sound

1038 Water Street • Port Townsend 385-9708


The Passion of Jon Plasecki

Friday, noon, Pope Marine Sunday, 9:00am, Rosebud Theatre

Shown before Earthwork, page 15


The Work of Louie Gong

Friday, 9:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Saturday, 3:30pm, Uptown Theatre Pacific Northwest Native American artist and activist Louie Gong uses Coast Salish art with pop culture icon Vans Shoes, to create custom skate shoes representing the complexities of multi-racial cultural identity. USA/2009/14 min; Director: Tracy Rector; Shown with Ancient Marks, page 31, and Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World, page 20

Sponsored by personaliZe it

Watermelon Man

Friday, 3:00pm, Pope Marine Sunday, 3:00pm, Rosebud Theatre Vern Switzer has the gift of green. “I farm by faith as well as walk by faith,” he says. But God wants him to do more, propelling him into a new and challenging career. Shown with Queen of the Sun, page 26


The “Small-Town” Wine Shop

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CHEESE • WINE • BEER CHAMPAGNE 1010 Water St., PT • Open 7 Days a Week 360-385-7673 •

USA/2009/16 min; Director: Hal Clifford

USA/2010/14 min; Director: Matt Morris; www.


Open late, way past 8:00!

In the Inca tradition of stone carving lies the salvation of the modern world. Jon Plasecki is a stonemason, a scholar and deep thinker who builds original, functional and unusual stone sculpture.

We Ship!

The Vi Cowden Story

Saturday, 9:15pm, Rose Theatre Sunday, 12:30pm, Uptown Theatre The Women Air Force Service Pilots were the first women to fly military planes during WWII. At the time, they weren’t formally recognized and received no military benefits, but they changed the course of women’s history. In 2009, they received the Congressional Gold Medal for service to their country. This is Vi’s story. USA/2010/33min; Director: Mark Bonn Shown before The Topp Twins, page 27

Sponsored by port townsend sails 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 33

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Counseling and Consulting to couples daring to be in business together.

transItIons Friday, 9:00am, Simpson Cinema & Saturday, 3:00pm, Simpson Cinema

Lucky Dog

David’s life is simple, uncluttered, but there’s something just beyond the horizon. A suggestion from a friend leads him down a path he’s not been down in a while. Next time you come to that four-way stop take a left. Who knows, you might get lucky. USA/2010/9 min; World premiere; Director: David Cascadden; Sponsored by Mountain propane


The Woman Behind the Symbol

it’s Complicated something’s gotta give

Bob Podrat

Masters in Counseling and Masters in Business Administration Serving the Olympic Peninsula


Fumiko Hayashida of Bainbridge Island, Wash., is the oldest living survivor of the first group of Japanese Americans incarcerated in one of 10 U.S. government concentration camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In 1990, when her photograph became the centerpiece of a traveling exhibit on the history of Japanese American women, Fumiko recounted her experiences. At 98, Fumiko remains an active participant in the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community. USA/2009/15 min; Director: Lucy Ostrander; Sponsored by haas & raMireZ, attorney

This Is My Family

The irresistible effect of children’s art is the starting point in this movie, in which kids reflect on our culture using their original artwork

Cheaper by the Dozen

to explore how the idea of FAMILY shapes and defines our lives. USA/2009/16 min; Director: Stephen Stolee Sponsored by Connie segal sKin Care

HENNER’S HOTSHOP: Spinning Flame

Artist Henner Schroder creates large cast-glass sculptures in a specialized studio he designed and built in Chimacum, Wash. With a team of five assistants, he employs his distinctive techniques and innovative approach to his glass material. USA/2009/14min; Director: Henner Schroder; Sponsored by henery hardware

A Border Story

Eliseo Gomez is a 46-year-old Mexican immigrant heading north to the U.S. to provide a better life for his wife and daughter. When he reaches the border his journey takes an unexpected turn. USA/2010/19 min; Director: Tobias Louie

She’s A Fox

It’s 1987. Sixth-grader Cameron Sawyer wants desperately to make Talia, the hottest girl in school, his girlfriend. Three

things stand in his way. USA/2009/18 min; Director: Cameron Sawyer; Sponsored by henery hardware

Eco Ninja

922 Washington St., Port Townsend Right around the corner from the Rose!

Per fec Cu t End pca in kes gs

A corporation has chosen to hire a consultant to aid the company in the transition to environmental responsibility. He soon realizes that it’s not as easy as he thought. USA/2010/7 min; Director: Jonathan Browning;

2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 35

REVIEWERS’ CHOICE Our screeners found many favorite films out of the more than 300 that were submitted and viewed. Due to the high quality of many of the short films that were considered “must-shows,” a smaller team of reviewers narrowed the short favorites into two Reviewers’ Choice programs. Film descriptions written by Henry Werch.

REVIEWERS’ PASSION Friday, 9:00pm, Pope Marine Sunday, noon, Simpson Cinema

The Mouse That Soared

Director: Kyle Bell This delightful animation tells the inspiring story of a mouse, raised by birds, who finds a way to defy gravity as a circus aerialist. USA/2009/6 min Sponsored by Carousel Florist

Kick It Now

Director: Louis-Philippe Moar A member of Canada’s First Nations dances joyfully, accompanied by music quite different from what any one might expect. You may find yourselves dancing in the aisles! CANADA/2009/3 min Sponsored by Synergy Sound

St. John’s Bridge

Director: Gabe Van Lelyveld Ancient cathedrals once used as teaching tools and gothic cathedral architecture inspired this historical bridge. This beautiful video essay shows many sides of the bridge and its surroundings in the Cathedral Park neighborhood of Portland, Ore. USA/2010/8 min 36 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

A Harlem Mother

Director: Ivana Todorovic In stark contrast to Precious, this is a real mother’s story, set within a Harlem-based action group that campaigns against gun violence. Some of the footage shot by this mother’s son adds a dramatic element with an especially poignant impact. USA/2009/13 min

Crashing Waves

Director: Britta Johnson Ever tried to play God, make the tides move in and out or the sun rise and sun set? Watch! This film, shot at Port Townsend’s Fort Worden State Park, features a combination of time lapse and stop-motion photography. USA/2010/7 min

The Neighbours

Director: David McKay Oh, the British! They put together a wonderful ensemble cast, and then ask them to do things few American actors would risk! Have you ever peeked into a neighbor’s bathroom medicine cabinet? UNITED KINGDOM/2010/19 min

Pigeon: Impossible Director: Lucas Martell

Our Port Townsend seagulls are way smarter than this Washington, D.C., pigeon. While chasing a bagel, it

accidentally gets trapped in a government ICBM remote-launch briefcase. Whoops! Watch what happens next. USA/2009/6 min ; Montreal Film Festival, Best Short; Garden State Film Festival, Best Short Animation; ArtFutura (Spain), Best in Show Sponsored by Cobalt MorTgage

Sparks In The Night Director: Ben Kadie

This hard-boiled film-noir-inspired detective story is the work of a 13-year-old director. He used 3D computer models, 2D animation, archival footage and digital matte paintings. Share the amazement! USA/2009/3 min Sponsored by Nifty Fiftys

Insalata Caprese

Director: Jesse Roesler A poetic tribute to romance – his side and her side at the moment of attraction – all set at a Minneapolis-area farmers market. No wonder the tomatoes are so big! What a great date film! USA/2009/13 min Sponsored by Town Graphics

Butterfly Circus

Director: Joshua Weigel Each of us faces the world with some disadvantage. At the extreme, there’s the circus sideshow performer. Perhaps the most inspirational film ever submitted to the festival! See it before it is remade into a feature film and you’ll have “saw-it-first” bragging rights. USA/2009/20 min


MORE REVIEWERS’ PASSION Saturday, 9:00am, Rosebud Theatre Sunday, 3:00pm, Simpson Cinema

I Saw U

Director: Ruth Gregory Seattle’s Stranger (a free weekly alternative arts and culture newspaper) allows you to post an ad that lets someone you encountered anonymously know that you would like to meet them. True stories behind these “I Saw U” ads inspired this anthology of brief encounters. Would you have the guts to place or answer one? USA/2010/9 min

Man Talk

Director: Ben Harris Driven by testosterone, men can say the strangest things to each other – especially when they are competing in the work place. What are these guys really saying and what do they mean? You’d be surprised! USA/2009/8 min

The Darkroom

Director: Z. Eric Yang Can digital processing and automatic film machines replace darkroom skills honed over years? This student production from Grand Valley State College in Michigan amazed us with its great story line, production design, skilled editing and quality cinematography.

Long Live The Duke

Director: Matt Brailey This touching story of a family dealing with loss is a bit quirky, but we guarantee you’ll smile at the end! The dog is dead. Long live the dog (Duke). You’ll love the opening scene. USA; World premiere

Orpheus & Eurydice

Director: Morgan Dusatko The retelling of this classic Greek myth is the story of Orpheus, blessed with musical talent, and his undying devotion to his lover, Eurydice, a wood nymph. The story is set in modern Seattle. The film excels in the cinematic use of lighting, design and locations. USA/2009/7 min

When Herons Dream

Director: Serge Gregory This visual and sound poem captures the wetland world of the heron from spring nesting through summer fishing to autumn solitude. The high-contrast black and white cinematography is visually striking and the original music is beautifully haunting. USA/2009/10 min

La Niña Del Desierto Director: Malachi Rempen

The “Child of the Desert” is a story of hope and redemption. The scenic photography stands in contrast to the bleak outlook you share with the central character, who is a grave digger. When something miraculous happens, you know that his life will change. USA/2009/23 min; Chapman University, Best Picture, Director, Cinematography


Director: David Baas And you thought “March of the Penguins” told the whole story! There is truth and humor in this animated mock documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic. CANADA/2009/5 min

Sister Wife

Director: Jill Orschel In a time when the practices of Mormon fundamentalism offer sensational fodder for the evening news but little honesty, Sister Wife offers a rare and unflinching glimpse into a private and often misunderstood lifestyle. When DoriAnn explains why she chooses polygamy despite the inherent anguish, her frank answer about spiritual transcendence is universal and unexpected. USA/2009/10 min; Salt Lake City Film Festival, Best of FestReviewers Choices 2

USA/2010/25 min 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 37

A Room with A View

tHanKs to our sPonsors

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1004 Water Street Port Townsend WA 98368 email:

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 39

PTFF cast & crew





1007 Water Street, Port Townsend



Donors As of August 10, 2010 Erik J. Andersson James Arrabito Thatcher Bailey Al M. Bergstein Joan Broughton Betty Lou Burgett Frank Buxton John & Pam Clise John Considine Philip & Beth Cornish Thomas & Christina Crubaugh Dianne Diamond Celine Downen Marlies Egberding Janette Force Cathy Formusa Rocky Friedman Max Grover Margo Groves Marcia Jones Pat & Toby Jordan Saul L. & Dorothy Katz Fund Kathryn Knapp Jane & Charlie Kopriva Barry & Ellen Lerich Carol Long Brad & Christina Mace Barbara & Roth Mason Doug & Meg Mason Sandra McDermott Gayle Moore Joyce Morton Marshall New KC Nomura

Snap out of it Frank!

Jessica Pavish Nora Petrich Robert Powers Robert Prodat Paula Renouf Carrie & Rex Rice Ritrovo Italian Regional Foods Susan & Morton Robinson Cynthia Sears Brent Shirley Pat Simpson Ritch Sorgen Lorraine Vagner Martin Valles Theodore Walch David Wallis Ann Welch Jim Warren Westall William Chapman Fund Members Many thanks to our 400+ members, who use our library, patronize businesses in Port Townsend and support the PTFF mission of introducing independent film to the region. To marvel at your name in print, go to our website and click “Engage” , then scroll down to Membership List, which will be updated monthly. And again, THANKS!

Linda, bring me the big knife!

Pane d’Amore 617 Tyler St. Port Townsend, WA 98368 360-385.1199

40 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival

150 S 5th Ave. Sequim, WA 98382 360.681.3280

4569 Lynwood Center Rd. Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206.780.1902

Poster Artist Terry Tennesen

“I draw pictures. It’s as simple as that,” says Terry Tennesen, animator, designer, illustrator and 2010 PTFF poster artist. And, yet, it’s not as simple as that. Terry received a bachelor of fine arts degree in fine arts/graphic design from Pacific Lutheran College and a master of fine arts degree in film/ animation from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. For 20 years Terry was the owner, designer, animator, director and producer of Tennesen Ani-Works, an animation design and production company primarily engaged with making over 200 commercials for both local and regional markets. His animated creations include “Monica and the Powerful Drug,” a 17-minute musical on alcohol awareness for gradeschool children and “The Big ‘A,’” 11 animated fables produced by KCTS 9 for a PBS series on art education for children. Terry was also animator for the character Sunny Day in “Backyard Basics – Football Tips from the Pros”

that was broadcast on Fox Sports Network and is now available on DVD. His awards consist of a Gold Max from the Spokane Advertising Federation, Commercial Division; Silver Telly from the National Competition of Regional TV Commercials, Commercial Division; Best of the Northwest from the Film and Video Seminar of the Northwest, Commercial Broadcast Division; and First Place from the Health Sciences Communication Association, Educational Division. Besides his work in animation, he has also engaged in architecture and scenic design. Most recently, Terry designed the set for Key City Public Theatre’s production of “The Prisoner of Second Avenue,” and he has a beautifully illustrated children’s book, Travel Ideas, just published by Penultimate Publishers. Terry has been involved with the PTFF for many years and we are proud that he is our poster designer for our program this year.

PTFF cast & crew Volunteers As of Aug. 9, 2010 Thomas Adams Karen Alls-Sorensen Susan Ambrosius Colin Anderson Linda Barnfather Brenda Bennett Liz Berman Donna Bodkin Joan Broughton Cathy Carrier Matthew Chandler Bonnie Christoffersen Tom Christopher Dinese Christopher Mark Clark Dave Clark Janine Cortell Ramon Dailey Sally Davis Tobias Devor Marc Downing Baila Dworsky Barbara Ewing Jim Ewing Karen Farr Maureen Freehill Bob Fukano Samantha Garwood Patricia Girardi Lilianne Glast Sarah Goldblatt Margo Groves Leah Hammer Kieran Henthorn Mary Hilts Evyan Horton Darryl Hrenko J. Lynn Hrenko Carole Huelsberg Barbara Ierulli Nancy Johnson Heather Jones Dustin Kaspar Courtney Keith Sheila Khalov Kathryn Knapp Pamela Kolacy Jane Kopriva Gwen Kramer Joe Kramer Pam Lanua Carolyn Latteier Victoria Lemke Caroline Littlefield Cherel Lopez Gwen Lovett Kimberly MacIntosh

Gail Marioni Don Marioni Kevin Mason Kris Mayer Al McCleese Ron McCullough Clyde McDade Brian McLoughlin Elisabeth Mention Michel Mention Gayle Moore Charlie Moore Ezra Moore Ann Morton Mari Mullen Amy Napier Mary Jo Nichols Robin Ornelas Gabe Ornelas Libby Palmer Linnea Patrick Deborah Pedersen Marcia Perlstein Nora Petrich Susan Pratt Harvey Putterman Karen Putterman Darlene Quayle Carrie Rice Rex Rice Susan Robinson Cheqa Rodgers Matt Rowe Scarlett Sankey Mark Saran Connie Segal Adam Shaffer Sally Shumaker Amy Sousa Kathleen Stafford Leora Stein Teressa Terry Aaron Thompson Donn Tretheway Nan Toby Tyrrell Miles Vokurka Kay Wagner Terry Wagner Leslie Wake Bob Walthers Mark Welch Sharon Wenzler Robert Wenzler Henry Werch DD Wigley Helga Winter Richard Wojt Janice Wrhel

Staff Janette Force, Executive Director Jane Julian, Festival Programmer Monica Mick’Hager, Operations Manager Cherel Lopez, Festival Administrator Joyce Morton, Festival Administrator Office Patricia Girardi, Database Sue Raley, Passes/Membership Matt Rowe, Library Deborah Pedersen, Bookkeeping Ann Morton, Office Volunteer Gwen Lovett, Office Volunteer Amy Sousa, Office Volunteer Concierge Amanda Steurer Crowd Liaisons Connie Segal Amy Napier Evyan Horton

Film Camp Erica Delma, Firefly Academy Film 2880 Peter Wiant, Director Film Reviewers Darlene Quayle, Chair Colin Anderson Ramon Dailey Barbara Ewing Jim Ewing Margo Groves Pamela Kolacy Carolyn Latteier Kris Mayer Brian McLoughlin Michel Mention Elisabeth Mention Linnea Patrick Samantha Quayle Cheqa Rodgers Terry Tennesen Aaron Thompson Donn Tretheway Henry Werch DD Wigley Helga Winter Richard Wojt Film Wrangler Matt Rowe

Festival Banking Aldryth O’Hara, Gooding, Grants/Surveys O’Hara & Mackey Kathy Stafford Genie Nastrie, Miss Money Penny Graphic Design Festival Management Terry Tennesen, Festival Art Design Monica Mick’Hager, Festival Manager Brian McLoughlin, Festival Signs Darlene Quayle, Assistant Manager Jim Ewing, Pass Design Mark Saran, Assistant Manager Guest Services Mark Clark, Cherel Lopez, Setup/Breakdown Accommodations Bonnie Christoffersen, Festival Designer Hospitality Peter Gritt Joyce Morton Baila Dworsky, Jewel Atwell Music Coordination Sally Shumaker Ted Krysinski, Lights & Grip Karen Anderson Steve Emory, Security

Marketing Joyce Morton Ann Morton, Distribution

Nora Petrich, Rosebud Theatre Tom Christopher, Pope Marine Mark Welch & Chris Master of Ceremonies Pierson, Peter Simpson Joey Pipia Free Cinema Courtney Keith, Outdoor Theatre Photography Mark Saran, Manager Videography/ Promotional Pre-Festival Outreach Jane Champion, Carrie Rice Champion Productions Michael Delagarza Print Program Sheila Khalov, Writer & Volunteer Designer Coordination Marian Roh, The Leader, Joyce Morton Layout & Design Thomas Scott Adams Projectionists Amy Carlson Rocky Friedman Gary Engbrecht Miles McRae Rick Wiley

Volunteer Training Monica Mick’Hager Sherry Kimbrough Web Design Ann Welch

Publicist & Festival Newsletter Luke Bogues Q&A Sessions Mara Lathrop Special Events Gayle Moore Marlies Egberding Charlie Moore Michelle Sandoval Marty Gay Transportation Clyde McDade, Senior Driver Venue Managers Una Salvatore, Movie Venues Manager Robert Force, Magic Lantern Amy Sousa, Filmmaker’s Lounge Steve Gillard & Sue Gillard, Uptown Theatre Terry Tennesen, Rose Theatre

Thanks for contributions above and beyond the call of duty Bonnie Christophersen Gary Nelson Michael Delagarza Janet Emery & The American Legion Post #26 Bruce Hattendorf Sheila Khalov The Lateral Line Bronze Casting Studio Marian Roh Terry Tennesen Annie Welch

2010 Port Townsend Film Festival 41

fILm IndeX - Jurors & Board Titles (in alphabetical order) 22 Years From Home ..... 31 A Border Story............... 35 A Friend Indeed.............. 12 A Harlem Mother............ 36 Alone on the Wall ........... 31 American Graffiti .............. 9 Ana’s Playground ........... 29 Ancient Marks................ 31 Art & Copy .................... 19 Awakening From Sorrow ............... 31 Bag It ............................ 19 Better Bones & Gardens ................... 31 Big Joy ............................ 9 Big Night ......................... 9 Bilal’s Stand ................... 14 Black Sunday................. 12 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice .................. 10 Bunky Echo Hawk .......... 31 Butterfly Circus .............. 36 Clones Gone Wild........... 29 Crashing Waves ............. 36 Credits .......................... 29 Darkroom, The .............. 37 Dive!.............................. 19 Earthwork ..................... 15 Eastern Rises ................ 31 Eco Ninja....................... 35 Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World .......... 20 Florida Road .................. 15 Footsteps in Africa ......... 20 For Once in My Life ........ 20 Frequent Flyer................ 31 Fumiko Hayashida .......... 35 Gandhi at the Bat ........... 29 Going Green .................. 29 Head Stand ................... 31 Heart of Stone ............... 21 Henner’s Hotshop .......... 35 I Am ......................11 & 21 I Saw U ......................... 37 Insalata Caprese ............ 36 Irate Birdwatcher ........... 21 Job, The ........................ 29 Just Like Us................... 25 Kaas ............................. 29 Kavi .............................. 29 Kick it Now .................... 36 Kinda Sutra, The ............ 31

La Niña del Desierto....... 37 Less.............................. 15 Long Live the Duke ........ 37 Lucky Dog ..................... 35 Madstreak ..................... 25 Man Talk........................ 37 Miss Sarajevo ................ 25 Most Dangerous Man: D. Ellsberg, The ............... 11 Mouse That Soared, The................. 36 My Canyonlands ............ 26 My Year Without Sex ...... 16 Neighbours, The ............ 36 Obselidia ....................... 16 Orpheus & Eurydice ....... 37 Patrik: Age 1.5 .............. 16 Pax ............................... 33 Pigeon: Impossible......... 36 Prayers for Peace .......... 33 Princess Bride, The.......... 9 Queen of the Sun ........... 26 Rain Rain ....................... 29 Red Machine, The .......... 17 She’s a Fox.................... 35 Sister Wife..................... 37 Skylight ......................... 37 Slap .............................. 29 Smile ’Til It Hurts............ 26 Sparks in the Night ........ 36 St. John’s Bridge............ 36 Stone River.................... 33 Sunday Punch.................. 9 Tea Master, The ............... 9 Terms, The .................... 29 This Is My Family............ 35 Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, The..................... 27 Twenty Five Hundred & One.......................... 27 Undertow ...................... 17 Unreserved: The Work of Louie Gong .................. 33 Waste Land ................... 27 Watermelon Man ............ 33 Welcome ....................... 17 Wheedle’s Groove ............ 9 When Herons Dream ...... 37 Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story .............. 33 Zombie Beach ................. 9

42 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival


We thank the jurors for their generous time and effort. Their decisions will be announced at the Awards Gala Celebration on Saturday night at the American Legion.

Short Narratives Dustin Kaspar is the educational programs coordinator and a programmer at Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). Steve Edmiston is an attorney with the Invicta Law Group in Seattle. He is a frequent speaker on entertainment issues, and is a screenwriter and producer.

Feature Narratives

This anonymous juror is an actress who now lives in Los Angeles and will soon be making Port Townsend her home. Julian Soler is the director of programming and managing director of the Santa Cruz Film Festival, and he has worked with the Mill Valley, Tribeca, Staten Island and San Francisco International film festivals. Kathy Fitzgerald teamed up with her husband to form an independent film production company, starting with Wise Blood, Under the Volcano, Mister Johnson, The Pledge, and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

Feature Documentaries

John Ellis has been involved in the performing arts field in one capacity or another his entire life. He can be seen once a month as a performer for the Edge Improv group, now in its 16th season at Bainbridge Performing Arts. He collaborated on a successful musical, “Harry Tracey.” Emily Long has been the program manager and assistant tour director, and is now the program director of Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colo.

Scarlett Sankey is a screenwriter who has taught screenwriting and film history/criticism and has worked as a producer and script consultant.

Short Documentaries Mark Welch has been involved in the visual arts for 40 years as a photographer, videographer, writer and teacher. Joan Broughton is a film lover and artist and serves PTFF as board treasurer. This is her third year as a juror and Joan knows what she likes in films and why.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS PORT TOWNSEND FILM INSTITUTE Linda Yakush, President Jane Champion, First Vice President Linda Maguire, Second Vice President Marlies Egberding, Secretary Joan Broughton, Treasurer Brad Mace Jim Ewing Jim Westall Pam Dionne Toby Jordan

EMERITUS BOARD OF PORT TOWNSEND FILM INSTITUTE John Begley Rocky Friedman Glenda Hultman Geerlofs Jim Grabicki Jim Marshall Cynthia Sears Brent Shirley John Considine Karen Gates Hildt Pam Kolacy Frank Ross Ian Hinkle Peter Simpson


(ean) @ The

King and i

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1300 West Sims Way • 360-385-5005 Voted Best Coffee in JeffCo, ‘08, ‘09 & ‘10

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You will notice that businesses chose to participate in our movie themed advertising throughout the program. The business with the public’s favorite ad will receive $50 in advertising credit with The Leader! All ballots will be included in a drawing for two Rose Theatre movie passes.

All ballots need to be returned by Thursday, Sept. 30, 5:00pm.

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2010 Port Townsend Film Festival Official Program  

The official program for the 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival, as published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.

2010 Port Townsend Film Festival Official Program  

The official program for the 2010 Port Townsend Film Festival, as published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.